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Since 2006 GNU ed is maintained by Antonio Diaz Diaz.

Before version 0.3, GNU ed and its man page were written and maintained
(sic) by Andrew L. Moore.

The original info page and GNUification of the code were graciously
provided by Fran├žois Pinard.


GNU ed THANKS file - last updated on 15 November 1994.

GNU ed originated with the editor algorithm from Brian W. Kernighan &
P. J. Plauger's wonderful book "Software Tools in Pascal", Addison-Wesley,
1981.  GNU ed has also benefitted from the contributions of numerous people
who reported problems, suggested various improvements or submitted actual
code.  Among these are the following:

Eric Backus		<>
Karl Berry		<>
Theo Deraadt		<>
Kaveh R. Ghazi		<>
Mike Haertel		<>
Fran├žois Pinard		<>
Rodney Ruddock		<>