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Changes Log for File-Find-Object-Rule:

0.0306      Sun 11 Sep 15:58:23 IDT 2016
    - Made the trailing space tests AUTHOR_TESTING only.
        - We received a report that there was a circular dependency on
        Test::TrailingSpace and while this is not an issue and was caused by
        the reporter's use-case (that was irrational in my opinion), this change
        was done to avoid future reports like that.

0.0305      Sun 18 May 14:10:09 IDT 2014
    - Made the tests succeed if run in parallel (e.g:
    HARNESS_OPTIONS="j4:c" ).

0.0304      Wed 29 Jan 13:24:04 IST 2014
    - Add a separate LICENSE file (CPANTS Kwalitee).
    - Specify minimal version of Perl as 5.8.x (CPANTS Kwalitee).

0.0303      Mon 27 May 17:52:15 IDT 2013
    - Remove trailing space.
    - Remove Makefile.PL - use Build.PL from now on.

0.0302      Tue 25 Dec 22:35:01 IST 2012
    - Update the repository URL.
    - Link to the Path::Class::Rule overview of directory traversal
    modules on the POD.
    - The “Evil Reindeer Evil Christmas Evil Conspiracy” Release. ;-)

0.0301      Mon Apr 23 10:31:45 IDT 2012
    - Made ->start() return itself. Bug was reported here:
        - it previously returned only 1.
        - Add a test for ->start() for the next time.

0.0300      Fri Jun 26 01:12:27 IDT 2009
    - Adapted the README to File-Find-Object-Rule.
    - Added POD tests and got to full POD coverage.
    - Converted many direct $self->{$field} accesses to Class::XSAccessor
    - Now ->start() and ->match() are iteration-enabled.
        - ->start() no longer calls ->in() but the other way around, making
        use of File::Find::Object's power.
    - Added resources and keywords information to the Build.PL
    - Updated lib/File/Find/Object/Rule/Extending.pod for
    File-Find-Object-Rule .

0.0200      Sun Mar  1 22:24:21 IST 2009
    - hopefully got rid of all UNIXisms (and incompatibilities with Win32), and
    problems such as running when having temporary files (*~) in the test
        - now holding a pristine copy of the test tree under
        and copying it and processing it using File::Find::Object::TreeCreate
        which was borrowed from the File::Find::Object code.
        - Converted all the paths constant to variables, which are generated
        using $tree_creator->get_path().
        - Removed some non-portable assertions or ones that are hard to
        reproduce with File::Spec.
        - Added Test::Count annotations to the tests' code.

0.0101      Sun Feb 22 14:29:06 IST 2009
    - fixed the dependencies in Build.PL (especially File::Find::Object)
    - moved findrule to scripts/findorule

0.0100      Wed Feb 18 17:09:01 IST 2009
    - first release on CPAN - a direct port of File-Find-Rule-0.30
    to File::Find::Object.

ChangeLog for File-Find-Rule:

0.30 Wednesday 1st June, 2006
	Made './//././././///.//././/////./blah' be treated the same
        as './blah' (it gets turned into 'blah')

0.29 Tuesday 16th May, 2006
	Kludged around {min,max}depth and trailing slashes in path

0.28 Tuesday 18th May, 2004
	exposed %X_tests and @stat_tests as package variables, and make a
	_call_find method for File::Find::Rule::Filesys::Virtual

0.27 Wednesday 25th February, 2004
	Changed to write_makefile_pl to 'traditional' from
	'passthrough'.  Fixes INDIRECTLY REPORTED install problems
	caused by new Module::Build being backwards incompatible.

0.26 Monday 10th November, 2003
	Typo/thinko in File::Find::Rule::Extending corrected (spotted
	by Jim Cromie)

	Optimization to the stat-based tests.  They now compile to code
	fragments saving much subroutine dispatch.

0.25 Wednesday 22nd October, 2003
	applied a patch from Leon Brocard to make the tests ignore CVS dirs
	as well as .svn dirs.

	reworked part of t/File-Find-Rule.t to not assume that t/foobar will
	always be 10 bytes in size. ( #3838)

	now we install the findrule script

0.24 Monday 6th October, 2003
	when you specify an extra of C<{ follow => 1 }> File::Find stops
	populating $File::Find::topdir.  This leads to warnings noise so
	instead we now track $topdir ourselves.

0.23 Friday 3rd October, 2003
	make the extras hash work and add a proper test for it. (Doh!)

0.22 Friday 3rd October, 2003
	add in ->extras hash for passing things through to File::Find::find

0.21 Monday 15th September, 2003
	pod glitch in File::Find::Rule::Procedural spotted and fixed
	by Tom Hukins

0.20 8th September, 2003
	- relative flag

	- Fix maxdepth? - this is undertested.

	- MANIFEST fixes (thanks to the cpan smokers)

	- split the documentation of the procedural interface out to
	  File::Find::Rule::Procedural, as people often seem to get
	  confused that the method calls don't take anonymous arrays
	  after seeing the procedural code that did

	- Chunky internal restructure.  Now we compile a match sub
	  from code fragments.  Though more complex, this is a big
	  speed win as it eliminates a lot of the subroutine dispatch.

	- During the restructure we lost the ->test method.  I hope
	  that it's not missed, since maintining it through a
	  deprecation cycle would be fiddly with the current _compile code.

	- Split the findrule tests into their own file, and just skip
	  the tricky ones on Win32.

0.11    29th July, 2003
        - Fix Win32 test failures ( #3047)

0.10	10th March 2003
	- fixup an accidental warning in the stat-based tests.  Caught
	  by Alex Gough ( #2138)
	- make the findrule tests more win32 safe/shell independent (picked
	  up by Philip Newton)
	- autogenerate READMEs from bits and pieces

0.09	21st January 2003
	- Fix to the stat-based tests (spotted by Randal L. Schwartz)
	- implemented our own import sub so we can bootstrap
	  extensions more easily
	- added some documentation about using extensions.

0.08	28th October, 2002
	- ->not_* and implicit s#^\./## (based on suggestions by Tony
	- Sketchy first cut of findrule (suggestion from Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

0.07	25th October, 2002
	- Tweaks required to let extensions work

0.06	22nd October, 2002
	-> Fix the code example for the ->grep clause (again from
	   Douglas Wilson)

0.05	21st October, 2002
	- ->grep clause - from original code from Douglas Wilson
        - Bugfix the demo code in the synopsis - pointed out by Barbie

0.04	10th September, 2002
	- create a correctly spelled writable rule (thanks to Iain
	  Truskett for this one)

0.03	24th August, 2002
	- backport to 5.00503 (hadn't tested before this point)

0.02	14th August, 2002
	- bugfix ->exec subrule invocation (thanks to Chris Carline
	  for pointing this out)

0.01	26th July, 2002
	- Inital release