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2015-03-01  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Release version 33.3.1
	* Record release date.

	configury: bump release version to 33.3.1.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump release version to 33.3.1.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

	posix: fix a stupid cherry pick edit typo.
	* lib/ (popen_pipeline): Add comma after close.

2015-03-01  Reuben Thomas  <>

	posix: add missing locals before pclose and popen_pipeline.
	* lib/ (pclose, popen_pipeline): Make sure to import
	API module table entries into locals for easier refactoring if
	these functions are moved in a future revision.

	posix: remove ability to pass a simple string to execx.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (execx, spawn, popen): Adjust to exercise
	new behaviours with no special support for string arguments.
	* lib/ (execx, spawn, popen): Remove special support
	for string arguments.

	posix: remove obsolete `posix.system` alias.
	* lib/ (system): Remove.
	* (Incompatible Changes): Update.

2015-03-01  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	specs: installcheck setup.
	To prevent a repeat of the unloadable 33.3.0 release, set up
	specs so that latest slingshot will rerun the specs against both
	configure and luarocks installed luaposix.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (posix.version): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_version_spec.yaml (version): here.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add specs/posix_version_spec.yaml.
	* specs/spec_helper.lua: Check for installcheck in the environment
	before tweaking Lua paths to point at build tree.

	slingshot: sync with upstream, for installcheck support.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

2015-02-28  Reuben Thomas  <> install posix/init.lua under posix

2015-02-28  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: post-release administrivia.
	* NEWS: Add header line for next release.
	* .prev-version: Record previous version.
	* ./ (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.

	Release version 33.3.0
	* Record release date.

	configury: bump release version to 33.3.0.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump release version to 33.3.0.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.
	* Fix a small typo.

	maint: update .gitignore.
	* .gitignore: add lib/posix/init.lua.

	maint: workaround LuaRocks install manifest key clash.
	LuaRocks install manifest cannot store two files with the same
	* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Expand lib/ to
	lib/posix/init.lua for installation.
	* build-aux/ (file): Adjust accordingly.
	* (dist_lua_DATA): Likewise.
	* (Bugs Fixed): Update.
	Workaround suggested by

	configury: don't forget to distribute compat-5.2.{c,h}.
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Add ext/include/compat-5.2.c and

2015-02-28  Reuben Thomas  <>

	rockspec.conf: remove bogus constraint on bit32 version

2015-02-28  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	slingshot: sync with upstream for distcheck fixes.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream again.

2015-02-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	slingshot: Sync with upstream for Travis Lua 5.3 build fixes.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

	maint: exclude compat-5.2 sources from assorted syntax checks.
	* build-aux/
	(exclude_file_name_regexp--sc_useless_cpp_parens): Add
	(exclude_file_name_regexp--sc_useless_cpp_parens): Add
	* ext/include/compat-5.2.c, ext/include/compat-5.2.h: Remove
	trailing empty lines.

	maint: don't trigger error-message-uppercase in stdlib.c.
	* build-aux/
	(exclude_file_name_regexp--sc_error_message_uppercase): Add

	specs: expect portable wc command output format.
	BSD and Mac OS X `wc` indent the output from `wc`.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (popen_pipeline): Allow leading whitespace
	in wc output.

	slingshot: sync with upstream, for --libdir fix.
	Close #210
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.

2015-02-27  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #213 from luaposix/remove-pipeline
	Remove pipeline add recent changes

	posix: remove pipline, pipeline_iterator and pipeline_slurp
	These functions were experimental and only briefly documented. They are
	replaced by the popen family. fix some formatting

2015-02-26  Reuben Thomas  <>

	posix: add popen, popen_pipeline, and execx.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (popen, popen_pipeline): Specify
	correct behaviours for these new functions.
	* lib/ (popen, popen_pipeline, execx): New functions.

2015-02-26  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge pull request #211 from luaposix/fdopen

2015-02-25  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #206 from luaposix/remove-builtin-bit32
	build: remove posix.bit32

2015-02-21  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Add fdopen
	Uses luaL_Stream; we rely on compat-lua-5.2 to make this work on Lua 5.1
	and LuaJIT.

2015-02-19  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Build Lua 5.3 with 5.2 compatibility
	Needs -DLUA_COMPAT_5_2, just as 5.2 needs -DLUA_COMPAT_ALL

	Build Lua 5.3 with 5.2 compatibility
	Needs -DLUA_COMPAT_5_2, just as 5.2 needs -DLUA_COMPAT_ALL

	build: remove posix.bit32
	Close #204 again, removing posix.bit32 in favour of a rockspec
	dependency, which will use the built-in library in Lua >= 5.2, or the
	backported rock in Lua 5.1

2015-02-17  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge branch 'sparked435-master'

	curses: support linking against NetBSD curses.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (LPOSIX_CURSES_COMPLIANT): Leave this
	unset on NetBSD, unless linked against ncurses.
	(binding_notimplemented): New function for returning a `nil`,
	"not implemented" error pair from an unbound function...
	* ext/posix/stdlib.c (mkdtemp): ...factored out of here.  Adjust
	* ext/posix/curses.c (Presizeterm): Use it here too.
	(Pripoffline, Pslk_init, Pslk_refresh, Pslk_noutrefresh)
	(Pslk_label, pslk_clear, Pslk_restore, Pslk_touch)
	(Pslk_attron, Pslk_attroff, Pslk_attrset): Use it here When
	* ext/posix/curses/window.c (Wsyncok, Wimmedok): Likewise.
	* (New Features): Update.

2015-02-17  aaron  <>

	Workarounds for missing NetBSD curses functions.

2015-02-16  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	curses: remove unusable KEY_MOUSE constant.
	* ext/posix/curses.c (register_curses_constants): Comment out
	KEY_MOUSE, along with a comment to remind us not to reintroduce
	it again later!
	* (Incompatible Changes): Update.

	dirent: throw a Lua error when called with non-existent path.
	Close #207.
	* specs/posix_dirent_spec.yaml: New file. Specify correct
	behaviours, paying special attention to throwing an error when
	called with a non-existent path.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add specs/posix_dirent_spec.yaml.
	* ext/posix/dirent.c (Pdir): Check for errors when opening
	path argument, and throw an error if necessary.
	(pfiles): Likewise.
	* examples/dir.lua: Adjust accordingly.
	* (Bugs Fixed): Update.
	Reported by Ingo Struck <>

2015-02-11  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	doc: rationale for posix.bit32 inclusion.
	Close #204
	* ext/posix/bit32.c: Add LDocs to explain why we have yet another
	bit twiddling functions module here in luaposix.

	Merge branch 'zevv-getsockname'

2015-02-11  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge branch 'getsockname' of into zevv-getsockname
	* specs/posix_sys_socket_spec.yaml (getsockname): Specify bad
	argument behaviours minimally.
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c (getsockname): Port forward to latest
	helpers and conventions.  Fix LDocs.
	* examples/socket.lua: Port forward additional getsockname call.
	* (New features): Update.


2015-02-11  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	Added getsockname() to examples/socket.lua

	Added getsockname

2015-01-31  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	signal: workaround a printf long vs int type coercion issue.
	* ext/posix/signal.c (sig_handle): Some architectures use a long
	for sig_atomic_t, so we need a %ld specifier to display it without
	a warning.  In case sig_atomic_t is narrower than a long, cast it
	up before passing to fprintf.

	sys.socket: move sys/types.h include earlier.
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c: netinet/udp.h complains about lack of
	u_short definition on FreeBSD 10, so move sys/types.h before it
	in the hope of fixing that.
	Reported by jeangit@github.

	sys.resource: add ifdef guards to RLIM_SAVED_CUR and RLIM_SAVED_MAX.
	* ext/posix/sys/resource.c (luaopen_posix_sys_resource): Add
	ifdef guards around RLIM_SAVED_CUR and RLIM_SAVED_MAX declarations,
	because FreeBSD 10 does not provide them.
	Reported by jeangit@github.

2015-01-20  Reuben Thomas  <>

	posix.lua: use error, not die; fixes #201

2015-01-19  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	doc: improve LDocs for sys.socket sockaddr tables.
	Closes #200
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c (sockaddr): Document all optional fields.
	* Update.
	Reported by Bernd Eggink

	slingshot: sync with upstream for lua 5.3.0 final support.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

2015-01-18  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Make posix.pipeline_slurp more efficient
	Use standard table.concat method instead of repeated string

2015-01-04  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: post-release administrivia.
	* NEWS: Add header line for next release.
	* .prev-version: Record previous version.
	* ./ (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.

	Release version 33.2.1
	* Record release date.

	configury: distribute posix.curses.html correctly.
	* (dist_modules_DATA): Add posix.curses.html.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump release version to 33.2.1.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.
	* Update.
	Reported by Ulrich Schmidt <>

2015-01-03  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: post-release administrivia.
	* NEWS: Add header line for next release.
	* .prev-version: Record previous version.
	* ./ (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.

	Release version 33.2.0
	* Record release date.

	specs: accept '?' as function name in Lua bad argument errors.
	LuaJIT in particular often fails to find the name of a function,
	so we must accept '?' when checking error message contents.
	* specs/spec_helper.lua (typeerrors): Call badargs.format twice,
	and return a table of results.
	(init): Use typerrors wrapper.
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml, specs/posix_deprecated_spec.yaml,
	specs/posix_spec.yaml, specs/posix_sys_resource_spec.yaml,
	specs/posix_sys_socket_spec.yaml, specs/posix_time_spec.yaml: Use
	spec_helper.lua:init, or manually create a list of error messages
	including returned function name, or "?" when that could not be
	found, e.g. by LuaJIT.

2015-01-02  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	configury: bump release version to 33.2.0.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump release version to 33.2.0.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

	maint: adjust indentation for github markdown multi-para bullets.
	* Adjust indentation so that multi-paragram bullet
	points are correctly rendered by github markdown.

	specs: fix off by one error in localtime and gmtime examples.
	* specs/posix_time_spec.yaml (gmtime, localtime): Fix expectation
	range to fit (correct) description.
	* Update.

	gnulib: sync with upstream.

	maint: commit git rockspec to master branch.
	* .gitignore: Allow git rockspecs.
	* luaposix-git-1.rockspec: New file.

	configury: add ansicolors to travis_extra_rocks.
	* bootstrap.conf (buildreq): Reference Specl 14.0.0 with correct
	version number.
	(travis_extra_rocks): Add ansicolors for color specl outpet.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

2015-01-01  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: add 5.3 to compatiblity statement in files' preamble.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c, ext/posix/bit32.c, ext/posix/ctype.c,
	ext/posix/curses.c, ext/posix/curses/chstr.c,
	ext/posix/curses/window.c, ext/posix/dirent.c,
	ext/posix/errno.c, ext/posix/fcntl.c, ext/posix/fnmatch.c,
	ext/posix/getopt.c, ext/posix/glob.c, ext/posix/grp.c,
	ext/posix/libgen.c, ext/posix/poll.c, ext/posix/posix.c,
	ext/posix/pwd.c, ext/posix/sched.c, ext/posix/signal.c,
	ext/posix/stdio.c, ext/posix/stdlib.c, ext/posix/sys/msg.c,
	ext/posix/sys/resource.c, ext/posix/sys/socket.c,
	ext/posix/sys/stat.c, ext/posix/sys/statvfs.c,
	ext/posix/sys/time.c, ext/posix/sys/times.c,
	ext/posix/sys/utsname.c, ext/posix/sys/wait.c,
	ext/posix/syslog.c, ext/posix/termio.c, ext/posix/time.c,
	ext/posix/unistd.c, ext/posix/utime.c, lib/,
	lib/posix/_argcheck.lua, lib/posix/compat.lua,
	lib/posix/deprecated.lua, lib/posix/util.lua: Add 5.3 to
	compatibility statement in files' preamble.

	maint: update copyrights.
	* COPYING, bootstrap.conf,, ext/include/_helpers.c,
	ext/posix/bit32.c, ext/posix/ctype.c, ext/posix/curses.c,
	ext/posix/curses/chstr.c, ext/posix/curses/window.c,
	ext/posix/dirent.c, ext/posix/errno.c, ext/posix/fcntl.c,
	ext/posix/fnmatch.c, ext/posix/getopt.c, ext/posix/glob.c,
	ext/posix/grp.c, ext/posix/libgen.c, ext/posix/poll.c,
	ext/posix/posix.c, ext/posix/pwd.c, ext/posix/sched.c,
	ext/posix/signal.c, ext/posix/stdio.c, ext/posix/stdlib.c,
	ext/posix/sys/msg.c, ext/posix/sys/resource.c,
	ext/posix/sys/socket.c, ext/posix/sys/stat.c,
	ext/posix/sys/statvfs.c, ext/posix/sys/time.c,
	ext/posix/sys/times.c, ext/posix/sys/utsname.c,
	ext/posix/sys/wait.c, ext/posix/syslog.c, ext/posix/termio.c,
	ext/posix/time.c, ext/posix/unistd.c, ext/posix/utime.c,
	lib/, lib/posix/_argcheck.lua, lib/posix/compat.lua,
	lib/posix/deprecated.lua, lib/posix/util.lua, Add 2015
	to copyright statement.

	rockspec: Lua 5.4 and higher not yet supported.
	* rockspec.conf (dependencies): Add lua < 5.4 constraint.

	maint: use correct Specl >= 14 arity for bad argument errors.
	Now that Specl's badargs module is generating examples with
	the correct messages, we can now say 'no more than 0 arguments'.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (checknargs): Return singular 'argument'
	in error message only for exactly 1 expected argument, otherwise

	slingshot: sync with upstream.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* bootstrap: Update from slingshot.
	* Remove SS_CONFIG_TRAVIS invocation. Move extra
	rocks from here...
	* bootstrap.conf (travis_extra_rocks): here.
	(require_bootstrap_uptodate): Remove.
	* .gitignore: Remove slingshot.m4.

2014-12-22  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	configury: enable mkdtemp on _XOPEN_SOURCE incompatible hosts.
	* (POSIX_EXTRA_CPPFLAGS) <darwin*, openbsd*>: Add
	* ext/include/_helpers (LPOSIX_2008_COMPLIANT): When manually
	defined, also ensure LPOSIX_2001_COMPLIANT is defined.

2014-12-19  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: use table.unpack over unpack for 5.3.0 compatibility.
	Lua 5.3 has table.unpack but not _G.unpack; Lua 5.2 has
	table.unpack and _G.unpack; Lua 5.1 has _G.unpack but not
	* lib/ (unpack): Use table.unpack over unpack, to
	work on all three!
	* lib/posix/deprecated.lua (unpack): Likewise.

	maint: add missing NEWS.
	* NEWS: Note recent QNX support.

	stdlib: mkdtemp returns an error on substandard hosts.
	* ext/posix/stdlib.c (mkdtemp): Move POSIX compliance guards
	inside the function definition, with an alternate function body
	that returns an error when there is no mkdtemp in the C library.
	(posix_stdlib_fns): Remove POSIX compliance guard from mkdtemp.

	maint: detect POSIX 2001 or POSIX 2008 compliance.
	Close #197.
	* Reformat comments.
	Pass LPOSIX_2001_COMPLIANT directly to cpp on QNX.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (LPOSIX_2008_COMPLIANT): Enable only
	if _POSIX_C_SOURCE or _XOPEN_SOURCE are set appropriately.
	(LPOSIX_2001_COMPLIANT): Add _XOPEN_SOURCE >= 600 condition.
	* ext/posix/stdlib.c (Pmkdtemp): Disable this function unless
	LPOSIX_2008_COMPLIANT is defined.
	Reported by James Harris <>

	maint: post-release administrivia.
	* NEWS: Add header line for next release.
	* .prev-version: Record previous version.
	* ./ (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.

	Release version 33.1.0
	* Record release date.

	specs: adjust setrlimit error message expectations.
	* specs/posix_sys_resource_spec.yaml (setrlimit): Adjust error
	messages to reflect recent int->number table field type changes.

	slingshot: sync with upstream, for Lua 5.3.0 improvements.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* bootstrap: Update from slingshot.
	* NEWS: Move from here...
	* here. Convert to Markdown format.
	* .gitignore: Add NEWS.
	* (old_NEWS_hash): Regenerate.
	(luaexec_LTLIBRARIES): Change from assigment to appending.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

2014-12-18  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	resources: don't truncate rlim structure field values.
	With f8d8939 we were too zealous with changing all internal
	types from lua_Number (et. al) to lua_Integer (et. al), where
	lua_Integer is not wide enough to contain an rlim_t.
	* ext/include/_helpers (checknumberfield, pushnumberfield)
	(setnumberfield): New function and macros equivalent to the
	earlier implementations of checkintegerfield, pushintegerfield
	and setintegerfield respectively.
	* ext/posix/sys/resource.c (pushrlimit): Set PosixRlimit table
	entries with setnumberfield.
	(setrlimit): Extract PosixRlimit fields with checknumberfield.
	* specs/posix_sys_resource_spec.yaml (setrlimit): Remove
	spurious braces.

	posix: fix bad argument errors for spawn.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (spawn): Uncomment badargs diagnosis.
	* lib/ (M.spawn): Fix argument type error message for
	nil-valued argument 2.

2014-12-17  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	sys.socket: support OpenBSD 5.6.
	Close #182.
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c: Change the order of inclusion of some
	headers to satisfy OpenBSD 5.6.

2014-12-17  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Fix argument checks for spawn and add specs

2014-12-17  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	sys.msg: only enable SysV messaging where it is supported.
	* (AC_CHECK_HEADER): Add sys/msg.h.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add msgrcv, msgsend.
	(HAVE_SYSV_MESSAGING): Define if the above are all present.
	* ext/posix/sys/msg.c (LPOSIX_2001_COMPLIANT): Change from using

	configury: reformat AC_CHECK_FUNCS to discourage adding more!
	* Reformat.

