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2018-04-27 20:40:00 xsawyerx
    version 3.11
        * Fix Strawberry Perl build failures.

2018-04-21 22:00:00 xsawyerx
    Version 3.10
        * Fix binary artifacts from distribution.

2018-04-21 16:49:00 xsawyerx
    Version 3.09
        * Fix "provides" in metadata (META.yml/META.json) to use the Storable
          template instead of a small other file (which also didn't exist).

2018-04-21 11:23:00 xsawyerx
    Version 3.08
        * (perl #132849) try to disable core files when deliberatly segfaulting.
        * (perl #127743) don't probe Storable limits so much.
        * (perl #132893) don't probe for Storable recursion limits on old Win32.
        * (perl #132870) workaround VC2017 compiler bug.
        * (perl #127743) re-work for debugging builds with MSVC.
        * (perl #133039) dont build a with a static perl build.

2018-02-07 15:08:00 tonyc
    Version 3.06

        * support large object ids.  The code in theory supported arrays
        with more than 2**32 elements, but references to the elements
        emitted at the end of the array with be retrieved as references to
        the wrong elements.
        * 32-bit object ids over 2**31-1 weren't correctly handled.
        * hook object id generation now supports 64-bit ids where needed
        * writing 64-bit lengths in network order now works
        * reading 64-bit lengths in network order now reads the components
        in the correct order.
        * retrieving large object tags are now only handled on 64-bit
        platforms, large object tags should only be emitted for objects
        that are too large for the 32-bit address space, so it was only
        wasted code.
        * reading 32-bit lengths for LSCALAR and LUTF8STR as unsigned
        (perl #131990)
        * reading flagged large object hashes didn't read the flags
        * treat the 32-bit size of hook data as unsigned, values over 2GB
        were treated as large (close to 2**64) parameters to NEWSV().
        (perl #131999)
        * added support for hook data over 4GB in size
        * zero length data receievd from STORABLE_freeze() no longer
        results in an invalid SV being passed to STORABLE_thaw/_attach()
        (perl #118551)
        * where practical, padding is now cleared when emitting a long
        double (perl #131136)
        * cache the value of $Storable::DEBUGME (since cperl enabled
        Storable TRACEME builds for all -DDEBUGGING builds)
        * no longer discard exceptions thrown by
        STORABLE_freeze/_thaw/attach() (perl #25933)
        * fix dependencies used to build from
        * add experimental support for freezing/thawing regular
        expressions (perl #50608)
        * re-work recursion limiting to store the limit in a perl variable
        instead of baked into Storable.$so.  This allows static Storable
        builds to work, and avoids the kind of circular reference on

2017-07-24 13:57:13 rurban
    Version 3.05_13

        * mingw fix: use safe defaults, not segfaulting defaults.
        mingw fails on the stacksize binary search, leaving it empty.

Wed Apr 19 09:11:07 2017 +0200 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_12

        * enhance stack reserve from 8 to 16
        * fix LD_LIBRARY_PATH usage for CORE
        * fixed some coverity warnings and leaks
        * added a release make target

Wed Mar 29 21:04:28 2017 +0200 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_11

        * croak on sizes read > I32_MAX
        * simplify last_op_in_netorder
        * protect from empty retrieve_vstring
        * protect store_other error buf, potential static
        buffer overflow.

Tue Mar 14 09:52:20 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_10

        * CORE-only improvements to stacksize

Thu Mar 9 19:20:19 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_09

        * compute the stacksizes, improve cleanup within croak
        from stack exhaustion.
        * added stack_depth and stack_depth_hash getters.

Wed Mar  8 21:03:43 CET 2017 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_08

        * finetune the max stack limit, for C++, DEBUGGING and 32bit.
        * fix t/blessed.t for cperl5.22

Sun Mar 5 13:36:47 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_07

        * Fixed a podchecker issue

Sun Mar 5 11:42:04 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_06

        * Fixed wrong recursion depth error with large arrays containing
        another array.
	L<[cperl #257]|>

Thu Feb 2 12:40:44 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_05

        * Add leak tests for [cpan #97316], [perl #121928]
        * Limit the max recursion depth to 1200 on 32bit systems.
        We have no max_depth option yet, as in JSON::XS.

