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eval '(exit $?0)' && eval 'exec perl -wS "$0" ${1+"$@"}'
  & eval 'exec perl -wS "$0" $argv:q'
    if 0;
# Convert git log output to ChangeLog format.

my $VERSION = '2012-07-29 06:11'; # UTC
# The definition above must lie within the first 8 lines in order
# for the Emacs time-stamp write hook (at end) to update it.
# If you change this file with Emacs, please let the write hook
# do its job.  Otherwise, update this string manually.

# Copyright (C) 2008-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.

# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.

# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with this program.  If not, see <>.

# Written by Jim Meyering

use strict;
use warnings;
use Getopt::Long;
use POSIX qw(strftime);

(my $ME = $0) =~ s|.*/||;

# use File::Coda; #
  defined fileno STDOUT or return;
  close STDOUT and return;
  warn "$ME: failed to close standard output: $!\n";
  $? ||= 1;

sub usage ($)
  my ($exit_code) = @_;
  my $STREAM = ($exit_code == 0 ? *STDOUT : *STDERR);
  if ($exit_code != 0)
      print $STREAM "Try '$ME --help' for more information.\n";
      print $STREAM <<EOF;

Convert git log output to ChangeLog format.  If present, any ARGS
are passed to "git log".  To avoid ARGS being parsed as options to
$ME, they may be preceded by '--'.


   --amend=FILE FILE maps from an SHA1 to perl code (i.e., s/old/new/) that
                  makes a change to SHA1's commit log text or metadata.
   --append-dot append a dot to the first line of each commit message if
                  there is no other punctuation or blank at the end.
   --no-cluster never cluster commit messages under the same date/author
                  header; the default is to cluster adjacent commit messages
                  if their headers are the same and neither commit message
                  contains multiple paragraphs.
   --srcdir=DIR the root of the source tree, from which the .git/
                  directory can be derived.
   --since=DATE convert only the logs since DATE;
                  the default is to convert all log entries.
   --format=FMT set format string for commit subject and body;
                  see 'man git-log' for the list of format metacharacters;
                  the default is '%s%n%b%n'
   --strip-tab  remove one additional leading TAB from commit message lines.
   --strip-cherry-pick  remove data inserted by "git cherry-pick";
                  this includes the "cherry picked from commit ..." line,
                  and the possible final "Conflicts:" paragraph.
   --help       display this help and exit
   --version    output version information and exit


  $ME --since=2008-01-01 > ChangeLog
  $ME -- -n 5 foo > last-5-commits-to-branch-foo


The following types of strings are interpreted specially when they appear
at the beginning of a log message line.  They are not copied to the output.

  Copyright-paperwork-exempt: Yes
    Append the "(tiny change)" notation to the usual "date name email"
    ChangeLog header to mark a change that does not require a copyright
  Co-authored-by: Joe User <user\>
    List the specified name and email address on a second
    ChangeLog header, denoting a co-author.
  Signed-off-by: Joe User <user\>
    These lines are simply elided.

In a FILE specified via --amend, comment lines (starting with "#") are ignored.
FILE must consist of <SHA,CODE+> pairs where SHA is a 40-byte SHA1 (alone on
a line) referring to a commit in the current project, and CODE refers to one
or more consecutive lines of Perl code.  Pairs must be separated by one or
more blank line.

Here is sample input for use with --amend=FILE, from coreutils:

# fix typo in title:
s/all tile types/all file types/

# Due to a bug in vc-dwim, I mis-attributed a patch by Paul to myself.
# Change the author to be Paul.  Note the escaped "@":
s,Jim .*>,Paul Eggert <eggert\\\>,

  exit $exit_code;

# If the string $S is a well-behaved file name, simply return it.
# If it contains white space, quotes, etc., quote it, and return the new string.
sub shell_quote($)
  my ($s) = @_;
  if ($s =~ m![^\w+/.,-]!)
      # Convert each single quote to '\''
      $s =~ s/\'/\'\\\'\'/g;
      # Then single quote the string.
      $s = "'$s'";
  return $s;

sub quoted_cmd(@)
  return join (' ', map {shell_quote $_} @_);