2014-12-17  James Harris  <>

	configury: no _XOPEN_SOURCE on QNX.
	QNX either.

	socket: guard AI_ADDRCONFIG definition.
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c (luaopen_posix_sys_socket): For machines
	that don't define AI_ADDRCONFIG, wrap the binding in a CPP guard.

	unistd: stub gethostid for POSIX implementations that dropped it.
	* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add gethostid.
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (Pgethostid): If there is no gethostid on
	this host, return an error rather than trying to call it.

	configury: support separate libsocket.
	* (LIBSOCKET): Check for a socket funtion carrying
	socket library.
	* (ext_posix_posix_la_LDFLAGS): Add $(LIBSOCKET).

	curses: fix compilation errors when host has no curses library.
	* ext/posix/curses/chstr.c: Adjust #ifdef HAVE_CURSES to make
	sure there's an emptyg posix_curses_chstr_fns definition.
	* ext/posix/curses/window.c: Likewise for
	* ext/posix/curses.h: Likewise for curseslib.
	Also move #includes for the above files out of the HAVE_CURSES

2014-12-17  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: add Lua 5.3 to
	* Add Lua 5.3 reference.

	slingshot: sync with upstream, for travis ownership fixes.
	* slingshot: Sync with uptstream.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

	travis: debug check-local failure.
	* .travis.yml (script): Debug check-local failure.

	slingshot: sync with upstream, for Lua 5.3.x support.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

	configury: bump release number to 33.1.0.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump release number to 33.1.0.

	specs: move stdlib function specs to their own spec-file.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (abort, getenv, grantpt, mkdtemp, mkstemp)
	(openpt, ptsname, realpath, unlockpt, setenv): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_stdlib_spec.yaml (abort, getenv, grantpt, mkdtemp)
	(mkstemp, openpt, ptsname, realpath, unlockpt, setenv): New file. here.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add specs/posix_stdlib_spec.yaml.

	doc: cross reference umask and sys.stat.umask.
	* ext/posix/sys/stat.c (umask): Reference posix.umask.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (umask): Reference posix.sys.stat.umask.

2014-12-16  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: support 5.3.0 integers correctly.
	Many integer fields and values were incorrectly becoming `.0`
	suffixed floats in Lua 5.3.0.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (lua_isinteger): Define to lua_isnumber
	with pre-5.3.0 Lua headers.
	(checkinteger): Use it.
	(checkch): Use checkint over luaL_checknumber.
	(checkintegerfield): Use lua_pushinteger over lua_pushnumber.
	(pushnumberfield, setnumberfield): Rename from these...
	(pushintegerfield, setintegerfield): these, and adjust to
	work with Integer subtypes in Lua 5.3.0.
	* ext/posix/curses.c (Punctrl): Use checkch over luaL_checknumber.
	* ext/posix/grp (pushgroup): Set gr_gid field as an integer.
	* ext/posix/poll.c (poll_fd_list_check_table): Use lua_isinteger
	for argument check.
	* ext/posix/pwd.c (pushpasswd): Use setintegerfield for pw_uid
	and pwd_gid fields.
	* ext/posix/sys/resource.c (pushrlimit): Use setintegerfield for
	rlim_cur and rlim_max fields.
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c (pushsockaddrinfo): Use pushintegerfield
	for family, port, pid and groups fields.
	(Pgetaddrinfo): Use pushintegerfield for socktype and protocol
	* ext/posix/sys/stat.c (pushstat): Use setintegerfield for all
	* ext/posix/sys/statvfs.c (pushstatvfs): Use setintegerfield for
	all fields.
	* ext/posix/sys/time.c (pushtimeval): Use setintegerfield for
	tv_sec and tv_usec fields.
	* ext/posix/sys/times.c (pushtimefield): Use pushintegerfield.
	* ext/posix/termio.c (Ptcgetattr): Use pushintegerfield for
	iflag, oflag, lflag, cflag and cc fields.
	* ext/posix/time.c (pushtimespec): Use setintegerfield for
	tv_sec and tv_nsec fields.
	(pushtm): Use setintegerfield for all fields.
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (mygetuid. mygetgid): Use lua_isinteger and
	lua_tointeger for argument checking.
	* NEWS: Update.

	stdlib: accept optional 3rd argument to setenv.
	Close #185.
	* ext/posix/stdlib.c (Psetenv): Allow optional 3rd argument again.
	* NEWS: Update.

	maint: remove unused luaexec_LDFLAGS macro.
	Silence an Automake warning about unused luaexec_LDFLAGS.
	* (luaexec_LDFLAGS): Remove.

	slingshot: sync with upstream, for git submodule fixes.
	Latest slingshot bootstrap passes arguments to 'git submodule init'
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* bootstrap: Update from slingshot.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

	specs: specify localtime and gmtime month values correctly.
	* specs/posix_time_spec.yaml (gmtime, localtime): Add a
	specification for December epoch returning month 11.
	Fix description of month range to be 0-11.
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (gmtime, localtime): Add a
	specification for December epoch returning month 12.
	Fix description of month range to be 1-12.
	Fix specification to check month range 1-12.

2014-12-16  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Fix #187

	Fix #189

2014-11-06  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	deprecated: handle nonexistent files gracefully.
	* lib/posix/deprecated (stat, statvfs): If the underlying C API
	call does not return a table, simply return nil instead of
	calling doselection.

	sys.socket: initialize hints with zeros.
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c (Pgetaddrinfo): It's not safe to rely
	on field values in uninitialised automatic struct addrinfo
	declaration.  Use memset to overwrite garbage.
	* NEWS: Update.

	maint: support _POSIX_C_SOURCE in lieu of _POSIX_VERSION.
	On OpenBSD 5.6, _POSIX_VERSION is set to just 199009L by default,
	and messing with _XOPEN_SOURCE or setting _POSIX_VERSION directly
	changes the C library header declarations.  It seems that
	_POSIX_C_SOURCE is defined to 200112L by default, indicating that
	the newer functions luaposix wants to bind to really are available.
	definition on OpenBSD.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (LPOSIX_2001_COMPLIANT): New preprocessor
	symbol, defined when either _POSIX_VERSION or _POSIX_C_SOURCE
	are bigger than 200112L.
	* ext/posix/stdlib.c, ext/posix/sys/msg.c,
	ext/posix/sys/socket.c, ext/posix/sys/times.c,
	ext/posix/syslog.c, ext/posix/unistd.c: Predicate on new
	LPOSIX_2001_COMPLIANT definition instead of _POSIX_VERSION.

	sys.socket: make some more preprocessor constants conditional.
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c (AI_ALL, AI_V4MAPPED): Add preprocessor
	guards, as these two are not defined on at least OpenBSD 5.6.

	configury: propagate _XOPEN_SOURCE cpp defines fully.
	* (POSIX_EXTRA_CFLAGS): A misnomer...
	(POSIX_EXTRA_CPPFLAGS): ...better named like this.
	preprocessor definitions reach submodule compilation too.
	(ext_posix_posix_la_CFLAGS): Remove.

2014-11-05  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	doc: use OpenGroup SUSv3 urls for manual page links.
	* build-aux/ (custom_see_handler): Send manual page
	links to OpenGroup SUSv3 specifications instead of

	maint: update README.
	* Update some bitrot.

	configury: add sys/socket.h to other socket header checks.
	The net/if.h check fails on at least OpenBSD 5.6 without this
	* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add sys/socket.h to default
	headers when checking for net/if.h and linux/netlink.h.

	configury: set LIBRT only if it is required for clock_gettime.
	* (LIBRT): Extract from != Darwin guard and set to
	-lrt if that is required for clock_gettime to work.
	(POSIX_EXTRA_CFLAGS): Move up to compiler flag setting section.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Move out of library checking section.

	sys.resource: provide RLIMIT_AS fallback for OpenBSD 5.6.
	* ext/posix/sys/resource.c (RLIMIT_AS): Fallback to RLIMIT_DATA
	if not otherwise defined.

	maint: preliminary Lua 5.3.0-beta compatibility.
	Close #181.
	* (AX_PROG_LUA): Accept Lua 5.3 interpreters.
	* ext/include/lua52compat.h: Remove.
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Adjust accordingly.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (lua_objlen, lua_strlen, luaL_openlib)
	(luaL_register): Lua 5.2 and 5.3 compatibility definitions.
	* ext/posix/sched.c, ext/posix/termio.c: Use luaposix optint()
	rather than deprecated luaL_optint().
	* NEWS: Update.

	bit32: remove remaining `require "bit"` invocations.
	* lib/ require "posix.bit32" unconditionally.
	* specs/posix_unistd_spec.yaml: Likewise.

	maint: remove dependency on luabitop.
	* specs/spec_helper.lua (bit): Fallback on posix.bit32 if there
	is no native bit32 module.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua, lib/posix/deprecated.lua: Use
	posix.bit32 unconditionally.
	* rockspec.conf (dependencies): Remove luabitop.

	bit32: fetch uint32_t definition from stdint.h.
	* ext/posix/bit32.c: include stdint.h instead of sys/types.h.

	bit32: new module for lua5.1 compatibility.
	* specs/posix_bit32_spec.yaml: Specify behaviours of band, bnot
	and bor.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add posix_bit32_spec.yaml.
	* ext/posix/bit32.c: New module implementing band, bnot and bor.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: #include bit32.c.
	* build-aux/ (file): Add ext/posix/bit32.c.
	* (EXTRA_ext_posix_posix_la_SOURCES): Likewise.
	(posix_submodules): Likewise.
	(ext_posix_bit32_la_LDFLAGS): Set module LDFLAGS.
	* NEWS: Update.

2014-11-04  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: ignore src.rock files.
	* .gitignore: Add *.src.rock.

	maint: update README.
	* Fix some outdated paragraphs.

	maint: post-release administrivia.
	* NEWS: Add header line for next release.
	* .prev-version: Record previous version.
	* ./ (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.

	Release version 33.0.0
	* NEWS: Record release date.

	configury: adopt semantic versioning.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump version to 33.0.0.

	doc: document returned error numbers in many APIs.
	* ext/posix/fcntl.c, ext/posix/poll.c, ext/posix/sched.c,
	ext/posix/signal.c, ext/posix/stdio.c, ext/posix/stdlib.c,
	ext/posix/sys/msg.c, ext/posix/sys/resource.c,
	ext/posix/sys/socket.c, ext/posix/sys/stat.c,
	ext/posix/sys/times.c, ext/posix/sys/utsname.c,
	ext/posix/sys/wait.c, ext/posix/syslog.c, ext/posix/termio.c,
	ext/posix/time.c, ext/posix/unistd.c, ext/posix/utime.c,
	lib/posix/compat.lua, lib/posix/deprecated.lua: Document third
	returned error number for many APIs.

2014-11-03  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	syslog: add LOG_MASK, and pass bits to openlog and setlogmask.
	Close #156.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (openlog): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_deprecated_spec.yaml (openlog): here.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (setlogmask): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (setlogmask): here.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (closelog, syslog): Move from here
	* specs/posix_syslog_spec.yaml (closelog, syslog): New file. here.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add posix_syslog_spec.yaml.
	* specs/posix_syslog_spec.yaml (openlog, setlogmask)
	(LOG_MASK): Specify behaviour of new minimal bindings.
	* ext/posix/compat.lua (openlog, setlogmask): Simplify
	* lib/posix/deprecated.lua (openlog): Reimplement old string
	specified option API in Lua over new minimal binding.
	* ext/posix/syslog.c (PLOG_MASK): New function for converting
	option priorities to mask bits.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (setlogmask): Reimplement old auto-ORing
	API over new LOG_MASK and minimal setlogmask bindings.
	* NEWS: Update.

	doc: remove unused posix.util.html.
	* (dist_modules_DATA): Remove doc/modules/posix.util.html.

	posix: move openpty utility into posix and add argchecks.
	* lib/posix/util.lua (openpty): Move from here...
	* lib/posix.lua (openpty): here.  Add argcheck wrapper.
	* lib/posix/util.lua: Reexport openpty for backwards compatibility.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (openpty): Add specs for argchecks.
	* build-aux/ (file): Remove lib/posix/util.lua.
	* NEWS: Update.

	specs: set initial describe headers consistently.
	* specs/curses_spec.yaml, specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml,
	specs/posix_ctype_spec.yaml, specs/posix_deprecated_spec.yaml,
	specs/posix_fcntl_spec.yaml, specs/posix_fnmatch_spec.yaml,
	specs/posix_grp_spec.yaml, specs/posix_pwd_spec.yaml,
	specs/posix_sys_time_spec.yaml, specs/posix_sys_times_spec.yaml,
	specs/posix_sys_utsname_spec.yaml, specs/posix_time_spec.yaml,
	specs/posix_unistd_spec.yaml: Use dot delimmited module names
	consistently in initial describe heading.

	doc: show return type correctly on exec and execp.
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (Pexec, Pexecp): Show return type correctly.

	doc: show return type of posix.signal.signal.
	* ext/posix/signal.c (signal): Show return type.

	refactor: move lua docs to the top of LDoc index sidebar.
	* build-aux/ (files): Move Lua files to the top of
	the list.

	unistd: deprecate exec with string tuple args.
	Close #167.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (exec, execp): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_deprecated.yaml (exec, execp): here.
	* specs/posix_unistd.yaml (exec, execp): ...and much simplified
	specification here.
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (runexec): Simplify accordingly.
	* lib/posix/deprecated (exec, execp): Reimplement string tuple
	passing, [0]-crippled API again over C binding.
	* NEWS: Update.

	signal: modernize posix.signal.
	Close #161.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (kill, killpg, raise, signal): Move from
	* specs/posix_signal_spec.yaml (kill, killpg, raise, signal):
	New file. here.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add specs/posix_signal_spec,yaml.
	* examples/signal.lua: Rewrite in modern style.
	* ext/posix/signal.c (Psignal): Update LDocs.
	(luaopen_posix_signal): Add SIG_DFL and SIG_IGN constants.
	* NEWS: Update.

2014-11-02  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	specs: don't truncate output after fcntl examples.
	* specs/lposix_spec.yaml (fcntl F_GETFL): Make sure to save and
	correctly restore stdio buffering correctly around examples.
	* NEWS: Update.

	deprecated: make sure bitwise operations are defined.
	* lib/posix/deprecated.lau (bit): Require a bit operation lib.
	(band, bnot, bor): Define local bitwise operators.

	refactor: separate undocumented compat APIs.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (doselection, PosixTm, LegacyTm, pushmode)
	(bind, clock_getres, clock_gettime, connect, fadvise, fnmatch)
	(getgroup, getpasswd, getpid, getrimit, gettimeofday, gmtime)
	(hostid, isgraph, isprint, localtime, mktime, nanosleep, pathconf)
	(setrlimit, stat, statvfs, strftime, strptime, sysconf, times)
	(uname): Move from here...
	* lib/posix/deprecated.lua (doselection, PosixTm, LegacyTm)
	(pushmode, bind, clock_getres, clock_gettime, connect, fadvise)
	(fnmatch, getgroup, getpasswd, getpid, getrimit, gettimeofday)
	(gmtime, hostid, isgraph, isprint, localtime, mktime, nanosleep)
	(pathconf, setrlimit, stat, statvfs, strftime, strptime, sysconf)
	(times, uname): New file. here.
	* build-aux/ (sc_error_message_uppercase): Adjust
	* build-aux/ (file): Add lib/posix/compat.lua.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua: Document within posix module.

2014-10-28  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	refactor: separate private argument checking helpers.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (argerror, argtypeerror, badoption)
	(checkint, checkselection, checkstring, checktable, optint)
	(optstring, opttable, toomanyargerror): Move from here...
	* lib/posix/_argcheck.lua (argerror, argtypeerror, badoption)
	(checkint, checkselection, checkstring, checktable, optint)
	(optstring, opttable, toomanyargerror): New file. here.
	* (dist_luaposix_DATA): Add lib/posix/_argcheck.lua.

	socket: bind connect and bind minimally.
	Close #158.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (accept, bind, connect, getaddrinfo)
	(listen, recv, recvfrom, send, sendto, setsockopt, shutdown)
	(socket, socketpair): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_sys_socket_spec.yaml (accept, bind, connect)
	(getaddrinfo, listen, recv, recvfrom, send, sendto, setsockopt)
	(shutdown, socket, socketpair): New file. here.
	(bind, connect): Adjust specifications to expect 0 returned upon
	* specs/posix_deprecated_spec.yaml (bind, connect): New file.
	Check for backward compatible return types when imported from
	posix module.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add
	specs/posix_sys_socket_spec.yaml and
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c (bind, connect): Simplify accordingly.
	* examples/socket.lua: Adjust to new style submodule imports.
	* lib/posix/deprecated.lua (bind, connect): Write wrapper
	functions to implement `true` return API.
	* (dist_luaposix_DATA): Add lib/posix/deprecated.lua.
	* lib/ Import deprecated APIs.

	time: remote debugging with Travis!!
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (clock_getres): Fix if guard for
	undefined clock_getres.
	(clock_gettime): Fix indentation.
	* specs/psoix_time_spec.yaml (clock_getres, clock_gettime): Use
	prototype instead of type to get metatable _type!

	time: bind clock_getres and clock_gettime minimally.
	Close #159.
	* specs/posix_time_spec.yaml (clock_getres, clock_gettime): Adjust
	to specify passing of integer constants and return PosixTimespec
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (clock_getres, clock_gettime):
	Specify backwards compatible behaviours accepting optional name
	and returning separate sec, nanosec results.
	* ext/posix/time.c (get_clk_id_const): Remove.
	(clock_getres, clock_gettime): Simplify.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (clock_getres, clock_gettime): Reimplement
	old API over new minimal binding.
	* NEWS: Update

2014-10-25  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	time: bind nanosleep minimally.
	Close #162.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (nanosleep): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (nanosleep): here.
	* specs/posix_time_spec.yaml (nanosleep): Specify behaviour of
	minimal binding.
	* ext/posix/time.c (totimespec, pushtimespec): New functions.
	Convert between C struct timespec and Lua PosixTimespec table.
	(nanosleep): Simplify accordingly.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (nanosleep): Reimplement old API over new
	minimal binding.
	* NEWS: Update.

	time: pass struct tm equivalent tables with POSIX field names.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (gmtime, localtime, mktime, strftime)
	(strptime): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (gmtime, localtime, mktime)
	(strftime, strptime): here.  Add full specifications.
	* specs/posix_time_spec.yaml (clock_getres, clock_gettime, gmtime)
	(localtime, mktime, strftime, strptime, time): Specify behaviours
	of thin bindings for these APIs.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add specs/posix_time_spec.yaml.
	* ext/posix/time.c (Stm_fileds, totm, pushtm): Convert and verify
	C struct tm records and Lua PosixTm tables.
	(gmtime, localtime, mktime, strftime, strptime): Simplify
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (PosixTm, LegacyTm): Convert between new
	PosixTm tables and old custom field name `struct tm` tables.
	(gmtime, localtime, mktime, strftime, strptime): Reimplement
	legacy table manipulation APIs over new thin bindings.
	* NEWS: Update.

	maint: tidy up sanity check configuration.
	* build-aux/ Escape '.' in regexps properly.
	Add lib/posix/compat.lua to sc_error_message_uppercase.

