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set -euo pipefail


# Get OS data.
source /etc/os-release
ARCH=$(uname -m)

# Colorful output.
function greenprint {
    echo -e "\033[1;32m${1}\033[0m"

# Provision the software under tet.

greenprint "Defining distro selector"
# if the distro is RHEL 8.4 the distro includes the minor release number
if [[ "${ID}-${VERSION_ID}" == "rhel-8.4" ]]; then
# otherwise the minor release number can be dropped

greenprint "Starting containers"
sudo /usr/libexec/osbuild-composer-test/ start

greenprint "Copying custom worker config"
sudo mkdir -p /etc/osbuild-worker
sudo cp "${OSBUILD_COMPOSER_TEST_DATA}"/composer/osbuild-worker.toml \

greenprint "Adding kerberos config"
sudo cp \
    /tmp/osbuild-composer-koji-test/client.keytab \
sudo cp \
    /tmp/osbuild-composer-koji-test/client.keytab \
sudo cp \
    "${OSBUILD_COMPOSER_TEST_DATA}"/kerberos/krb5-local.conf \

greenprint "Adding the testsuite's CA cert to the system trust store"
sudo cp \
    /etc/osbuild-composer/ca-crt.pem \
sudo update-ca-trust

greenprint "Restarting composer to pick up new config"
sudo systemctl restart osbuild-composer
sudo systemctl restart osbuild-worker\@1

greenprint "Testing Koji"
koji --server=http://localhost:8080/kojihub --user=osbuild --password=osbuildpass --authtype=password hello

greenprint "Creating Koji task"
koji --server=http://localhost:8080/kojihub --user kojiadmin --password kojipass --authtype=password make-task image

greenprint "Pushing compose to Koji"
sudo /usr/libexec/osbuild-composer-test/ "$DISTRO_SELECTOR" "${ARCH}"

greenprint "Show Koji task"
koji --server=http://localhost:8080/kojihub taskinfo 1
koji --server=http://localhost:8080/kojihub buildinfo 1

greenprint "Run the integration test"
sudo /usr/libexec/osbuild-composer-test/osbuild-koji-tests

greenprint "Stopping containers"
sudo /usr/libexec/osbuild-composer-test/ stop

greenprint "Removing generated CA cert"
sudo rm \
sudo update-ca-trust