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Revision history for Config-AutoConf

0.315	2017-08-02
	- add check_builtin
	- perltidy code and add perltidy test (taken from MooX::Options)
	- ensure for many check_* methods that externally controlled
	  ac_av_* environment variables are correctly passed into config.h
	- fix check_dirent_header to cache proving header and proving
	  availability of 'DIR *' in such a header separately

0.314	2017-03-30
	- _get_extra_linker_flags: add library dirs

0.313	2016-04-11
	- release 0.312_001 without further changes

0.312_001	2016-04-07
	- fix "check_member" test (RT#113271)
	- update Copyright notice
	- add license files
	- improve compile_if_else/link_if_else by proving whether object
	  or binary file (compile result) exists
	- fix some typos and other POD quirks
	- Update from updated POD

0.311	2015-03-17
	- fix check_member(s) - patch by jddurand

0.310	2015-02-20
	- Fix some typographical errors (by Peter Pentchev <>)
	- bump copyright timestamps
	- add ribasushi to acknowledgements
	- improve/correct meta information
	- improve bundled POD

0.309	2014-12-31
	- Remove the -arch removal for Mac OS X.

0.308	2014-12-26
	- deal with "no C compiler available" properly (see RT#101121)

0.307	2014-12-14
	- no Changes since 0.306_002

0.306_002	2014-12-08
	- fix perl_api_link test for broken environments of some windows

0.306_001	2014-12-01
	- indent source as requested via issue#4 by Dave Rolsky
	- consolidate check_... function on_*_true/false parameters
	  (Thanks to Peter Rabbitson for being sounding board)
	- introduce more Perlish tests whether XS build is sane:
	  check_produce_xs_build, check_produce_loadable_xs_build
	  (Thanks to Peter Rabbitson for being sounding board)
	- extensive refactoring with some API modifcations (warned
	  users via mail and issue#5)

0.305	2014-06-12
	- skip compiler based tests when compiler seems weird
	- add check_sane_xs composition as discussed on cpan-workers@

0.304	2014-06-01
	- improve dealing with whitespaces in path's of programs
	- reorder -lperl and $Config{perllibs} - let's see if that covers
	  all smokers
	- some minor speed improvements (micro-optimization, but ...)

0.303	2014-05-29
	- fix perl-api check for threaded perl's (by using XSUB.h)
	- fix non-transient linking situations in perl link check
	- cleanup temporary test dependecies

0.302	2014-05-27
	- fix for snooping smoke targets
	- deal with older ExtUtils::MakeMaker versions (can't handle multiple
	- fix double "-lm" in negative test of libmath

0.301	2014-05-26
	- Adding log-file output tee'ing as proposed by H.Merijn Brand and
	  rewrote tests against that API. Make perl.h compile test not TODO
	  for smokers.

0.300	2014-05-20
	- add some code to tests to inspect the massive fail of 0.28
	- include compiler invocation in log on failure
	- add support for appending to logfiles (see t/ for examples)
	- tidy Makefile.PL a bit and try to improve smoke results

0.29	2014-05-19
	- make perl extension tests optional - add support to analyse
	  is scheduled for 0.300

0.28	2014-05-18
	- fix perl 5.6 support
	- improve existing prog checks when binaries with default ars are
	- honor environment variables as GNU Autoconf does
	- add additional check_prog_... support fox lex and sed - most
	  other checks aren't suitable until a reasonable "postamble"
	  support is provided
	- add support to prove whether perl development environment is
	  "sane" (as far that can be told)
	- add checks to prove for pureperl build

0.27    2014-04-25
        - fix broken Changes
        - add some fixes for older Perls

0.26    2014-04-23
        - Fix pkg-config test as it's intended (allow testing without
          pkg-config binary)
        - fix C::AC complains about unset results

0.25   2014-04-14
        - Fix settings test that would complain with a duplicate plan
          when no PkgConfig was present.

