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Linux utility for listing SCSI devices.

Version 0.32 2020/11/09 [svn: r164]
  - improve NVMe device parsing (e.g. /dev/nvme0c1n2)
  - collect_disk_wwn_nodes: Fix WWN string copy
  - make WWN printing for NVMe more consistent with
    output from SCSI devices (e.g. with -u and -t)
  - logic to select best SCSI id (--scsi_id) to output

Version 0.31 2020/02/20 [svn: r160]
  - cleanup gcc-8 warnings, no cleanup needed for gcc-9
  - fix issue where host managed ZBC devices don't
    output their size. [Fix also for RBC and CD/DVD.]
  - exclude NVMe listings when --classic given
  - fix hex counting issues
  - supply "-" for generic NVMe device one line output
    so 'lsscsi -gb' output is consistent

Version 0.30 2018/06/12 [svn: r154]
  - add support for NVMe devices and controllers
    - to build without: ./configure --disable-nvme-supp
    - deselect at runtime: lsscsi --no-nvme
    - deselect SCSI devices at runtime: lsscsi N
  - add --brief for tuple + device_name(s) only
  - add --pdt (-D) for device type in hex
  - extend --size (-s) so when given three times
    the size as a logical block count is output
  - add --sz-lbs (-S) that is equivalent to '-sss'
    when used twice adds comma then logical block size
  - '-w' now decodes 128 bit WWN without truncation
  - /dev/disk/by-id/wwn- is not guaranteed to be
    persistent (or stable); instead use
  - '-t' on a FC host was not printing the comma
    separator resulting in garbled output, fix
  - debian: bump compat file contents from 7 to 10

Version 0.29 2016/05/14 [svn: r137]
  - '-u' now decodes locally assigned UUIDs (spc5r08)
  - as last try use T10 Vendor ID for lu name
  - if no lu name found, print 'none'
  - change '-uuu' to output the full lu name followed
    by the normal fields (which were skipped before)
  - add 'U' option, same action as '-uuu'
  - '-UU' prefixes lu names with 'eui.', 'naa.', etc
  - if '-s' given twice, lu size is base 2 related
  - if very long [h:c:t:l] then append space
  - print_enclosure_device() for FCP may be useless,
    comment out while checking ...
  - with '-t' print 0x0000000000000000 for non-SAS
    device in SAS domain
  - upgrade to 20091223 version
  - automake: upgrade to 1.15 (ubuntu 16.04)

Version 0.28 2014/09/30 [svn: r120]
  - fix handling of scsi_level 0 (no compliance)
  - add SRP transport identifier
  - add --unit option for LU identifier (>= lk 3.15)
  - add (S)ATA transport identifier (>= lk 3.15)
  - make USB transport ids more consistent
  - fix FC transport id missing comma
  - add pdt strings for security manager and zbc
  - upgrade automake to version 1.14.1

Version 0.27 2013/05/08 [svn: r111]
  - rework buffer handling for systems with many disks
  - add --lunhex option for displaying LUNs in hex
  - accept LUNs from sysfs as large as a 64 bit unsigned
    decimal number (largest was signed 32 bit decimal)
  - accept LSSCSI_LUNHEX_OPT environment variable
  - add scsi_id option for /dev/disk/by-id/scsi*

Version 0.26 2012/01/31 [svn: r97]
  - add 'fcoe' transport indicator
  - add '--wwn' option, datamine /dev/disk/by-id/wwn*
  - move lsscsi.c into src directory

Version 0.25 2011/05/09 [svn: r92]
  - add sas_port and fc_remote_ports transport information
  - print enclosure_device entry
  - add '--size' option to show size of disks
  - add '--protmode' option to show protection information mode

Version 0.24 2010/06/12 [svn: r83]
  - FC transport syntax changes (colon to slash)
  - add "(null)" to the currently accepted "<NULL>" as
    the string representation of NULL
  - scandir() library function has changed its signature
    in its 4th argument, use newer (non-void) variant

