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  Meanwhile - Unofficial Lotus Sametime Community Client Library
  Copyright (C) 2004  Christopher (siege) O'Brien
  This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
  modify it under the terms of the GNU Library General Public
  License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
  version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
  This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
  Library General Public License for more details.
  You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public
  License along with this library; if not, write to the Free
  Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

#ifndef _MW_COMMON_H
#define _MW_COMMON_H

/** @file mw_common.h

    Common data types and functions for handling those types.

    Functions in this file all fit into similar naming conventions of
    <code>TYPE_ACTION</code> as per the activity they perform. The
    following actions are available:

    <code>void TYPE_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b, TYPE *val)</code>
    - marshalls val onto the buffer b. The buffer will grow as necessary
    to fit all the data put into it. For guint16, guint32, and
    gboolean, <code>TYPE val</code> is used instead of <code>TYPE

    <code>void TYPE_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, TYPE *val)</code>
    - unmarshals val from the buffer b. Failure (due to lack of
    insufficient remaining buffer) is indicated in the buffer's error
    field. A call to a _get function with a buffer in an error state
    has to effect.

    <code>void TYPE_clear(TYPE *val)</code>
    - zeros and frees internal members of val, but does not free val
    itself. Needs to be called before free-ing any complex types which
    have been unmarshalled from a TYPE_get or populated from a
    TYPE_clone call to prevent memory leaks.

    <code>void TYPE_clone(TYPE *to, TYPE *from)</code>
    - copies/clones members of from into to. May result in memory
    allocation for some types. Note that to is not cleared
    before-hand, it must already be in a pristine condition.

    <code>gboolean TYPE_equal(TYPE *y, TYPE *z)</code>
    - simple equality test.

#include <glib.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

/** @struct mwPutBuffer
    buffer to be written to */
struct mwPutBuffer;

/** @struct mwGetBuffer
    buffer to be read from */
struct mwGetBuffer;

/** A length of binary data, not null-terminated. */
struct mwOpaque {
  gsize len;     /**< length of data. */
  guchar *data;  /**< data, normally with no NULL termination */

/* 8.3.6 Login Types */

/** The type of login. Normally meaning the type of client code being
    used to login with.

    If you know of any additional client identifiers, please add them
    below or submit an RFE to the meanwhile tracker.
enum mwLoginType {
  mwLogin_LIB           = 0x1000,  /**< official Lotus binary library */
  mwLogin_JAVA_WEB      = 0x1001,  /**< official Lotus Java applet */
  mwLogin_BINARY        = 0x1002,  /**< official Lotus binary application */
  mwLogin_JAVA_APP      = 0x1003,  /**< official Lotus Java application */
  mwLogin_LINKS         = 0x100a,  /**< official Sametime Links toolkit */

  /* now we're getting crazy */
  mwLogin_NOTES_6_5        = 0x1200,
  mwLogin_NOTES_6_5_3      = 0x1203,
  mwLogin_NOTES_7_0_beta   = 0x1210,
  mwLogin_NOTES_7_0        = 0x1214,
  mwLogin_ICT              = 0x1300,
  mwLogin_ICT_1_7_8_2      = 0x1302,
  mwLogin_ICT_SIP          = 0x1303,
  mwLogin_NOTESBUDDY_4_14  = 0x1400,  /**< 0xff00 mask? */
  mwLogin_NOTESBUDDY_4_15  = 0x1405,
  mwLogin_NOTESBUDDY_4_16  = 0x1406,
  mwLogin_SANITY           = 0x1600,
  mwLogin_ST_PERL          = 0x1625,
  mwLogin_PMR_ALERT        = 0x1650,
  mwLogin_TRILLIAN         = 0x16aa,  /**< */
  mwLogin_TRILLIAN_IBM     = 0x16bb,
  mwLogin_MEANWHILE        = 0x1700,  /**< Meanwhile library */

/* 8.2 Common Structures */
/* 8.2.1 Login Info block */

struct mwLoginInfo {
  char *login_id;   /**< community-unique ID of the login */
  guint16 type;     /**< @see mwLoginType */
  char *user_id;    /**< community-unique ID of the user */
  char *user_name;  /**< name of user (nick name, full name, etc) */
  char *community;  /**< community name (usually domain name) */
  gboolean full;    /**< if FALSE, following fields non-existant */
  char *desc;       /**< implementation defined description */
  guint32 ip_addr;  /**< ip addr of the login */
  char *server_id;  /**< unique ID of login's server */