0.24   2014-04-11
        - Fix lost dependencies during Makefile.PL update
        - add even core dependencies to support older Perls
        - adjust $LIBEXT/$EXEEXT initialization to support HP-UX/HPPA

0.23   2014-04-10
        - bring back to 5.6 (Peter 'Ribasushi' Rabbitson)
        - introduce pkg-config based checks (Jens 'Sno' Rehsack)
        - fix spurious invocation issues (Jens 'Sno' Rehsack)
        - Changes reformatted as per CPAN::Changes::Spec

0.22   2012-12-11
         - Flag some more tests as TODO.

0.21   2012-12-02
         - Flag -lm tests as 'TODO' as they might fail in some Windows

0.20   2012-11-09
         - Add stdint.h into check_default_headers
         - Make POD tests author only.

0.19   2012-02-07
         - Added new method, check_lm

0.18   2012-02-02
         - msg_methods msg prefix can be configured.
         - Added new methods: (Jens Rehsack)
           check_alignof_type, check_alignof_types, check_sizeof_type,
           check_sizeof_types, compute_int, lang_build_bool_test,
           check_dirent_header, push_compiler_flags, push_includes,
           push_libraries, push_library_paths, push_link_flags,

0.17    2012-01-04
        - Re-fixed tests that do not run in <= v5.010

0.17_02 2012-01-03
        - Fixed tests that do not run on older Perl version.

0.17_01 2012-01-02
        - New object oriented interface (Jens Rehsack)
        - Added new methods: (Jens Rehsack)
          cache_val, check_all_headers, check_cached, check_decl,
          check_decls, check_default_headers, check_lib, check_member,
          check_members, check_stdc_headers, check_type, check_types,
          compile_if_else, define_var, lang_build_program, lang_call,
          link_if_else, msg_checking, msg_error, msg_failure,
          msg_notice, msg_result, msg_warn, pop_lang, push_lang,
          search_libs, write_config_h
        - check_headers rewritten (Jens Rehsack)
        - Use proper 'extern "C"' code

0.16    2010-09-23
        - Config::AutoConf::Linker moved to ExtUtils::LibBuilder.

0.15    2010-05-08
        - Config::AutoConf::Linker more silent.

0.14    2010-02-14
        - Added rewind to module. This code is still under heavy tests.

0.13    2009-06-02
        - First stable release with code to detect how to build a C dynamic library.

0.12_3  2009-06-01
        - Trying other way arround to change LD_LIBRARY_PATH under
          t/04, that was failing under FreeBSD.

0.12_2  2009-05-19
	- Added t/04 that was missing from MANIFEST

0.12_1	2009-05-18
	- Added code to detect how to build a library. 
          It is a big, really big hack. Still not documented.

0.11	2009-01-09
	- check_prog with better support for Windows machines.

0.10    2008-09-03
	- Removed the tilde on my name, from Makefile.PL.
	  Was generating some weird results on VMS and Solaris.

0.09    2008-04-23
	- Added 'check_headers?' methods to check for C heading files;
	- fixed the deletion of .c files created by failing tests;
	- Require perl 5.8.1 and ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.23

0.08    2008-03-29
	- require a 5.8 Perl 

0.07	2008-03-19
	- re-factored some tests to make them Win-aware

0.06	2008-03-19
	- added -quiet option to ExtUtils::CBuilder for less noise when 
	  detecting things.

0.05	2008-03-18
	- added 'check_prog_yacc' method to check for a yacc implementation
	  (see POD)

0.04	2008-03-18
	- adapt to new ExtUtils::CBuilder API

0.03	2005-08-12
	- Added 'check_file' and 'check_files' methods (kind of stupid methods)

0.02	2005-02-14
	- Moved from ExtUtils:: to Config::

Previous releases
	- Added 'check_prog' method to check for executable program
	- Added 'check_progs' method to check for a list of programs
	- Added 'check_prog_awk' method to check for an awk implementation
	- Added 'check_prog_egrep' method to check for an egrep implementation
	- first indexable version -- I need to use this module somewhere else;
	- using ExtUtils::CBuilder to compile test;
	- version correcting test for Mac OS-X (thanks, Michael Schwern);
	- using Config module to get CC value and EXE extension;
	- using ExtUtils::CBuilder (well take advantage of it later);