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Revision history for Perl extension Archive-Zip

1.60 Tue 19 Dec 2017
    - RT 123913 Wrong shell bang in examples/

1.58 Tue 2 Aug 2016
    - avoid relying on . being in @INC [github/karenetheridge]
    - update MANIFEST.SKIP [github/haarg]

1.57 Fri 1 Apr 2016
    - RT# 106548,106089,105330,111541 [github/ozcoder]

1.56 Thu 17 Dec 2015
    - fix $Archive::Zip::UNICODE issues [github/xlat]
        - on MSWin32 in methods addFile, addDirectory, addTree: the externalFileName was 
          used in place of newName
        - make sure that file names are utf8 in memberNames
        - use Encode on all platform

1.55 Fri 04 Dec 2015
    - #110064 - fix empty archive issue with OS X gnu tar
1.54 Wed 02 Dec 2015
    - Ensure filehandles created by Archive::Zip::tempFile are closed [github/antoniomonty]

1.53 Wed 22 Sep 2015
    - #107268 - Archive-Zip-1.52.tar.gz is (nearly) empty
      Thanks to SREZIC for the spot on my dad brain sleep schedule error
      Creating the dist on OS X caused 'Numeric user ID too largeNumeric group ID too large'

1.52 Tue 22 Sep 2015
    - #105902, thanks HMBRAND

1.51 Tue 22 Sep 2015
    - Compare vs filename checksum in crc32 script [github/talisein]

1.50 Tue 25 Aug 2015
    - Fix t/08_readmember_record_sep.t for Win32 [github/pauloscustodio]

1.49 Fri 31 Jul 2015
    - Fails on unseekable file handle after desiredCompressionLevel(), RT #54827
    - Upgrade build tools to avoid tar warnings, RT #105547

1.48 Thu 18 Jun 2015
    - Wrap skip in a SKIP: block [github/plicease]

1.47 Wed 17 Jun 2015
    - zip file with a deflated directory cannot be written out again [github/ntyni]
    - add missing test data to MANIFEST

1.46 Tue 24 Mar 2015
    - "CRC or size mismatch" when extracting member second time [github/AGWA github/pwr22]

1.45 Mon 26 Jan 2015
    - FreeBSD unzip sets $? to 0 for empty zip file []

1.44 Fri 23 Jan 2015
    - Win32 with ZIP executable cannot create temp file []

1.43 Wed 14 Jan 2015
    - Restore 101374 - failing tests were not regressions.

1.42 Sun 11 Jan 2015
    - Revert 101374, caused tester regression
    - [cpan/PMQS]

1.41 Fri 09 Jan 2015
    - [zefram]

1.40 Sun 04 Jan 2015
    - [cpan/PMQS]
    - [cpan/PMQS]

1.39 Tue 21 Oct 2014
    - store test data in temp dirs to fix parallelism and shuffling
      [Graham Knop]

1.38 Tue 02 Sep 2014
    - Setting unicode flag for each member when using $Archive::Zip::UNICODE []

1.37 Wed 08 Jan 2014
    - Need newer Test::More to support done_testing() [thaljef]

1.36 Mon 30 Dec 2013
    - Fix error in version update with 1.35 [RT #91744]

1.35 Mon 30 Dec 2013
    - fallback on copy if move gives permission denied []

1.34 Mon 2 Dec 2013
    - Restore svn history from (thanks H. Merijn Brand)
    - #90854 Test 17 in t/03_ex.t is failing
    - Allow reading ZIP from seekable streams (like PerlIO::Scalar)
    - RT#75197
    - Fixes: #76780: Cannot create member called "0" with addString (HAGGAI)

1.33 Sat 9 Nov 2013
    - #59102 (Spelling error in manapage) []
    - #86600 typo fixes []

1.32 Fri 8 Nov 2013
    - #89777 Unlink temp files generated by tempFile. [PHRED]

1.31_04 Fri 14 Oct 2011 - Alan Haggai Alavi
    - Updated Perl dependency to 5.006 to reflect implicit dependencies
      in the code exposed by Perl::MinimumVersion xt test (ADAMK)
    - Fixes: #68446: Set compressed size and uncompressed size of an entry to 0
      if either of them is 0 (HAGGAI)
    - Added $VERSION to crc32 (ADAMK)

