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                          Term::ANSIColor Thanks

Thanks to all of the following people for helping with the development of
this module.

To Jon Lennox for looking at early versions of this module, providing
feedback, and offering suggestions for improvement.

To Jesse Taylor for writing the first significant script to use this
module (colorized calsplit), thus offering innumerable opportunities to
test and debug.

To Jean Delvare for providing documentation of what the various attributes
do on various different terminal emulators, and for noting that attribute
2 is dark.

To Edward Avis for the implementation of uncolor.

To Rani Pinchuk for the idea of ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED and an initial

To ATricket for the information about what PuTTY, Windows telnet, and
OpenSSH under Cygwin support.

To Richard Maus for pointing out DARK was missing from the exported
constants list and CYAN and WHITE were missing from the documentation.

To Autrijus Tang for noticing a problem with string comparisons in the
test suite.

To Daniel Lindsley for the information about what Mac OS X Terminal

To Joe Smith for the original test files that exercise a wide variety of
VT100 escape sequences including the ECMA-48 color control codes.  These
have been replaced by an example script, but they were very useful.

To James Bowlin for catching a bug in colored when $EACHLINE is set that
caused it to not color lines consisting solely of 0.

To Helge Kreutzmann for pointing out the need for warnings in the
documentation about background colors that span newlines.

To Baron Schwartz for pointing out that cyan and white were missing from
the documentation.

To Michael R. Wolf for pointing out that Wikipedia and the ECMA standard
use faint instead of dark as the name of attribute 2.

To voice solutions for contributing PUSHCOLOR, POPCOLOR,
and LOCALCOLOR support.

To Tim Bellinghausen for the AUTOLOAD taint fix for Perl 5.10.

To Paul Miller for the idea and initial implementation of colorstrip.

To Jakob Ilves for sixteen-color support and the initial documentation of
bright color issues.

To Revilo Reegiles for reporting problems with the colored function and
non-array references with stringification defined, and providing a test

To Kent Fredric for the request for italic and the report of a terminal
emulator that supports it.

To Simon Wistow for reporting that Term::ANSIColor was inadvertantly
clobbering $@ when generating constant subs.

To Kurt Starsinic for the initial implementation of 256-color support.

To Magnus Woldrich for Term::ExtendedColor and for research on which
emulators support 256 colors.

To Stephen Thirlwall for the initial implementation of custom color

To BlueT - Matthew Lien - 練喆明 for quick testing of 4.00 and reporting a
problem with skipping one of the tests.

To David Cantrell for testing with Perl 5.6.2 and debugging why a test
case didn't work with its version of Exporter.

To Olivier Mengué for fixing a SYNOPSIS quoting error and for various
other build fixes and recommendations about environment variables for test

To Nicolas R for pointing out a 70% memory usage increase over Perl 5.14
that could be mostly avoided by dodging POSIX character classes in regexes
and delaying loading of the Carp module.

To Larry Wall, as always, for Perl.