2014-10-24  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	resource: bind getrlimit and setrlimit minimally.
	Close #164.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (getrlimit, setrlimit): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (getrlimit, setrlimit): here.
	* specs/posix_sys_resource_spec.yaml (getrlimit, setrlimit): New
	file. Specify minimal binding behaviours.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (checkfieldtype): Improve nil diagnostic
	to read 'no value'.
	(lookup_symbol): Remove unused function.
	* ext/posix/sys/resource.c (rlimit_map, Krlimit, Srlimit): Remove
	unused internal APIs.
	(pushrlimit): Push a PosixRlimit table onto the stack.
	(getrlimit, setrlimit): Simplify accordingly.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (optint): New helper function.
	(getrlimit, setrlimit): Reimplement string resource multi-return
	API in Lua.
	* NEWS: Update.

	refactor: reorder renamed fcntl functions alphabetically.
	* ext/posix/fcntl.c: Order functions alphabetically.

	compat: adjust argerror diagnostics for backwards compatibility.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (fadvise): Adjust argerror diagnostics.

	maint: adjust badarguments example generation for fadvise.
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (fadvise): Adjust fadvise
	generation specifier.

	maint: missing declaration.
	* ext/posix/fcntl.c (Pposix_fadvise): Add missing declaration.

	fcntl: bind posix_fadvise minimally.
	Close #169.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (fadvise): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (fadvise): here.
	* specs/posix_fcntl_spec.yaml (posix_fadvise): Specify argcheck
	behaviours on supporting systems.
	* ext/posix/fcntl.c (Pfadvise): Rename from this...
	(Pposix_fadvise): this.  Change first argument to a file
	descriptor to match POSIX API.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (fadvise): Reimplement file handle
	argument version in Lua.
	* NEWS: Update.

	refactor: move _helper.c functions into only calling submodule.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (mygetuid, mygetgid): Move from here...
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (mygetuid, mygetgid): here.

	maint: remove unused doselection helper.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (Selector, doselection): Remove.
	* ext/posix/sys/resource.c (Pgetrlimit): Remove unsolvable FIXME

	times: bind times minimally.
	Close #165.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (times): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (times): here.
	* specs/posix_sys_times_spec.yaml (times): New file. Specify
	minimal binding of times(2).
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add
	* ext/posix/sys/times.c (struct mytimes, Ftimes, Stimes): Remove.
	(Ptimes): Simplify accordingly.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (times): Reimplement legacy multi-string
	or table io/API over minimal C binding.
	* NEWS: Update.

2014-10-23  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	compat: fix a typo, so stat is wrapped with _DEBUG false.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (stat): When _DEBUG is false, make sure to
	still add a stat function entry to the export table!

	statvfs: bind statvfs minimally.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (statvfs): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (statvfs): here.
	* specs/posix_sys_statvfs_spec.yaml (statvfs): New file. Specify
	a minimal binding of statvfs(2).
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add
	* ext/posix/sys/statvfs.c (Fstatvfs, Kpathvfs, Sstatvfs): Remove.
	(Pstatvfs): Simplify drastically.
	(luaopen_posix_sys_vfs): Add statvfs f_flags bitmasks.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (statvfs): Reimplement legacy multi-string
	or table io/API over minimal C binding.
	* NEWS: Update.

	maint: don't rely on undefined evaluation order.
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (Ppathconf): The C standard allows arguments
	to be evaluated in any order, and we have specl examples that
	require argchecks proceed from left to right, so hoist the first
	argument out of the nested call to satisfy that.

	unistd: wrap pathconf minimally.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (pathconf): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (pathconf): here.
	* specs/posix_unistd_spec.yaml (pathconf): Specify a minimal
	binding of pathconf(2).
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (pathconf_map, Fpathconf, Kpathconf)
	(Spathconf): Remove.
	(pathconf): Simplify drastically.
	(luaopen_posix_unistd): Add pathconf argument constants.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (pathconf): Reimplement legacy multi-
	string or table i/o API over minimal C binding.
	* NEWS: Update.

	unistd: wrap sysconf minimally.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (sysconf): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (sysconf): here.
	* specs/posix_unist_spec.yaml (sysconf): Specify minimal
	binding of sysconf(2).
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (sysconf_map, Fsysconf, Ksysconf, Ssysconf):
	(sysconf): Simplify drastically.
	(luaopen_posix_unistd): Add sysconf argument constants.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (sysconf): Reimplement legacy multi-string
	or table i/o API over minimal C binding.
	* NEWS: Update.

	posix: factor out doselection argument checking function.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (badoption, checkint, checkstring)
	(checktable, optstring): Accept and propagate new error level
	(checkselection): Use them to factor out argument checking for
	doselection argchecking wrappers.
	(getpasswd, getpid, stat): Simplify argchecking wrappers
	* NEWS: Update.

2014-10-22  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	refactor: factor out doselection-like functionality.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (doselection): Given a table of field
	names, and a mapping table return a tuple of remapped names, or
	the whole table when no fields are passed.
	(getpasswd, getpid, stat): Simplify accordingly.

	specs: specify posix.sys.stat.stat behaviour.
	* specs/posix_sys_stat_spec.yaml (stat): New examples based on

	specs: add missing file.
	* specs/posix_fcntl_spec.yaml: New file.

	posix: move mode munching from C to Lua.
	Close #147.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (chmod, mkdir, mkfifo, msgget, open):
	Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (chmod, mkdir, mkfifo, msgget)
	(open): here, and add functionality examples.
	* specs/posix_sys_msg_spec.yaml (msgget),
	specs/posix_sys_stat_spec.yaml (chmod, mkdir, mkfifo): Updated
	versions of original examples, tailored to work with integer mode
	* (specl_SPECS): Add specs/posix_fcntl_spec.yaml and
	* ext/posix/fcntl.c (Popen): Drastically simplified, to a
	minimal POSIX binding.
	* ext/posix/sys/msg.c (Pmsgget): Likewise.
	* ext/posix/sys/stat.c (Pchomd, Pmkdir, Pmkfifo): Likewise.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (M, rwxrwxrwx, octal_mode, mode_munch):
	Remove.  No longer in use.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (checkint): New support function.
	(chmod, mkdir, mkfifo, msgget, open): Reimplement legacy mode
	munching APIs over minimal C bindings.
	(create): Adjust to use new minimal open binding.

2014-10-21  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	sys.stat: wrap umask minimally.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (umask): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (umask): here.
	* specs/posix_sys_stat_spec.yaml (umask): Specify minimal binding
	for umask(2).
	* ext/posix/sys/stat.c (umask): Simplify drastically.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (pushmode): Remove.  No longer used.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (rwxrwxrwx, octal_mode, mode_munch):
	Translated from C equivalents in ext/include/_helpers.c.
	(umask): Use them to reimplement legacy modestring based API.

	refactor: move pushtimeval function to ext/posix/sys/time.c.
	There's only one call-site for this function, so no need to keep
	it in the shared helpers file.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (pushtimeval): Move from here...
	* ext/posix/sys/time.c (pushtimeval): here.

	maint: retain backwards compatibility with v32 posix.stat.
	We now have `posix.sys.stat` for thin bindings of stat and lstat,
	so maintain backwards compatibility with v32 in `posix.stat`.
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (lstat): Remove.
	(stat): Adjust to expect lstat under the hood.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml: Adjust stat/lstat clients.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (lstat): Remove.
	(stat): Adjust to use lstat under the hood.
	* NEWS: Update.

	specs: fix a bug in lstat.st_blocks example.
	* specs/posix_sys_stat_spec.yaml (lstat): Don't expect number
	of disk blocks used by a file to equal the number used by the
	directory that file is in!

	compat: import bitwise operations before use.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua: Import bitwise operations before use.

	maint: disable prohibit_stat_st_blocks sanity check.
	* build-aux/ (local-checks-to-skip): Add
	sc_prohibit_stat_st_blocks, because we need to use st_blocks
	here until licensing allows using the gnulib/module/stat-size.

	maint: add missing file.
	* specs/posix_sys_stat_spec.yaml: New file, forgotten from last

	sys.stat: wrap stat and lstat properly.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (lstat, stat): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (lstat, stat): here.
	* specs/posix_sys_stat_spec.yaml: New file. Specify correct thin
	binding for stat(2) and lstat(2).
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add posix_sys_stat_spec.yaml.
	* ext/posix/sys/stat.c (pushstat): New function. Push a struct
	stat-like table on top of the stack.
	(S_ISSOCK): New APIs.
	New constants.
	(Plstat, Pstat): Simplify accordingly.
	(filetype, Fstat, Sstat): Remove.
	* specs/spec_helper.lua (rmtmp): Update to use low-level stat
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (lstat, stat): Reimplement wierd multi-
	return value, table or tuple input APIs over new lean bindings.
	* NEWS: Update.

	maint: name posix_compat_spec.yaml correctly.
	* specs/posix_compat.yaml: Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml: here.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Adjust accordingly.

	refactor: use std.object.type compatible metatables.
	* specs/spec_helper.lua (prototype): Copied from lua-stdlib.
	* specs/posix_grp_spec.yaml (getgrent, getgrgid, getgrnam):
	Specify prototype responses for return tables.
	* specs/posix_pwd_spec.yaml (getpwent, getpwnam, getpwuid):
	* specs/posix_sys_time_spec.yaml (gettimeofday): Likewise.
	* specs/posix_sys_utsname_spec.yaml (uname): Likewise.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (LPOSIX_STMT_BEG, LPOSIX_STMT_END): New
	macros for safe compound statement macro definitions.
	(LPOSIX_CONST, pushnumberfield, pushstringfield): Use them here.
	(pushliteralfield): New macro for literal fields.
	(setnumberfield, setstringfield, settypemetatable): New macros
	for easy return table creation.
	(pushtimeval): Simplify accordingly. Set metatable._type.
	* ext/posix/curses/chstr.c (luaopen_posix_curses_chstr): Ditto.
	* ext/posix/curses/window.c (luaopen_posix_curses_window): Ditto.
	* ext/posix/grp.c (pushgroup): Ditto.
	* ext/posix/pwd.c (pushpasswd): Ditto.
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c (pushsockaddrinfo): Ditto.
	* ext/posix/sys/utsname.c (pushutsname): Ditto.
	* NEWS: Update.

	maint: add missing file.
	* specs/posix_sys_time_spec.yaml: Add missing file.

	doc: name timeval fields correctly.
	* ext/posix/sys/time.c (timeval): Prefix both field names with
	`tv_` per C struct timeval, and pushtimeval table.

	sys.time: wrap gettimeofday properly.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (gettimeofday): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat.yaml (gettimeofday): here.
	* specs/posix_sys_time_spec.yaml (gettimeofday): Specify correct
	thin binding for gettimeofday(2).
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add posix_sys_time_spec.yaml.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (pushtimeval): New function. Push a
	struct timeval-like table on top of the stack.
	* ext/posix/sys/time.c (Pgettimeofday): Simplify accordingly.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (gettimeofday): Rewrite misnamed table
	fields returning API here for backwards compatibility.

2014-10-20  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	refactor: simplify push{string,number}field and clients.
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (pushnumberfield, pushstringfield):
	Reimplement as macros, with fewer arguments required.  Adjust all
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c (sockaddr_to_lua): Renamed from this...
	(pushsockaddrinfo): this, and simplify considerably.  Adjust
	all callers.

	socket: allow getaddrinfo results as connect address argument.
	Undo overzealous rejection of misnamed fields to socket.connect.
	* ext/posix/sys/socket.c (Safinet_fields): Also permit fields
	written to getaddrinfo results.

	maint: move stat and lstat from posix.unistd to posix.sys.std.
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (filetype, Fstat, Sstat, Plstat, Pstat):
	Move from here...
	* ext/posix/sys/stat.c (filetype, Fstat, Sstat, Plstat, Pstat): here.

	utsname: wrap uname properly.
	Close #154.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (uname): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat.yaml (uname): here. Add diagnose bad
	option example.
	* specs/posix_sys_utsname_spec.yaml (uname): Specify correct thin
	binding for uname(2).
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add posix_sys_utsname_spec.yaml.
	* ext/posix/sys/utsname.c (pushutsname): New function to push
	a table with struct utsname fields.
	(uname): Use it to push the actual results of the call.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (uname): Rewrite old format specifier
	replacing API here for backwards compatibility.

	ctype: wrap isprint and isgraph properly.
	Close #160.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (isprint, isgraph): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat.yaml (isprint, isgraph): here.  Add
	result specifications.
	* specs/posix_ctype_spec.yaml (isprint, isgraph): Specify correct
	thin binding for these functions.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add posix_ctype_spec.yaml.
	* ext/posix/ctype.c (isprint, isgraph): Return the actual result
	of calling these functions.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (isprint, isgraph): Rewrite the weird true/
	false return API here for backwards compatibility.

	fnmatch: wrap fnmatch(3) properly.
	Close #168.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (fnmatch): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat.yaml (fnmatch): here.
	* specs/posix_fnmatch_spec.yaml (fnmatch): Specify correct thin
	binding for fnmatch(3).
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add posix_fnmatch_spec.yaml.
	* ext/posix/fnmatch.c (fnmatch): Return the actual result of
	the call.
	(luaopen_posix_fnmatch): Export FNM_NOMATCH constant.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (fnmatch): Rewrite the weird true/false
	error raising API here for backwards compatibility.

	doc: add curses constants LDocs.
	* ext/posix/curses.c: Document constants.
	(register curses constants): Fix a typo so that KEY_F31 is
	defined as advertised.
	* NEWS: Update.

	doc: LDoc config improvements.
	* build-aux/ (title): Display package name as well as
	release number.
	(description): Mention inclusion of curses bindings explicitly.
	(backtick_references): Require @{...} for cross-references,
	leaving backticks for terminal font markup.

	doc: tidy up LDoc output for posix.termio.
	* ext/posix/termio.c: Tidy up formatting for LDocs.

2014-10-19  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	slingshot: sync with upstream, for git submodule fixes.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* bootstrap: Import from slingshot.

	doc: add LDocs for submodule constants.
	* ext/posix/errno.c, ext/posix/fcntl.c, ext/posix/fnmatch.c,
	ext/posix/sched.c, ext/posix/signal.c, ext/posix/stdio.c,
	ext/posix/sys/msg.c, ext/posix/sys/socket.c, ext/posix/sys/wait.c,
	ext/posix/syslog.c, ext/posix/unistd.c: Add LDocs for constants.
	* NEWS: Update.

2014-10-17  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	posix: use correct POSIX gethostid API.
	Closes #153.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (hostid): Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat.yaml (hostid): here.
	* specs/posix_unistd_spect.yaml (gethostid): Specify with correct
	POSIX API name.
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (Phostid): Rename from this...
	(Pgethostid): this.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (hostid): An alias to gethostid for
	backwards compatibility.
	* NEWS: Update.

	maint: add missing lib/posix/compat.lua file.
	* lib/posix/compat.lua: New file, forgotten from an earlier

	maint: add missing specs/posix_compat.yaml file.
	* specs/posix_compat.yaml: New file, forgotten from previous

2014-10-16  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	refactor: maintain backwards compatibility for getpasswd.
	Closes #148.
	Separate backwards compatibility functions so that they still
	work as before, but do not appear in the documentation.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (creat, getgroup, getpasswd, getpid):
	Move from here...
	* specs/posix_compat_spec.yaml (creat, getgroup, getpasswd)
	(getpid): New file. here.
	* lib/ (argerror, argtypeerror, checkstring)
	(checktable, toomanyargerror, creat, getgroup, getpasswd)
	(getpid): Move from here...
	* lib/posix/compat.lua (argerror, argtypeerror, checkstring)
	(checktable, toomanyargerror, creat, getgroup, getpasswd)
	(getpid): New file. here.
	* NEWS: Update.

	refactor: simplify posix.getpasswd for consistency.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (getpasswd): Simplify behaviours for
	consistency with pasix.getgroup.
	* lib/ (getpasswd): Simplify accordingly.
	* NEWS: Update.

	unistd: implement getpid and similar APIs.
	Closes #152.
	* specs/posix_unistd_spec.yaml: New file. Specify behaviours for
	getegid, geteuid, getgid, getpgrp, getpid, getppid, getuid.
	* specs/ (specs_SPECS): Add specs/posix_unistd_spec.yaml.
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (getpid): Delete.
	(setegid, geteuid, getgid, getpgrp, getpid, getppid, getuid): New
	functions. Satisfy specifications.
	* lib/ (getpid): Reimplement legacy API over new
	POSIX bindings.
	* NEWS: Update.

	posix: getgroup argument defaults to egid.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (getgroup): Specify behaviour with no
	* lib/ (group): New LDocs for getgroup return table
	(getgroup): Adjust LDocs accordingly.
	Default to egid with no argument.
	* NEWS: Update.

	pwd: implement POSIX pwd APIs.
	Closes #150.
	(getpwuid, setpwent): Specify correct behaviours.
	* ext/posix/pwd.c (endpwent, getpwent, getpwnam, getpwuid)
	(setpwent): Implement bindings to these POSIX pwd APIs.
	* ext/posix/pwd.c (getpasswd): Remove.
	* lib/ (getpasswd): Reimplement over POSIX APIs to
	continue satisfying specifications.
	* NEWS: Update.

	refactor: tidy up formatting in grp.c.
	* ext/posix/grp.c: Tidy up formatting.

