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                   User-Visible Term::ANSIColor Changes

Term::ANSIColor 4.06 (2016-10-28)

    Add aliases ansi16 through ansi255 and on_ansi16 through on_ansi255
    (plus the corresponding constants) for the grey and rgb colors so that
    one can refer to all of the 256 ANSI colors with consistent names.
    These are aliases; the colors returned by uncolor will still use the
    grey and rgb names.  (#118267)

Term::ANSIColor 4.05 (2016-03-20)

    Color aliases are now restricted to ASCII alphanumerics, due to the
    below change.

    Delay loading of the Carp module and avoid using [:upper:], \w, and \d
    in regular expressions to reduce the amount of memory this module
    consumes.  (Normally, I wouldn't worry about this, but this module is
    very light-weight and can be useful even in highly space-constrained
    environments, and the impact is slight.)  Thanks, Nicolas R.

    Provide a mailto address in bug tracking metadata, use the shorter
    form of the RT bug tracker URL, and fix the license value to match the
    new metadata specification.  Rework Makefile.PL so that the munging
    for older versions of ExtUtils::MakeMaker is less intrusive.

Term::ANSIColor 4.04 (2015-12-06)

    Revert the build system back to ExtUtils::MakeMaker.  This is the
    build system actually used in Perl core, so this removes a level of
    indirectly generated files and means that normal module development
    tests the same build system used by Perl.  Update Makefile.PL with the
    additional metadata from the Module::Build build system.

    For versions of Perl prior to 5.11, install the module into the Perl
    core module directories, since in those versions site modules did not
    take precedence over Perl core modules.

    Rename NEWS to Changes to match the normal Perl convention.

Term::ANSIColor 4.03 (2014-03-23)

    Switch the module build system to Module::Build, but still generate a
    Makefile.PL file for backward compatibility and for the use of Perl

    Fix typo in SYNOPSIS (colorstrip example) and duplicated word.
    Thanks, Olivier Mengué and David Steinbrunner.  (#85480, #94006)

    Skip POD and some other style tests unless doing automated or release
    testing.  Skip POD spelling, coverage, and Perl::Critic tests unless
    doing author testing.  Use the Lancaster Consensus environment
    variables instead of RRA_MAINTAINER_TESTS.  (#93474)

    Add SEE ALSO reference to Win32::Console::ANSI.  (#87295)

Term::ANSIColor 4.02 (2013-01-07)

    When testing 256-color support, list the tag first in the import list
    for compatibility with the Exporter from Perl 5.6.2.  Thanks to David
    Cantrell for the testing and debugging.

    Add the minimum Perl version to the package metadata.

Term::ANSIColor 4.01 (2012-12-31)

    Fix logic for skipping tests when Test::Warn is not installed.

Term::ANSIColor 4.00 (2012-12-30)

    Add constants (with tag :constants256) and attributes for 256-color
    emulators.  Thanks, Kurt Starsinic.

    Add support for custom color names configured with either a new
    function, coloralias, or the ANSI_COLORS_ALIASES environment variable
    as set during module load.  Thanks, Stephen Tirlwall.

    Only honor ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED if it is set to a true value.

    The module now requires Perl 5.6 or later and makes use of Perl 5.6

    Replace the AUTOLOAD support for ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED with generation
    of constant subs that check for ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED when they're
    called.  This fixes behavior if the constant were used before the
    environment variable was set and then used again afterwards.

    PUSHCOLOR now takes an array like all the other constant functions and
    joins all arguments together before manipulating them, making behavior
    more consistent in some edge cases.

    $AUTOLOCAL now takes precedence over $AUTORESET, reversing the
    previous behavior.  It is also now properly documented.

    Add a COMPATIBILITY section to the documentation collecting all
    information about when features were introduced and adding the version
    of Perl that they shipped with.  Add appropriate version numbers to
    the use statements in the SYNOPSIS.

    Add a new generate-colors example script that can generate various
    test and demonstration files, including for 256 colors and various
    attributes.  Remove the VT100 test files, which had an unclear
    license.  generate-colors can now generate better tests for everything
    of significance to this package.

Term::ANSIColor 3.02 (2012-03-18)

    In AUTOLOAD, only return pass-through behavior if the function that
    was called was one of our constants, rather than turning every unknown
    function in the Term::ANSIColor namespace into a passthrough join
    function when colors are disabled.

    Add the italic attribute and the ITALIC constant.  Document that
    support for it is rare.

    Preserve an existing value of $@ when generating a constant sub and
    restore it afterwards.  Diagnose errors in creating the constant sub
    and die instead of ignoring them.

Term::ANSIColor 3.01 (2011-07-20)

    In colored, only interpret an initial array reference as a list of
    colors, not any initial reference, allowing the colored function to
    work properly on objects with stringification defined.  Thanks, Revilo

    Warn in the documentation that attributes are not supported in and
    will not work with Perl formats.

Term::ANSIColor 3.00 (2010-01-04)

    Add bright versions of the basic eight foreground and background
    colors using the 9x and 10x codes, supported by emulators with 16
    color support.