Thu Feb 2 11:59:21 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_04

        * Fix retrieve_tied_array which fails since 5.16
        [cpan #84705]
        * Improve t/blessed.t in the creation of sv_yes/sv_no
        with threaded perls.

Tue Jan 31 02:55:30 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_03

        * Tune t/recurse.t stack-overflow limit more.

Mon Jan 30 19:50:29 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_02

        * Tune t/recurse.t stack-overflow limit. Small 64bit systems overflow
        even with depth 3000, where 32bit are ok.

Mon Jan 30 15:13:38 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05_01

        * Protect against stack overflows with nested arrays and hashes
        [cpan #97526]. This imposes a new limit to your nested structures,
        but JSON::XS has a limit of 512. We use a max_depth of 3000 for the
        typical stack limit of 8k.

Sun Jan 29 11:36:43 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.05

        * Protect against classname len overflow on the stack
        and 2x on the heap with retrieve_bless and retrieve_hook.
        A serious security issue with malcrafted storable files or buffers,
        but p5p accepts no CVE on Storable attacks. See RT #130635
        (reported by JD).
        * Fix NULL ptr SEGVs with retrieve_code and retrieve_other.
        See RT #130098 (reported and fixed by JD)
        * Fix wrong huge LOBJECT support, broken since 3.00c.
        Repro with `export PERL_TEST_MEMORY=8`
        * Fix the few remaining 2-arg open calls.
        * Portability and backport fixes back to 5.6.2

Sat Jan 7 09:01:29 2017 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.04c

        * fix printf types and warnings, esp. for 32bit use64bitint
        * Change sv_setpvn(…, "…", …) to sv_setpvs(…, "…")

Tue Jul 26 11:49:33 2016 +1000 Tony Cook <>
    Version 3.03c

        * remove . from @INC when loading optional modules

Sun Nov 20 18:06:45 2016 +0100 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.02c

        * Fix -Wc++11-compat warnings, fix -Wchar-subscripts

Fri Sep 16 01:32:59 2016 +0200 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.01c

        * Added warn_security("Movable-Type CVE-2015-1592 Storable metasploit attack")
          when detecting the third destructive metasploit vector,
          thawing bless \"mt-config.cgi", "CGITempFile".

Thu Mar 31 17:10:27 2016 +0200 Reini Urban <>
    Version 3.00c

        * Added support for u64 strings, arrays and hashes >2G
          via a new LOBJECT tag. This is for 32bit systems and lengths
          between 2GB and 4GB (I32-U32), and 64bit (>I32).
        * Bumped STORABLE_BIN_MINOR and STORABLE_BIN_WRITE_MINOR from 10 to 11
        * fix parallel tests, use unique filenames.
        * fixed 2 instances of 2arg open,
        * added optional flag arguments to skip tie and bless on retrieve/thaw,
        * added SECURITY WARNING and Large data support to docs
        * compute CAN_FLOCK at compile-time
        * reformat everything consistently
        * enable DEBUGME tracing and asserts with -DDEBUGGING
        * fix all 64 bit compiler warnings
        * added some abstraction methods to avoid code duplication

?????? p5p <>
    Version 2.65

	* Replace multiple 'use vars' by 'our'
	* remove Config dependency

Wed Jul  2 16:25:25 IST 2014   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>
    Version 2.51

	* [perl #121928] Fix memory leak for dclone inside freeze hook
	  (Alex Solovey)
	* Do not call DESTROY for empty objects
	  (Vladimir Timofeev)
	* Other bugfixes

Sat Jul 13 18:34:27 IST 2013   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>
    Version 2.45

       * [perl #118829] Memory leaks in STORABLE_attach
         (Vladimir Timofeev)
       * [perl #118139] Don't SEGV during global destruction
         (Nicholas Clark, report/test from Reini Urban)
       * Added security warnings section (Steffen Mueller)
       * Update INSTALLDIRS to favour installation in 'site'
         (James E Keenan)

Tue 11 Sep 06:51:11 IST 2012   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>
    Version 2.39

	Various bugfixes, including compatibility fixes for older
	versions of Perl and vstring handling.

Sun  3 Jul 09:10:11 IST 2011   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>
    Version 2.29

	Various bugfixes, notably including preventing nfreeze from
	incorrectly stringifying integers.

Fri  3 Dec 14:12:32 GMT 2010   David Leadbeater <>
    Version 2.25

	Support for serializing coderefs containing UTF-8.