1.31_03 Thu 30 Jun 2011 - H.Merijn Brand
    - Add decryption support

1.31_02 Wed 9 Mar 2011 - Adam Kennedy
    - More fixes by HAGGAI, which he still doesn't detail in Changes

1.31_01 Fri  5 Mar 2010 - Adam Kennedy
    - Various fixes by HAGGAI, which he has not yet provided details on:
    - Experimental Unicode in file/dir names

1.30 Tue 30 Jun 2009 - Adam Kennedy
    - Fixed a bad use of Cwd::getcwd

1.29 Mon 29 Jun 2009 - Adam Kennedy
    - Changed _asLocalName back to rel2abs, but this time using
      Cwd::getcwd as the base path instead of Cwd::cwd.
      This hopefully resolved #47223 (ADAMK)

1.28 Tue 16 Jun 2009 - Adam Kennedy
    - Changing to production version for release
    - Reverted to revision 4736 and converted `External File Attribute'
      values for symbolic links to hexadecimal (HAGGAI)
    - Fixed: #15026: AddTree does not include files with german
      umlauts in the filename (HAGGAI)
    - Switched from Compress::Zlib to Compress::Raw::Zlib (AGRUNDMA)
    - Moved crc32 from bin to script (ADAMK)

1.27_01 Tue 16 Dec 2008 - Adam Kennedy
    - Makefile.PL will create a better META.yml
    - This is a test release for various improvements provided by
      Alan Haggai. The entire release is credited to his grant work.
    - Fixed #25726: extractMembers failing across fork on Windows.
    - Fixed #12493: Can't add new files to archives which contain
      files named 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 with no extension.
      (Files named "0" are not archived)
    - Fixed #22933: Properly extract symbolic links.
    - Fixed #20246: Ability to assign a compression level to addTree
    - Corrected regular expression for stripping trailing /
    - Corrected addFileOrDirectory() behaviour and cleaned up some code
    - Added symbolic link support to addFileOrDirectory
    - Fixed #34657: No option, undefined behavior zipping symbolic
      links (symlinks)
    - Added storeSymbolicLink()
    - Fixed bitFlag() to set General Pupose Bit Flags

1.26 Mon 13 Oct 2008 - Adam Kennedy
    - Fixed the dreaded but #24036: WinXP Explorer Exposes Problems.
      This caused directories to appear as files in Windows Explorer
      and was caused by Windows always reading the msdos directory bit
      even when the file attributes are types as unix.
      Resolved by emulating the behaviour of Info-Zip and setting
      the 5th bit in the externalFileAttributes field.

1.25 Sat 11 Oct 2008 - Adam Kennedy
    - Removing "use warnings" instances that somehow slipped in
    - Skip test if Digest::MD5 is not available

1.24 Sun 23 Aug 2008 - Adam Kennedy
    - Blatantly pander to CPANTS by adding use strict to a deprecated module
    - Add an explicit load of FileHandle since in some circumstances,
      calling GLOB->print() failed.
    - Fixed :
    - Archive-Zip wrote faulty .zip files when $\ was set (such as when running
      using perl -l).
    - Incorporated a heavily modified version of ECARROLL's test file.
    - Thanks for ECARROLL for reporting it, and helping with the investigation.
    - The fix was to convert all $fh->print(@data) to $self->_print($fh, @data)
      where the _print() method localizes $\ to undef.
    - Fixed :
    - Incorrect file permissions after extraction.
    - Archive-Zip did not set the file permissions correctly in
    - Added t/10_chmod.t and t/data/ Changed 
    - Reported by ak2 and jlv (Thanks!)
    - SHLOMIF wrote the test script.
    - (SHLOMIF)
    - Removed a double "required module" from the Archive::Zip POD.
    - Fixed ("documentation 
    - mentioned Archive::Zip::MemberRead in a few places.
    - TODO: 
        - 1. Add a method to Archive::Zip to get a ::MemberRead from an
          archive member using -> notation. (?)
        - 2. In the POD of ::MemberRead - replace the indirect object
        - Changed the POD of ::MemberRead:
        - replaced the indirect object construction with $PKG->new().
        - Fixed :
        - changed the example to read unless ( .. == AZ_OK) instead of
          unless ( != AZ_OK), which was incorrect.

