Blob Blame History Raw
0.17     2016-06-17

- Remove use of namespace::autoclean.

0.16     2016-03-21

- The subs installed into the caller are now named with Sub::Name. This makes
  these subs appear to be part of the caller, as opposed to an import, which
  is what we want, since each installed sub is constructed uniquely for a
  given package.

0.15     2015-11-13

- Made this module co-operate with existing import() subs in packages that use
  this module, as long as you use this module last.

0.14     2015-04-18

- Use any() from List::Util 1.33+ instead of List::MoreUtils.

0.13     2012-03-09

- Fix dist.ini to not add Test::Spelling as a requirement. (Tomas Doran)

0.12     2012-03-04

- Fix tests to pass with Carp 1.25. Reported by Andreas Koenig. RT #75520.

0.11     2011-06-19

- Allow an empty hash for the -deprecations parameter.

0.10     2010-10-25

- The test suite now uses Test::Fatal instead of Test::Exception. (Karen

0.09     2010-10-17

- Added a compilation test, because otherwise all test files could not end up
  doing skip_all, which may make smokers and test harnesses unhappy.

0.08     2010-10-15

- Include Test::Requires in prereq list. Reported by Todd Rinaldo. RT #62173.

0.07     2010-10-15

- The use of regular expressions in ignores didn't really work in 0.06.

- Added missing dep on List::MoreUtils.

- Replaced Test::Warn with Test::Output in the tests, and made the tests
  actually test what I think they should be testing.

0.06     2010-10-14

- The -ignore parameter now accepts regular expressions as well as package

0.05     2010-10-14

- Fixed what looked like a bug in -ignore handling, although I couldn't seem
  to write a test that triggered it.

- Removed hard dep on Test::Warn for the benefit of Moose.

0.04     2010-07-14

- A single feature will now warn more than once if each warning consists of a
  different error message.

0.03     2010-07-14

- Added an -ignore parameter when importing Package::DeprecationManager. This
  lets you explicitly ignore packages in the call stack when determining where
  a deprecated feature was called.

0.02     2010-07-12

- Made it possible to deprecate any feature, not just a subroutine or method.

0.01     2010-07-12

- First release