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Release history for LWP-Protocol-https

6.07      2017-02-19
    - Cleaned up the Changes log
    - Explicitly add hostname for SNI to start_SSL (GH PR#17)
    - Fix the license name
    - Update some documentation on SSL args
    - Fix bug when checking for Mozilla::CA (GH PR#29)

6.06      2014-04-18
    - Merge pull request #12 from drieux/subjectAltName
    - Merge pull request #9 from chorny/master
    - Updated libwww requirement to 6.06 to fix failing t/proxy.t test cases.
    - Getopt::Long isn't actually used
    - Merge pull request #7 from noxxi/master
    - better diagnostics in case of failures in apache.t
    - Merge pull request #8 from cpansprout/patch-1
    - correct behavior for https_proxy, this goes together with change to
    - libwww-perl cb80c2ddb7, new method _upgrade_sock in LWP::Protocol::https
    - Typo fix: envirionment =~ s/io/o/
    - support for subjectAltName

6.04      2013-04-29
    - Fix IO::Socket::SSL warnings when not verifying hostname.
    - Doc spelling fix.

6.03      2012-02-18
    - Skip test if offline [RT#74163]
    - Typo fixes
    - Restore perl-5.8.1 compatibility.

6.02      2011-03-27
    - Initial release of LWP-Protocol-https as a separate distribution. There
      are no code changes besides setting the version number since
    - The LWP::Protocol::https module used to be bundled with the libwww-perl
      distribution, but it was unbundled in v6.02 in order to be able to declare
      its dependencies properly for the CPAN tool chain.  Applications that need
      https support can just declare their dependency on LWP::Protocol::https
      and will no longer need to know what underlying modules to install.