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2017-01-11 v0.5006 pjacklam

 * Fix syntax for required version of Math::BigInt::Lib.

 * Better checking of POD coverage.

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999808.

2016-12-13 v0.5005 pjacklam

 * Add more logic to Makefile.PL regarding INSTALLDIRS (CPAN RT #119199
   and #119225).

2016-12-11 v0.5004 pjacklam

 * Fix Makefile.PL so that this module installs over the core version.

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999805.

2016-12-03 v0.5003 pjacklam

 * Use ExtUtils::MakeMaker rather than Module::Install in Makefile.PL

 * Add LICENSE file, since the other Math::BigInt-related distributions have

 * Remove INSTALL file. The information is in the README file.

 * Inform that the TODO file is not up to date.

2016-11-23 v0.5002 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999801. Add t/biglog.t and t/bigroot.t
   since these are included in the test suite for the other backend libraries
   (GMP and Pari).

2016-11-17 v0.5001 pjacklam

 * Avoid 'use parent' to retain compatibility with old Perls.

 * Fix incorrect version numbers in the CHANGES file.

 * Trim whitespace.

2016-11-15 v0.5000 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999800.

 * Math::BigInt::FastCalc is now a subclass of Math::BigInt::Calc, so remove
   aliases like *Math::BigInt::FastCalc::_xxx = \&Math::BigInt::Calc::_xxx.

 * Use OO-calls rather than function calls.

 * Fix documentation error in Math::BigInt::FastCalc

2016-04-25 v0.42 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999719.

2016-04-22 v0.41 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999718.

2016-01-03 v0.40 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999714.

2015-12-31 v0.39 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999713.

2015-12-02 v0.38 pjacklam

 * Use 'static double', not just 'double' in FastCalc.xs.

 * Move 'Test::More' from 'build_requires' to 'test_requires' in Makefile.PL.

2015-11-09 v0.37 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999709.

2015-11-04 v0.36 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999708.

 * Required version of Test::More is only 0.47, not 0.62.

2015-10-28 v0.35 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999707.

 * Update the README file.

 * Replace 'use vars ...' with 'our ...'. We require a Perl newer than 5.6.0

 * Required version of Math-BigInt is now 1.999706.

 * Move 'Test::More' from 'build_requires' to 'test_requires' in Makefile.PL.

2015-09-21 v0.34 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999703.

 * Required version of Math-BigInt is now 1.999703.

 * Update author information.

2015-09-17 v0.33 pjacklam

 * Sync test files with Math-BigInt-1.999702.

 * Required version of Math-BigInt is now 1.999702.

2015-09-11 0.32 pjacklam
  * Add changes from version 0.30 to 0.31.
  * Re-order change entries to decreasing order after version number.
  * Update bundled version from 1.08 to 1.16.
  * Increase version number to 0.32
  * Update author information.
  * Required version of Math::BigInt and Math::BigInt::Calc is 1.999701.
  * Display more information about loaded modules.
  * Sync tests with Math-BigInt distribution.
  * Adjust number of tests.
  * Make sure we test Math::BigInt::FastCalc, not Math::BigInt::Calc.
  * Fix spelling errors.
  * Make sure we test Math::BigInt::FastCalc, not Math::BigInt::Calc.
  * Adjust number of tests.
  * Make sure we test Math::BigInt::FastCalc, not Math::BigInt::Calc.
  * Add "use warnings" to test scripts, since Perl 5.6.2 is required anyway,
    and "use warnings" was introduced in Perl 5.6.1.
  * Modified test scripts so the difference between the test files in the
    Math-BigInt distribution and the backend distributions are as few and as
    small as possible. This makes for easier release management.

2014-03-04 0.31 pjacklam
  * Make the array interface 64-bit safe by using SSize_t instead of I32.
  * Required version of Math::BigInt and Math::BigInt::Calc is 1.9993.
  * Update bundled version from 1.01 to 1.08.
  * Increase version number to 0.31
  * Add documentation about CPAN RT, CPAN testers etc.
  * Add tests for fint()/bint().
  * Increase number of tests.
  * Add tests for bint().
  * Increase number of tests.
  * Change "use base" to "use parent".
  * Include older version of this file, one that tests Math::BigInt::FastCalc,
    not Math::BigInt::Calc.

2011-09-04 0.30 pjacklam

 * Math::BigInt::FastCalc now requires Math::BigInt v1.997 (Peter John Acklam).