2014-10-14  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	specs: specify timer math behaviours.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (timeradd, timercmp, timersub): Specify
	* lib/ (timeradd, timercmp, timersub): Argcheck
	wrappers return inner function results.
	(timercmp, timersub): Fix typo with initial definition scopes.

	refactor: reorder functions alphabetically.
	* lib/ Reorder functions alphabetically.

	specs: add argument checking to Lua language posix functions.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (creat, getgroup, spawn, pipeline)
	(pipeline_iterator, pipeline_slurp, euidaccess, timeradd)
	(timercmp, timersub): Add basic argument checking behaviour
	* lib/ Move submodule imports to the start, so they
	are available to local Lua functions.
	Cache import table lookups into upvalues for fast access.
	(creat, getgroup, spawn, pipeline, pipeline_iterator)
	(pipeline_slurp, euidaccess, timeradd, timercmp, timersub):
	Use cached upvalues everywhere.
	Split argument type checking into wrapper function which is not
	used when global `_DEBUG` is false.

	refactor: factor Lua argument checking into helper functions.
	* lib/ (argerror, toomanyargerror, argtyperror):
	Argument error message management, inspired by stdlib.
	(checkstring, checktable): Check argument types, inspired by Lua
	(creat, getgroup, pipeline): Simplify accordingly.

	maint: revert a1f9049 'move creat from Lua to C'.
	* ext/posix/fcntl.c (creat): Remove.
	* lib/posix.lua (creat): Implement in Lua.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (creat): Adjust.
	* NEWS: Update.

	specs: allow empty root group membership.
	* specs/posix_grp_spec.yaml (getgrgid, getgrnam): Allow empty
	root group membership.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (getgroup): Likewise.

	maint: remove trailing blanks.
	* specs/posix_grp_spec.yaml: Remove trailing blanks.

	grp: implement POSIX group APIs.
	Closes #151.
	* specs/posix_grp_spec.yaml (endgrent, getgrent, getgrgid)
	(getgrnam, setgrent): Specify correct behaviours.
	* ext/posix/grp.c (endgrent, getgrent, getgrgid, getgrnam)
	(setgrent): Implement bindings to these POSIX group APIs.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (getgroup): Specify expected behaviour.
	* ext/posix/grp.c (getgroup): Remove.
	* lib/posix.lua (getgroup): Reimplement over POSIX APIs to
	continue satisfying specifications.
	* NEWS: Update.

	specs: remove unused curses subdirectory paths.
	* specs/spec_helper.lua (package.cpath): Remove unused curses
	subdirectory paths.

2014-10-13  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	refactor: write final semi-colons at expansion site.
	Give text editors a fighting chance of doing auto-indentation
	* ext/posix/curses.c (CCR): Remove final semi-colon from macro
	Write a literal semi-colon at each expansion site.

	curses: add curses.A_COLOR constant where supported.
	* ext/posix/curses.c (register_curses_constants): Define A_COLOR.
	* NEWS: Update.

	doc: add summary sentence to each curses API.
	* ext/posix/curses.c, ext/posix/curses/window.c: Add API summary

2014-10-11  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	doc: put release number in index.html.
	* build-aux/ (project): Add release number.

	configury: fix documentation dependencies.
	* (allhtml): All generated documentation.
	Use it to ensure we regenerate as necessary.

	maint: add missing boilerplate copyright to lua sources.
	* lib/, lib/posix/util.lua: Add boilerplate copyright

	doc: add per-module overview.
	* build-aux/ (boilerplate): Set to true so we can put
	a copyright comment at the very top of each file.
	* ext/posix/ctype.c, ext/posix/curses.c,
	ext/posix/curses/chstr.c, ext/posix/curses/window.c,
	ext/posix/dirent.c, ext/posix/errno.c, ext/posix/fcntl.c,
	ext/posix/fnmatch.c, ext/posix/getopt.c, ext/posix/glob.c,
	ext/posix/grp.c, ext/posix/libgen.c, ext/posix/poll.c,
	ext/posix/pwd.c, ext/posix/sched.c, ext/posix/signal.c,
	ext/posix/stdio.c, ext/posix/stdlib.c, ext/posix/sys/msg.c,
	ext/posix/sys/resource.c, ext/posix/sys/socket.c,
	ext/posix/sys/stat.c, ext/posix/sys/statvfs.c,
	ext/posix/sys/time.c, ext/posix/sys/times.c,
	ext/posix/sys/utsname.c, ext/posix/sys/wait.c,
	ext/posix/syslog.c, ext/posix/termio.c, ext/posix/time.c,
	ext/posix/unistd.c, ext/posix/utime.c: Move copyright comments
	to the very top of the file.  Add a short overview description.

	curses: remove separate curses doc generation.
	* build-aux/ Remove.
	* (DIST_DOC_DATA, EXTRA_DIST): Adjust accordingly.
	(classesdir): Location for ldoc class html files.
	(dist_classes_DATA): Add new generated curses class docs.
	* ext/posix/curses.c: Rewrite equivalent docs here.
	* NEWS: Update.

	doc: add updated curses example.
	* examples/curses.lua: Updated example from old lcurses docs.

	curses: don't forget to open curses submodules.
	* ext/posix/curses.c (luaopen_posix_curses): Open submodules.

	curses: factor out chstr and window objects.
	* ext/posix/curses.c: Factor out chstr and window objects,
	methods and support functions from here...
	* ext/posix/curses/chstr.c, ext/posix/curses/window.c:
	* ext/posix/curses.c, ext/posix/curses/chstr.c,
	ext/posix/curses/window.c: Add rudimentary LDocs to every API.
	* build-aux/ (file): Add ext/posix/curses/window.c,
	ext/posix/curses/chstr.c and ext/posix/curses.c.
	* ext/posix/curses/chstr.c: Add __call metamethod for creating
	new objects.
	* ext/posix/curses/chstr.c, ext/posix/curses/window.c: Add _type
	field for compatibility with `std.object.type`.
	* (EXTRA_ext_posix_posix_la_SOURCES): Add
	ext/posix/curses/chstr.c and ext/posix/curses/window.c.
	(posix_submodules): Add ext/posix/curses/ and
	* build-aux/ (custom_see_handler): Adjust to create
	working URLs for curses 3X manual pages.

2014-10-10  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	refactor: rename chstr_ prefixed functions to C prefix.
	* ext/posix/curses.c: Rename chstr_ prefixed function to C
	(chstrlib): Use LUAPOSIX_FUNC instead of MENTRY.

	refactor: rename curses api function with P prefix.
	* ext/posix/curses.c: Rename C prefixed functions with P prefix.

	refactor: use _helpers.c checkint and optint in curses submodule.
	* ext/posix/curses.c: Use checkint and optint throughout instead
	of luaL_checkint & luaL_checknumber and luaL_optint resp.

	refactor: reformat curses.c to match posix sources.
	* ext/posix/curses.c: Reformat.

	refactor: unroll curses submodule function generator macros.
	* ext/posix/curses.c: Unroll obfuscating function generating
	* ext/include/_helpers.c (pushboolresult, pushintresult)
	(pushstringresult): New macros to simplify returning a single
	object on the stack.
	* ext/include/curses.c (pushokresult): Likewise.
	* ext/posix/ctype.c, ext/posix/curses.c, ext/posix/dirent.c,
	ext/posix/fnmatch.c, ext/posix/signal.c, ext/posix/stdio.c,
	ext/posix/stdlib.c, ext/posix/sys/socket.c, ext/posix/time.c,
	ext/posix/unistd.c: Simplify accordingly.

	curses: use _helpers.c macros.
	* ext/posix/curses.c (LCURSES_SPLICE, LCURSES_STR, LCURSES_STR_1):
	Remove. Adjust all callers to use LPOSIX equivalents from
	(curseslib, windowlib): Use LPOSIX_FUNC to declare table entries
	rather than custom MENTRY macros.

	posix: consolidate included C sources.
	* ext/include/strlcpy.c: Add multiple include guards.
	* ext/posix/_helpers.c: Move from here...
	* ext/include/_helpers.c: here.
	* (EXTRA_ext_posix_posix_la_SOURCES)
	(EXTRA_DIST): Adjust accordingly.

	curses: integrate into posix tree.
	* ext/curses/curses.c: Move from here...
	* ext/posix/curses.c: here.
	* ext/posix/curses.c (luaopen_curses_c): Rename from this...
	(luaopen_posix_curses): this.
	* lib/curses.lua: Adjust accordingly.
	* (curses_cpath, ext_curses_curses_c_la_SOURCES)
	(ext_curses_curses_c_la_LDFLAGS): Remove.
	(std_cpath): Simplify accordingly.
	(EXTRA_ext_posix_posix_la_SOURCES): Add ext/posix/curses.c.
	(ex_posix_curses_la_LDFLAGS, ext_posix_posix_la_LDFLAGS): Add
	(posix_submodules): Add ext/posix/
	* ext/posix/curses.c (luaopen_posix_curses): Add a version
	entry to the returned table to match other posix modules.
	* build-aux/ Adjust accordingly.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Include curses.c module.
	* (WANTEDLIBS, WANTEDLUA): Remove. Treat it like
	other posix modules with no OS support.
	* (dist_lua_DATA, luaexec_LTLIBRARIES): Adjust

2014-10-09  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	configury: make posix module version dynamic.
	* lib/posix.lua: Move from here...
	* lib/ here.
	(version): Use @PACKAGE_STRING@ in place of hard-coded 33.
	* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add lib/posix.lua.
	* .gitignore: Add lib/posix.lua.

	configury: add missing fdatasync declaration if necessary.
	Fixes #172.
	* (AC_CHECK_DECLS_ONCE): Check for missing fdatasync
	declaration, e.g. on Mac OS 10.9.
	* ext/posix/unistd.c (Pfdatasync): Roll our own to save a compiler
	warning if the system didn't supply one.

	posix: build and install modules correctly.
	* (POSIX_EXTRA_LDFLAGS): Rename from this...
	(LIBRT): this.
	(LIBCRYPT): Set according to results of AC_SEARCH_LIBS.
	* (lib_LTLIBRARIES): Moved from the C library tree...
	(luaexec_LTLIBRARIES): the Lua cpath tree.
	(check_LTLIBRARIES): Move from here...
	(check_local): Ensure standalone modules build correctly...
	(clean_local): ...and that file droppings are removed.
	* NEWS: Update.

	posix: allow standalone reuse of posix submodules.
	* ext/posix/sys/msg.c, ext/posix/sys/socket.c,
	ext/posix/syslog.c: Move guards to ensure even on hosts with no
	sys/msg.h, we don't get an empty object file.
	* (noinst_LTLIBRARIES): Add standalone compilations to
	ensure the submodules really build as separate compilation units.
	* NEWS: Update.

	posix: split posix subfiles into separate modules.
	* ext/posix/_helpers.h: Removed.  Content moved from here...
	* ext/posix/_helpers.c: here. Adjust all callers.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (R, luaopen_posix_c): Move registered
	functions and constants from here...
	* ext/posix/ctype.c, ext/posix/dirent.c, ext/posix/errno.c,
	ext/posix/fcntl.c, ext/posix/fnmatch.c, ext/posix/getopt.c,
	ext/posix/glob.c, ext/posix/grp.c, ext/posix/libgen.c,
	ext/posix/poll.c, ext/posix/pwd.c, ext/posix/sched.c,
	ext/posix/signal.c, ext/posix/stdio.c, ext/posix/stdlib.c,
	ext/posix/sys/msg.c, ext/posix/sys/resource.c,
	ext/posix/sys/socket.c, ext/posix/sys/stat.c,
	ext/posix/sys/statvfs.c, ext/posix/sys/time.c,
	ext/posix/sys/times.c, ext/posix/sys/utsname.c,
	ext/posix/sys/wait.c, ext/posix/syslog.c, ext/posix/termio.c,
	ext/posix/time.c, ext/posix/unistd.c, ext/posix/utime.c:
	here. Provide individual `luaopen_<submodule>` entry functions.
	build-aux/, build-aux/ Adjust
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Reduce to a single compilation unit that
	includes the sources for all the other submodules.
	* lib/posix.lua (openpty): Move from here...
	* lib/posix/util.lua (openpty): New file. here.
	* lib/posix/sys.lua: Move definitions from here...
	* lib/posix.lua: here.
	* lib/posix/sys.lua: Re-export backwards compatibility APIs from
	here too.
	* lib/posix.lua: Re-export all submodule entry points from here
	too to retain the flat namespace of old releases.
	* Adjust accordingly.
	* NEWS: Update.

	posix: missing headers for Linux portability.
	* ext/posix/pwd.c: Include unistd.h for geteuid and others.
	* ext/posix/stdlib.c: Include fcntl.h for open.
	* ext/posix/sched.c: Include unistd.h for
	* ext/posix/sys/msg.c, ext/posix/sys/socket.c,
	ext/posix/syslog.c: Include unistd.h for _POSIX_VERSION.
	* ext/posix/sys/times.h: Include unistd.h for sysconf.

	maint: split giant posix.c file into manageable chunks.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Separate into sections...
	* ext/posix/_helpers.c, ext/posix/_helpers.h, ext/posix/ctype.c,
	ext/posix/dirent.c, ext/posix/errno.c, ext/posix/fcntl.c,
	ext/posix/fnmatch.c, ext/posix/getopt.c, ext/posix/glob.c,
	ext/posix/grp.c, ext/posix/libgen.c, ext/posix/poll.c,
	ext/posix/pwd.c, ext/posix/sched.c, ext/posix/signal.c,
	ext/posix/stdio.c, ext/posix/stdlib.c, ext/posix/syslog.c,
	ext/posix/termio.c, ext/posix/time.c, ext/posix/unistd.c,
	* ext/posix/posix.c: #include sources back into here.
	* build-aux/ (file): Adjust accordingly.
	* build-aux/ Likewise.
	* lib/posix.lua: Likewise.

2014-10-09  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge pull request #173 from tylerneylon/master
	doc: gettimeofday uses microsec, not nano.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (gettimeofday): Fix a typo in usec documentation.
	Reported by Tyler Neylon

2014-10-09  Tyler Neylon  <>

	Fix a typo: gettimeofday uses microsec, not nano.

2014-10-09  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: git ignore .dirstamp files.
	* .gitignore: Add .dirstamp catch all.  Remove per-directory
	duplicates of the same.

	slingshot: resync with upstream for yaml bugfix.
	* slingshot: Resync with upstream for yaml quoting bugfix.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

	slingshot: sync with upstream for mkrockspecs bugfix.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream for mkrocspecs bugfix.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

2014-10-06  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: simplify installation instructions in
	* (Installation): Remove --server flag;
	is checked automatically now.

	maint: add myself to the copyright holders in posix.c.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Add myself to the copyright holders.

	specs: compare file size rather than racey modification times.
	Fix #145.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (stat): Compare the size statistic
	rather than mtime to avoid a race condition.

	posix: remove call to 5.2-only lua_tointegerx and simplify.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (interror): Remove, and fold functionality
	from here...
	(checkinteger): here.
	(argtypeerror): Simplify accordingly.

	specs: don't fail tty tests when run from /dev/console
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (ttyname): Allow /dev/console.

	posix: enforce argument types for clock_getres and clock_gettime.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (Pclock_getres, Pclock_gettime): Use
	luaL_checkstring instead of lua_tostring to enforce argument
	type checking.

2014-10-05  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	posix: add posix.IPPROTO_UDP.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Add IPPROTO_UDP definition.

	doc: improve posix LDocs.
	* expt/posix/posix.c: Use [opt] annotations, and add missing
	manual references.

	configury: remove duplicated SPECL_ENV settings.
	* specs/ (SPECL_ENV): Remove - these same valuas are
	already propagated automatically by slingshot.

	posix: show correct argument errors for fadvise and setsockopt.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (Pfadvise): Use checkint rather than
	luaL_checkinteger for correct argument error formatting.
	(Psetsockopt): Likewise for luaL_checknumber.

	slingshot: sync with upstream for SPECL_ENV improvements.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* specs/ (SPECL_ENV): Set according to slingshot
	* specs/specs_helper.lua (package.path): Likewise.

	posix: argument errors overhaul.
	* specs/spec_helper.lua (bind, init): Remove.
	* specs/lposix_spec.yaml, specs/posix_spec.yaml: Specify argument
	error diagnostics for all APIs.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Use checknargs, or other means to diagnose
	argument type and arity errors for all APIs.
	* NEWS: Update.

	maint: reformat for consistency and GNU style function headers.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Put function return types on a separate
	line for easy function name grepping; don't use cuddle braces;
	indent case branches one tab; exdent labels one tab; don't put a
	space between function call and arguments; do put a space between
	flow control keyword and arguments.

	maint: add buildreq tools to bootstrap.conf.
	* bootstrap.conf (buildreq): List bootstrap build requirements.

2014-10-01  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	docs: move lseek, sync and nice to the correct sections.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (lseek): Move to "File descriptors" section.
	(sync): Move to "File system" section.
	(nice): Move to "Process management" section.

	maint: fix a type name typo.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (poll_fd_list_from_table): Replace missing
	'e' in lua_State from last commit.

	maint: reformat for consistency.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Use TAB indents, comma-space argument
	separators and function declarations all-on-one-line consistently.

	doc: modernize LDocs.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (Pgetopt, Ppoll, Pfcntl, Pdirname, Pfnmatch)
	(Pglob, Psymlink, Paccess, Pfadvise, Pumask, Putime, Pwaitpid)
	(Psetlogmask): Modernize LDocs.

	doc: use correct manual references for isprint and isgraph.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (isgraph, isprint): Use correct manual page

2014-09-21  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	specs: expect sockaddr.groups type to be number, not string.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (bind, connect, sendto): Expect correct
	type for AF_NETLINK socket groups field.

	Merge branch 'zevv-sockaddr-errors'

	posix: provide idiomatic argument errors from sockaddr calls.
	* specs/spec_helper.lua (init): New helper to return a partial
	application of expected argument error call.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (bind, connect, sendto): Use it to
	specify expected bad argument errors.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (try_getfield): Move from here...
	(checkfieldtype): here.  Lua functions normally throw an
	error for bad arguments, so do that for posix API argument errors
	(sockaddr_from_lua): Use it.
	Provide a default case branch to report unsupported socket family
	(checknargs): Throw an error for too many arguments.
	(Pbind, Pconnect, Psendto): Use it.
	Revert to reporting invalid socket address if sockaddr_from_lua
	fails without diagnosing a type error.

2014-09-20  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	posix: add better error reporting on sockaddr table member fields.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (try_getfield): New function.  Wrap
	`lua_getfield`, but push more accurate error diagnostics in case
	of type mismatch.
	(sockaddr_from_lua, Pconnect, Pbind, Psendto): Use it.

2014-08-26  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	slingshot: synch with upstream, for slack integrations.
	* slingshot: Synch with upstream.
	* .slackid: Add slack id.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

	Merge branch 'hjelmeland-f_sched_setscheduler'

	posix: tidy up rt_sched patches for merging.
	* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add sched_getscheduler and
	* ext/posix/posix.c (Psched_setscheduler, Psched_getscheduler):
	Improve compilation guards to also require HAVE_SCHED_GETSCHEDULER
	and HAVE_SCHED_SETSCHEDULER before exposing to Lua.
	* examples/rt_sched.lua: Remove trailing tabs.

2014-08-26  Egil Hjelmeland  <>

	whitespace polish

	whitespace polish

	Added sched_setscheduler example/test

	Use ifdef _POSIX_PRIORITY_SCHEDULING to protect sched_setscheduler

	merge upstream

2014-08-19  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	posix: support IPC_NOWAIT constant.
	Closes #140.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (luaopen_posix_c): Add IPC_NOWAIT constant.
	Reported by Bernd Eggink.

2014-07-31  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	travis: use luarocks beta with
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate with latest slingshot.

	maint: upgrade slingshot to work even when is down.
	* slingshot: Upgrade to latest upstream.

	doc: update luarocks install instructions.
	* (Installation): Update to reference moonscript rocks
	repository, which has better uptime than the default luarocks
	domain used by released LuaRocks.

2014-07-26  Egil Hjelmeland  <>

	Added sched_setscheduler()/sched_getscheduler()

2014-07-17  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge branch 'waffle-iron-master'

2014-07-17  Making GitHub Delicious.  <>

	add badge

2014-06-29  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	refactor: move common spec initialisation to spec_helper.lua.
	This also allows running the latest (unreleased) specl directly
	from the bulid directory without having to call `make check`.
	* specs/spec_helper.lua: New file.  Set package.path and
	package.cpath so that specl can find specified modules without
	Add common code...
	* specs/lposix_spec.yaml, specs/posix_spec.yaml: ...from here.
	* specs/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add specs/spec_helper.lua.

	posix: move creat from Lua to C.
	Better support for projects that copy posix.c into their own tree
	and compile directly.
	* lib/posix.lua (creat): Move from here...
	* ext/posix/posix.c (creat): here.
	* NEWS: Update.

2014-06-28  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	posix: tighten up readlink call.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (readlink): New specifications for
	readlink behaviours and error handling.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (Preadlink): Implement better error handling,
	and robustness.
	* NEWS: Update.

	posix: wrap stat and lstat correctly.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (describe stat): Adjust specs for correct
	behaviour of stat.
	(describe lstat): New examples to specify behaviour of new lstat
	* ext/posix/posix.c (Pstat): Call stat(2), not lstat(2)!
	(Plstat): New wrapper for lstat(2).
	(R): Add Plstat.
	* NEWS: Update.

2014-05-30  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: post-release administrivia.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump release number to 33.
	* NEWS: Add header line for next release.
	* .prev-version: Record previous version.
	* ./ (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.

	Release version 32
	* NEWS: Record release date.

2014-05-25  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: bump copyright to include 2014.
	* COPYING: Bump copyright years to include 2014.

	travis: ignore CVE-2012-3386 failure on Ubuntu Precise.
	Travis runs on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, which ships an automake old
	enough to still be vulnerable... but we're running CI checks
	here, so that shouldn't fail the whole build!
	* .travis.yml: Skip CVE-2012-3386 check.

	travis: ensure sanity-checks don't back up before a release.
	* .travis.yml: Append `make syntax-check` to prevent sanity

	posix: avoid spurious parens in cpp directives.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Remove some spurious parentheses in ifdef

	posix: use strlcpy instead of broken strncpy.
	* ext/curses/strlcpy.c: Move from here...
	* ext/include/strlcpy.c: here.
	(strlcpy): Declare static to prevent symbol clashes.
	* (ext_curses_curses_c_la_CPPFLAGS): Remove. strlcpy is
	now in existing header directory.
	* build-aux/ Adjust strlcpy path references.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Include strlcpy.c.
	(sockaddr_from_lua, Psetsockopt): Use strlcpy to avoid security
	and safety problems with strncpy.

	maint: remove spurious trailing blank lines.
	* examples/netlink-uevent.lua, examples/ping.lua: Remove
	spurious trailing blank lines.

	configury: exclude ext/posix/posix.c from file_system check.
	* build-aux/ (sc_file_system): Exclude

	doc: add missing termios api LDocs.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (tcdrain, tcflow, tcflush, tcgetattr)
	(tcsendbreak, tcsetattr): Add missing LDoc api headers.
	* NEWS: Update.

	doc: add missing socket api LDocs.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (accept, bind, connect, getaddrinfo, listen)
	(recv, recvfrom, send, sendto, setsockopt, shutdown, socket)
	(socketpair): Add missing LDoc api headers.
	* NEWS: Update.

	maint: `P` function prefix is for Published APIs exposed to Lua.
	Naming a C function with a leading `P` indicates that it is
	published to Lua.  Rename some functions that are not named
	according to this scheme.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (Ppoll_event_map)
	(Ppoll_events_createtable, Ppoll_events_from_table)
	(Ppoll_events_to_table, Ppoll_fd_list_check_table)
	(Ppoll_fd_list_from_table, Ppoll_fd_list_to_table): Rename from
	(poll_event_map, poll_events_createtable, poll_events_from_table)
	(poll_events_to_table, poll_fd_list_check_table)
	(poll_fd_list_from_table, poll_fd_list_to_table): these.
	Adjust all callers.

	tests: remove spurious tests-termios.lua.
	* tests-termios.lua: Remove.  The existing examples/termios.lua
	demonstrates more functionality.

	docs: reorder posix.c and break into groups of named functions.
	* build-aux/ (sort): Alphabetize documentation within
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Add section blocks for related functions and
	move declarations into appropriate sections.

	slingshot: sync with upstream.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream, particularly for datarootdir
	fixes that make docs visible with `luarocks doc luaposix`.
	* bootstrap.conf (slingshot_files): Remove
	* .gitignore: Update.

	doc: show LDocs for lib/posix.lua and lib/posix/sys.lua.
	* ext/posix/config.ld: Move from here...
	* build-aux/ here.
	(title): Add Package name and version.
	(file): Add lib/posix.lua and lib/posix/sys.lua.
	(merge): Set to true to combine LDocs for lib/posix.lua and
	ext/posix/posix.c into a single document module.
	(format): Change from discount to markdown.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (@module): Change to `posix` to merge with
	* lib/posix.lua: Add `@module posix` declaration.
	* lib/posix/sys.lua: Add `@module posix.sys` declaration.
	(euidaccess, spawn, timeradd): Fix LDoc formatting errors.
	* (examplesdir, modulesdir): New subdirectory locations
	for generated documentation to install to.
	(dist_examples_DATA): List generated examples files explicitly to
	avoid GNU make dependency on $(wildcard) expansion.
	(dist_modules_DATA): Add doc/modules/posix.html and
	(dist_data_DATA): Replace this...
	(dist_lua_DATA): ...with this
	(luaposixdir): Subdirectory for sys.lua to install to.
	(dist_luaposix_DATA): Add lib/posix/sys.lua.
	($(dist_doc_DATA)): Fix LDoc invocation for new config.ld
	(doc): Add $(dist_examples_DATA) and $(dist_modules_DATA)
	(EXTRA_DIST): Add missing examples files.
	Change location of config.ld.
	(MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): Add $(dist_examples_data) and
	* NEWS: Update.

	sys: new submodule for non-POSIX apis.
	Close #73
	* lib/posix.lua (list, euidaccess, pipeline, pipeline_iterator)
	(pipeline_slurp, spawn, timeradd, timersub): Move from here...
	* lib/posix/sys.lua (list, euidaccess, pipeline)
	(pipeline_iterator, pipeline_slurp, spawn, timeradd, timersub):
	New file. here.
	* lib/posix.lua (__index): Attempt to load a suitably named
	submodule to satisfy missing keys.
	* NEWS: Update.

2014-05-24  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	docs: add some formatting consistency.
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Escape underscores for markdown processing
	where necessary to avoid spurious italics, and try to be more
	consistent with string examples in double quotes and constants
	in fixed width font.

	posix: fix gettimeofday LDocs to match API.
	Fix #133.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (Pgettimeofday): Has returned a Lua table
	with `sec` and `usec` fields for quite some time... make sure
	the LDocs reflect that!

2014-05-21  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	specs: check fork() child processes in parent process.
	Close #110.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (fork): Running expect in the forked
	specl child process has no effect on the state and reporting in
	the parent.  Write the results from the child into a shared pipe
	and check them in the parent instead.

	Merge pull request 122 from cathalgarvey/luaposix
	Almost entirely rewritten to be lighter, correctly formatted, and
	to work when the host has no posix_advise implementation.

	Merge pull request #122 from cathalgarvey/luaposix
	Entirely rewritten.

	configury: add back net/if.h accidentally removed in merge conflict.
	* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add back net/if.h.

	examples: predicate ping example on p.SO_BINDTODEVICE.
	* examples/ping.lua: If either p.SOCK_RAW or p.SO_BINDTODEVICE
	are not defined, then the underlying OS libraries didn't have
	the necessary functionality for luaposix to bind to... so skip
	the example in that case.

	Merge pull request #132 from zevv/ping.
	posix: add support for netlink sockets with uevent netlink example.

2014-05-21  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge branch 'netlink' of into zevv-netlink


2014-05-21  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge pull request #131 from zevv/ping

2014-05-21  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	Added support for netlink sockets with small uevent netlink example

	Added SOCK_RAW, IPPROTO_ICMP and SO_BINDTODEVICE; this allows sending and receiving of raw icmp (e.g. ping) packets from lua

2014-05-21  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	posix: add Debug priority to syslog LDocs.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (syslog): Add Debug priority to LDocs.

	posix: include strings.h for strcasecmp declaration.
	* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add strings.h.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (strings.h): If the host system is POSIX
	compliant enough to ship this header, include it for a strcasecmp

	posix: FreeBSD 10 doesn't define O_DSYNC.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (O_DSYNC): Set a fallback definition of 0.

2014-05-21  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge pull request #128 from ittner/fix-getopt-ldoc-warning
	doc: Remove ldoc warning for getopt @see

2014-05-21  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	travis: update scripts from slingshot.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate with latest slingshot for a slew of

	NEWS: Update.
	* NEWS: Update.

	gnulib: sync with upstream.
	* gnulib: Update to latest master.

	slingshot: sync with upstream.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream for grep GNUism fix.
	* bootstrap: Sync with slingshot/bootstrap.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

2014-05-11  Alexandre Erwin Ittner  <>

	doc: Remove ldoc warning for getopt @see

2014-03-14  Reuben Thomas  <>

	openpty: add missing posix. prefix to call of close

2014-01-05  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	slingshot: sync with upstream.
	Fix the annoying contest.sed file dropping bug.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* bootstrap: Sync with slingshot.

2014-01-04  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: update copyright notices to include 2014.
	* .x-update-copyright: New file. Exclude files not owned by this
	project from update-copyright rules.
	* build-aux/.gitignore: Add update-copyright.
	* bootstrap.conf,, Bump copyright year.

	slingshot: sync with upstream, and simplify accordingly.
	* slingshot: Sync with upstream.
	* bootstrap: Update from slingshot.
	* bootstrap.slingshot: Remove, no longer required.
	* bootstrap.conf: Remove bootstrap.slingshot source boilerplate.
	(luaposix_force_readme): Remove. Automated by slingshot now.
	* .gitignore: Update.
	* .travis.yml: Until catches up with
	require fixes for luaposix, use gvvaughan/LDoc on Travis.

2013-12-11  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	doc: add missing LDoc function tag.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (strptime): Add missing @function tag.

	doc: fix LDoc manual page custom_see_handler pattern.
	* ext/posix/config.ld (custom_see_handler): Add a missing closing
	(upat): Pull the format string up per LDoc documentation.

	slingshot: sync with upstream.
	* slingshot: Update from latest upstream, particularly for an
	empty table access fix in mkrockspecs.

	doc: move DateTime functions back to their own LDoc section. (Fix #119)
	* ext/posix/posix.c: Move Date and Time functions back to the
	end of the implementation functions to avoid picking up non-
	datetime related functions in the generated LDoc docs.

	slingshot: sync with upstream.
	* slingshot: Update to latest upstream revision, particularly
	to pick up fixes for changes in Travis wrt. location.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

2013-12-11  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge pull request #121 from zevv/socketpair
	Added socketpair() and AF_UNIX domain

	Merge pull request #120 from craigbarnes/treefix
	Avoid unnecessary table creation and unpacking in examples/tree.lua

	Merge pull request #118 from craigbarnes/linkfix
	Fix typo in readme

	Merge pull request #117 from fperrad/master
	fix without IPv6

2013-11-25  Cathal Garvey  <>

	Added Pfadvise and constant advise values. Untested.

2013-10-31  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	Added socketpair() and AF_UNIX domain

2013-09-21  Craig Barnes  <>

	Avoid unnecessary table creation and unpacking in examples/tree.lua

	Fix typo in LuaRocks URL

2013-09-20  Francois Perrad  <>

	fix without IPv6

2013-09-13  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	slingshot: sync with upstream.
	* slingshot: Update to latest revision, particularly to get the
	fix for release announcement content.

2013-09-09  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: post-release administrivia.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump revision to 32.
	* NEWS: Add header line for next release.
	* .prev-version: Record previous version.
	* ./ (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.

	Release version 31
	* NEWS: Record release date.

	slingshot: sync with upstream.
	* slingshot: Update to latest version for recent bootstrap fixes,
	among others.
	* bootstrap: Regenerate.

	maint: update NEWS.
	* NEWS: Update with user visible changes since previous release.

	posix: fix a typo in tc[gs]etattr constant definitions.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (VTOP): Changed spelling from this...
	(VSTOP): this.

	maint: bump revision to 31.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump release revision to 31.

	maint: remove trailing spaces added by previous merge.
	* ext/posix/posix.c (Ptcsetattr, Ptcgetattr): Remove trailing

2013-09-07  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge pull request #116 from zevv/termios-cc-flags
	Added missing termios cc flags

2013-09-03  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	all termios c_cc flags available are now used in tcgetattr() and tcsetattr(), even though no symbols may be available for each flag. this makes sure a tcsetattr() after a tcgetattr() preserves all flags, even the non POSIX cmplient ones

2013-09-02  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	Added missing termios cc flags

2013-08-29  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: post-release administrivia.
	* NEWS: Add header line for next release.
	* .prev-version: Record previous version.
	* ./ (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.

	Release version 30
	* NEWS: Record release date.

	maint: update NEWS.
	* NEWS: Update with user visible changes since previous release.

	boostrap: sync with upstream.
	This version fixes some cosmetic and CLI inconsistencies, as
	well as improving portability to BSDs.
	* bootstrap: sync with upstream.

	configury: don't nuke the lib subdirectory.
	Now that we've made use of lib for Lua library files, make sure
	not to let gnulib-tool scribble in it.
	* bootstrap.conf (source_base): Tell gnulib-tool to put its empty
	library directory somewhere harmless.
	(luaposix_remove_empty_lib): And then remove that.

	maint: reorganise sources into subdirectories.
	Rather than dump everything into the project root directory
	indiscriminately, move extension modules into subdirectories
	of a new 'ext/' subdirectory, Lua libraries into 'lib/'. And
	adjust the build system to work with that layout.
	* lua52compat.h: Move from here...
	* ext/include/lua52compat.h: here.
	* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Add -I ext/include.
	* lcurses.c, strlcpy.c, curses.lua: Move from here...
	* ext/curses/curses.c, ext/curses/strlcpy.c, lib/curses.lua: here.
	* lposix.c, posix.lua: Move from here...
	* ext/posix/posix.c, lib/posix.lua: here.
	* (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Add subdir-objects for future
	compatibility with Automake 2.0.
	* (std_cpath, std_path, EXTRA_LTLIBRARIES, lib_LTLIBRARIES)
	(dist_data_DATA, dist_doc_DATA, EXTRA_DIST): Likewise.
	* tree.lua: Move from here...
	* examples/tree.lua: here.
	*, config.ld: Move from here...
	* build-aux/, ext/posix/config.ld: here,
	and adjust for relative path changes.
	* dummy.c: No longer used. Remove.
	* build-aux/ Remove references to dummy.c.
	Adjust for relative path changes.
	* .gitignore: Update.

	examples: error messages are not capitalized.
	* examples/lock.lua: Don't capitalize error messages.
	Discovered by 'make syntax-check'

2013-08-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	posix: remember to register Pshutdown function.
	* lposix.c (R): Add Pshutdown MENTRY.

	posix: remove unused variables.
	* lposix.c (Precvfrom): Remove unused host and serv variables.
	(Paccept): Likewise, and remove unused r as well.

	posix: mark unused parameters for gcc.
	* lposix.c (UNUSED): New macro, expands to __unused__ with GNU C.
	(FgetID, Fsysconf, Pcloselog, Psync): Use it to mark unused
	function parameters.

	posix: report correct bad option number.
	* lposix.c (badoption): Report the passed option number as being
	the bad option.

2013-08-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge pull request #114 from GranPC/patch-1
	Fix repeated "Test ipv4" instead of "Test ipv6"

2013-08-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	docs: fix typo in chdir ldoc comments.
	* lposix.c (Pchdir): Supply a valid usage example.
	Closes issue #113.
	Reported by Craig Barnes.

2013-08-26  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge pull request #112 from craigbarnes/master
	Fix and clean up Markdown formatting in README

2013-08-26  Enrico Tassi  <>

	posix: port getcwd to Hurd.
	* lposix.c (Pgetcwd): Use get_current_dir_name function on Hurd.

2013-08-26  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	maint: git ignore build-aux/compile.
	* build-aux/.gitignore: Add compile.

	configury: don't use unicode characters in shell comments.
	* Replace unicode apostrophes with ASCII equivalents.

	typo: set the configure package version correctly.
	* (AC_INIT): The correct release number is 30.

	posix: improve portability of constant definitions.
	Rather than try to catalog what compiler/OS releases supply what
	constant symbols in their headers with a rats nest of `#if __BSD`
	etc, wrap all of the contentious preprocessor defines in matching
	`#ifdefs` so that they are only provided by luaposix in the
	environments that define them.  This should provide much better
	future portability to new compiler/OS combinations.
	* lposix.c (lua_open_posix_c): Simplify the declarations by using
	a consistent MENTRY definition.
	Except for extremely well-known groups of symbols, and groups
	that are already inside _POSIX_VERSION >= 200112L guards, wrap
	each constant declaration in a matching `#ifdef`.

2013-08-12  GranPC  <>

	Fix repeated "Test ipv4" instead of "Test ipv6"

2013-08-10  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <>

	Merge pull request #111 from markgurevich/mg/2625/file-locks-v2
	Lock or unlock files with fcntl()

2013-08-08  Craig Barnes  <>

	Fix and clean up Markdown formatting in

2013-07-24  Mark Gurevich  <>

	Lock or unlock files with fcntl()

2013-06-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	typo: fix target URL of Travis badge link in
	* Fix target URL of Travis badge link.

	maint: post-release administrivia.
	* NEWS: Add header line for next release.
	* .prev-version: Record previous version.
	* ./ (old_NEWS_hash): Auto-update.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump revision to 30.

	Release version 29
	* NEWS: Record release date.

	configury: distribute config.ld.
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Add config.ld, and various example files.

	slingshot: update.
	* slingshot: Update to version with spurious gitmodule output
	from sanity checks fixed, and improved release branch cleanup.

	configury: run automake without --foreign flag.
	* (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Remove foreign.
	* bootstrap.conf (luaposix_force_changelog, luaposix_finish):
	Remove.  Bootstrap handles this automatically.
	(luaposix_force_readme): Distribute README file.
	* .gitignore: Add README.

	curses: remove trailing whitespace.
	* lcurses.c (Wresize): Remove trailing whitespace.

	NEWS: update.

2013-06-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge pull request #105 from aeron005/master
	Added wresize binding in curses library

2013-06-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	slingshot: update.
	* slingshot: Update to version with ax_lua.m4 cross compilation
	Reported by Reuben Thomas.

	Closes #98.

2013-06-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	sync, fsync, fdatasync, nice, lseek: a bunch of new calls.
	* lposix.c (Psync, Pfsync, Pfdatasync): Wrap disk synchronisation
	(Pnice): New call. Change process priority.
	(Plseek): New call. Move current position of a file discriptor.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (sync, fsync, fdatasync): New pending
	(nice, lseek): Specify basic behaviour of these new calls.
	Submitted by, from a patch by Ico Doornekamp.

	Closes #93.

2013-06-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	specs: convert socket tests from issue #92 to specl.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (socket handling): New spec, not working
	on Mountain Lion, at least :(
	Awaiting feedback, see issue #92.
	Reported by zevv@github, from a patch by Ico Doornekamp.

	specs: replace racy posix.times specs with more robust implementation.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (time accounting): Note the inconsistency
	between posix.times() and posix.times (...all keys...) from
	issue #107, and replace racy spec for posix.times().

2013-06-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	docs: fix typo in clock_gettime ldoc comments.
	* lposix.c (Pclock_gettime): Fix a cut-n-paste duplication typo.
	Reported by Steve Donovan.

	Closes #104.

2013-06-27  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	slingshot: update.
	* slingshot: Update.
	* (SS_CONFIG_TRAVIS): Remove luafilesystem now that
	slingshot takes care of ldoc prerequisites.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.
	* .gitignore: Ignore doc directory rather than docs, as latest
	ldoc seems to be putting files in the former now.

	travis: regenerate .travis.yml.
	.travis.yml: Regenerate.

	configury: travis builds with 5.2 require luafilesystem rock.
	* (SS_CONFIG_TRAVIS): Add luafilesystem to extra
	rocks list.

	configury: bump SPECL_MIN to 8.
	* (SPECL_MIN): Bump to 8, because we're using the
	Specl 8 hell.spawn APIs now.

	typo: the documentation directory is called doc, not docs!
	* (dist_doc_DATA, MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): Use correctly
	spelled 'doc' instead of previous typo, 'docs'.

	specl: update to Specl 8 changes in hell.spawn.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml: Specl 8 no longer copies table entries
	from require results into environments automatically, so make sure
	we capture the table, and then use qualified access to spawn.

	slingshot: update.
	* slingshot: Update.
	* bootstrap.slingshot: Install latest revision.

2013-05-23  aeron005  <>

	Added binding for wresize to curses library

2013-05-09  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Revert "Release version 29"
	This reverts commit bfce2bc28a5a5f675e4b6f7ef790bcdbfba15aad.

	syntax-check: remove trailing whitespace.
	* build-aux/ (error-message-uppercase): Exclude
	examples/socket.lua, which otherwise triggers false positives.
	* NEWS, examples/socket.lua, examples/termios.lua, lposix.c:
	Remove trailing whitespace.

	Release version 29
	* NEWS: Record release date.

	configury: distribute INSTALL for autotools instructions.
	* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_non_module_files): Add doc/INSTALL.

	typo: use correct spelling of prefix in
	* s/perfix/prefix/g

2013-05-09  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	Merge pull request #99 from zevv/fix-dir-example
	Fixed dir example for 5.2

	Merge pull request #96 from zevv/fix-glob-example
	Fixed glob example

	Merge pull request #100 from zevv/add-b57600
	Added missing 57k6 baudrate to termios table

	Merge pull request #95 from zevv/fix-poll
	I broke poll with commit 8deb0ebd041ab6d4761f86a7a906dd850111bae7

	Merge pull request #94 from zevv/fix-poll-example
	Fix poll example, open failed due to wrong 2nd argument type

2013-05-09  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	specs: add pending guards to weird Travis failures.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml: Mark pending those examples inexplicably
	failing on Travis, per github issue #102.

	configury: bump release version to 29.
	* (AC_INIT): Bump release version to 29.
	The '5.1.' prefix is a misnomer now tha we support Lua 5.2, and
	bumping the prefix to '5.2.' would be no better, since we support
	Lua 5.1 simultaneously, and 5.3 will be along one of these days.

	sanity: add configuration fragment with sanity exclusions.
	* build-aux/ (sc_require_config_h)
	(sc_require_config_h_first): Exclude dummy.c and strlcpy.c, which
	are both included directly into another source file before
	* .gitignore, build-aux/.gitignore: Adjust.

	syntax-check: fix many tiny errors raised by
	* config.ld: Remove trailing blank line.
	* lcurses.c, strlcpy.c: Remove useless preprocessor parens.
	* lcurses.c: Use the blessed `#include <config.h>` format.
	* Remove leading space from SPACE-TAB sequence.
	* lposix.c (STREQ): Define to avoid using inverted strcmp logic.
	Also remove useless preprocessor parens, and trailing whitespace.
	* posix.lua, specs/posix_spec.yaml: Remove trailing whitespace.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml: Use 'file system' in preference to

	maint: collect previous release notes into NEWS.
	* NEWS: New file, required for the Slingshot release process.
	* (old_NEWS_hash): Update.

2013-05-09  Reuben Thomas  <>

	specs: ttyname can contain 'pts' rather than 'tty'

	specs: fix some spec failures on Linux.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml (uname): uname -a can display information
	that uname(2) does not return, so change the command to say
	explicitly what fields we want.

2013-05-09  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	specs: convert adhoc tests to specl specs.
	* tests-curses.lua: Remove. Move contents from here...
	* specs/curses_spec.yaml: New file. here, and reformat.
	* tests-posix.lua: Remove.
	* specs/posix_spec.yaml: New file. Implement equivalent (or
	better!) specs here.
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add new specs.

	specs: convert lunit fcntl checks to specl specs.
	* README: Remove reference to lunit.
	* tests-fcntl.lua: Remove.
	* specs/posix_lua_spec.yaml: New file with equivalent checks for
	* specs/ (specl_SPECS): Add specs/posix_lua_spec.yaml.
	* Include specs/

	slingshot: adopt slingshot release mechanism.
	* README: Move from here...
	* here. Adjust for GH Markdown.
	* GNUmakefile,, build-aux/mkrockspecs,
	m4/ax_compare_version.m4, m4/ax_lua.m4:
	Remove. These files are handled by slingshot now.
	* rockspecs.lua, m4/ax_with_prog.m4: Remove. No longer used.
	* bootstrap.slingshot: New file. Slingshot bootstrap plugin.
	* bootstrap.conf: Source it.
	* Adjust to drive slingshot processes.
	* New file. Project local make rules.
	* rockspec.conf: New file. Slingshat rockspec template.
	* specs/ Simplified.
	* .prev-version: Record previous version number.
	* .gitignore: Update.
	* .travis.yml: Regenerate.

	termios: remove deprecated legacy symbols.
	Don't write new code with these, they are not definied by stricly
	POSIX conformant hosts. See:
	* lposix.c (XCASE, IUCLC, OUCLC): Remove.

	termios: make XSI extensions optional.
	Mac OS X is a POSIX conformant system, but does not implement
	all XSI extensions. Only create constant for XSI extensions if
	they are defined by the host system. See:
	(PENDIN): Wrap with preprocessor guards.
	(VSTATUS, VWERASE): Additional conditional XSI extensions.

2013-04-23  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	Fixed dir example for 5.2

	Added missing 57k6 baudrate to termios table

2013-04-17  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	Fixed glob example, added missing 'posix ='. Also removed the readlink() part because /proc on linux violates posix and does not properly fill in st_size on lstat(), causing readlink() to fail with EINVAL.

	Fix poll example, open failed due to wrong 2nd argument type, probably from old lposix API?

	I broke poll with commit 8deb0ebd041ab6d4761f86a7a906dd850111bae7
	The result is just fine for calling poll() only once, but breaks for
	subsequent calls to poll() when passing the same table. In this case,
	the events are not cleared from the revents table, causing false

2013-04-16  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #90 from zevv/getopt
	Rename getopt_long() to getopt(), long options are now optional.

	Merge pull request #91 from zevv/termios
	Moved tests-termios.lua to examples/termios.lua

2013-04-16  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	Added minimal termios test.

2013-04-16  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Mention where to look for other contributors.

	Merge pull request #82 from zevv/socket
	Added socket functions and test script

2013-04-16  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	Changed getopt_long semantics, reorderd iterator return values, optarg is now string instead of number. This allows getopt_long to closely mimic getopt
	Renamed getopt_long to getopt, changed short options type from number to
	string, updated example

	Added POSIX socket functions and constants

2013-04-16  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #83 from zevv/termios
	Added termios and test script

2013-04-16  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	Added termios and test script

2013-04-14  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Copy stdlib code into posix.lua, minimally modified
	Solves the discussion in already-closed issue #80, and closes pull
	request #88 and closes pull request #89.

2013-04-13  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #85 from zevv/poll-only-triggered-revents
	poll only returns active events in revents table, increases performance

	Move require of std.list to correct place

2013-04-13  Ico Doornekamp  <>

	Simplified lua_pushboolean() expression

	poll only returns active events in revents table, increases performance

2013-04-12  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Require stdlib; fixes #80

2013-04-11  Reuben Thomas  <>

	.gitignore: add TAGS

	lposix.c: fix lua_Alloc calls that free (they should pass the current size); fix a memory leak in msgrcv

	lposix.c: fix error-case space leak in Pread; fixes issue #78

2013-04-11  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	posix.lua: fix a typo in assert.
	* posix.lua (pipeline): t1 is not declared, use type of t in the
	assert error.

2013-03-28  Reuben Thomas  <>

	lposix.c: change bogus @long tags to @int tags.

	lposix.c: add function line for pipe (was missing)
	Thanks to behoffski for the report.

2013-03-24  Reuben Thomas  <>

	lposix.c: fix @function line of isprint (was wrongly "isgraph")
	Thanks to behoffski for the report.

2013-03-23  Reuben Thomas  <>

	tests-posix.lua: fix pipeline test for VPATH build

	tests-posix.lua: fix pipeline test
	Should call pipeline_slurp, not pipeline_iterator to get whole output
	in one go. This has the nice side-effect of testing both
	pipeline_iterator and pipeline as well, as pipeline_slurp calls
	pipeline_iterator, which calls pipeline.

2013-03-20  Reuben Thomas  <> unset LUA_INIT_5_2 in calls to get information from woger.
	This is an ugly hack, but since it will work at least until the
	release of Lua 5.3, it's better than nothing. bump version to 5.1.28

	Simplify and fix pipeline_iterator, and add a test.

2013-03-18  Reuben Thomas  <>

	posix.lua: fix bug in posix.pipeline_iterator, where it always closed the pipe on first iteration

2013-03-17  Reuben Thomas  <> bump version to 5.1.27

	posix.lua: rename posix.system to posix.spawn, keeping old name as alias for now.

2013-03-16  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Allow posix.system to take a function, a shell command, or a file and list of arguments. Use it in pipeline.
	Allow pipeline functions to take an extra parameter giving the
	function to use to make a pipe (e.g. so posix.openpty can be used
	instead). Change argument to a table rather than a list of tasks.

2013-03-14  Reuben Thomas  <>

	posix.lua: tidy up pipeline and add pipeline_iterator and pipeline_slurp

2013-03-13  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #72 from nmcveity/fix-5.1-compat
	Removed Lua 5.2 functions lua_len and lua_tointegerx

	COPYING: bump copyright year

	Add pipeline function to execute a pipeline of shell commands & Lua functions

2013-03-05  nmcveity  <>

	Removed Lua 5.2 functions lua_len and lua_tointegerx
	This fixes issue #71.

2013-03-04  Reuben Thomas  <> stop making unnecessary ChangeLog.

2013-03-03  Reuben Thomas  <>

	lposix.c: fix a space leak in realpath bump version to 5.1.26.

	lposix.c: change some @param's to @string where possible

	Add posix.realpath.

	lposix.c: add support for SA_* flags when establishing a signal handler

2013-03-02  Reuben Thomas  <>

	posix.lua: add posix.openpty

2013-02-28  Reuben Thomas  <>

	lposix.c: improve documentation of

	lposix.c: document posix.wait's return values properly

	lposix.c: add killpg

2013-02-20  Reuben Thomas  <> release directory should already be on release branch; remove checkout command use simpler and more robust scheme of parallel checkout for checking in release code.

	Allow exec/execp arguments to be supplied as a table, including argv[0]. Closes #65. bump version to 5.1.25

	Merge pull request #67 from zserge/master
	Support for message queues

2013-02-19  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #68 from sam-github/pts-support
	Fix posix.openpt() requireing and ignoring a path.

	When no LDoc installed, create docs directory before touching files in it; fixes issue #66

2013-02-18  Sam Roberts  <>

	Fix posix.openpt() requireing and ignoring a path.

2013-02-18  Serge Zaitsev  <>

	added basic message queues support

2013-02-18  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #58 from sam-github/pts-support
	Support Unix 98 style pseudoterminals, as specified in POSIX.1-2001

2013-02-18  Sam Roberts  <>

	Tests for pseudoterminal support.

2013-02-17  Sam Roberts  <>

	Support Unix 98 style pseudoterminals, as specified in POSIX.1-2001
	Support consists of openpt(), ptsname(), grantpt(), and unlockpt(). The master
	fd can be created by calling  openpt(), or by opening "/dev/ptmx" (as
	specified by POSIX).

2013-02-15  Reuben Thomas  <> fix woger command for new rockspec arrangement. prevent unpacked sources being recursively checked in to release branch. remove references to defunct files.

	rockspecs.lua: don't need to turn dots in version into dashes to get release tag.

	.gitignore: remove tarball pattern, as we no longer have tarballs.

	Revert 31671409e62e: bit32 doesn't build with Lua 5.2, so require luabitop instead.

	rockspecs.lua: fix a misnamed variable

	configury: add rockspec-generating files for git/release rockspecs. remove obsolete definition of ROCKSPEC remove useless AC_SUBST calls for precious variables.

	tests-posix.lua: remove a debugging line.

	lposix.c: correct cross-reference to getopt.lua

	Bump version down to 5.1.24: we haven't made such a release yet

	configury: update for releasing on 'release' branch of github rather than via tarballs.

	Update ax_lua.m4 to latest: no code changes, formatting only.

	tests-posix.lua: remove commented-out test for non-POSIX putenv function

	Add STD{IN,OUT,ERR}_FILENO constants.

