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OpenPA v1.0.3
Major Changes:
      * Libtool shared library support for OPA, avoiding shared/static mixed linking problems on some platforms.
      * The build system should now work more portably with broken/exotic shells.
      * pkg-config support
      * Emulated atomics can now be detected by the presence of an OPA_EXPLICIT_EMULATION #define in opa_config.h.
      * PPC types are now correctly aligned to 8 bytes instead of 16 bytes.
      * many more tests for "make check", fixed missing memory barriers in one test

Individual Change Summary By Developer:

balaji (2):
      * Shared-library support for OPA.
      * Initial draft of shared library versioning support for OPA.

buntinas (1):
      * added svn:ignores

fortnern (3):
      * Added tests for OPA_swap_int and OPA_swap_ptr.  Other minor cleanup in the test suite.
      * Added tests for queue, and fixed bugs in queue implementation.  Other misc cleanup.
      * Add tests for OPA_LL_int, OPA_SC_int, OPA_LL_ptr and OPA_SC_ptr (skipped test 4 from plan).

goodell (16):
      * Fix const usage in OPA_load_xxx
      * Change PPC type sizes back to 8-bytes.
      * Add pkg-config support.
      * Add configure check for stddef.h, fixes ticket #15.
      * AC_DEFINE OPA_EXPLICIT_EMULATION upon --with-atomic-primitives=no
      * remove nonsense "bit" word in configure message
      * fix AX_PREFIX_CONFIG_H to work with dash
      * redo r113 with printf to be more portable
      * fix AX_PREFIX_CONFIG sed issue with AS_ECHO this time
      * include VERSION in EXTRA_DIST to avoid "make distcheck" errors
      * add "color-tests" option for automake
      * use "silent rules" by default, like other MPICH2 projects
      * ensure that config.status has a dependency on the VERSION file
      * make the age=0 field explicit in the VERSION file
      * update CHANGELOG, etc. for the upcoming 1.0.3 release
      * add missing memory barriers to test_primitive.c's stack tests

jayesh (1):
      * Fixing the type casts of atomic func params for 64-bit builds on windows

OpenPA v1.0.2
Major Changes:
      * Add support for 64-bit PPC.
      * Static initializer macros for OPA types.

Individual Change Summary By Developer:

balaji (1):
      * Fix pthread_mutex usage for inter-process shared memory regions.

buntinas (1):
      * added OPA typedef for pthread_mutex_t

fortnern (4):
      * Add more tests for compare-and-swap.
      * Add integer compare-and-swap fairness test.
      * Add pointer version of compare-and-swap fairness test.
      * Added configure test for pthread_yield.

goodell (6):
      * Fix bad include guard in the opa_by_lock.h header.
      * Add new "unsafe" primitives.  Also minor updates to the docs.
      * Add support for 64-bit PPC.
      * Update README to reflect 64-bit PPC support.
      * Add static initializer macros for OPA_int_t/OPA_ptr_t.
      * Actually include the COPYRIGHT and CHANGELOG files in the distribution.

jayesh (1):
      * Fixed compiler warnings in NT intrinsics. Now type casting the arguments to NT intrinsics correctly

OpenPA v1.0.1

Major Changes:
      * Fix for x86/x86_64 machines that don't support SSE2 and therefore lfence/mfence.
      * Fix major bug in SC on PPC.  Fixes ticket #8.

Individual Change Summary By Developer:

buntinas (2):
      * Work around PGI compiler bug by rearranging input parameters
      * check for pre-Pentium 4 machines which don't support mfence and lfence

fortnern (2):
      * Add/improve tests for fetch_and_{incr,decr}_int and fetch_and_add_int.
      * Add some tests for OPA_cas_int.  Also fix a bug in the fetch and * tests.

goodell (6):
      * Remove erroneous "C" mode from some emacs modelines.
      * Fix Darius' email address in the COPYRIGHT file.
      * Update the README version number to match
      * Add an "all-executable" target to support parallel make in MPICH2.
      * Fix major bug in SC on PPC.  Fixes ticket #8.
      * Add new header files to the appropriate automake variables.

OpenPA v1.0.0

      * This is the initial release of OpenPA.
      * support for GCC + x86/x86_64
      * support for GCC + IA64
      * support for GCC intrinsic atomic operations
      * support for GCC + PPC450 (IBM Blue Gene/P compute nodes)
      * support for GCC + MIPS (specifically, SiCortex compute nodes)
      * support for SUN Solaris' atomic operations library
      * support for Windows NT intrinsic atomic operations
      * Includes a partially completed test suite covering a substantial portion of the API.