1.23 Thu  8 Nov 2007 - Adam Kennedy
    - Temporarily skilling some failing tests on Win32 in the
      interests of toolchain sanity. (until we work out the
      real problem here)

1.22 Fri  2 Nov 2007 - Adam Kennedy
    - Fixing platform compatibility bugs in the new regression tests
      from 1.21.

1.21 Thu  1 Nov 2007 - Adam Kennedy
    - Tidying up copyright formatting a bit.
    - Disable the GPBF_HAS_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_MASK bit when auto-switching
      directory storage to STORED because of a WinZip workaround because
      the read code in Java JAR which was... ok, I really don't understand,
      but Roland from Verisign says this one extra line unbreaks JAR files,
      so I just applied it :)
    - fixed with a
      regression test - cannot add files whose entire filenames are "0". 
    - fixed with a 
      regression test - Archive::Zip::MemberRead::getline ignores 
      $INPUT_RECORD_SEPARATOR . The modified file in the bug had it to be
      reworked a bit and tests were added in the file
    - Thanks to kovesp [...] 
    - (SHLOMIF)

1.20 Tue  5 Jun 2007 - Adam Kennedy
    - Removing dependency on File::Which due to public outburst of flaming
      on cpanra(n)tings by H.Merijn Brand. Try a simple email next time. :(
    - Embedding an entire copy of File::Which inside the tests instead as
      an alternative to compensating for the lack of build_requires.
    - Removing the docs directory.
      It only had out of date files and non-free copyrighted materials.
      The tarball was probably illegal to distribute as a result.
      (reported by Debian devs)

1.19 Internal use, public release skipped

1.18 Wed 25 Oct 2006 - Adam Kennedy
    - Changing to a production version for final release
    - No other changes of any kind

1.17_05 Tue 19 Sep 2006 - Adam Kennedy
    - Seperated the classes from the main file into seperate packages.
    - Merged the Zip.pod into the main file.
    - Applied default Perl::Tidy to all of the source files, to improve
      the readability and maintainability of the files.
    - Added license in Makefile.PL
    - Added some additional entries to the realclean files

1.17_03 Sat 16 Sep 2006 - Adam Kennedy
    - Adding dependency on File::Which to deal with problems on systems
      that lack zip and unzip programs. This really should be a build-time
      dependency only, but ExtUtils::MakeMaker lacks that capability.
    - Builds and tests cleanly on Win32 now.

1.17_02 Sun  7 May 2006 - Adam Kennedy
    - Renamed the test scripts to the more conventional 01_name.t style
    - Upgraded all test scripts from to Test::More (removing dependency)
    - Various other miscellaneous cleanups of the test scripts
    - Removed MANIFEST and pod.t from repository (will be auto-generated)
    - Some cleaning up of the POD documentation for readability
    - Added SUPPORT section to docs
    - Merged external TODO file into the POD as a more-common TO DO section
    - Added a BUGS section to the docs

1.17_01 Sun 30 Apr 2006 - Adam Kennedy
    - Imported Archive::Zip into orphanage.
      If you have a CPAN login and have released a module, ask ADAMK about an
      account and you can repair your bug directly in the repository.
    - Removed the revision comments from the old CVS repository
    - DOS DateTime Format doesn't support dates before 1980 and goes crazy when
      decoding back to unix time. If we don't get passed a time at all
      (0 or undef) we now throw an error.
    - DOS DateTime Format doesn't support dates before 1980, so if we find any
      we warn and use Jan 1 12:01pm 1980 if we encounter any
    - Win32 doesn't support directory modification times.
      Tentatively use the current time as the mod-time to prevent sending
      null times to the unix2dos converter (and the resulting error)
    - Reformat the expected empty zip warning in the output to add a note that
      the warning is entirely normal. Would be nice if some time later we can
      suppress it altogether, but I don't have the cross-platform STDERR-fu
      without adding a dependency to IPC::Run3 (which would be bad).
    - Adding a proper $VERSION to all classes, and synchronising them to the
      same value.
    - Adding a BEGIN block around the require 5.003_96 so it works at
      compile-time instead of post-compile.
    - Moved crc32 to bin/crc32 in line with package layout conventions

