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Generate libwebp Container Spec Docs from Text Source

HTML generation requires kramdown [1], easily installed as a
rubygem [2].  Rubygems installation should satisfy dependencies


HTML generation can then be done from the project root:

$ kramdown doc/webp-container-spec.txt --template doc/template.html > \

kramdown can optionally syntax highlight code blocks, using CodeRay [3],
a dependency of kramdown that rubygems will install automatically.  The
following will apply inline CSS styling; an external stylesheet is not

$ kramdown doc/webp-lossless-bitstream-spec.txt --template \
  doc/template.html --coderay-css style --coderay-line-numbers ' ' \
  --coderay-default-lang c > \

Optimally, use kramdown 0.13.7 or newer if syntax highlighting desired.