# Parse file F.
# Comment lines (starting with "#") are ignored.
# F must consist of <SHA,CODE+> pairs where SHA is a 40-byte SHA1
# (alone on a line) referring to a commit in the current project, and
# CODE refers to one or more consecutive lines of Perl code.
# Pairs must be separated by one or more blank line.
sub parse_amend_file($)
  my ($f) = @_;

  open F, '<', $f
    or die "$ME: $f: failed to open for reading: $!\n";

  my $fail;
  my $h = {};
  my $in_code = 0;
  my $sha;
  while (defined (my $line = <F>))
      $line =~ /^\#/
        and next;
      chomp $line;
      $line eq ''
        and $in_code = 0, next;

      if (!$in_code)
          $line =~ /^([0-9a-fA-F]{40})$/
            or (warn "$ME: $f:$.: invalid line; expected an SHA1\n"),
              $fail = 1, next;
          $sha = lc $1;
          $in_code = 1;
          exists $h->{$sha}
            and (warn "$ME: $f:$.: duplicate SHA1\n"),
              $fail = 1, next;
          $h->{$sha} ||= '';
          $h->{$sha} .= "$line\n";
  close F;

    and exit 1;

  return $h;

# git_dir_option $SRCDIR
# From $SRCDIR, the --git-dir option to pass to git (none if $SRCDIR
# is undef).  Return as a list (0 or 1 element).
sub git_dir_option($)
  my ($srcdir) = @_;
  my @res = ();
  if (defined $srcdir)
      my $qdir = shell_quote $srcdir;
      my $cmd = "cd $qdir && git rev-parse --show-toplevel";
      my $qcmd = shell_quote $cmd;
      my $git_dir = qx($cmd);
      defined $git_dir
        or die "$ME: cannot run $qcmd: $!\n";
      $? == 0
        or die "$ME: $qcmd had unexpected exit code or signal ($?)\n";
      chomp $git_dir;
      push @res, "--git-dir=$git_dir/.git";

  my $since_date;
  my $format_string = '%s%n%b%n';
  my $amend_file;
  my $append_dot = 0;
  my $cluster = 1;
  my $strip_tab = 0;
  my $strip_cherry_pick = 0;
  my $srcdir;
     help => sub { usage 0 },
     version => sub { print "$ME version $VERSION\n"; exit },
     'since=s' => \$since_date,
     'format=s' => \$format_string,
     'amend=s' => \$amend_file,
     'append-dot' => \$append_dot,
     'cluster!' => \$cluster,
     'strip-tab' => \$strip_tab,
     'strip-cherry-pick' => \$strip_cherry_pick,
     'srcdir=s' => \$srcdir,
    ) or usage 1;

  defined $since_date
    and unshift @ARGV, "--since=$since_date";

  # This is a hash that maps an SHA1 to perl code (i.e., s/old/new/)
  # that makes a correction in the log or attribution of that commit.
  my $amend_code = defined $amend_file ? parse_amend_file $amend_file : {};

  my @cmd = ('git',
             git_dir_option $srcdir,
             qw(log --log-size),
             '--pretty=format:%H:%ct  %an  <%ae>%n%n'.$format_string, @ARGV);
  open PIPE, '-|', @cmd
    or die ("$ME: failed to run '". quoted_cmd (@cmd) ."': $!\n"
            . "(Is your Git too old?  Version 1.5.1 or later is required.)\n");

  my $prev_multi_paragraph;
  my $prev_date_line = '';
  my @prev_coauthors = ();
  while (1)
      defined (my $in = <PIPE>)
        or last;
      $in =~ /^log size (\d+)$/
        or die "$ME:$.: Invalid line (expected log size):\n$in";
      my $log_nbytes = $1;

      my $log;
      my $n_read = read PIPE, $log, $log_nbytes;
      $n_read == $log_nbytes
        or die "$ME:$.: unexpected EOF\n";

      # Extract leading hash.
      my ($sha, $rest) = split ':', $log, 2;
      defined $sha
        or die "$ME:$.: malformed log entry\n";
      $sha =~ /^[0-9a-fA-F]{40}$/
        or die "$ME:$.: invalid SHA1: $sha\n";

      # If this commit's log requires any transformation, do it now.
      my $code = $amend_code->{$sha};
      if (defined $code)
          eval 'use Safe';
          my $s = new Safe;
          # Put the unpreprocessed entry into "$_".
          $_ = $rest;