/* 8.2.2 Private Info Block */

struct mwUserItem {
  gboolean full;    /**< if FALSE, don't include name */
  char *id;         /**< user id */
  char *community;  /**< community */
  char *name;       /**< user name */

struct mwPrivacyInfo {
  gboolean deny;             /**< deny (true) or allow (false) users */
  guint32 count;             /**< count of users */
  struct mwUserItem *users;  /**< the users list */

/* 8.3.5 User Status Types */

enum mwStatusType {
  mwStatus_OFFLINE = 0x0000,

  mwStatus_ACTIVE  = 0x0020,
  mwStatus_IDLE    = 0x0040,
  mwStatus_AWAY    = 0x0060,
  mwStatus_BUSY    = 0x0080,

  mwStatus_MASK_MOBILE = 0x0200,

/* 8.2.3 User Status Block */

struct mwUserStatus {
  guint16 status;  /**< @see mwStatusType */
  guint32 time;    /**< last status change time in seconds */
  char *desc;      /**< status description */

/* 8.2.4 ID Block */

struct mwIdBlock {
  char *user;       /**< user id (login id or empty for some services) */
  char *community;  /**< community id (NULL for same community) */

/* Awareness Presence Types */

/* @todo move mwAwareType, mwAwareIdBlock and mwAwareSnapshot into the
   aware service and out of common */

/** type codes for mwAwareIdBlock */
enum mwAwareType {
  mwAware_USER    = 0x0002,  /**< a single user */
  mwAware_GROUP   = 0x0003,  /**< a group */
  mwAware_SERVER  = 0x0008,  /**< a server */

/* 8.4.2 Awareness Messages */
/* Awareness ID Block */

struct mwAwareIdBlock {
  guint16 type;     /**< @see mwAwareType */
  char *user;       /**< user id */
  char *community;  /**< community id (NULL for same community) */

/* Snapshot */

struct mwAwareSnapshot {
  struct mwAwareIdBlock id;
  char *group;                 /**< group this id belongs to */
  gboolean online;             /**< is this user online? */
  char *alt_id;                /**< alternate ID, often same as id.user */
  struct mwUserStatus status;  /**< status of this user */
  char *name;                  /**< Formatted version of ID */

/** encryption blocks */
struct mwEncryptItem {
  guint16 id;            /**< cipher identifier */
  struct mwOpaque info;  /**< cipher information */

/** @name buffer utility functions */

/** allocate a new empty buffer */
struct mwPutBuffer *mwPutBuffer_new(void);

/** write raw data to the put buffer */
void mwPutBuffer_write(struct mwPutBuffer *b, gpointer data, gsize len);

/** destroy the buffer */
void mwPutBuffer_free(struct mwPutBuffer *b);

/** move the buffer's data into an opaque, destroy the buffer */
void mwPutBuffer_finalize(struct mwOpaque *to, struct mwPutBuffer *from);

/** allocate a new buffer with a copy of the given data */
struct mwGetBuffer *mwGetBuffer_new(struct mwOpaque *data);

/** read len bytes of raw data from the get buffer into mem. If len is
    greater than the count of bytes remaining in the buffer, the
    buffer's error flag will NOT be set.

    @returns count of bytes successfully copied to mem */
gsize mwGetBuffer_read(struct mwGetBuffer *b, gpointer mem, gsize len);

/** skip len bytes in the get buffer. If len is greater than the count
    of bytes remaining in the buffer, the buffer's error flag will NOT
    be set.

