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  * 8782daed Update
  the release machinery for git. takes the output of git
  log and parses it to something like a changelog.

  * 80ff04a9 doc/Doxyfile-html: Cover up an instance of doxygen using full
  paths.  Doxygen ( up to 1.8.0, the most recent at this writing ) would use
  full paths in directory dependencies ignoring the use relative paths config

  * c556dad1 doc/Doxyfile-common papi.spec src/ Bump the version
  for the PAPI 4.4.0 release.


  * 27174c0b src/components/bgpm/CNKunit/CVS/Entries
  src/components/bgpm/CNKunit/CVS/Root...: Removed CVS stuff from Q code.

  * 970a2d50 src/configure src/ src/linux-bgq.c...: Removed
  papi_events.csv parsing from Q code. (CVS stuff still needs to be taken care


  * 853d6c74 src/libpfm-3.y/lib/intel_corei7_events.h
  src/libpfm-3.y/lib/intel_wsm_events.h src/libpfm-3.y/lib/pfmlib_intel_nhm.c:
  Add missing update to libpfm3  Somehow during all of the troubles we had with
  importing libpfm3 into CVS, we lost some Nehalem/Westmere updates.  Tested on
  a Nehalem machine to make sure this doesn't break anything.


  * 07e4fcd6 INSTALL.txt: Updated INSTALL notes for Q

  * 2a0f919e src/ src/ src/components/README...: Added
  missing files for Q merge.

  * 0b0f1863 src/Rules.bgpm src/components/bgpm/CNKunit/CVS/Entries
  src/components/bgpm/CNKunit/CVS/Repository...: Added PAPI support for Blue


  * 147a4969 src/perfctr-2.6.x/usr.lib/event_set_centaur.o
  src/perfctr-2.6.x/usr.lib/event_set_p6.o: Remove a few binary files in


  * 955bd899 src/perfctr-2.6.x/usr.lib/event_set_centaur.os
  src/perfctr-2.6.x/usr.lib/event_set_p6.os: Removes the last of the binary
  files from perfctr2.6.x  Some binary files were left out in the cold after a
  mishap trying to configure perfctr for the build test.


  * 5fe239c8 src/perfctr-2.6.x/CHANGES src/perfctr-2.6.x/INSTALL
  src/perfctr-2.6.x/Makefile...: More cleanups from the migration, latest
  version of libpfm-3.y perfctr-2.[6,7]  Version numbers got really confused in
  cvs and the git cvsimport didn't know that eg > 1.1 ( see
  perfctr-2.6.x/CHANGES revision :~)


  * e7173952 src/libpfm-3.y/examples_v2.x/multiplex.c
  src/libpfm-3.y/examples_v2.x/rtop.c...: Fix some libpfm3 warnings.  libpfm3
  is not maintained anymore, so applied these changes locally.  libpfm3 is
  compiled with -Werror so they broke the build with newer gcc even though they
  are just warnings in example programs.


  * 10528517 src/libpfm-3.y/Makefile src/libpfm-3.y/README
  src/libpfm-3.y/docs/Makefile...: Copy over libpfm-3.y from cvs.  libpfm3 was
  another one of our skeletons in CVS. Thanks to Steve Kaufmann for keeping us


  * ec8c879e src/aix.c src/components/coretemp/linux-coretemp.c
  src/components/coretemp_freebsd/coretemp_freebsd.c...: The git conversion
  reset all of the CVS $Id$ lines to just $Id$  Since we depend on the $Id$
  lines for the component names, I had to go back and fix all of them to be the
  component names again.


  * 71a2ae4f src/components/lmsensors/linux-lmsensors.c: Fix buffer overrun in
  lmsensors component  Conflicts:  src/components/lmsensors/linux-lmsensors.c

  * ec0e1e9a src/libpfm4/
  src/libpfm4/examples/showevtinfo.c...: Update to current git libpfm4 snapshot


  * 1312923e src/libpfm4/debian/changelog src/libpfm4/debian/control
  src/libpfm4/debian/rules...: The git cvsimport didn't get the latest version
  of the libpfm4 import. This should be the versions as were in cvs now.


  * 81847628 src/papi_events.csv: Fix broken Pentium 4 Prescott support  We
  were missing the netbusrt_p declaration in papi_events.csv


  * 917afc7f src/papi_internal.c: Add some locking in
  _papi_hwi_shutdown_global_internal  This caused a glibc double-free warning,
  and was caught by the Valgrind helgrind tool in krentel_pthreads  There are
  some other potential locking issues in PAPI_shutdown, especially when debug
  is enabled.

  * f85c092f src/papi.c: Fix possible race in _papi_hwi_gather_all_thrspec_data
   The valgrind helgrind tool noticed this with the thrspecific test


  * 912311ed src/multiplex.c src/papi_internal.c src/papi_libpfm4_events.c...:
  Fix issue when using more than 31 multiplexed events on perf_event  On
  perf_event we were setting num_mpx_cntrs to 64.  This broke, as the
  MPX_EventSet struct only allocates room for PAPI_MPX_DEF_DEG events, which is
  32.  This patch makes perf_event use a value of 32 for num_mpx_cntrs,
  especially as 64 was arbitrarily chosen at some point (the actual value
  perf_event can support is static, but I'm pretty sure it is higher than 64). 
  Conflicts:  src/papi_libpfm4_events.c