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* Mon Dec 16 2019 Michal Biesek <> v1.10.0
- Provided another way to use Persistent Memory in memkind (MEMKIND_DAX_KMEM_* kinds)
- Added C++ allocator for static kinds (including MEMKIND_DAX_KMEM_* kinds)
- Provided an interface to get memkind allocation statistics
- Provided a method to reduce fragmentation - memkind_defrag_reallocate()
- Added support for background thread
- Updated internally used jemalloc to upstream version 5.2.1
- Extended hbw interface with hbw_malloc_usable_size()
- Simplified building process

* Wed Apr 3 2019 Michal Biesek <> v1.9.0
- Provided a second function to create PMEM kind memkind_create_pmem_with_config()
- Provided the memkind_detect_kind() function to recognize a kind from memory allocation
- Provided memkind_config_set_memory_usage_policy() function
  that modifies the default memory usage policy behavior
- Provided the ability to pass a NULL kind to memkind_malloc_usable_size() and memkind_realloc()
- Unified the memkind_realloc() behavior for all kinds
- Added the support for the pool_msize() function to TBB
- Extended build arch to ppc64, ppc64le, s390x
- Removed disable-stats from used jemalloc
- Fixed compilation under the Clang and rpm build configuration
- Provided the support for Dockerfile

* Mon Dec 10 2018 Michal Biesek <> v1.8.0
- Fixed error with realloc/free method with passing thread-specific cache flag
- Fixed error with memkind_create_pmem(), if other PMEM kind was destroyed before
- Fixed error with zeroing large allocations in PMEM kind
- Added support to create kind without maximum size limit of PMEM kind (max_size=0)
- Extended memkind API with memkind_malloc_usable_size()
- Removed EXPERIMENTAL from most methods in memkind API
- Added C++ allocator for PMEM kind
- Extended PMEM examples
- Fixed integration with Travis CI
- Extended Travis CI configuration with Astyle and Coverage
- Added PMEM kind tests

* Wed Jan 24 2018 Pawel Kochanek <> v1.7.0
- Updated internally used jemalloc to upstream version 5.0.
- Fixed error that has been occurring while memkind was dynamically loaded.
- Fixed MEMKIND_HBW_NODES behavior for single NUMA node system.
- Removed licenses other than BSD 3-clause from COPYING.
- Changed build instructions.
- Added configurable jemalloc prefix in build scripts.
- Upgraded gtest to version 1.8.0.
- Added memory footprint tests.
- Added locality test for MEMKIND_PREFERRED.
- Applied test parametrization in BATests.
- Fixed problems with pytest testing in Travis.
- Added huge page configuration in several tests.
- Removed several symbols that are no longer exposed in public API from man pages.
- Fixed HBW_POLICY_BIND_ALL documentation.

* Tue Jun 13 2017 Artur Koziej <> v1.6.0
- Introduced new policy HBW_POLICY_BIND_ALL.
- Fixed hbw_posix_memalign_psize() return value in case of unsupported policy and
  page size combination.
- Documented supported policy and page size combination for
- Merged libmemkind.a and libjemalloc_pic.a into a single static library.
- Fixed OOM during tcache acquisition.
- Tuned huge pages configuration in memkind tests.
- Added stress tests for allocations with large random sizes.
- Added stress tests for allocations with random kinds.
- Extended policy and NUMA node binding tests.
- Fixed several Travis build problems.
- Removed gb_page_tests_preferred_policy tests.