Fri Nov 12 10:52:19 IST 2010   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.24

	Performance improvement for overloaded classes from Benjamin

Fri Nov 12 10:36:22 IST 2010   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.23

	Release the latest version from the Perl repository.

Thu Aug  6 10:55:50 IST 2009   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.21

	Includes hints/ that was inadvertently left out of 2.20.

Mon May 18 09:38:20 IST 2009   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.20

	Fix bug handling blessed references to overloaded objects, plus
	other miscellaneous fixes.

	(Version 2.19 was released with 5.8.9.)

Thu Nov 22 13:24:18 IST 2007   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.18

	Compile fixes for older Perls. (No functional changes.)

Sat Nov 17 02:12:12 IST 2007   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.17

	Various broken tests fixed. (No functional changes.)

Sat Mar 31 06:11:06 IST 2007   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.16

        1. Fixes to Storable::dclone, read_magic, retrieve_lscalar
        2. Storable 0.1 compatibility
        3. Miscellaneous compile/leak/test/portability fixes

Mon May 23 22:48:49 IST 2005   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.15

        Minor changes to address a couple of compile problems.

Mon Apr 25 07:29:14 IST 2005   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.14

	1. Store weak references
	2. Add STORABLE_attach hook.

Thu Jun 17 12:26:43 BST 2004   Nicholas Clark <>

    Version 2.13

        1. Don't change the type of top level overloaded references to RV -
	   they are perfectly correct as PVMG
	2. Storable needs to cope with incoming frozen data that happens to be
	   utf8 encoded.

Wed Mar 17 15:40:29 GMT 2004   Nicholas Clark <>

    Version 2.12

        1. Add regression tests for the auto-require of STORABLE_thaw
        2. Add auto-require of modules to restore overloading (and tests)
        3. Change to no context (should give speedup with ithreads)

Sat Mar 13 20:11:03 GMT 2004   Nicholas Clark <>
    Version 2.11

        1. Storing restricted hashes in canonical order would SEGV. Fixed.
        2. It was impossible to retrieve references to PL_sv_no and and
           PL_sv_undef from STORABLE_thaw hooks.
        3. restrict.t was failing on 5.8.0, due to 5.8.0's unique
           implementation of restricted hashes using PL_sv_undef
        4. These changes allow a space optimisation for restricted hashes.

Sat Jan 24 16:22:32 IST 2004   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.10

        1. Thread safety: Storable::CLONE/init_perlinterp() now create
           a new Perl context for each new ithread.
           (From Stas Bekman and Jan Dubois.)
        2. Fix a tag count mismatch with $Storable::Deparse that caused
           all back-references after a stored sub to be off-by-N (where
           N was the number of code references in between).
           (From Sam Vilain.)
        3. Prevent CODE references from turning into SCALAR references.
           (From Slaven Rezic.)

Sat Jan  3 18:49:18 GMT 2004   Nicholas Clark <>

    Version 2.09

	Fix minor problems with the CPAN release
	1: Make Storable.xs work on 5.8.2 and later (already in the core)
	2: Ship the linux hints file
	3: Ship Test::More for the benefit of Perls pre 5.6.2
	4: Correct Makefile.PL to only install in core for 5.8.0 and later

Sat Sep  6 01:08:20 IST 2003   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.08

        This release works around a 5.8.0 bug which caused hashes to not
        be marked as having key flags even though an HEK had HEK_WASUTF8
        set. (Note that the only reasonable solution is to silently drop
        the flag from the affected key.)

        Users of RT 3 who were seeing assertion failures should upgrade.
        (Perl 5.8.1 will have the bug fixed.)

Mon May  5 10:24:16 IST 2003   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.07

        Minor bugfixes (self-tied objects are now correctly stored, as
        are the results of additions larger than INT_MAX).

