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We are moving to a more open development model with memkind.

- The memkind github organization:

- Rather than posting bulk patches at time of tag, we are posting more
  incremental patches with finer grain commit details.

- There is now a "dev" branch in the memkind repository and a
  "memkind-dev" branch in the memkind fork of the jemalloc repository.
  These will be used for open development work.

- There is a memkind web page here:

- We have posted an architecture document here:

- We invite you to join the memkind mailing list:

- Feel free to open a github issue, especially if there is a TODO item
  that you would like to prioritize.

- We have posted source and binary RPMs for several distributions here:

- memkind is also available in Fedora package repository (devel, EPEL7):

- Pull requests are welcome.

- White space formatting generally conforms to
  $ astyle --style=linux --indent=spaces=4 -S --max-continuation-indent=80 \
           --max-code-length=80 --break-after-logical --indent-namespaces -z2 \

- For more information about astyle: