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 * POSIX library for Lua 5.1, 5.2 & 5.3.
 * (c) Gary V. Vaughan <>, 2013-2015
 * (c) Reuben Thomas <> 2010-2013
 * (c) Natanael Copa <> 2008-2010
 * Clean up and bug fixes by Leo Razoumov <> 2006-10-11
 * Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> 07 Apr 2006 23:17:49
 * Based on original by Claudio Terra for Lua 3.x.
 * With contributions by Roberto Ierusalimschy.
 * With documentation from Steve Donovan 2012
 Retrieve File System Information.

 Where supported by the underlying system, query the file system.  If the
 module loads, but there is no kernel support, then `posix.sys.statvfs.version`
 will be set, but the unsupported APIs will be `nil`.

@module posix.sys.statvfs

#include <config.h>

#if defined HAVE_STATVFS

#include <sys/statvfs.h>

#include "_helpers.c"

Files system information record.
@table PosixStatvfs
@int f_bsize file system block size
@int f_frsize fundamental file system block size
@int f_blocks number of *f_frsize* sized blocks in file system
@int f_bfree number of free blocks
@int f_bavail number of free blocks available to non-privileged process
@int f_files number of file serial numbers
@int f_ffree number of free file serial numbers
@int f_favail number of free file serial numbers available
@int f_fsid file system id
@int f_flag flag bits
@int f_namemax maximum filename length
static int
pushstatvfs(lua_State *L, struct statvfs *sv)
	if (!sv)
		return lua_pushnil(L), 1;

	lua_createtable(L, 0, 11);

	setintegerfield(sv, f_bsize);
	setintegerfield(sv, f_frsize);
	setintegerfield(sv, f_blocks);
	setintegerfield(sv, f_bfree);
	setintegerfield(sv, f_bavail);
	setintegerfield(sv, f_files);
	setintegerfield(sv, f_ffree);
	setintegerfield(sv, f_favail);
	setintegerfield(sv, f_fsid);
	setintegerfield(sv, f_flag);
	setintegerfield(sv, f_namemax);

	return 1;

Get file system statistics.
@function statvfs
@string path any path within the mounted file system
@treturn PosixStatvfs information about file system containing *path*
@see statvfs(3)
@usage for a, b in pairs (P.statvfs "/") do print (a, b) end
static int
Pstatvfs(lua_State *L)
	struct statvfs s;
	const char *path = luaL_checkstring(L, 1);
	checknargs(L, 1);
	if (statvfs(path, &s) == -1)
		return pusherror(L, path);
	return pushstatvfs(L, &s);

static const luaL_Reg posix_sys_statvfs_fns[] =
	LPOSIX_FUNC( Pstatvfs		),

@section constants

Statvfs constants.
Any constants not available in the underlying system will be `nil` valued.
@table posix.sys.statvfs
@int ST_RDONLY read-only file system
@int ST_NOSUID does not support `S_ISUID` nor `S_ISGID` file mode bits
  -- Print statvfs constants supported on this host.
  for name, value in pairs (require "posix.sys.statvfs") do
    if type (value) == "number" then
      print (name, value)

luaopen_posix_sys_statvfs(lua_State *L)
	luaL_register(L, "posix.sys.statvfs", posix_sys_statvfs_fns);
	lua_pushliteral(L, "posix.sys.statvfs for " LUA_VERSION " / " PACKAGE_STRING);
	lua_setfield(L, -2, "version");


	return 1;