Mon Oct  7 21:56:38 BST 2002   Nicholas Clark  <>

    Version 2.06

	Remove qr// from t/downgrade.t so that it will run on 5.004
	Mention $File::Spec::VERSION a second time in t/forgive.t so that it
	runs without warnings in 5.004 (this may be a 5.00405 bug I'm working
	Fix t/integer.t initialisation to actually generate 64 bits of 9c
	Fix comparison tests to use eval to get around 64 bit IV conversion
	issues on 5.6.x, following my t/integer.t ^ precedence bug found by
	Rafael Garcia-Suarez
	Alter t/malice.t to work with Test/ in t/, and skip individual
	subtests that use $Config{ptrsize}, so that the rest of the test can
	now be run with 5.004
	Change t/malice.t and the error message in check_magic in Storable.xs
	from "Pointer integer size" to "Pointer size"
	Remove prerequisite of Test::More from Makefile.PL
	Ship Test::Builder, Test::Simple and Test::More in t

Thu Oct  3 08:57:22 IST 2002   Abhijit Menon-Sen <>

    Version 2.05

        Adds support for CODE references from Slaven Rezic

Fri Jun  7 23:55:41 BST 2002   Nicholas Clark

    Version 2.04

	Bug fix from Radu Greab <> (plus regression test)
	to fix a recently introduced bug detected by Dave Rolsky.
	Bug was that for a non threaded build, the class information was
	being lost at freeze time on the first object with a STORABLE_freeze
	hook. Consequentially the object was not blessed at all when thawed.
	(The presence (or lack) of STORABLE_thaw was irrelevant; this was
	a store-time data lost bug, caused by failure to initialize internal
	The bug was introduced as development perl change 16442 (on
	2002/05/07), so has been present since 2.00.
	Patches to introduce more regression tests to reduce the chance of
	a reoccurrence of this sort of goof are always welcome.
Thu May 30 20:31:08 BST 2002   Nicholas Clark <>

    Version 2.03        Header changes on 5.6.x on Unix where IV is long long

        5.6.x introduced the ability to have IVs as long long.  However,
        Configure still defined BYTEORDER based on the size of a long.
        Storable uses the BYTEORDER value as part of the header, but
        doesn't explicitly store sizeof(IV) anywhere in the header.
        Hence on 5.6.x built with IV as long long on a platform that
        uses Configure (ie most things except VMS and Windows) headers
        are identical for the different IV sizes, despite the files
        containing some fields based on sizeof(IV)

        5.8.0 is consistent; all platforms have BYTEORDER in config.h
        based on sizeof(IV) rather than sizeof(long).  This means that
        the value of BYTEORDER will change from (say) 4321 to 87654321
        between 5.6.1 and 5.8.0 built with the same options to Configure
        on the same machine.  This means that the Storable header will
        differ, and the two versions will wrongly thing that they are

        For the benefit of long term consistency, Storable now
        implements the 5.8.0 BYTEORDER policy on 5.6.x.  This means that
        2.03 onwards default to be incompatible with 2.02 and earlier
        (ie the large 1.0.x installed base) on the same 5.6.x perl.

        To allow interworking, a new variable
        $Storable::interwork_56_64bit is introduced. It defaults to
        false. Set it to true to read and write old format files. Don't
        use it unless you have existing stored data written with 5.6.x
        that you couldn't otherwise read, or you need to interwork with
        a machine running older Storable on a 5.6.x with long long IVs
        (i.e., you probably don't need to use it).

Sat May 25 22:38:39 BST 2002   Nicholas Clark <>

    Version 2.02
        Rewrite Storable.xs so that the file header structure for write_magic
        is built at compile time, and check_magic attempts to the header in
        blocks rather than byte per byte. These changes make the compiled
        extension 2.25% smaller, but are not significant enough to give a
        noticeable speed up.

Thu May 23 22:50:41 BST 2002   Nicholas Clark <>

    Version 2.01

        - New regression tests integer.t
        - Add code to safely store large unsigned integers.
        - Change code not to attempt to store large integers (ie > 32 bits)
          in network order as 32 bits.
        *Never* underestimate the value of a pathological test suite carefully
        crafted with maximum malice before writing a line of real code. It
        prevents crafty bugs from stowing away in your released code.
        It's much less embarrassing to find them before you ship.
        (Well, never underestimate it if you ever want to work for me)
Fri May 17 22:48:59 BST 2002   Nicholas Clark <>

    Version 2.0, binary format 2.5 (but writes format 2.4 on pre 5.7.3)

        The perl5 porters have decided to make sure that Storable still
        builds on pre-5.8 perls, and make the 5.8 version available on CPAN.
        The VERSION is now 2.0, and it passes all tests on 5.005_03, 5.6.1
        and 5.6.1 with threads. On 5.6.0 t/downgrade.t fails tests 34 and 37,
        due to a bug in 5.6.0 - upgrade to 5.6.1.

