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#%Module 1.0
#  MPICH module for use with 'environment-modules' package:

# Only allow one mpi module to be loaded at a time
conflict mpi

# Define prefix so PATH and MANPATH can be updated.
setenv        MPI_BIN       @LIBDIR@/bin
setenv        MPI_SYSCONFIG @sysconfdir@/@MPINAME@-@ARCH@
setenv        MPI_FORTRAN_MOD_DIR @fortranmoddir@/@MPINAME@
setenv        MPI_INCLUDE   @includedir@
setenv        MPI_LIB       @libdir@
setenv        MPI_MAN       @mandir@
setenv        MPI_PYTHON_SITEARCH	@py3sitearch@/@MPINAME@
setenv        MPI_PYTHON2_SITEARCH	@py3sitearch@/@MPINAME@
setenv        MPI_PYTHON3_SITEARCH	@py3sitearch@/@MPINAME@
setenv        MPI_COMPILER  @MPINAME@-@ARCH@
setenv        MPI_SUFFIX    _@MPINAME@
setenv        MPI_HOME      @LIBDIR@
prepend-path  PATH          @bindir@
prepend-path  LD_LIBRARY_PATH @libdir@
prepend-path  MANPATH       :@mandir@
prepend-path  PKG_CONFIG_PATH @LIBDIR@/lib/pkgconfig