1.16 Mon Jul 04 12:49:30 CDT 2005
    - Grrrr...removed test that fails when installing under CPANPLUS.

1.15 Wed Jun 22 10:24:25 CDT 2005
    - added fix for RT #12771 Minor nit: warning in Archive::Zip::DirectoryMember::contents() 
    - added fix for RT #13327 Formatting problem in Archive::Zip::Tree manpage

1.15_02 Sat Mar 12 09:16:30 CST 2005 
    - fixed dates in previous entry!
    - began the process of migrating from the monolithic t/test.t to 
      smaller scripts using Test::More.
    - started work on improving Archive::Zip's test coverage.  Coverage
      is now up to just over 80%.
    - added error handling to writeToFileHandle
    - fixed small bug in extractMember from previous version
1.15_01 Wed Mar  9 22:26:52 CST 2005
    - added fix for RT #11818 extractMember method corrupts archive
    - added t/pod.t to test for pod correctness

1.10 Thu Mar 25 06:24:17 PST 2004
    - Fixed documentation of setErrorHandler()
    - Fixed link to Japanese translation of docs
    - Added Compress::Zlib Bufsize patch from Yeasah Pell that was supposed to
      have been added in 1.02
    - Fixed problems with backup filenames for zips with no extension
    - Fixed problems with undef volume names in _asLocalName()

1.09 Wed Nov 26 17:43:49 PST 2003
    - Fixed handling of inserted garbage (as from viruses)
    - Always check for local header signatures before using them
    - Added updateMember() and updateTree() functions
    - Added examples/
    - Added examples/
    - Fixed some potential but unreported bugs with function parameters like '0'
    - Removed stray warn() call
    - Caught undef second arg to replaceMember()
    - Fixed test suite run with spaces in build dir name (ticket 4214)

1.08 Tue Oct 21 07:01:29 PDT 2003
    - test noise fix from Michael Schwern (ticket 4174)
    - FAQ NAME fix from Michael Schwern (ticket 4175)

1.07 Mon Oct 20 06:48:41 PDT 2003
    - Added file attribute code by Maurice Aubrey
    - Added FAQ about RedHat 9
    - Added check for empty filenames

1.06 Thu Jul 17 11:06:18 PDT 2003
    - Fixed seek use with IO::Scalar and IO::String
    - Fixed use of binmode with pseudo-file handles
    - Removed qr{} form for older Perl versions
    - Changed rel2abs logic in _asLocalName() if there is a volume
    - Fixed errors with making directories in extractMember() when none provided
    - Return AZ_OK in extractMemberWithoutPaths() if member is a directory
    - Fixed problem in extractTree with blank directory becoming "." prefix
    - Added examples/ to show how to use IO::String as destination of Zip write
    - Edited docs and FAQ to recommend against using absolute path names in zip files.

1.05 Wed Sep 11 12:31:20 PDT 2002
    - fixed untaint from 1.04

1.04 Wed Sep 11 07:22:04 PDT 2002
    - added untaint of lastModFileDateTime

1.03 Mon Sep  2 20:42:43 PDT 2002
    - Removed dependency on IO::Scalar
    - Set required version of File::Spec to 0.8
    - Removed tests of examples that needed IO::Scalar
    - Added binmode() call to read/writeScalar examples
    - Fixed addTree() for 5.005 compatibility (still untested with 5.004)
    - Fixed mkdir() calls for 5.005
    - Clarified documentation of tree operations

