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This file contains the names of people who contributed in one way or another to
the development of OPAE.

Please DO NOT contact the people below directly to report bugs or issues with

General documentation on OPAE can be found at:

The OPAE mailing list is available at:

The OPAE SDK source code is hosted at:

Please use the issue tracker at:

to report bugs.


The following is a (probably incomplete) list of the much-appreciated
contributors to the OPAE Linux API, library and tools source code.

	Abelardo Jara-Berrocal <>
	Ananda Ravuri <>
	Deepak Unnikrishnan <>
	Dipti Sherlekar <>
	Enno Luebbers <>
	Gabriel Southern <>
	Michael Adler <>
	Omkar Hegde <>
	Rahul Sharma <>
	Robert Lacasse <>
	Rodrigo Rojo <>
	Ru Pan <>
	Shiva Rao <>
	Tim Whisonant <>
	Zhang Zhang <>

Special thanks to the people who contributed to the discussions about OPAE's
software architecture, API, and usage models:

	Aaron Grier <>
	Alan Cox <>
	Brent Thomas <>
	Christopher Rauer <>
	Henry Mitchel <>
	Joe Grecco <>
	Josh Fender <>
	Matthew Gerlach <>
	Sundar Nadathur <>

This list does not cover the contributors to the Intel FPGA driver for Linux -
please refer to the respective driver source files for a list of authors.