Version 0.23 2009/12/01 [svn: r76]
  - remove /proc/mounts scan for sysfs mount point, assume
    /sys unless overridden by re-instated '--sysfsroot' option

Version 0.22 2008/12/26 [svn: r71]
  - add protection information (see CREDITS file)
  - add USB transport type with USB device name
  - add ATA and SATA transport types (crude: by driver name)

Version 0.21 2008/7/10 [svn: r64]
  - more sysfs scanning work needed for lk 2.6.26

Version 0.20 2008/7/9 [svn: r43]
  - Handle SCSI midlayer rework circa lk 2.6.25/26
    - this fix needed if CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED_V2 is not
      defined in the kernel build (lk 2.6.26)
  - clean superfluous files from package

Version 0.19 2007/1/25 [svn: r37]
  - add transport information (target + initiator)
    - start with FC, SAS, SPI, iSCSI and SBP
    - alter ISCSI for 2.6.20 changes
  - SAS fix for lk 2.6.20 (SYSFS_DEPRECATED=n)
  - enhance host name search when proc_name is "<NULL>"
  - implement filter option for '--hosts'
    - accept 'host<n>' as first item in filter to mean host <n>
  - output more host attributes when '-Hll' given
  - add '--list' (or '-L') option output attribute=value
    entries, one per line

Version 0.18 2006/3/24
  - cope with dropping of 'generic' symlink post lk 2.6.16
  - anticipate the future removal of 'tape' symlink

Version 0.17 2006/2/6
  - fix disappearance of block device names in lk 2.6.16-rc1

Version 0.16 2005/12/30
  - clean up peripheral device type naming
  - properly identify osst and changer devices
  - add debian build directory

Version 0.15 2005/6/29
  - option '-ll' gives more attributes and '-lll' gives attributes
    one per line
  - change reporting if device node:
    - use "match major+minor" with "/dev" directory (default)
    - use synthetic device node names when '--kname' given
      {this was the default in earlier versions}
  - add filtering, sync with lk 2.6.12
    {e.g. 'lsscsi 1' lists all SCSI devices on host1}
  - convert to autotools
  - builds on version 0.13 (does not use libsysfs)
    {because dlist_sort_custom() does not have filter() callback}

Version 0.14 2004/9/20
  - version of 0.13 based on libsysfs-1.20

Version 0.13 2004/8/20
  - add 'timeout' to long device option output
  - quiet (unless verbose) if no mid level (hence no SCSI devices or hosts)

Version 0.12 2004/5/9
  - rework for lk 2.6.6
  - add proc_name for hosts
  - replace 'online' with 'state' for scsi devices
  - add '-d' option to output device node's major and minor numbers

Version 0.11 2004/1/9
  - rework for lk 2.6.1
  - drop "--name" argument

Version 0.10 2003/5/6
  - adjust HBA listing (-H) for new struct scsi_host in lk 2.5.69++

Version 0.09 2003/4/4
  - fix up sorting
  - add GPL + copyright notice

Version 0.08 2003/3/2
  - start to add host listing support (requires >= lk 2.5.63)

Version 0.07 2003/2/10
  - sysfs changes name of current_queue_depth in lk 2.5.60

Version 0.06 2003/1/20
  - fixes of osst devices
  - use "cd" rather than "CDROM" for short peripheral type name

Version 0.05 2003/1/19
  - output st and osst device names (rather than "-")
  - support --generic and --classic together
  - output type (SCSI peripheral type) with --long

Version 0.04 2003/1/14
  - make sure a st device list only once (needed for lk 2.5.57)

Version 0.03 2003/1/9
  - fix Makefile to create man page directory on install
  - add logic for scsi_level output
  - add --generic (-g) switch to output scsi generic device file name

Version 0.02 2002/12/18
  - first entry in CHANGELOG