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package Encode::Detect::Detector;

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use strict;
use warnings;

our $VERSION = "1.01";

require DynaLoader;
our @ISA=qw(DynaLoader Exporter);
our @EXPORT=qw(detect);



=head1 NAME

Encode::Detect::Detector - Detects the encoding of data


  use Encode::Detect::Detector;
  my $charset = detect($octets);

  my $d = new Encode::Detect::Detector;
  my $charset = $d->getresult;


This module provides an interface to Mozilla's universal charset
detector, which detects the charset used to encode data.

=head1 METHODS

=head2 $charset = Encode::Detect::Detector->detect($octets)

Detect the charset used to encode the data in $octets and return the
charset's name.  Returns undef if the charset cannot be determined
with sufficient confidence.

=head2 $d = Encode::Detect::Detector->new()

Creates a new C<Encode::Detect::Detector> object and returns it.

=head2 $d->handle($octets)

Provides an additional chunk of data to be examined by the detector.
May be called multiple times.

Returns zero on success, nonzero if a memory allocation failed.

=head2 $d->eof

Informs the detector that there is no more data to be examined.  In
many cases, this is necessary in order for the detector to make a
decision on the charset.

=head2 $d->reset

Resets the detector to its initial state.

=head2 $d->getresult

Returns the name of the detected charset or C<undef> if no charset has
(yet) been decided upon.  May be called at any time.

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=head1 AUTHOR

John Gardiner Myers <>

=head1 SUPPORT

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