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<h1 align="center">TIFFFieldWriteCount</h1>

<a href="#NAME">NAME</a><br>
<a href="#SYNOPSIS">SYNOPSIS</a><br>
<a href="#SEE ALSO">SEE ALSO</a><br>


<a name="NAME"></a>

<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em">TIFFFieldWriteCount
&minus; Get number of values to be written to field</p>

<a name="SYNOPSIS"></a>

<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><b>#include

<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><b>int
TIFFFieldWriteCount(const TIFFField*</b>

<a name="DESCRIPTION"></a>

<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><b>TIFFFieldWriteCount</b>
returns the number of values to be written into the
specified TIFF field; that is, the number of arguments that
should be supplied to <b>TIFFSetField</b>. For most field
types this is a small positive integer, typically 1 or 2,
but there are some special values: <b><br>
TIFF_VARIABLE</b> indicates that a variable number of values
is possible; then, a <b>uint16</b> <i>count</i> argument and
a pointer <i>data</i> argument must be supplied to
<b>TIFFSetField</b>. <b><br>
TIFF_VARIABLE2</b> is the same as <b>TIFF_VARIABLE</b>
except that the <i>count</i> argument must have type
<b>uint32</b>. (On most modern machines, this makes no
practical difference, and the <i>count</i> argument can
simply be an <b>int</b> in either case.) <b><br>
TIFF_SPP</b> indicates that the number of arguments must be
equal to the image&rsquo;s number of samples per pixel.</p>

<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><i>fip</i> is a
field information pointer previously returned by
<b>TIFFFindField</b>, <b>TIFFFieldWithTag</b>, or

<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em">For most field
types, <b>TIFFFieldWriteCount</b> returns the same value as
<b>TIFFFieldReadCount</b>, but there are some

<a name="RETURN VALUES"></a>

<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><b>TIFFFieldWriteCount</b>
returns an integer.</p>

<a name="SEE ALSO"></a>

<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em"><b>libtiff</b>(3TIFF),</p>

<p style="margin-left:11%; margin-top: 1em">Libtiff library
home page: <b></b></p>