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The following name block provides the standard arguments for mpiexec, as
defined by the MPI standard.
An mpiexec manpage may include this name to get the common arguments.

/*N mpiexecstdargs

+ \-n num - number of processes
. \-host hostname - name of a host (machine, system) on which to run
. \-arch architecture_name - name of the computer architecture required
  for this executable
. \-wdir working_directory - The working directory to use when running the
  executable (set before the executable starts)
. \-path pathlist - use this to find the executable
. \-soft list - comma separated triplets specifying valid numbers of processes
. \-file name - implementation-defined specification file
- \-configfile name - file containing specifications of host/program,
   one per line, with # as a comment indicator, e.g., the usual
   mpiexec input, but with ":" replaced with a newline.  That is,
   the configfile contains lines with '-soft', '-n' etc.