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If you have Date::Manip 5.xx installed (which is the case if you
have a perl version less than 5.010), the examples are included
in the Date::Manip man page.

If you have Date::Manip 6.xx installed, examples are included
in the Date::Manip::Examples man page, and in this directory.

This directory contains two scripts which use Date::Manip to
duplicate the functionality of two common unix scripts.

The dm_date script duplicates the functionality of the unix 'date'
command with a few differences.

   o  It does not include the functionality to set the
      system date.

   o  The date strings that can be read (using the -d
      or -f options) are anything that Date::Manip can

   o  The format string is any string suitable for passing
      to the Date::Manip::Date::printf function.

The dm_zdump duplicates the functionality of the unix 'zdump'
command. This should be a drop-in replacement for the zdump
command except that the first two lines and the last two lines
of zdump output do not contain any useful output. The dm_zdump
command does not reproduce these lines.