The purpose of libstaroffice is to build a filter for old StarOffice's
documents(.sdc, .sdw, ...) based on librevenge(see and ).

- .sda/.sdp files: it tries to retrieve some basic contents, ie. the
  basic shapes (lines, rectangles, ellipse, ...), the bitmaps and some
  formattings. But this parser is still incomplete: some default
  formattings are simply ignored ...
- .sdc files: it tries to convert the main content of a .sdc files,
  ie. the cells' value/text/formula, the cells' comments and the
  cells' formattings. But it does not try to retrieve any embedded
  charts, ...
- .sdg files: it tries to retrieve all the bitmap .bm in the
  files. Other objects are simply ignored and some bitmaps are
  reconstructed with bad vertical orientations, ...
- .sdw files: begins to retrieve the main text contents with
  formattings. But this parser is still incomplete...
- other .sd? files: it refuses to convert them, ...

- when configured with --enable-full-debug, it also tries to parse
  other StarOffice's files and it creates some "*.ascii" files in the
  current repository(to show what is parsed) ; but of course, it still
  does not generate any output...