 * Include "^MYMETA\.(yml|json)\z" in MANIFEST.SKIP. Whereas META.* are
   generated by the distribution author at packaging time, MYMETA.* are
   generated by the end user at configure time after any dynamic
   dependencies are known. (Peter John Acklam)

 * Updated common test files from the Math::BigInt distribution. (Peter
   John Acklam)

2011-07-09 0.29 rafl (7560 tests)

 * Synchronise with blead perl.
   + Reduce object code size significantly through PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT.

2011-02-26 0.28 pjacklam (7560 tests)

 * Sync codebases (CPAN vs. blead): include t/mbi_rand.t from blead,
   fix typos in FastCalc.xs and t/bigintfc.t (Peter John Acklam).

 * Remove redundant Math::BigInt::FastCalc version info from diagnostic
   output of 01load.t (Peter John Acklam).

2011-02-26 0.27 pjacklam (7560 tests)

 * Add Math::BigInt::Calc version information to diagnostics output of
   01load.t. This is useful for debugging, since Math::BigInt::FastCalc
   relies heavily on Math::BigInt::Calc (Peter John Acklam).

 * Change to reflect recent changes in the Math::BigInt
   distribution (Peter John Acklam).

2011-02-08 0.26 pjacklam (7560 tests)

 * Add Perl v5.6 compatibility code to FastCalc.xs (RT #63859)
   (Peter John Acklam).

 * Add 00sig.t for testing SIGNATURE, and 01load.t for basic module loading
   and giving diagnostics useful for bug tracking (Peter John Acklam).

 * Rename pod.t to 02pod.t and pod_cov.t to 03podcov.t and use more generic
   code (Peter John Acklam).

2011-02-06 0.251 pjacklam (7558 tests)

 * Add requirement Math::BigInt version 1.991 (Peter John Acklam).

2011-02-05 0.25 pjacklam (7558 tests)

 * Remove _new() from XS code and use _new() in Math::BigInt::Calc
   instead. The XS _new() doesn't handle integers that are too large to
   be represented exactly as floating point numbers, but small enough
   to be represented as 64 bit integers. The XS _new() also returns
   nan, not inf, when it overflows. This closes RT #63335 and RT #49569
   (Peter John Acklam).

 * Copied test files from latest Math::BigInt (v1.991):,
   bigfltpm.t,, bigintpm.t, mbi_rand.t,,
   mbimbf.t (Peter John Acklam).

2010-11-07 0.24 rafl (6938 tests)

 * Reduce repetition (and object size) in FastCalc.xs by using ALIASes
   (Nicholas Clark).

 * inline the macros CONSTANT_OBJ and RETURN_MORTAL_BOOL. (Nicholas Clark).

 * Avoid creating two entries instead of one on the mortals stack in _new() and
   _zero() (Nicholas Clark).

 * Convert from DynaLoader to XSLoader (Nicholas Clark).

 * Adapt to the changed order of the return value Math::BigInt::Calc::_base_len
   in Math::BigInt 1.97 (Nicholas Clark).

 * Initialise BASE and BASE_LEN as part of bootstrap, avoiding special one-shot
   setter routines (Nicholas Clark).

 * Remove the $BASE or $BASE_LEN globals. They were never documented or
   exported, and are now unnecessary (Nicholas Clark).

2010-09-14 0.22 rafl (6938 tests)

 * Modernize the test suite to use Test::More instead of Test.

2010-09-03 0.21 rafl (6892 tests)

 * Remove some unneeded test code which only broke things when being ran in the
   perl core.

2010-09-03 0.20 rafl (6892 tests)

 * Avoid certain kinds of segfaults as well as wrong bnok() behaviour by
   depending on Math::BigInt 0.90.

2008-04-15 0.19 Tels (6892 tests)

 * forcefully regenerate META.yml (sigh@Module::Install)

2008-04-15 0.18 Tels (6892 tests)

 * fix compilation under v5.6.2 (sigh)

2008-04-13 0.17 Tels (6892 tests)

 * forgot SvIOK() to SvUOK() (bug #29720, Thanx Alexey Tourbin!)

2007-09-16 0.16 Tels (6892 tests)

 * require Math::BigInt 1.88

 * disable prototypes

 * fix SvIV() vs. SvUV() in _new() (fix bug #29720)

 * it works back to v5.006 (thanx zefram!)

