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This file summarizes new major features of each MCPP release.  (kmatsui)

MCPP V.2.7.2 (2008/11)

1. This is a bug-fixed version of V.2.7.1, fixing several bugs of the
    previous release.

2. Enabled some CPU-specific predefined macros in compiler-independent-
    build as well as compiler-specific-build.

MCPP V.2.7.1 (2008/05)

1. This is a bug-fixed version of V.2.7, fixing several bugs of the
    previous release.

2. Made subroutine-build also install an mcpp executable and minimal
    documents as well as libmcpp for a convenience of library package.

MCPP V.2.7 (2008/03)

1. Implemented -K option to enable macro notification mode.  This mode
    is designed for C/C++ refactoring tools and embeds macro annotations
    into comments.  This mode is also enabled by '#pragma MCPP debug
    macro_call' sub-directive.

2. Fixed several bugs of the previous release, including a bug of UTF-8
    multibyte character handling.

3. Ported to Mac OS X / GCC and Visual C++ 2008.

4. Made GCC-specific-build closer to GCC.

5. Added documentation on source checking of firefox 3.0pre.

MCPP V.2.6.4 (2007/05)

1. This is a bug-fixed version of V.2.6.3, fixing memory leaks in
    subroutine-build, and fixing a bug of accessing non-allocated memory.

2. Also changed the installation directory of some documents in stand-
    alone-and-compiler-independent-build by configure or by binary

MCPP V.2.6.3 (2007/04)

1. Revised subtle points of #include and '#pragma once' handling, such
    as dereferencing symbolic linked directory and others.

2. Relaxed syntax checking and token checking in lang_asm mode.
    Implemented variadic macro of GCC3-specification for GCC-specific-
    build.  Increased compatibility of GCC-specific-build to GCC.

3. Implemented optional memory buffer output (other than file) in

4. Added 'mcpplib' target to make subroutine-build in and

5. Abolished 'install-data' and 'uninstall-data' targets of configured
    makefile.  On the other hand, made 'install' target install also

6. Provided stand-alone-and-compiler-independent-build binary packages
    port, rpm, deb, zip and their corresponding source packages on

7. Added documentation on source checking of glibc 2.4.

MCPP V.2.6.2 (2006/11)

1. Fixed several bugs of the previous release.

2. Added subroutine-build to use MCPP as a subroutine from other main

3. Changed the terms of building methods in the documents.  The building
    methods now have two axis:
        1. stand-alone-build vs subroutine-build
        2. compiler-independent-build vs compiler-specific-build
    Refer to INSTALL #1.
    Note that this change of terminology does not affect the two
    building methods of stand-alone preprocessor so far: 'compiler-
    independent-build' and 'compiler-specific-build'. ('compiler-
    independent-build' was called 'stand-alone-build' in the previous

4. Rewrote and converted the text files in 'doc' and 'doc-jp'
    directories into html files.

MCPP V.2.6.1 (2006/08)

1. Fixed several bugs of the previous release.

2. Revised path-list handling on CygWIN.

3. Added porting to MinGW/MSYS.

MCPP V.2.6 (2006/07)

1. Integrated STANDARD mode and PRE_STANDARD mode into one executable,
    differentiating the modes by the execution time options.

2. Changed --enable-maintainer-mode option of configure to --enable-
    replace-cpp option which generates compiler-specific-build of mcpp.

3. Made compiler-independent-build really independent from any compiler-
    systems.  It no longer requires GCC-specific header files.

4. Removed settings for pre-C90 compiler.
    Removed settings for MS-DOS compiler, DJGPP and Plan9.

5. Added portings to GCC V.4.0, CygWIN 1.5.18, Visual C++ 2005 and LCC-
    Win32 2006-03.