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# Note: this file was auto-generated by Module::Build::Compat version 0.03
    unless (eval "use Module::Build::Compat 0.02; 1" ) {
      print "This module requires Module::Build to install itself.\n";
      require ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
      my $yn = ExtUtils::MakeMaker::prompt
	('  Install Module::Build now from CPAN?', 'y');
      unless ($yn =~ /^y/i) {
	die " *** Cannot install without Module::Build.  Exiting ...\n";
      require Cwd;
      require File::Spec;
      require CPAN;
      # Save this 'cause CPAN will chdir all over the place.
      my $cwd = Cwd::cwd();
      CPAN::Shell->expand("Module", "Module::Build::Compat")->uptodate
	or die "Couldn't install Module::Build, giving up.\n";
      chdir $cwd or die "Cannot chdir() back to $cwd: $!";
    eval "use Module::Build::Compat 0.02; 1" or die $@;
    Module::Build::Compat->run_build_pl(args => \@ARGV);
    require Module::Build;
    Module::Build::Compat->write_makefile(build_class => 'Module::Build');