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version 1.1.0 (2008-01-04)

	Bug Fixes
	- Bug #1576187 Errant return in cipher.c
	- Bug #1626349 Buddy list shows wrong status
	- Patch #1863383 strict-prototypes warning fix
	- added flag in status enum for mobile users
version 1.0.2 (2005-12-29)

	Bug Fixes
	- fix error 0x8000001f when inviting Sametime Connect user to a
	chat (stopped offering encryption on conferences)
	- Bug #1390997 crash when accepting conference invite
version 1.0.1 (2005-12-16)

	Bug Fixes
	- fix C++ ifdefs in headers, removed C++ keywords in variable
	- Bug #1379550 meanwhile 1.0.0, login verification unavailable

version 1.0.0 (2005-12-13)
	- using shared library versioning, 1:0:0	
	- using MPI code from as a
	replacement for the GMP dependancy

	- support for sending legacy invitations via Place service
	- Bug #1352944 Gaim crashes when I try to logon to Sametime
	Bug Fixes
	- Crash and other problems with joining a Place
version 0.5.0 (2005-10-28)

	- added meanwhile-doc package, with html and latex docs and
	sample code
	- Automatically breaks up large messages for transport (using
	NotesBuddy multi-segment messages)
	- Support for DH RC2/128 channel encryption
	- Support for DH RC2/128 login encryption
	- RFE #1307892 Support for Announcements
	- Support for chats via the Places service
	Bug Fixes
	- Bug #1239210 Unspecified fatal error when VPN disconnects
	- Fixed memleaks and crashes in the aware service (which needs
	to be re-written sometime soon)
version 0.4.2 (2005-05-27)
	- RFE #1054813 Privacy support
	- Support for updates from attribute deletes in aware service
	Bug Fixes
	- Bug #1194631 Windows file transfer crashes gaim
	- Bug #1200841 Sametime 2.0 clients responses not seen
version 0.4.1 (2005-05-01)

	- Support for File Transfers (mwServiceFileTransfer)
	- Support for getting/setting Aware attributes
	- Support sending the LoginCont message in response to a
	- Support for multi-segment messages from NotesBuddy (fixes
	problems with large MIME, text, and HTML messages)
	Bug Fixes
	- Bug #1192747 Crash when someone initiate talk with me
	- Bug #1168421 crash when opening specific contacts
	- Problem with NAB group members not being announced after the
	initial group status update
version 0.4.0 (2005-03-18)

	- installed header file names have changed to now have a "mw_"

	- RFE #994716 Support for Server-side Groups to Aware Service
	- RFE #1077794 NotesBuddy style formatting
	- Support for resolve service

	Bug Fixes
	- Bug #1008335 Error in common.c when compiling on x86_64
	- Bug #1021353 meanwhile won't build w/Sun GNOME2
	- Bug #1036056 meanwhile-CRITICAL - when add a buddy to my list
	- Bug #1089971 pkg-config file does not list liner flags
	- Bug #1110902 configure shouldn't set CFLAGS
	- Dumb crash when removing non-existant members from an aware list
version 0.3.1 (2004-08-05)

	- Fix [989872] Version incompatibility (0x80000200 errors)
	- Fix some st_list parsing problems

version 0.3.0 (2004-06-28)
	2004-06-27: Fixed bug #980572. Thanks a lot to Joe Marcus Clarke
	for all the debugging help!

	* common.c: privacy list has a name in it, who knew?

	* st_list.c: revamped the parsing and generation of sametime's
	buddy list format. Seems to be working alright, but there can be
	some serious ugliness with commas in user ids and in aliases.
	2004-06-23: Sametime blist format parser/generator seems to be

	* common.c: fixed a nasty crash/bug discovered by nosnilmot. Base
	type serialization wasn't correctly checking available buffer
	lengths, leading to unhealthy overruns. Won't happen anymore.
	* srvc_aware.c: fixed nasty bug in removing entries from a list
	which made the whole service unstable.

	* st_list.c, st_list.h: added to CVS. Simple API for loading and
	storing a heirarchy of group/users into a sametime format list.
	2004-06-21: Bug fix and API cleanup.

	* service.c, service.h: refinements to service start/stop and
	state checking
	* srvc_im.c: fixed a reported bug where messages were not being
	rejected even when the user was in mwStatus_BUSY. Thanks jdob!
	2004-06-18: Hopefully fixed bug #968973, requires testing by
	someone normally afflicted

	* channel.c, channel.h: added mwChannel_markActive
	* service.c, service.h: added start/stop, as well as related state
	tracking calls and utility functions
	* session.c: effectively rewrote mwSession_recv
	* srvc_store.c, srvc_store.h: added to CVS
	2004-06-15: Reworking services to follow a start/stop system.
	Moving service structures into a non-visible space.  Added support
	for the storage service.  Meanwhile now has its own client type
	identifier, 0x1700, and defaults to using that rather than the
	Java App identifier of 0x1003
version 0.2  Chris O'Brien  <>

	2004-05-17: Refactoring service and channel related code out of
	session.[ch], started using g_return_* functions.  Moved
	meanwhile-gaim plugin into its own module, for my own sanity.

version 0.1  Chris O'Brien  <>
	2004-04-23: Release against Gaim 0.77, tagged v0_77

	2004-04-20: Changed buddy list status text to be their message
	rather than the name of their state.  If there's no status
	message, it still falls back to the state name.  Updates to match
	Gaim 0.77cvs.  Chat rejection should be working now; Admin
	messages might work.  Difficult to test as only admins can send
	those messages.

	2004-04-14: Added meanwhile-gaim.spec, tagged it into v0_76.
	First rpm released
	2004-04-05: Release against Gaim 0.76, tagged v0_76

	2004-02-25: Added Features: create a conference with another user.
	This seems to work with pretty much any client on the receiving
	end; accept a conference from another user.  This seems to work
	with only some clients. eg: Sanity works, ICT doesn't.
	2004-02-23: First import to IIOSB CVS

	Features: working buddy list; status and away messages; idle
	timer; send/receive im; encryption support; lovable icon