          # Let $code operate on it, safely.
          my $r = $s->reval("$code")
            or die "$ME:$.:$sha: failed to eval \"$code\":\n$@\n";

          # Note that we've used this entry.
          delete $amend_code->{$sha};

          # Update $rest upon success.
          $rest = $_;

      # Remove lines inserted by "git cherry-pick".
      if ($strip_cherry_pick)
          $rest =~ s/^\s*Conflicts:\n.*//sm;
          $rest =~ s/^\s*\(cherry picked from commit [\da-f]+\)\n//m;

      my @line = split "\n", $rest;
      my $author_line = shift @line;
      defined $author_line
        or die "$ME:$.: unexpected EOF\n";
      $author_line =~ /^(\d+)  (.*>)$/
        or die "$ME:$.: Invalid line "
          . "(expected date/author/email):\n$author_line\n";

      # Format 'Copyright-paperwork-exempt: Yes' as a standard ChangeLog
      # `(tiny change)' annotation.
      my $tiny = (grep (/^Copyright-paperwork-exempt:\s+[Yy]es$/, @line)
                  ? '  (tiny change)' : '');

      my $date_line = sprintf "%s  %s$tiny\n",
        strftime ("%F", localtime ($1)), $2;

      my @coauthors = grep /^Co-authored-by:.*$/, @line;
      # Omit meta-data lines we've already interpreted.
      @line = grep !/^(?:Signed-off-by:[ ].*>$
                       |Co-authored-by:[ ]
                       |Copyright-paperwork-exempt:[ ]
                       )/x, @line;

      # Remove leading and trailing blank lines.
      if (@line)
          while ($line[0] =~ /^\s*$/) { shift @line; }
          while ($line[$#line] =~ /^\s*$/) { pop @line; }

      # Record whether there are two or more paragraphs.
      my $multi_paragraph = grep /^\s*$/, @line;

      # Format 'Co-authored-by: A U Thor <>' lines in
      # standard multi-author ChangeLog format.
      for (@coauthors)
          s/^Co-authored-by:\s*/\t    /;
          s/\s*</  </;

            or warn "$ME: warning: missing email address for "
              . substr ($_, 5) . "\n";

      # If clustering of commit messages has been disabled, if this header
      # would be different from the previous date/name/email/coauthors header,
      # or if this or the previous entry consists of two or more paragraphs,
      # then print the header.
      if ( ! $cluster
          || $date_line ne $prev_date_line
          || "@coauthors" ne "@prev_coauthors"
          || $multi_paragraph
          || $prev_multi_paragraph)
          $prev_date_line eq ''
            or print "\n";
          print $date_line;
            and print join ("\n", @coauthors), "\n";
      $prev_date_line = $date_line;
      @prev_coauthors = @coauthors;
      $prev_multi_paragraph = $multi_paragraph;

      # If there were any lines
      if (@line == 0)
          warn "$ME: warning: empty commit message:\n  $date_line\n";
          if ($append_dot)
              # If the first line of the message has enough room, then
              if (length $line[0] < 72)
                  # append a dot if there is no other punctuation or blank
                  # at the end.
                  $line[0] =~ /[[:punct:]\s]$/
                    or $line[0] .= '.';

          # Remove one additional leading TAB from each line.
            and map { s/^\t// } @line;

          # Prefix each non-empty line with a TAB.
          @line = map { length $_ ? "\t$_" : '' } @line;

          print "\n", join ("\n", @line), "\n";

      defined ($in = <PIPE>)
        or last;
      $in ne "\n"
        and die "$ME:$.: unexpected line:\n$in";

  close PIPE
    or die "$ME: error closing pipe from " . quoted_cmd (@cmd) . "\n";
  # FIXME-someday: include $PROCESS_STATUS in the diagnostic

  # Complain about any unused entry in the --amend=F specified file.
  my $fail = 0;
  foreach my $sha (keys %$amend_code)
      warn "$ME:$amend_file: unused entry: $sha\n";
      $fail = 1;

  exit $fail;

# Local Variables:
# mode: perl
# indent-tabs-mode: nil
# eval: (add-hook 'write-file-hooks 'time-stamp)
# time-stamp-start: "my $VERSION = '"
# time-stamp-format: "%:y-%02m-%02d %02H:%02M"
# time-stamp-time-zone: "UTC"
# time-stamp-end: "'; # UTC"
# End: