Blob Blame History Raw
libshout 2.2.2 (20060619)

* Handle Oggs that don't begin with zero granulepos.
* Install header in correct location (broken in 2.2.1).
* Theora memory leak fix.
* Non-blocking shout_open was failing unnecessarily in the
  connect_pending state.
* Cast some size_ts to ints for display purposes.

libshout 2.2.1 (20060417)

* Fix error handling while opening a connection, so that shout_open
  can be retried.
* pkgconfig fix for header installation
* Fix a memory leak in HTTP authentication

libshout 2.2 (20060103)

* Speex support
* Fix a double-free bug when login fails
* More robust server response parser
* Theora timing fix