        Jarkko and I have collated the list of changes the perl5 porters have
        from the perl5 Changes file:

        - data features of upcoming perl 5.8.0 are supported: Unicode hash
          keys (Unicode hash values have been supported since Storable 1.0.1)
          and "restricted hashes" (readonly hashes and hash entries)
        - a newer version of perl can now be used to serialize data which is
          not supported in earlier perls: Storable will attempt to do the
          right thing for as long as possible, croaking only when safe data
          conversion simply isn't possible. Alternatively earlier perls can
          opt to have a lossy downgrade data instead of croaking
        - when built with perls pre 5.7.3 this Storable writes out files
          with binary format 2.4, the same format as Storable 1.0.8 onwards.
          This should mean that this Storable will inter-operate seamlessly
          with any Storable 1.0.8 or newer on perls pre 5.7.3
        - dclone() now works with empty string scalar objects
        - retrieving of large hashes is now more efficient
        - more routines autosplit out of the main module, so Storable should
          load slightly more quickly
        - better documentation
        - the internal context objects are now freed explicitly, rather than
          relying on thread or process exit
        - bugs fixed in debugging trace code affecting builds made with 64 bit
        - code tidy-ups to allow clean compiles with more warning options
          turned on avoid problems with $@ getting corrupted on 5.005_03 if
          Carp wasn't already loaded
        - added &show_file_magic, so you can add to /etc/magic and teach
          Unix's file command about Storable files

        We plan to keep Storable on CPAN in sync with the Perl core, so
        if you encounter bugs or other problems building or using Storable,
        please let us know at
        Patches welcome!
Sat Dec  1 14:37:54 MET 2001   Raphael Manfredi <>

        This is the LAST maintenance release of the Storable module.
        Indeed, Storable is now part of perl 5.8, and will be maintained
        as part of Perl.  The CPAN module will remain available there
        for people running pre-5.8 perls.

        Avoid requiring Fcntl upfront, useful to embedded runtimes.
        Use an eval {} for testing, instead of making
        simply fail its compilation in the BEGIN block.

        store_fd() will now correctly autoflush file if needed.

Tue Aug 28 23:53:20 MEST 2001   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Fixed truncation race with lock_retrieve() in lock_store().
        The file has to be truncated only once the exclusive lock is held.

        Removed spurious debugging messages in .xs file.

Sun Jul  1 13:27:32 MEST 2001   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Systematically use "=over 4" for POD linters.
        Apparently, POD linters are much stricter than would
        otherwise be needed, but that's OK.

        Fixed memory corruption on croaks during thaw().  Thanks
        to Claudio Garcia for reproducing this bug and providing the
        code to exercise it.  Added test cases for this bug, adapted
        from Claudio's code.

        Made code compile cleanly with -Wall (from Jarkko Hietaniemi).

        Changed tagnum and classnum from I32 to IV in context.  Also
        from Jarkko.

Thu Mar 15 01:22:32 MET 2001   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Last version was wrongly compiling with assertions on, due
        to an edit glitch.  That did not cause any problem (apart from
        a slight performance loss) excepted on Win* platforms, where the
        assertion code does not compile.

Sat Feb 17 13:37:37 MET 2001   Raphael Manfredi <>

    Version 1.0.10.

        Forgot to increase version number at previous patch (there were
        two of them, which is why we jump from 1.0.8 to 1.0.10).

Sat Feb 17 13:35:00 MET 2001   Raphael Manfredi <>

    Version 1.0.8, binary format 2.4.

        Fixed incorrect error message.

        Now bless objects ASAP at retrieve time, which is meant to fix
        two bugs:

        * Indirect references to overloaded object were not able to
          restore overloading if the object was not blessed yet,
          which was possible since blessing occurred only after the
          recursive retrieval.

        * Storable hooks asking for serialization of blessed ref could
          get un-blessed refs at retrieval time, for the very same

        The fix implemented here was suggested by Nick Ing-Simmons.

        Added support for blessed ref to tied structures.  This is the
        cause for the binary format change.

        Added EBCDIC version of the compatibility test with 0.6.11,
        from Peter Prymmer

        Added tests for the new features, and to make sure the bugs they
        are meant to fix are indeed fixed.