    @returns count of bytes successfully skipped */
gsize mwGetBuffer_advance(struct mwGetBuffer *b, gsize len);

/** allocate a new buffer backed by the given data. Calling
    mwGetBuffer_free will not result in the underlying data being
    freed */
struct mwGetBuffer *mwGetBuffer_wrap(const struct mwOpaque *data);

/** destroy the buffer */
void mwGetBuffer_free(struct mwGetBuffer *b);

/** reset the buffer to the very beginning. Also clears the buffer's
    error flag. */
void mwGetBuffer_reset(struct mwGetBuffer *b);

/** count of remaining available bytes */
gsize mwGetBuffer_remaining(struct mwGetBuffer *b);

/** TRUE if an error occurred while reading a basic type from this
    buffer */
gboolean mwGetBuffer_error(struct mwGetBuffer *b);


/** @name Basic Data Types
    The basic types are combined to construct the compound types.

void guint16_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b, guint16 val);

void guint16_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, guint16 *val);

guint16 guint16_peek(struct mwGetBuffer *b);

void guint32_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b, guint32 val);

void guint32_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, guint32 *val);

guint32 guint32_peek(struct mwGetBuffer *b);

void gboolean_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b, gboolean val);

void gboolean_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, gboolean *val);

gboolean gboolean_peek(struct mwGetBuffer *b);

void mwString_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b, const char *str);

void mwString_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, char **str);

void mwOpaque_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b, const struct mwOpaque *o);

void mwOpaque_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, struct mwOpaque *o);

void mwOpaque_clear(struct mwOpaque *o);

void mwOpaque_free(struct mwOpaque *o);

void mwOpaque_clone(struct mwOpaque *to, const struct mwOpaque *from);


/** @name Compound Data Types */

void mwLoginInfo_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b, const struct mwLoginInfo *info);

void mwLoginInfo_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, struct mwLoginInfo *info);

void mwLoginInfo_clear(struct mwLoginInfo *info);

void mwLoginInfo_clone(struct mwLoginInfo *to, const struct mwLoginInfo *from);

void mwUserItem_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b, const struct mwUserItem *user);

void mwUserItem_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, struct mwUserItem *user);

void mwUserItem_clear(struct mwUserItem *user);

void mwUserItem_clone(struct mwUserItem *to, const struct mwUserItem *from);

void mwPrivacyInfo_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b,
		       const struct mwPrivacyInfo *info);

void mwPrivacyInfo_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, struct mwPrivacyInfo *info);

void mwPrivacyInfo_clear(struct mwPrivacyInfo *info);

void mwPrivacyInfo_clone(struct mwPrivacyInfo *to,
			 const struct mwPrivacyInfo *from);

void mwUserStatus_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b,
		      const struct mwUserStatus *stat);

void mwUserStatus_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, struct mwUserStatus *stat);

void mwUserStatus_clear(struct mwUserStatus *stat);

void mwUserStatus_clone(struct mwUserStatus *to,
			const struct mwUserStatus *from);

void mwIdBlock_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b, const struct mwIdBlock *id);

void mwIdBlock_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, struct mwIdBlock *id);

void mwIdBlock_clear(struct mwIdBlock *id);

void mwIdBlock_clone(struct mwIdBlock *to,
		     const struct mwIdBlock *from);

guint mwIdBlock_hash(const struct mwIdBlock *idb);

gboolean mwIdBlock_equal(const struct mwIdBlock *a,
			 const struct mwIdBlock *b);

void mwAwareIdBlock_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b,
			const struct mwAwareIdBlock *idb);

void mwAwareIdBlock_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, struct mwAwareIdBlock *idb);

void mwAwareIdBlock_clear(struct mwAwareIdBlock *idb);

void mwAwareIdBlock_clone(struct mwAwareIdBlock *to,
			  const struct mwAwareIdBlock *from);

guint mwAwareIdBlock_hash(const struct mwAwareIdBlock *a);

gboolean mwAwareIdBlock_equal(const struct mwAwareIdBlock *a,
			      const struct mwAwareIdBlock *b);

void mwAwareSnapshot_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b,
			 struct mwAwareSnapshot *idb);

void mwAwareSnapshot_clear(struct mwAwareSnapshot *idb);

void mwAwareSnapshot_clone(struct mwAwareSnapshot *to,
			   const struct mwAwareSnapshot *from);

void mwEncryptItem_put(struct mwPutBuffer *b,
		       const struct mwEncryptItem *item);

void mwEncryptItem_get(struct mwGetBuffer *b, struct mwEncryptItem *item);

void mwEncryptItem_clear(struct mwEncryptItem *item);

void mwEncryptItem_free(struct mwEncryptItem *item);


#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif /* _MW_COMMON_H */