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NetLabel Tools: Releases

* Version 0.30.0 - December 8, 2016
- Added support for CALIPSO/RFC5570, requires Linux v4.8
- Interface now supports using "cipso" in place of "cipsov4"

* Version 0.21 - July 10, 2015
- Converted the build system to autotools
- Fixed a number of style/formatting problems, see 'make check-syntax'
- Fixed a problem with parsing invalid network addresses
- Fixed a problem with large numbers of MLS level/category translations
- Fixed a number of problems identified by Coverity
- Updated to the libnl3 API
- Added a SUBMITTING_PATCHES file with instructions on how to contribute
- Fixed some output formatting problems when listing the outbound mappings
- Created a basic regression test framework and populated it with some basic
  tests, see the "tests/" directory

* Version 0.20 - June 3, 2013
- Patch from Marius Tomaschewski <> to fix the Makefile install
  target to allow installation by normal users
- Fixed build problems on Debian/Ubuntu
- Correctly read all the parts of multipart Netlink messages, fixed problems
  when trying to display large configurations
- Updated the doxygen configuration file to work with modern doxygen versions
- Updated and improved portions of the build mechanism
- Incorporate fixes from the Fedora/RHEL RPMs
- Add support for systemd with the inclusion of a systemd unit file,
  configuration file, and configuration helper script

* Version 0.19 - January 5, 2009
- Added address selector support to the LSM domain mapping mechanism
- Added support for the new CIPSO_V4_MAP_LOCAL CIPSO mapping type to allow
  native LSM security labels over local connections
- General code cleanup, including style changes/fixes; focused primarily on
- Initial doxygen support, including slightly improved documentation for the
  libnetlabel API; doxygen docs built by default if doxygen is detected
- Man page updates for netlabelctl
- Preliminary support for building libnetlabel as a shared library, not enabled
  by default (see libnetlabel/Makefile to enable)
- Removed empty and unused directories to make the package cleaner and easier
  to understand

* Version 0.18 - June 25, 2008
- Fixed some problems when printing CIPSOv4 and map information when not using
  the '-p' flag
- Always display an error message if an error occurred, based on patch from
  Klaus Weidner <>
- Included a patch from Hagen Paul Pfeifer <> to fix a
  problem when building with LIBNL_VERSION >= 1006
- Only use size_t and not ssize_t to specify datum sizes/lengths
- Updated the netlabelctl man page with more text and examples
- Removed the RPM specfile which included all contributions by Steve Grubb
- Updated copyright notice to GPLv2 only, received explicit approval from both
  Klaus Weidner <> and
  Hagen Paul Pfeifer <>
- Updated the README
- Add libnl v 1.0-pre8 compatible code and make it the default (needed for
  Fedora Rawhide post F8)
- Renamed the CIPSOv4 'std' mapping to 'trans' to better reflect it's usage,
  'std' still works but is marked as deprecated
- Merged the 'static-label' branch which provides fallback/static labeling
- Renamed the 'nlbl_mgmt_domain' structure to 'nlbl_dommap'
- Converted the the same tab/ident spacing as the Linux kernel
- Removed the structure typedefs in libnetlabel.h
- Added some crude documentation to the types defined in libnetlabel.h

* Version 0.17 - September 28, 2006
- Changed to support the updated use of Netlink attributes by NetLabel
- Ported to use the libnl (version 1.0-pre5/6) library
- Try to cleanup the error reporting a little bit
- Changed the version/release information

* Version 0.16 - August 3, 2006
- Added a "version" flag (-V)
- Moved the mapping commands to the new "map" class
- Added support for the unlabeled list command
- Updated the documentation to bring it up to date with the current options
- Cleanup the libnetlabel interfaces a little bit
- Shift to using Netlink attributes, at some point we should use libnetlink

* Version 0.15 - July 6, 2006
- Modified the Netlink communication bits to support the newly aligned fields

* Version 0.14 - June 27, 2006
- Added a RPM specfile based on a version from Steve Grubb <>
- Minor Makefile changes to ease tarball and RPM creation
- Modified the Netlink communication bits to support the new Generic Netlink
  communication mechanism

* Version 0.13 - June 23, 2006
- Added some text to the README to explain how to remove any pre-existing
  NetLabel configuration
- Added two patches from Klaus Weidner <> to add some error
  messages and better sendmsg() error reporting
- Fixed some compiler warnings (added -Wall to CFLAGS) on Klaus' recomendation

* Version 0.12 - June 13, 2006
- Added support for the new CIPSO_V4_MAP_PASS CIPSO mapping type

* Version 0.11 - June 7, 2006
- Corrected a problem with the netlabel.h header file

* Version 0.11 - June 6, 2006
- Changed the libnetlabel to reflect changes to the NetLabel protocol

* Version 0.10 - May 1, 2006
- Initial version