2007-06-30 0.15 Tels (6892 tests)

 * require Math::BigInt 1.87

 * add _nok()

 * bundle and use Module::Install

 * put _new() into the XS

2007-04-17 0.14 Tels (6438 tests)

 * require Math::BigInt 1.83

 * support api_version() 2 by adding _1ex() and _alen()

 * add a few tests

2007-04-09 0.13 Tels (6280 tests)

 * require Math::BigInt 1.82

 * revert the accidentily change to "NV elems" in _len
   (basically, apply the fix that was already in blead to the CPAN release)

 * plug all the leaks in _acmp(), _is_ten() etc. (Thanx Hugo!)

2007-03-03 0.12 Tels (6280 tests)

 * fix bug #25033 It leaks (Thanx M. Schwern!)

 * require Perl 5.6.2, anything older is unsupported and untested

2007-02-02 0.11 Tels (5953 tests)

 * require Math::BigInt 1.79

 * add support for _as_oct() and _from_oct()

 * add _length() to the method list

2005-03-30 0.10 Tels (5953 tests)

 * load and use its code to provide the routines that FastCalc
   does not yet have in XS (cut down Copy&Paste code considerably

 * require Math::BigInt v1.76 to properly load

2005-03-20 0.09 Tels (5953 tests)

 * take over changes from Calc 0.45 (fix bug with div shortcut)

 * require Math::BigInt v1.75 and use its tests

2005-01-01 0.08 Tels (5953 tests)

 * take tests from BigInt v1.74 and require it

 * remove needless Exporter in FastCalc

 * Makefile.PL: add writing of own meta file with correct licence

 * take over changes from Calc 0.44

2004-08-13 0.07 Tels (5953 tests)

 * require BigInt v1.71, adapted to new API style by taking over Calc v0.41
   + added _is_two(), _is_ten(), and _ten()

 * cleaned XS code, got rid of "unused var" warnings (thanx perl-xs people!)

2002-08-25 0.06 Tels (5355 tests)

 * working _modinv() and fix for _rsft() taken over from Calc v0.32

 * added tests for _rsft() and _modinv()

 * require Math::BigInt v1.62

 * _num(), _dec() and _inc() are now in XS
   $MBI->numify() is about 50% faster
   $MBI->binc()/$MBI->bdec() are about 5-8% faster for numbers that don't
   overflow (much), and about 14% for ('9' x 100)->binc()

 * __strip_zeros() is no in XS, making it roughly 3 times as fast

 * added _copy(): more than twice as fast for large (> 1000 digits) numbers:

 Math::BigInt::Calc v0.32
          1:  3s ( 3.23 usr +  0.00 sys =  3.23 CPU) @ 38128/s (n=123154)
        100:  3s ( 3.19 usr +  0.00 sys =  3.19 CPU) @ 27397/s (n=87397)
       1000:  4s ( 3.29 usr +  0.00 sys =  3.29 CPU) @  8042/s (n=26460)
      10000:  4s ( 3.19 usr +  0.01 sys =  3.20 CPU) @   984/s (n=3149)

 Math::BigInt::FastCalc v0.06
          1:  3s ( 3.12 usr +  0.01 sys =  3.13 CPU) @ 39346/s (n=123155)
        100:  3s ( 3.10 usr +  0.00 sys =  3.10 CPU) @ 34138/s (n=105830)
       1000:  3s ( 3.09 usr +  0.00 sys =  3.09 CPU) @ 15807/s (n=48844)
      10000:  3s ( 3.20 usr +  0.00 sys =  3.20 CPU) @  2362/s (n=7559)

2002-08-13 0.05 Tels (5224 tests)

 * the note that "_len() and _acmp() are in XS" was missing

 * cleaned distribution of unwanted files

2002-08-13 0.04 Tels first release
 - added is_zero(), is_one(), _zero(), _one(), _two() and _acmp()
 - more tests in bigintfc.t

 Some general observations:

 * is_*() methods are quite a bit faster than in Calc, but due to the
   overhead in Math::BigInt real programs will get only a bit faster
   (around 2-5%).

 * Comparisation is *much* faster, and even via Math::BigInt improves the
   performance by about factor 9 for large numbers. For smaller numbers (less
   than 8000 digits) it is still about factor 2.5 to 8. This is only valid if
   the numbers have both the same length. If the length is different, then
   FastCalc is still about a factor of 1.2 to 1.7 faster than Calc.

2002-08-12 0.03 Tels
 - Took and converted it to
 - first two functions, _is_odd() and _is_even() in XS
 - testsuite from MBI v1.61
 - extended bigintc.t (also renamed to bigintfc.t)

2002-08-09 0.02 Tels
 - first working version of XS code of _is_even(), _is_odd()

2002-06-05 0.01
       - original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
               -n Math::BigInt::FastCalc -A