NAME README.win32 - Customise and build Sys::Syslog with Win32 EventLog support DESCRIPTION This package includes support for the Win32 Event log. This requires building a message file and then compiling it and linking it into the final .DLL produced by MakeMaker. The default message text file used by Sys::Syslog is, located in the win32/ subdirectory. If the message file is updated then you need to go in the win32/ subdirectory and run the "" command to update the relevant files. Note that Sys::Syslog::Win32 is built by this process. The following files are in the win32 directory: -- Message file, change this if you change anything. -- Compile the message file and produce and PerlLog.RES. Requires that mc.exe and rc.exe are in the path. PerlLog.RES -- Precompiled resource file, used when building the DLL -- Generated Win32 module for working with the resource file When building win32/PerlLog.RES will be linked into the final XS file, and win32/ will be copied to lib/Sys/Syslog/, which will then be installed by MakeMaker as per normal.