1.02 Fri Aug 23 17:07:22 PDT 2002
    - Many changes for cross-platform use (use File::Spec everywhere)
    - Separated POD from Perl
    - Moved Archive::Zip::Tree contents into Archive::Zip
      A::Z::Tree is now deprecated and will warn with -w
    - Reorganized docs
    - Added FAQ
    - Added chunkSize() call to report current chunk size
      and added C::Z BufSize patch from Yeasah Pell.
    - Added fileName() to report last read zip file name
    - Added capability to prepend data, like for SFX files
    - Added examples/ for self-extracting archives creation
    - Added examples/ for validity testing
    - Made extractToFileNamed() set access/modification times
    - Added t/testTree.t to test A::Z::Tree
    - Fix/speed up memberNamed()
    - Added Archive::Zip::MemberRead by Sreeji K. Das
    - Added tempFile(), tempName()
    - Added overwrite() and overwriteAs() to allow read/modify/write of zip
    - added examples/ to show how to read/modify/write

1.01 Tue Apr 30 10:34:44 PDT 2002
    - Changed mkpath call for directories to work with BSD/OS
    - Changed tests to work with BSD/OS

1.00 Sun Apr 28 2002
    - Added several examples:
    - examples/
      How to find out how big a zip file will be before writing it
    - examples/
      shows how to use IO::Scalar as the source of a zip read
    - examples/
      uses Archive::Zip::Tree to unzip an entire zip
    - examples/
      shows how to use IO::Scalar as the destination of a zip write
    - examples/
      Searches for text in zip files
    - Changed required version of Compress::Zlib to 1.08
    - Added detection and repair of zips with added garbage (as caused by
      the Sircam worm)
    - Added more documentation for FAQ-type questions, though few seem to
      actually read the documentation.
    - Fixed problem with stat vs lstat
    - Changed version number to 1.00 for PHB compatibility

0.12 Wed May 23 17:48:21 PDT 2001
    - Added and to show use of IO::Scalar
    - Fixed docs
    - Fixed bug with EOCD signature on block boundary
    - Made it work with IO::Scalar as file handles
    - added readFromFileHandle()
    - remove guess at seekability for Windows compatibility

0.11 Tue Jan  9 11:40:10 PST 2001
    - Added examples/ (by Rudi Farkas)
    - Fixed up documentation in Archive::Zip::Tree
    - Added to documentation in Archive::Zip::Tree
    - Fixed bugs in Archive::Zip::Tree that kept predicates from working
    - Detected file not existing errors in addFile

0.10 Tue Aug  8 13:50:19 PDT 2000
    - Several bug fixes
    - More robust new file handle logic can (again)
      take opened file handles
    - Detect attempts to overwrite zip file when members
      depend on it

0.09 Tue May  9 13:27:35 PDT 2000
    - Added fix for bug in contents()
    - removed system("rm") call in t/test.t for Windows.

0.08 March 27 2000 (unreleased)
    - Fixed documentation
    - Used IO::File instead of FileHandle, allowed for use of almost anything as
      a file handle.
    - Extra filenames can be passed to extractMember(),
      extractMemberWithoutPaths(), addFile(), addDirectory()
    - Added work-around for WinZip bug with 0-length DEFLATED files
    - Added Archive::Zip::Tree module for adding/extracting hierarchies

0.07  Fri Mar 24 10:26:51 PST 2000
    - Added copyright
    - Added desiredCompressionLevel() and documentation
    - Made writeToFileHandle() detect seekability by default
    - Allowed Archive::Zip->new() to take filename for read()
    - Added crc32String() to Archive::Zip::Member
    - Changed requirement in Makefile.PL to Compress::Zip
      version 1.06 or later (bug in earlier versions can truncate data)
    - Moved BufferedFileHandle and MockFileHandle into
      Archive::Zip namespace
    - Allowed changing error printing routine
    - Factored out reading of signatures
    - Made re-read of local header for directory members
      depend on file handle seekability
    - Added ability to change member contents
    - Fixed a possible truncation bug in contents() method

0.06  Tue Mar 21 15:28:22 PST 2000
    - first release to CPAN

0.01  Sun Mar 12 18:59:55 2000
    - original version; created by h2xs 1.19