	Add isatty.

2013-02-12  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Use bit32 (now available for 5.1) rather than luabitop: slightly simplifies things.

2013-02-11  Reuben Thomas  <>

	lposix.c: Reuben Thomas is no longer the maintainer.

	m4/ax_compare_version.m4: add support file for ax_lua.m4

2013-02-07  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <>

	Merge pull request #61 from gvvaughan/pull-request/maint-clean-ldocs-output
	configury: clean up ldoc droppings with make maintainer-clean

	Merge pull request #62 from gvvaughan/pull-request/remove-empty-lib-subdir
	gnulib: no need to link always empty libgnu.

2013-02-06  Reuben Thomas  <>

	configury: update ax_lua.m4 to latest version, which simplifies slightly.

2013-01-29  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	gnulib: no need to link always empty libgnu.
	Now that we have no C modules from gnulib, there's no need to
	build and link the always empty library any more.
	* (SUBDIRS): Remove.
	* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Remove lib/Makefile.
	* bootstrap.conf (gnulib_tool_options): Add --avoid=dummy to skip
	the one remaining empty gnulib C source file.
	(luaposix_remove_empty_lib): gnulib-tool now generates a useless
	lib subdirectory containing just a and .gitignore. We
	don't use or need it any more, so delete it.
	(luaposix_finish): Don't copy dummy.c out of gnulib.

	configury: clean up ldoc droppings with make maintainer-clean
	* (MAINTAINERCLEANFILES): Add docs/index.html and

2013-01-27  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <>

	Merge pull request #59 from gvvaughan/pull-request/handle-missing-ldoc
	configury: handle missing ldoc binary.

2013-01-26  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	configury: handle missing ldoc binary.
	* (LDOC): Set with AX_WITH_PROG.
	(HAVE_LDOC): New conditional.
	* (HTML): Fold into...
	Run ldoc when available, otherwise touch the requried files to
	prevent build failure.

2013-01-10  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #56 from gvvaughan/pull-request/curses-resizeterm-support
	curses: conditional resizeterm support.

	Merge pull request #55 from gvvaughan/pull-request/fix-waddstr-double-append-bug
	curses: don't waddstr() each string twice.

	Merge pull request #53 from gvvaughan/pull-request/remove-automake-werror
	configury: remove automake -Werror option.

	Merge pull request #52 from gvvaughan/pull-request/add-am-prog-ar
	configury: use AM_PROG_AR for automake 1.13.

	Merge pull request #50 from gvvaughan/pull-request/keep-gnulib-revision-under-version-control
	configury: keep gnulib revision under version control.

	Merge pull request #51 from gvvaughan/pull-request/sync-upstream-bootstrap
	bootstrap: sync with upstream.

	Merge pull request #54 from gvvaughan/pull-request/no-need-for-lt-output
	configury: no need to fork for libtool.m4 variables.

2013-01-10  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	curses: conditional resizeterm support.
	* (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check whether resizeterm is
	implemented by the selected curses library.
	* lcurses.c (Cresizeterm): If it is, use it, otherwis throw an
	error to explain why not.
	(curseslib): Add it to the toplevel curses functions.

	curses: don't waddstr() each string twice.
	Fix a bug introduced by commit 5aa297512.
	* lcurses.c (Waddstr): Only add the string one time!

	configury: no need to fork for libtool.m4 variables.
	libtool.m4 is expanded into configure already, so the values are
	available after LT_INIT in without creating
	to copy the values we already have into an early libtool script,
	and then fork again to grep the content of those copies back into
	configure!!  (LT_OUTPUT is only necessary if you need to run
	configure time compilation tests using the libtool script to
	wrap the actual compiler).
	* (LT_OUTPUT): Remove.
	(shrext): shrext_cmds is already set by LT_INIT, so just use it
	without calling the early libtool script.

	configury: remove automake -Werror option.
	This option causes automake to bail out after warning about the
	use of gmake extensions.
	* (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Remove -Werror.

	bootstrap: sync with upstream.
	This revision fixes some small bugs, and is compatible with
	non-gnu awk and non-gnu sed again.
	* bootstrap: sync with upstream.

	configury: keep gnulib revision under version control.
	It's important to keep the gnulib revision number used by any
	particular checkout of luaposix under version control rather than
	hoping that whatever the current HEAD is will work.
	* .gitignore: Remove gnulib.
	* gnulib: Add current master revision.

	configury: use AM_PROG_AR for automake 1.13.
	* (AM_PROG_AR): Required by recent automake releases,
	but not available in very old releases.

2012-12-24  Reuben Thomas  <> fix regeneration of luaposix.rockspec

2012-12-23  Reuben Thomas  <> fix a comment remove redundant dir setting

2012-12-15  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <> bump version to 5.1.25

	rockspec: Add missing dependency for luabitop
	luaposix depends on bitop library on lua 5.1 since luaposix 5.1.16

2012-12-05  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <>

	Merge pull request #48 from Keen-github/vs/2230/fix_hack_for_luaposix_compatibility
	Added 'day' field for compatibility to Lua; fixed issue #32.

2012-11-14  Valeriy Skurikhin  <>

	Added 'day' field for compatibility to Lua; fixed issue #32.

2012-10-25  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Use lstat to read size of a link (for Preadlink); fixes issue #47.

2012-10-17  Reuben Thomas  <> bump version to 5.1.24

	lcurses.c: don't run strlen unnecessarily; w[mv]addstr does that anyway

2012-10-04  Reuben Thomas  <> now that github-upload is fixed, consolidate release into a single target correct github_user parameter to woger (thanks, Liam)

	release: luarocks-related tweaks make check-luarock depend on the rockspec, as github seems to work after all

	release: automatically check the rockspec before making a release

2012-10-03  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Make Lua 5.2-compatibility more Lua 5.2-ish.

	tree.lua: make Lua 5.2-compatible

2012-09-26  Reuben Thomas  <>

	rockspec: make build_command more robust

	build: install documentation with 'make install' and from luarocks

2012-09-23  Reuben Thomas  <>

	lposix.c: improve comment of mkstemp

2012-09-21  Reuben Thomas  <> bump version to 5.1.23

2012-09-20  Reuben Thomas  <>

	lcurses.c: define LUA_COMPAT_ALL to get luaL_register.

2012-09-13  Reuben Thomas  <>

	dummy.c: fix copyright notice to be public domain

	version: bump to 5.1.22.

	gnulib: re-add dummy.c with correct license to fix Mac OS X build (issue #46)

2012-09-11  Reuben Thomas  <> enable automake to generate dependencies for rockspec (thanks, Hisham Muhammad).

2012-09-07  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #45 from wcmaier/fix/github-url
	Update Github URL.

2012-09-07  Will Maier  <>

	Update Github URL.

2012-09-03  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Bump version to 5.1.21.

2012-09-01  Reuben Thomas  <>

	README: Add link to online HTML docs.

	README: Update location of repo and contact details.

2012-08-31  Reuben Thomas  <>

	bootstrap.conf: no longer require now-defunct `missing' script.

2012-08-30  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Add docstrings (using Steve Donovan's ldoc) to lposix.c
	The documentation comes from from Steve Donovan and the Alpine Linux
	wiki (Natanael Copa).

	Reindent Psignal, which was a bit out of order.

	Make rpoll use file descriptors, not Lua file objects, so it can be
	used with both (via fileno).

2012-06-28  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Document dependency on bitop library with Lua 5.1 (thanks to Bernd Eggink).

	Remove documentation of configure options, one of which was obsolete.

2012-06-22  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Simplify Lua 5.2 compatibility

	lposix.c: revert to using MYNAME, as it is different from PACKAGE.

	build: don't unset LUA_INIT, as it may be needed to set Lua paths.

	Update bug reporting advice (thanks, Yuri Takhteyev).

2012-06-21  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Fix some incorrectly-named references to posix module.

	Simplify construction of messages with autoconf variables.

2012-06-05  Reuben Thomas  <>

	build: don't include non-MIT-licensed dummy.c from gnulib (fixes issue #42).

2012-06-04  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #41 from gvvaughan/pull-request/timer-macros
	gettimeofday: change format to a table with sec and usec fields.

2012-06-01  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	gettimeofday: replace C timer macros with lua equivalents.
	* lposix.c (Ptimeradd, Ptimercmp, Ptimersub): Remove.
	* posix.lua (timeradd, timercmp, timersub): New Lua equivalents
	to removed C implementations.

2012-05-29  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	gettimeofday: change format to a table with sec and usec fields.
	* lposix.c (Pgettimeofday): Return a single table with sec and usec
	fields, rather than a pair of numbers.
	(Ptimeradd, Ptimercmp, Ptimersub): New functions to emulate the
	macros timeradd, timercmp and timersub respectively.

2012-05-29  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #40 from gvvaughan/pull-request/feature-tests-not-version-checks
	crypt: this function is available on darwin, but no crypt.h header is

2012-05-29  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	statvfs: check for actual presence of function and header.
	* (sys/statvfs.h): Test for presence of this header.
	(statvfs): Test for availability of this API.
	* lposix.c (sys/statvfs.h): Include it, if configure found it.
	(Pstatvfs): Wrap statvfs if configure found the API.
	(R): List Pstatvfs if we wrapped it earlier.

	crypt: this function is available on darwin, but no crypt.h header is
	One of the main principles of Autoconf is that you should test for
	features, not for versions - exactly because of compilation problems
	like this, where Apple sets _POSIX_VERSION to make us think that
	crypt.h is available, but there is no crypt.h header.
	* (crypt.h): Test for presence of this header.
	(crypt): If the crypt function is available, whether or not the
	additional -lcrypt library is required, define HAVE_CRYPT.
	* lposix.c (crypt.h): Include it if configure found it.
	(Pcrypt): Define it if configure detected a system crypt API.
	(R): List Pcrypt, if we defined it earlier.

2012-05-28  Reuben Thomas  <>

	posix.lua: update call of to match new API.

	Add missing posix suffix to a call of access.

	Merge pull request #39 from stevedonovan/master
	Implement signal queue so signals arriving while in a Lua signal handler are not lost.

2012-05-28  Steve Donovan  <>

	signal handling queue implemented

2012-05-23  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Bump version to 5.1.20.

	getgroup: fix an off-by-one error (thanks, Steve Donovan)

	lposix.c: more minor whitespace fixes

	posix.lua: add a missing space (whitespace fix).

	system: Kill the fork if execp fails (thanks, Steve Donovan)

	lposix.c: require a mode for open with O_CREAT, and only then.

	tests: update for revised open API.

	lposix.c: minor whitespace fixes.

	lposix.c: make file & creation flags public; pass flags to open as an integer mask, not a table.

2012-05-22  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Fix some comments.

2012-05-21  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Remove non-POSIX crypt_r and replace function checks with POSIX version checks.

	Add a pointer to documentation and some basic coding principles.

2012-05-13  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Update web site URL and be more explicit about system requirements.

2012-05-12  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <>

	Rework test for glob() -- use temporary directory
	This allow us to not depend from *.la files from build.

	Simple tests for mkdtemp and mkstemp

2012-05-12  Your Name  <>

	Add mkdtemp()

2012-05-12  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <>

	Memory leak in mkstemp
	Pmkstemp not release temporary string buffer, if mkstemp() raise an error

2012-05-12  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #35 from likema/master
	Add statvfs and crypt_r.

2012-05-02  Reuben Thomas  <>

	lcurses.c: Remove some casts to chtype that only cause trouble.

	strlcpy.c: add prototype to squash compiler warning.

	strlcpy.c: Make function declaration ANSI.

2012-04-30  Like Ma  <>


2012-04-23  Like Ma  <>

	Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'

2012-04-11  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Copy with -1 return for _PC_PATH_MAX.

2012-04-10  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Bump version to 5.1.19.

	Replace LGPLed strlcpy with BSD licensed strlcpy, from

2012-04-08  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Fix memory leaks introduced by fix to cope with arbitrary-length paths.

2012-04-05  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Add tests for dirname and basename.

	Work with arbitrary-length paths.

2012-04-03  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Remove XSR errno.h codes (thanks Enrico Tassi).

2012-03-26  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Don't use gnulib sigaction module, as its license is incompatible; don't want COPYINGv3.

	Back to using only a double fork of lunit.

2012-03-25  Reuben Thomas  <>

	README: Update URL to lunit: for now need my version. tell lunit which Lua interpreter to use.

	tests-fcntl.lua: make them work with Lua 5.2.

	Improve documentation for use with Lua 5.2.

	Bump version to 5.1.18.

	posix.lua: make Lua 5.2-compatible.

	Make configure accept Lua 5.2.

	Add correct license, and refer to it in README.

2012-02-29  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Bump version to 5.1.17.

	Return old C handler from signal, so it can be chained; fix masking of signals during Lua handler.

2012-02-21  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Make curses module work with Lua 5.2 module system (patch by StarWing).

2012-02-18  Reuben Thomas  <> update woger call. Update woger call. add lua52compat.h to EXTRA_DIST.

2012-02-12  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #28 from likema/HEAD~~

2012-02-11  Like Ma  <>

	Use crypt_r instead of crypt if it exists for thread-safe.

	Add statvfs

	Use AC_SEARCH_LIBS instead of AC_CHECK_LIBS to fix function crypt not found when configuring.

2012-02-11  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Fix bug in chmod (closes issue #55).

	Update ax_with_curses.m4.

2012-02-03  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Remove some non-POSIX features.

	Remove non-standard memrchr.

2012-02-02  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Fix signal handling so all signals are handled, one at a time.

2012-02-01  Reuben Thomas  <>

	lposix.c: overhaul time struct functions; add mktime.

	lposix.c: fix whitespace typo.

2012-02-01  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Overhaul use of numeric types going to Lua.
	Use lua_pushinteger rather than lua_pushnumber where it makes sense.

	In lcurses, use lua_pushboolean for all boolean quantities, and always
	return Lua booleans, not C booleans. Remove some unused function

2012-02-01  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Fix a docstring mistake: refer to os.execute, not os.system.

2012-01-31  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Remove setting _POSIX_C_SOURCE on Darwin, as apparently this only restricts APIs, or instates obsolescent APIs.
	Remove some pointless quotes.

	Remove SIGPROF and SIGPOLL, which are marked obsolescent.

2012-01-27  Reuben Thomas  <>

	curses: update ax_with_curses.m4 to latest version.

2012-01-17  Reuben Thomas  <>

	In strftime, make isdst optional like all other fields.

	Add strptime.

	Simplify a lua_pushlstring call to a lua_pushstring call.

	Simplify hostid, making it return a number, not a string.

	Merge pull request #23 from hishamhm/master
	Add support of octal stat modes in mode_munch

2012-01-16  Hisham Muhammad  <>

	Make octal_mode use strtol, as requested by rrthomas.

2011-12-29  Hisham Muhammad  <>

	Add support of octal stat modes in mode_munch

2011-12-28  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Update and make precise the versions of Lua catered to.

	Move Lua 5.2 compatibility into a separate file; use it in lcurses.c.
	Change version check to be “== 502” rather than “> 501” now that 5.2
	is released and we have no idea what 5.3 or later will bring.

	Remove unused lua_setenv macro.

	Add memrchr.

	Add a comment explaining that posix.signal has sensible semantics.

2011-12-26  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Fix an egregious bug in the previous commit which only updated a Lua handler when the previous handler was also a Lua function.

	Merge pull request #22 from gvvaughan/pull-request/expose-use_default_colors
	Pull request/expose use default colors

	Merge pull request #21 from gvvaughan/pull-request/refactor-lcurses-with-cpp
	refactor: use lposix-style macro splicing in lcurses.

2011-12-26  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	curses: expose use_default_colors to lua.
	* lcurses.c (Cuse_default_colors): Marshalling for
	(curseslib): Add it.

	refactor: use lposix-style macro splicing in lcurses.
	Make the style of lcurses.c more like lposix.c, with the aid of
	splice and stringify macros, and judicious renaming to make
	their usage pattern the same too.
	(LC_BOOL2, LC_BOOLOK, LC_BOOLOK2): Change prefix of generated
	functions from `lc_' to `C' so that LCURSES_STR_1 can be used
	(LCW_BOOLOK): Likewise, only changing from `lcw_' to `W' prefix.
	(LCW_BOOLOK2): New macre used when the curses symbol and the lua
	api have different names.
	(lcw_new, lcw_get, lcw_check, lc_checkch, lc_optch): Rename from
	(lc_newwin, lc_getwin, lc_checkwin, checkch, optch):
	these, respectively, no need to namespace static symbols so
	carefully. Adjust all callers.
	(CC2): Remove.
	(CF): New macro for generating FN key exports into lua. Use it
	to export all 64 valid FN keys.
	(LCW_WIN2): New macro.
	(Wsyncup, Wcursyncup, Wsyncdown): Use it to define these
	(LCW_WIN2YX): New macro.
	(Wgetyx, Wgetparyx, Wgetbegyx, getmaxyx): Use it to define these
	(LC_ATTROK): New macro.
	(Cslk_attron, Cslk_attroff, Cslk_attrset): Use it to define
	these functions.
	(LC_TOGGLEOK): New macro.
	(Ccbreak, Cecho, Craw, Cnl): Use it to define these functions.
	(LCW_WINBOOLOK): New macro.
	(Wintrflush, Wmeta, Wnodelay, Widlok, Wleaveok, Wscrollok): Use
	it to define these functions.
	(LCW_WININTOK): New macro.
	(Wattroff, Wattron, Wattrset): Use it to define these functions.
	(chstrlib, windowlib, curseslib): Much simplified by naming
	implementation functions more carefully, and defining temporary
	MENTRY macro to expand and splice arguments that populate the

2011-12-26  Reuben Thomas  <>

	signal: Cope with C handler functions.
	Fix a bug in setting symbolic (SIG_IGN/DFL) handlers.

	Make setting handler to nil indistinguishable from setting to SIG_DFL.

