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Motif 1.1 Window Manager Status (11 May 90)

*** Mwm 1.1 BETA + +   Notes ***

This snapshot of mwm is composed of files that have changed since betaPlus.

The following are new since the last tape:

    * Mwm now checks that an icon is visible before posting
	a menu for an icon in the icon box.  This needs more

    * Opaque moves can now be canceled safely

    * Mwm now restores client X borders on quit and restart.
	Unfortunately this has introduced a bug on restart
	with regard to the window position when 
	positionIsFrame: True.
	This will be fixed soon.

    * Mwm now removes a terminal separator on a menu if
	the last menu button is disabled via clientFunctions.

    * Active label flashing bug in pointer mode is fixed

    * Misc bug fixes

File list for mwm beta + + 

WmCEvent.c	WmCPlace.c	WmFeedback.c
WmFunction.c	WmIDecor.c	WmIconBox.c
WmInitWs.c	WmManage.c	WmMenu.c
WmWinConf.c	WmWinInfo.c	WmWinState.c

WmIconBox.h	WmResource.h