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% $Id$

% Packages

% ...

% ...


% Do not indent paragraphs, instead separate them via vertical spacing

% Support for graphics, provides \includegraphics
%\graphicspath{{images/}}	% Specify subdir containing the images

% Hyperref enriches the generated PDF with clickable links,
% and provides many other useful features.
\def\sectionautorefname{Section}	% Write section with capital 'S'
\def\subsectionautorefname{Subsection}	% Write subsection with capital 'S'

% The fancyvrb package provides the "Verbatim" environment, which,
% unlike the built-in "verbatim", allows embedding TeX commands, as
% well as tons of other neat stuff (line numbers, formatting adjustments, ...)

% Normally, one can not use the underscore character in LaTeX without
% escaping it (\_ instead of _). Since the Vorbis specs use it a lot,
% we use the underscore package to change this default behavior.


% In LaTeX, pictures are normally put into floating environments, and it is
% left to the typesetting engine to place them in the "optimal" spot. These
% docs however expect pictures to be placed in a *specific* position. So we
% don't use \begin{figure}...\end{figure}, but rather a center environment.
% To still be able to use captions, we use the capt-of package.

% strikeout support

% blockquote support

% allow 'special' characters in filenames, like undescore :-P

% Custom commands

% Custom ref command, using hyperrefs autoref & nameref, to simulate the 
% behavior of DocBook's '<xref>'.
\newcommand{\xref}[1]{\autoref{#1}, ``\nameref{#1}''}

% Emulat DocBook's '<link>'.

% Simple 'Note' environment. Can be customized later on.

% Map DocBook's <programlisting> to fancyvrb's Verbatim environment

% Fake some more DocBook elements

% Redefine \~ to generate something that looks more appropriate when used in text.

% Useful helper macro that inserts TODO comments very visibly into the generated
% file. Helps you to not forget to resolve those TODOs... :)
\newcommand{\TODO}[1]{\textcolor{red}{*** #1 ***}}

% Configure graphics formats: Prefer PDF, fall back to PNG or JPG, as available.

% NOTE: Things to watch out for: Some chars are reserved in LaTeX. You need to translate them...
%   ~ -> $\sim$ (or \~ which we defined above)
%   % -> \%
%   & -> \&
%   < -> $<$
%   > -> $>$
% and others. Refer to any of the many LaTeX refs out there if in doubt!


\title{Vorbis I specification}
\author{Xiph.Org Foundation}





% TODO: Use a bibliography, as in the example below?
\bibitem{Sporer/Brandenburg/Edler} T.~Sporer, K.~Brandenburg and B.~Edler, 
The use of multirate filter banks for coding of high quality digital audio,