* Tue Feb 21 2017 Krzysztof Kulakowski <> v1.5.0
- Intel(R) TBB scalable_allocator can be used as heap management alternative
  to jemalloc (requires installed Intel (R) TBB package and environment variable
- Updated internally used jemalloc to upstream version 4.3.1 (previously modified 3.5.1)
- Introduced new environment option MEMKIND_HOG_MEMORY. Setting it to "1" will prevent
  memkind from releasing memory to OS.
- Introduced support for KNM processor from Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM) family
- General cleanup of build scripts (e.g. fixed issues found on Ubuntu,
  introduced simple script)
- Deprecated support for gigabyte-pages
- Removed number of previously deprecated symbols

* Thu Nov 17 2016 Krzysztof Kulakowski <> v1.4.0
- Introduced hbw_verify_memory_region() for verifying if provided memory
  region fully falls into high-bandwidth memory (for details please take a look
  at man/hbwmalloc.3).
- New API for creating kinds using set of predefined attributes:
  memkind_create_kind(), memkind_destroy_kind() (for details please take a look
  at man/memkind.3).
- Fixed issue in autohbw where it was reporting limit error regardless of
  value provided.
- Added logging on error paths.
- Test base fixes and improvements.

* Tue Sep 27 2016 Krzysztof Kulakowski <> v1.3.0
- Introduced logging mechanism (for details please take a look at
- Deprecated symbols: memkind_finalize(), memkind_get_num_kind(),
  memkind_get_kind_by_partition(), memkind_get_kind_by_name(),
  memkind_partition_mmap(), memkind_get_size(), MEMKIND_ERROR_MEMALIGN,
- Added integration with hwloc (turned on with --with-hwloc).
- Cleanup of symbols exposed by (e.g. no longer exposing libnuma
  and jemalloc symbols).
- AutoHBW files have been moved to "memkind/autohbw" directory, code has
  been refactored and tests have been added to appropriate scenarios.
- Library is now built with flags improving security (can be turned off
  with --disable-secure configure time option).
- Changed configuration of jemalloc to turn off unused features.

* Thu Aug 18 2016 Krzysztof Kulakowski <> v1.2.0
- memkind_create() and memkind_ops have been deprecated (moved to
- Deprecated the headers from memkind/internal and added compile-time
  warnings to them (plan is to remove those from rpm packages).
- autohbw files have been moved to memkind/autohbw directory.
- API decorators (memkind_malloc_pre, memkind_malloc_post etc.) now
  need to be enabled with configure-time option --enable-decorators.
- Allocation time optimizations with up to 20% improvement.

* Wed Jul 13 2016 Krzysztof Kulakowski <> v1.1.1
- Performance improvement for memkind_free() in scenario where NULL
  was passed as kind (reduced by 60%).
- Introduced integration with Travis CI.
- Fixed issue where memory returned from calloc was not filled with zeroes
  when using memkind_pmem kinds.
- Fixed issue where interleave kinds was failing on systems without
  Transparent Huge Pages module configured.
- Resolved several issues that was causing compilation errors on some systems.
- test/ is now able to detect system configuration, and run only those
  tests which requirements are meet.
- Added gtest to repo to avoid downloading it during build proecess.

* Mon May 23 2016 Krzysztof Kulakowski <> v1.1.0
- Implemented algorithm for detecting high-bandwidth memory on Intel Xeon Phi X200
  without parsing PMTT.
- PMTT-parsing service has been removed.
- memkind struct definition from memkind.h has been replaced by forward
  declaration. Definition has been moved to /internal/memkind_private.h and
  shouldn't be considered as part of library interface anymore.
- Performance improvement for hugetlb kinds (check_available() is no longer
  parsing sysfs every time).
- Performance fix by removing --enable-safe from jemmaloc build flags.
- New tests for validating high-bandwidth memory detection has been added.
- AFTS has been split into two groups: memkind-afts.ts and memkind-afts-ext.ts,
  based on amount of required memory (for details view test/README).

* Thu Mar 03 2016 Artur Koziej <> v1.0.0
- hbwmalloc.h released as stable API.
- Introduce memkind versioning API.
- Fix type names in hbwmalloc API.
- Change error codes to POSIX standard ones in hbwmalloc API.
- Move API headers to include directory.
- Move NON-STANDARD API, or EXPERIMENTAL API to include/memkind/internal directory.
- New man page (memkind_interleave.3) describing interleave kind.
- Significant documentation improvement.
- Performance fix for jemalloc - significantly decrease of library initialization time.
- Enforce 2MB alignment in jemalloc due to the Linux kernel bug (munmap() fails for
  huge pages, when the size is not aligned).
- Move to systemd defined service (memkind.service), drop init.d script.
- New rpm layout (memkind and memkind-devel).
- Remove false dependency on OpenMP.
- Extend test base for stress, longevity and initialization performance tests.
- Fix memory leak in ctl_growk().
- Rename namespace: hbwmalloc -> hbw.
- Rename class: hbwmalloc_allocator -> allocator.