Wed Jan  3 10:43:18 MET 2001   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Removed spurious 'clean' entry in Makefile.PL.

        Added CAN_FLOCK to determine whether we can flock() or not,
        by inspecting Perl's configuration parameters, as determined
        by Configure.

        Trace offending package when overloading cannot be restored
        on a scalar.

        Made context cleanup safer to avoid dup freeing, mostly in the
        presence of repeated exceptions during store/retrieve (which can
        cause memory leaks anyway, so it's just additional safety, not a
        definite fix).

Sun Nov  5 18:23:48 MET 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

    Version 1.0.6.

        Fixed severe "object lost" bug for STORABLE_freeze returns,
        when refs to lexicals, taken within the hook, were to be
        serialized by Storable.  Enhanced the t/recurse.t test to
        stress hook a little more with refs to lexicals.

Thu Oct 26 19:14:38 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

    Version 1.0.5.

        Documented that store() and retrieve() can return undef.
        That is, the error reporting is not always made via exceptions,
        as the paragraph on error reporting was implying.

        Auto requires module of blessed ref when STORABLE_thaw misses.
        When the Storable engine looks for the STORABLE_thaw hook and
        does not find it, it now tries to require the package into which
        the blessed reference is.

        Just check $^O, in t/lock.t: there's no need to pull the whole
        Config module for that.

Mon Oct 23 20:03:49 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

    Version 1.0.4.

        Protected calls to flock() for DOS platform: apparently, the
        flock/fcnlt emulation is reported to be broken on that

        Added logcarp emulation if they don't have Log::Agent, since
        we now use it to carp when lock_store/lock_retrieve is used
        on DOS.

Fri Sep 29 21:52:29 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

    Version 1.0.3.

        Avoid using "tainted" and "dirty" since Perl remaps them via
        cpp (i.e. #define).  This is deeply harmful when threading
        is enabled.  This concerned both the context structure and
        local variable and argument names.  Brrr..., scary!

Thu Sep 28 23:46:39 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

    Version 1.0.2.

        Fixed spelling in README.

        Added lock_store, lock_nstore, and lock_retrieve (advisory locking)
        after a proposal from Erik Haugan <>.

        Perls before 5.004_04 lack newSVpvn, added remapping in XS.

        Fixed stupid typo in the t/utf8.t test.

Sun Sep 17 18:51:10 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

    Version 1.0.1, binary format 2.3.

        Documented that doubles are stored stringified by nstore().

        Added Salvador Ortiz Garcia in CREDITS section,  He identified
        a bug in the store hooks and proposed the right fix: the class
        id was allocated too soon.  His bug case was also added to
        the regression test suite.

        Now only taint retrieved data when source was tainted.  A bug
        discovered by Marc Lehmann.

        Added support for UTF-8 strings, a contribution of Marc Lehmann.
        This is normally only activated in post-5.6 perls.

Thu Aug 31 23:06:06 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

        First official release Storable 1.0, for inclusion in perl 5.7.0.
        The license scheme is now compatible with Perl's.

Thu Aug 24 01:02:02 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

        ANSI-fied most of the code, preparing for Perl core integration.
        The next version of Storable will be 0.8, and will be integrated
        into the Perl core (development branch).

        Dispatch tables were moved upfront to relieve some compilers,
        especially on AIX and Windows platforms.

        Merged 64-bit fixes from perl5-porters.

Mon Aug 14 09:22:04 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Added a refcnt dec in retrieve_tied_key(): sv_magic() increases
        the refcnt on the mg_ptr as well.

        Removed spurious dependency to Devel::Peek, which was used for
        testing only in t/tied_items.t.  Thanks to Conrad Heiney
        <> for spotting it first.

Sun Aug 13 22:12:59 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Marc Lehmann kindly contributed code to add overloading support
        and to handle references to tied variables.

        Rewrote leading blurb about compatibility to make it clearer what
        "backward compatibility" is about: when I say 0.7 is backward
        compatible with 0.6, it means the revision 0.7 can read files
        produced by 0.6.

        Mention new Clone(3) extension in SEE ALSO.

        Was wrongly optimizing for "undef" values in hashes by not
        fully recursing: as a result, tied "undef" values were incorrectly

Sun Jul 30 12:59:17 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

    First revision of Storable 0.7.