2011-12-24  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Explain why we don’t use an upvalue in an obvious situation.

	Redo signal API to be more conventional, allowing signal handlers to be reset (no __newindex nonsense).

	Use LPOSIX_STR_1 to prevent premature expansion of signal handler macro names.

	Merge pull request #20 from gvvaughan/pull-request/use-cpp-to-keep-symbols-in-sync
	refactor: use macro splicing for more tabulation.

2011-12-24  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	refactor: use macro splicing for more tabulation.
	This would have prevented the recent unsynced signal tables bug,
	but also use cpp metaprogramming to write more repetitive code
	that needs to stay in sync between various strings and symbols.
	* lposix.c (LPOSIX__STR): Remove +1 offset.
	(LPOSIX__STR_1, LPOSIX_STR_1): Better name for +1 offset
	stringification macros. Adjust all callers.
	(sigmacros_map): New cpp table of signal symbol basenames.
	(Ssigmacros, Fsigmacros): Generate from sigmacros_map.
	(R): Use cpp to keep lua symbols and C implementations in sync.
	(luaopen_posix_c): Replace each group of preprocessor exports with
	a cpp macro call to keep C API macro values and their lua symbol
	names in sync.

2011-12-23  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Allow signal handlers to be set to nil (unset), as well as a function or macro.

	Bump version to 5.1.16.

	Clarify a NULL pointer.

	Remove non-POSIX SIG_IGN and SIG_HOLD.

	Fix some deviant indentation.

2011-11-18  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #19 from spbnick/master
	Fix corner cases in Pread and Pgetgroups. Thanks to Nikolai Kondrashov.

2011-11-18  Nikolai Kondrashov  <>

	Fix getgroups corner cases
	Fix getgroups memory deallocation by simply using lua_newuserdata instead of
	potentially mismatching lalloc/free pair.
	Handle getgroups(0, NULL) returning 0 - although practically impossible,
	documentation doesn't say it can't happen.
	Handle getgroups returning negative values (reporting errors).

2011-11-17  Nikolai Kondrashov  <>

	Handle and report Pread allocation errors properly
	Report Pread buffer allocation errors with pusherror, account for allocation
	functions which don't modify errno.
	Handle allocation of zero bytes in Pread properly: don't consider returned
	NULL an error.
	Add some "air" into Pread formatting.

2011-10-28  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #18 from ittner/fix-unused-var
	Remove unused variable (thanks, Alexandre Ittner).

	Merge pull request #17 from ittner/add-fnmatch
	Add function fnmatch() (thanks, Alexandre Ittner).

2011-10-27  Alexandre Erwin Ittner  <>

	Remove unused variable in the poll interface

	Add function fnmatch()
	According to
	plus GNU extensions (if available)

2011-10-25  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #16 from spbnick/master
	Add full poll(2) interface

2011-10-22  Nikolai Kondrashov  <>

	Add full poll(2) interface
	Rename Ppoll to Prpoll to match external name of "rpoll".
	Add full poll(2) interface under name "poll".

	The arguments to the "poll" function are fd->pollfd map and an optional
	timeout in milliseconds (default being -1, i.e. infinity).

	"Pollfd" is a table analogue of struct pollfd, with "event" and "revent"
	fields being tables with boolean fields corresponding to bits, named without
	"POLL" suffix.

	Example usage:

	local pollfd_map = {
	    [fd1]   = {events = {IN = true}},
	    [fd2]   = {events = {IN = true}},
	    [fd3]   = {events = {IN = true}}

	while next(pollfd_map) ~= nil do
	    local ready, errmsg = posix.poll(pollfd_map)

	    if ready == nil then

	    for fd, pollfd in pairs(polfd_map) do
	        if pollfd.revents.IN or pollfd.revents.HUP then
	            local input, errmsg, errno =, 8)

	            if input == nil then
	            elseif #input == 0 then
	                pollfd_map[fd] = nil
	                print(tostring(fd) .. ":", input:byte(1, -1))

2011-10-10  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <>

	Don't leave status uninitialized
	SUSv4 states that &status is undefined if WNOHANG option is passed to
	waitpid and no processes are ready to be collected at the time of call.

2011-10-10  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <>

	Fix bug -- returns wrong value
	Pread() is documented to return a single value, and pushed only one
	return value to stack, but it told Lua that it returns two values.

	Note that this change may existing workarounds and should be
	explicitly mentioned in release notes.

2011-10-10  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Expose new fcntl function (oops!) and rewrite tests to use it.

	tests: Call fcntl tests with lunit (fixes issue #13); thanks Mikhail Gusarov.

2011-10-09  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Rewrite fcntl support.
	* Remove fcntl table and special handlers for F_GET/SETFL.

	* Add instead a single fcntl functions, with constants for all the
	  standard commands except for the file-locking commands (this would
	  require support for struct flock).

2011-09-29  Reuben Thomas  <>

	rockspec: move distribution & home page to github update to latest woger

	Bump version to 5.1.15.

	tests: rename test_fcntl.lua -> tests-fcntl.lua for consistency

	tests: fix Lua paths and xargs usage to run tests correctly

	Fix license.

	Merge pull request #11 from avnik/feature-pipe-and-dup2
	Add dup, pipe & more, from avnik. Thanks!

2011-09-27  Mikhail Gusarov  <>

	Tests for fcntl (untested)

2011-09-25  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <>

	Add setfl/getfl
	Access to functionality of fcntl(fd, F_GETFL) and fcntl(fd, F_SETFL, arg)

2011-09-23  Alexander V. Nikolaev  <>

	Export WNOHANG to lua and pass options to wait

	Add pipe() and test

	Add dup/dup2 functions

2011-09-23  Reuben Thomas  <> replace literal name of package with $(PACKAGE) once more.

2011-09-19  Reuben Thomas  <> fix deps of the rockspec. make release message shorter and more precise.

	Use $PACKAGE instead of luaposix.

	Fix distribution of rockspec source.

	Bump version to 5.1.14.

	Make some symbolic constants case-insensitive in Lua. use $PACKAGE rather than spelling out the name. actually make rockspec on release

2011-09-17  Reuben Thomas  <> fixes for building with rockspec.
	Don’t put the fully expanded rockspec in EXTRA_DIST, as this creates a
	recursive dependency (on the distribution archive).

	Fix the extraction of the summary description from the rockspec.

	Whitespace fixes to reminder output at end of make release.

2011-09-17  Reuben Thomas  <>

	rockspec: Find a remaining non-parametrized reference to the package name.

	rockspec: auto-generate (except for part of download URL, argh).

2011-09-16  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Bump version to 5.1.13.

	tests-posix.lua: Fix glob test again; we seem to have no .o files, so use .la files.

2011-09-13  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Don't build or install useless static libs or versioned symlinks.

2011-09-11  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Update curses documentation for luaposix integration.

2011-09-10  Reuben Thomas  <>

	configury: don’t try to guess install paths.
	Remove machinery for guessing non-standardized install paths, and
	instead expand documentation so it covers the standard Debian/Ubuntu

2011-09-09  Reuben Thomas  <>

	.gitignore: Add distribution tarball.

	Merge pull request #10 from gvvaughan/pull-request/refactor-lookup_symbol-mappings
	refactor: lookup_symbol mappings with macro splicing

2011-09-09  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	refactor: lookup_symbol mappings with macro splicing
	Tabulate just the basename for each mapping, and then stringify with an
	offset, or splice in the prefix before macro expansion as each static
	table initializer is built by the preprocessor.

2011-09-09  Reuben Thomas  <> fix make distcheck.

	.gitignore: Add *.html and ChangeLog.

	Distribute tests.

	Distribute strlcpy.c.

	configury: Make building curses optional.

	Merge lcurses into luaposix.

2011-09-08  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #9 from gvvaughan/pull-request/tabulate-lookup_symbol-mappings
	bugfix: tabulate lookup_symbol mappings

2011-09-08  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	bugfix: tabulate lookup_symbol mappings
	By keeping the map relationship explicitly in a macro expanded table,
	prevent: And in this case fix a bug in the earlier changeset 58f586b
	where they got out of sync.

2011-09-08  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #8 from gvvaughan/pull-request/add-libcrypt-if-required
	configury: add libcrypt if required

	Merge pull request #7 from gvvaughan/pull-request/no-m4-quotes-in-configure-ac
	configury: no m4 quotes in

	Merge pull request #6 from gvvaughan/pull-request/need-dummy-incase-gnulib-has-no-objects
	configury: need dummy module incase gnulib has no other objects

	Merge pull request #5 from gvvaughan/pull-request/let-bootstrap-conf-manage-gnulib-gitignore
	configury: let bootstrap.conf manage gnulib .gitignore

	Merge pull request #4 from gvvaughan/pull-request/darwin-has-no-o-rsync-definition
	portability: darwin has no O_RSYNC definition

2011-09-08  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	configury: add libcrypt if required
	When the crypt() function does not work unaided, try again by adding
	libcrypt to LIBS and substituting into

	portability: darwin has no O_RSYNC definition

	configury: need dummy module incase gnulib has no other objects
	It's only safe to use --avoid=dummy when there will never be a libgnu.a
	built, i.e there are no other modules with C code, and thus the parent
	project is never linked with libgnu.

2011-09-08  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	configury: let bootstrap.conf manage gnulib .gitignore
	No need to check these files in when bootstrap.conf has functions to
	manage them automatically without creating merge conflicts.

	For this changeset to work properly, you'll need to `git clean -f -x -d`
	and then rerun bootstrap to generate a proper set of .gitignore files.

2011-09-08  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	configury: no m4 quotes in
	Also, for the sake of forming good habits, keep the lvalua on the left
	of a comparison, and avoid the potential for uname returning something
	that test might interpret as an argument.

2011-09-07  Reuben Thomas  <>

	lposix.c: Include config.h.

	Rename luaopen function to match new library name.

	Add missing quotes.

	Replace previous machinery for detecting extra cc and ld flags.

	autotoolize the build system.

	Add read and write.

2011-09-07  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Add open and close.
	Generalise get_rlimit_const to lookup_symbol, and use it for open

	Add a FIXME.

2011-09-06  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Tidy up whitespace and comments a bit for consistency.

2011-06-20  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Merge pull request #3 from jdegges/master
	Add nanosleep.

2011-06-20  Joey Degges  <>

	Add nanosleep.

2011-06-04  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Remove unneeded shim for luaL_register; Lua 5.2 still has compatibility code for this.

2011-05-11  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Remove pushfile, which uses undocumented tricks which don’t work on LuaJIT, and hence dup, fdopen and pipe.

	Reformat test.lua a bit more consistently.

	Separate out Lua 5.2 compatibility.

2011-05-11  David Favro  <>

	Ported to 5.2.0-alpha.
	 * Lightly tested.
	 * Conditional compilation, so remains backwards-compatible with 5.1.

2011-05-11  David Favro  <>

	Makefile fix/enhancement.
	 * Fixed incorrect version string in library.

	 * Compiles with -O2 rather than no optimization.

	 * Added 'debug' target.  This may not work for non-GNU makes.

2011-05-11  David Favro  <>

	Fixed bugs in dup().
	 * Fixed bug: segfault (null pointer dereference) in dup(x,nil).

	 * Fixed bug: non-conforming mode "rw" changed to "w+".  POSIX specifies "w+" or
	   "r+" for read/write open.  "rw" is incorrect and fails to open for writing
	   on GNU libc's fdopen().

2011-05-11  David Favro  <>

	Updated test.lua and added new tests.
	 * Removed deprecated constructs foreach(), getn().
	 * Added --no-times command-line option since that test is a bear to wait for.
	 * Added new tests: dup(), fdopen().

2011-04-27  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Bump version to 5.1.11.

	Fix a typo which caused a buffer overrun.

	Bump version to 5.1.10.

	Fix typo in Pmkstemp.

	Fix possibly dangerous typos in mode_munch.

	Update maintainer and bump copyright year.

	Fix typo in error mesage.

	Add mkstemp.

2011-04-03  Gary V. Vaughan  <>

	lposix.c: Widen the _XOPEN_REALTIME guards around CLOCK_MONOTONIC
	Several constants that are only defined with _XOPEN_REALTIME were
	referenced even when _XOPEN_REALTIME is -1.

	Makefile: Darwin needs -D_POSIX_C_SOURCE in order to define SIGPOLL

2011-03-30  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Make sure _XOPEN_REALTIME is defined before testing its value.

	Remove non-POSIX rlimit resources, and as missing RLIMIT_AS.

2011-03-29  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Test _XOPEN_REALTIME correctly (!= -1, not merely defined).

2011-03-24  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Update maintainer and git repo location.

	Bump version to 5.1.9.

	Fix some Darwin problems.

	Guard realtime functions with _XOPEN_REALTIME, and remove a bogus debug line.

	Add getgroups.

	Add set_errno.

	Add _exit.

	Add signals support.

	Use lua_setfield where possible.

2011-03-22  Natanael Copa  <>

	release 5.1.8

2010-11-13  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Add getopt_long.

2010-11-12  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Update maintainer and documentation information.

2010-10-26  Natanael Copa  <>

	isgraph/isprint: use function pointer to save a few bytes

2010-10-26  Natanael Copa  <>

	test: use execp instead of exec when testing fork (cherry picked from commit 42ec4caff2d4895577298f6f26156b80beacdaa6)


2010-10-26  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Add isprint and isgraph.

	Add errno and stdio.h constants.

	Add abort and raise.

	Add some comments.

	Remove excess white space to aid readability, and fix some indenting.

	Remove Lua 5.0 compatibility.

	Add copyright notices for new contributors and tidy up old ones.

	Fold modemuncher.c into lposix.c, removing modesel array (same as lposix.c's M array).

	Use pushmode in Pumask, and hence remove modechopper from modemuncher.c.

	Put old ChangeLog in correct date order; remove non-ChangeLog format EOF marker.

2010-10-26  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Tidy up modemuncher.c.
	Remove never-compiled debug code. This code is fairly well tested now.

	Fix whitespace and indentation.

	Remove camelCase name of modeLookup struct and typedef, which is only
	used once, and use an anonymous struct instead.

	Rename the only remaining camelCase identifier in the entire file to a
	non-camelCase one.

2010-10-26  Reuben Thomas  <>

	Remove unnecessary phony targets.

	Fix building with glibc (support for crypt).

	Remove non-POSIX gecos field of struct passwd.

	Improve a comment.

	Fix inconsistent indentation.

	Remove support for obsolete timezone argument of gettimeofday.

	Remove declaration of crypt; it's a build system problem.

	Add .gitignore file.

	Compile syslog functions on any system with new-enough POSIX.

	Clean up whitespace.

	Remove bogus whitespace.

2010-10-26  Natanael Copa  <>

	Revert "test: use execp instead of exec when testing fork"
	This reverts commit 42ec4caff2d4895577298f6f26156b80beacdaa6.

	reverting so i can apply patchset

2010-10-23  Natanael Copa  <>

	test: use execp instead of exec when testing fork

2010-09-15  Natanael Copa  <>

	use integers for gettimeofday
	so it works for platforms that uses float for lua numbers.

	Add note to ChangeLog that we moved to git

	rename ChangeLog to ChangeLog.old
	We will only use git to provide the history from now on.

	fix bug in setrlimit

2010-08-12  Natanael Copa  <>

	release 5.1.7

2010-08-11  Tim Niemueller  <>

	Make clock_* arguments optional
	With the last change the clock id argument was no longer optional as

2010-08-11  Natanael Copa  <>

	should have been done before the 5.1.5 release :-(

2010-08-10  Tim Niemueller  <>

	Make clock_get* functions take string argument
	For consistency with existing functions.

2010-08-10  Natanael Copa  <>

	added function definitions for 'make show-funcs'

2010-08-09  Tim Niemueller  <>

	Use realtime clock by default in clock_get*

	Added strftime

	Add localtime, gmtime and time

	Compilation fixes
	+ Fix compilation warnings (uninitialized values, signed vs. unsigned)
	+ if VERSION macro is not passed on command line, set to "unknown", allows
	  to integrate source file into other buildsystems more easily

	Add gettimeofday, clock_getres, clock_gettime

2010-03-29  Natanael Copa  <>

	release 5.1.5

	use git describe to generate version string
	and use cgit do distribute tarball so we dont need the tar stuff in makefile

2009-08-11  Natanael Copa  <>

	luafication of getrlimit/setrlimit
	Use strings as parameters to select resource rather than integer

2009-08-11  Enrico Tassi  <>

	set/getrlimit, set/getuid and setlogmask bindings

	  while packagin the jabber server "prosody" for Debian, I noticed that
	it was using a custom binding of some posix function not available in
	luaposix. After asking prosody author, I wrote a patch for luaposix
	that adds the missing functionalities prosody is actually shipping in a
	custom .so.

	The attached patch binds the following functions:
	set/getrlimit, set/getuid and setlogmask.

	I'd like it to be integrated in a future release of luaposix, if

	Enrico Tassi

2008-07-18  Natanael Copa  <>

	Set LIBVERSION=4 for release 5.1.4.

2008-07-18  Natanael Copa  <>

	support for crypt()
	from openwrt.

2008-07-18  Natanael Copa  <>

	ignore POLLHUP and POLLNVAL since they are only for output

2008-06-03  Natanael Copa  <>

	updated readme and changelog

	use luaL_register

	From: 	Felix Fietkau <>
	here's a small patch that fixes luaposix compile on Darwin / Mac OS X

2008-01-29  Natanael Copa  <>

	added fdopen()

	updated changelog

	version 5.1.2

	added syslog funcs dup() takes and returns lua files. added fileno() exec renamed to execp and new exec func uses execv(3) rather than execvp(3)

2008-01-28  Natanael Copa  <>

	dont run test by default

	sorted #includes, removed dead code, whitspacefixes

2008-01-25  Natanael Copa  <>

	cleaned up Makefile

	avoid warning on 64 bit hosts

2008-01-24  Natanael Copa  <>

	added poll() from

	included stuff from

	Initial revision