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  mtr combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs 
  in a single network diagnostic tool.

  As mtr starts, it investigates the network connection between the host
  mtr runs on and a user-specified destination host.  After it
  determines the address of each network hop between the machines, 
  it sends a sequence of ICMP ECHO requests to each one to determine the 
  quality of the link to each machine.  As it does this, it prints
  running statistics about each machine.

  mtr is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2.
  See the COPYING file for details.  


  If you're building this from a tarball, compiling mtr should be as
  simple as:


  It should first call the "configure" script and then run "make" again
  with the makefile that "configure" just generated. 

  If you're building from the git repository, you'll need to run:

	./ && ./configure && make

  After compiling, install:

	make install

  Note that mtr-packet must be suid-root because it requires access to
  raw IP sockets.  See SECURITY for security information.

  Older versions used to require a non-existent path to GTK for a
  correct build of a non-gtk version while GTK was installed. This is
  no longer necessary. ./configure --without-gtk should now work. 
  If it doesn't, try "make WITHOUT_X11=YES" as the make step. 

  On Solaris, you'll need to use GNU make to build.
  (Use 'gmake' rather than 'make'.)

  On Solaris (and possibly other systems) the "gtk" library may be
  installed in a directory where the dynamic linker refuses to look when
  a binary is setuid. Roman Shterenzon reports that adding 
  to the commandline will work if you are using gnu LD. He tells me that
  you're out of luck when you use the sun LD. That's not quite true, as
  you can move the gtk libraries to /usr/lib instead of leaving them in
  /usr/local/lib.  (when the ld tells you that /usr/local/lib is untrusted
  and /usr/lib is trusted, and you trust the gtk libs enough to want them
  in a setuid program, then there is something to say for moving them
  to the "trusted" directory.)

  Building on MacOS should not require any special steps.


  Building for Windows requires Cygwin.  To obtain Cygwin, see  When installing Cygwin, select
  the 'lynx' package for installation.  lynx is required by apt-cyg.

  Next, install apt-cyg for easy installation of the remaining
  components.  See

  Install the packages required for building:

        apt-cyg install automake pkg-config make gcc-core libncurses-devel

  Build as under Unix:

        ./ && ./configure && make

  Finally, install the built binaries:

        make install


  mtr is now hosted on github.

  See the mtr web page at  

  Bug reports and feature requests should be submitted to the Github
  bug tracking system.

  Patches can be submitted by cloning the Github repository and issuing
  a pull request, or by email to me. Please use unified diffs. Usually
  the diff is sort of messy, so please check that the diff is clean and
  doesn't contain too much of your local stuff (for example, I don't
  want/need the "configure" script that /your/ automake made for you).

  (There used to be a mailinglist, but all it got was spam. So
  when the server was upgraded, the mailing list died.)

-- REW