        The serializing format is new, known as version 2.0.  It is fully
        backward compatible with 0.6.  Earlier formats are deprecated and
        have not even been tested: next version will drop pre-0.6 format.

        Changes since 0.6@11:

        - Moved interface to the "beta" status.  Some tiny parts are still
          subject to change, but nothing important enough to warrant an "alpha"
          status any longer.

        - Slightly reduced the size of the Storable image by factorizing
          object class names and removing final object storage notification due
          to a redesign of the blessed object storing.

        - Classes can now redefine how they wish their instances to be serialized
          and/or deep cloned.  Serializing hooks are written in Perl code.

        - The engine is now fully re-entrant.

Sun Apr  2 23:47:50 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Added provision to detect more recent binary formats, since
        the new upcoming Storable-0.7 will use a different format.
        In order to prevent attempting the de-serialization of newer
        formats by older versions, I'm adding this now to the 0.6 series.

        I'm expecting this revision to be the last of the 0.6 series.
        Unless it does not work with perl 5.6, which I don't use yet,
        and therefore against which I cannot test.

Wed Mar 29 19:55:21 MEST 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Added note about format incompatibilities with old versions
        (i.e. pre 0.5@9 formats, which cannot be understood as there
        was no versionning information in the file by then).

        Protect all $@ variables when eval {} used, to avoid corrupting
        it when store/retrieve is called within an exception handler.

        Mistakenly included "patchlevel.h" instead of <patchlevel.h>,
        preventing Perl's patchlevel from being included, which is
        needed starting from 5.6.

Tue May 12 09:15:15 METDST 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Fixed shared "undef" bug in hashes, which did not remain shared
        through store/retrieve.

Thu Feb 10 19:48:16 MET 2000   Raphael Manfredi <>

        added last_op_in_netorder() predicate
        documented last_op_in_netorder()
        added tests for the new last_op_in_netorder() predicate

Wed Oct 20 19:07:36 MEST 1999   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Forgot to update VERSION

Tue Oct 19 21:25:02 MEST 1999   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Added mention of japanese translation for the manual page.

        Fixed typo in macro that made threaded code not compilable,
        especially on Win32 platforms.

        Changed detection of older perls (pre-5.005) by testing PATCHLEVEL
        directly instead of relying on internal symbols.

Tue Sep 14 22:13:28 MEST 1999   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Integrated "thread-safe" patch from Murray Nesbitt.
        Note that this may not be very efficient for threaded code,
        see comment in the code.

        Try to avoid compilation warning on 64-bit CPUs. Can't test it,
        since I don't have access to such machines.

Mon Jul 12 14:37:19 METDST 1999   Raphael Manfredi <>

        changed my e-mail to pobox.

        mentioned it is not thread-safe.

        updated version number.

        uses new internal PL_* naming convention.

Fri Jul  3 13:38:16 METDST 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Updated benchmark figures due to recent optimizations done in
        store(): tagnums are now stored as-is in the hash table, so
        no surrounding SV is created. And the "shared keys" mode for
        hash table was turned off.

        Fixed backward compatibility (wrt 0.5@9) for retrieval of
        blessed refs. That old version did something wrong, but the
        bugfix prevented correct retrieval of the old format.

Mon Jun 22 11:00:48 METDST 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Changed benchmark figures.

        Adjust refcnt of tied objects after calling sv_magic() to avoid
        memory leaks.  Contributed by Jeff Gresham.

Fri Jun 12 11:50:04 METDST 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Added workaround for persistent LVALUE-ness in perl5.004. All
        scalars tagged as being an lvalue are handled as if they were
        not an lvalue at all.  Added test for that LVALUE bug workaround.

        Now handles Perl immortal scalars explicitly, by storing &sv_yes
        as such, explicitly.

        Retrieval of non-immortal undef cannot be shared. Previous
        version was over-optimizing by not creating a separate SV for
        all undefined scalars seen.

Thu Jun  4 17:21:51 METDST 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

    Baseline for Storable-0.6@0.

        This version introduces a binary incompatibility in the generated
        binary image, which is more compact than older ones by approximatively
        15%, depending on the exact degree of sharing in your structures.

        The good news is that your older images can still be retrieved with
        this version, i.e. backward compatibility is preserved. This version
        of Storable can only generate new binaries however.

        Another good news is that the retrieval of data structure is
        significantly quicker than before, because a Perl array is used
        instead of a hash table to keep track of retrieved objects, and
        also because the image being smaller, less I/O function calls are

Tue May 12 09:15:15 METDST 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Version number now got from directly.

        Fixed overzealous sv_type() optimization, which would make
        Storable fail when faced with an "upgraded" SV to the PVIV
        or PVNV kind containing a reference.

Thu Apr 30 15:11:30 METDST 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Extended the SYNOPSIS section to give quick overview of the
        routines and their signature.

        Optimized sv_type() to avoid flags checking when not needed, i.e.
        when their type makes it impossible for them to be refs or tied.
        This slightly increases throughput by a few percents when refs
        and tied variables are marginal occurrences in your data.

        Stubs for XS now use OutputStream and InputStream file types to
        make it work when the given file is actually a socket. Perl
        makes a distinction for sockets in its internal I/O structures
        by having both a read and a write structure, whereas plain files
        share the same one.

Tue Jun  3 09:41:33 METDST 1997   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Thanks to a contribution from Benjamin A. Holzman, Storable is now
        able to correctly serialize tied SVs, i.e. tied arrays, hashes
        and scalars.

Thu Apr  9 18:07:51 METDST 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        I said SvPOK() had changed to SvPOKp(), but that was a lie...

Wed Apr  8 13:14:29 METDST 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Wrote sizeof(SV *) instead of sizeof(I32) when portable, which
        in effect mangled the object tags and prevented portability
        across 32/64 bit architectures!

Wed Mar 25 14:57:02 MET 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Added code example for store_fd() and retrieve_fd() in the
        man page, to emphasize that file descriptors must be passed as
        globs, not as plain strings.

        Cannot use SV addresses as tag when using nstore() on LP64. This
        was the cause of problems when creating a storable image on an
        LP64 machine and retrieving it on an ILP32 system, which is
        exactly what nstore() is meant for...

        However, we continue to use SV addresses as tags for plain store(),
        because benchmarking shows that it saves up to 8% of the store
        time, and store() is meant to be fast at the expense of lack
        of portability.

        This means there will be approximately an 8% degradation of
        performance for nstore(), but it's now working as expected.
        That cost may vary on your machine of course, since it is
        solely caused by the memory allocation overhead used to create
        unique SV tags for each distinct stored SV.

Tue Jan 20 09:21:53 MET 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Don't use any '_' in version number.

Tue Jan 13 17:51:50 MET 1998   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Updated version number.

        added binmode() calls for systems where it matters.

        Be sure to pass globs, not plain file strings, to C routines,
        so that Storable can be used under the Perl debugger.

Wed Nov  5 10:53:22 MET 1997   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Fix memory leaks on seen hash table and returned SV refs.

        Storable did not work properly when tainting enabled.

        Fixed "Allocation too large" messages in freeze/thaw and added.
        proper regression test in t/freeze.t.

Tue Jun  3 09:41:33 METDST 1997   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Updated version number

        Added freeze/thaw interface and dclone.

Fri May 16 10:45:47 METDST 1997   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Forgot that AutoLoader does not export its own AUTOLOAD.
        I could use

                use AutoLoader 'AUTOLOAD';
        but that would not be backward compatible. So the export is
        done by hand...

Tue Mar 25 11:21:32 MET 1997   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Empty scalar strings are now "defined" at retrieval time.

        New test to ensure an empty string is defined when retrieved.

Thu Feb 27 16:32:44 MET 1997   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Updated version number

        Declare VERSION as being used

        Fixed a typo in the PerlIO_putc remapping.
        PerlIO_read and perlIO_write inverted size/nb_items.
        (only relevant for pre-perl5.004 versions)

Thu Feb 27 15:58:31 MET 1997   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Updated version number

        Added VERSION identification

        Allow build with perl5.003, which is ante perlIO time

Mon Jan 13 17:53:18 MET 1997   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Random code fixes.

Wed Jan 22 15:19:56 MET 1997   Raphael Manfredi <>

        Updated version number in Makefile.PL.

        Added "thanks to" section to README.

        Documented new forgive_me variable.

        Made 64-bit clean.

        Added forgive_me support to allow store() of data structures
        containing non-storable items like CODE refs.