* Thu Oct 15 2015 Krzysztof Kulakowski <> v0.3.0
  (for details please take a look at man/memkind.3)
- Added support for file-backed memory heaps
  (for details please take a look at man/memkind_pmem.3)
- Added autohbw library, that intercepts the standard heap allocations,
  which let use high-bandwidth memory without modifying existing codebase
  (for details please take a look at examples/autohbw_README)
- jemalloc is now, statically linked, internal component of memkind RPM
  instead of rpm dependency.
- Added memkind_allocated example which demonstrates usage of memkind
  with alignas() alignment specifier introduced in C++11
  (for details please take a look at examples/README)
- Added support for using thread local storage to improve performance in
  multithreaded applications (enabled by configure time option: --enable-tls)
- Added possibility to set number of jemalloc arenas per kind by
  configure time parameter or environmental variable
  (for details please take a look at MEMKIND_ARENA_NUM_PER_KIND section
  of man/memkind.3).
- Added decorators to the memkind allocation APIs.
  These are weak symbols (pre and post for each API) which can modify
  the input and output of each of the calls.
- Significantly extended test base (new groups of tests: performance,
  multithreaded, PMTT, nagtive, stress).

* Fri Jan 9 2015 Christopher Cantalupo <> v0.2.0
- Bumped memkind ABI version to 0:1:0.
- Removed memkind_get_kind_for_free() from externally facing API's.  Instead if
  memkind_free() is called with zero passed for the kind then
  memkind_get_kind_for_free() is called internally.
- Moved to single callback memkind_partition_mmap() to simplify
  jemalloc modifications.
- Added hooks for setting file descriptor and offset for mmap enabling
  file-backed memory kinds.
- Added a void pointer called "priv" to memkind structure for storing data for
  user-defined kinds.
- Removed call to sched_getcpu(), now thread id is hashed to determine the arena
- Added weak symbol hooks for decorating the heap management functions.
- Fixed several issues with init.d/memkind script and spec file scriptlets that
  are exposed by SLES-12.
- Introduced an example library called numakind.
  The numakind library will allocate from the closest NUMA node to a thread as
  measured when that thread makes its first allocation call.
- Fixed error handling in memkind_gbtlb_mmap() that could cause a segfault when
  gigabyte pages are not available.
- Added tests for PMTT parser.
- Removed binary mock PMTT table from source code, replaced it with a hexdump.
- Fixed a number of issues in test scripts which were suppressing errors.
- Removed unnecessary includes from header files.
- Better error checking in example code.
- Documentation update and clean up.

* Thu Nov 13 2014 Christopher Cantalupo <> v0.1.0
- Increased test code coverage significantly.
- Fixed bug in memkind_error_message() for MEMKIND_ERROR_TOOMANY.
- Removed memkind_arena_free() API since it was redundant with memkind_default_free().
- Static memkind structs are now declared as extern in the headers and defined in the
  source files files rather than being statically defined in the headers.

* Thu Oct 30 2014 Christopher Cantalupo <> v0.0.9
- Now building with autotools.
- Updated documentation.
- Fixed typo in copyright.
- Fixed test scripts to properly handle return code of each test.
- Added C++03 standard allocator that uses hbw_malloc and hbw_free.
* Tue Sep 30 2014 Christopher Cantalupo <> v0.0.8
- Added GBTLB functionality, code clean up, documentation updates,
  examples directory.  Examples includes stream modified to use
  memkind interface.  Code coverage still lacking, and documentation