    Reword the explanation of bright and regular colors, and provide some
    advice about which to use.

    Reorganize the documentation and be clearer about the function
    interface parameters.

Term::ANSIColor 2.02 (2009-08-30)

    Add the new function colorvalid, which takes an attribute and returns
    whether it's a known attribute.

    Add FAINT as a synonym for DARK and export it when constants are

    Update the terminal compatibility matrix to reflect that xterm now
    supports blink.

Term::ANSIColor 2.01 (2009-07-04)

    Add the new function colorstrip, which removes ANSI color codes from
    strings.  Thanks, Paul Miller.

    When reporting errors for bad escape sequences in uncolor, don't
    include the leading \e[ or trailing m in the error message.

    Untaint $AUTOLOAD when generating constant subs, which is required by
    Perl 5.10 and later running in taint mode.  Thanks, Tim Bellinghausen.

Term::ANSIColor 2.00 (2009-02-28)

    Add new functions PUSHCOLOR, POPCOLOR, and LOCALCOLOR, which maintain
    a stack of colors using the constant syntax.  PUSHCOLOR stores the
    attributes being set on its internal stack, POPCOLOR returns to the
    previous attribute set, and LOCALCOLOR surrounds its argument in
    PUSHCOLOR and POPCOLOR.  If $AUTOLOCAL is set, each sequence of color
    constants will be implicitly preceded by LOCALCOLOR.  This support was
    contributed by voice solutions.

    When AUTOLOAD is called to generate a constant sub and the environment
    variable ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED is set, return the stringified arguments
    rather than creating a sub.  This allows colors to work later if
    ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED is unset rather than making its effects
    permanent.  It also avoids adding a reset escape sequence when

    Add faint as a synonym for dark.

    Fix spelling and markup errors in the documentation and improve the
    documentation of text attributes.

Term::ANSIColor 1.12 (2007-04-22)

    Use the correct syntax for internal POD links in the documentation.

    Document cyan and white as supported attributes.

Term::ANSIColor 1.11 (2006-06-22)

    Clarify in the documentation the behavior of terminals when background
    colors are set across newlines, and rewrite some of the examples to
    avoid doing things that confuse the terminal.

Term::ANSIColor 1.10 (2005-08-21)

    Fix $EACHLINE handling of lines consisting solely of "0".

    Add terminal test files from Joe Smith to the distribution.

Term::ANSIColor 1.09 (2004-12-03)

    Add compatibility information for Mac OS X Terminal to the terminal
    emulators table.  Thanks, Daniel Lindsley.

Term::ANSIColor 1.08 (2004-02-19)

    Export DARK as a constant.  This was missed when dark was added as a
    supported attribute.

Term::ANSIColor 1.07 (2003-03-25)

    Document the behavior of PuTTY, Windows telnet, and Cygwin OpenSSH in
    the terminal emulators table.

    Update the URL to the ECMA standard.

Term::ANSIColor 1.06 (2002-12-09)

    Fix a typo in an L<> link in the documentation.

Term::ANSIColor 1.05 (2002-06-28)

    Document the Windows consoles that don't work with this module.

    Update the documentation formatting style.

Term::ANSIColor 1.04 (2001-07-10)

    Add a new uncolor function, which takes a set of escape sequences and
    returns a list of attribute names set by those escape sequences.  This
    is the opposite function as color.

    If ANSI_COLORS_DISABLED is set in the environment, all of the
    functions and constants in this module become no-ops that pass through
    text without coloring it.

    Add information about the relevant standards to the documentation.

Term::ANSIColor 1.03 (2000-08-06)

    In the colored function, allow the attributes to be passed as an
    initial array reference as well as a trailing list.  When called with
    that syntax, all subsequent arguments are taken as text to be colored.

    Add the dark attribute.

    Improve the documentation by including a table of supported attributes
    on different terminal emulators in the documentation and documenting
    whether diagnostics are fatal errors or warnings.

    Install into the Perl library directory for Perl 5.6.0 or later, since
    this module is now part of core.

Term::ANSIColor 1.02 (1998-11-27)

    Call croak instead of die if the AUTOLOAD function to synthesize
    constants fails.

    Set ABSTRACT and AUTHOR in Makefile.PL to support PPD generation for
    binary distributions or the Perl Resource Kits.

Term::ANSIColor 1.01 (1997-12-10)

    Fix the call to carp when running under Perl versions later than
    5.004_04, which no longer import Carp in and thereby declare
    the function at compile time.

Term::ANSIColor 1.00 (1997-11-29)

    Correctly handle trailing delimiters when $EACHLINE is set.

    Call croak instead of die if a caller uses an invalid attribute name,
    since the error is really at the call site.

    Add the correct rules to Makefile.PL to build a distribution.

Term::ANSIColor 0.09 (1997-02-17)

    Initial public release.  (Possibly.  It's the oldest version available
    on BackPan and dates back to when the "package" version was based on
    the RCS revision of the file.)