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Get the sources

# using git is preferred
git clone https://github.com/sass/libsass.git
# only needed for sassc and/or testsuite
git clone https://github.com/sass/sassc.git libsass/sassc
git clone https://github.com/sass/sass-spec.git libsass/sass-spec

Decide for static or shared library

libsass can be built and linked as a static or as a shared library. The default is static. To change it you can set the BUILD environment variable:

export BUILD="shared"

Alternatively you can also define it directly when calling make:

BUILD="shared" make ...

Compile the library

make -C libsass -j5

Results can be found in

$ ls libsass/lib
libsass.a libsass.so

Install onto the system

We recommend to use autotools to install libsass onto the system, since that brings all the benefits of using libtools as the main install method. If you still want to install libsass via the makefile, you need to make sure that gnu install utility (or compatible) is installed on your system.

yum install coreutils # RedHat Linux
emerge -a coreutils # Gentoo Linux
pkgin install coreutils # SmartOS

You can set the install location by setting PREFIX

PREFIX="/opt/local" make install

Compling sassc

# Let build know library location
export SASS_LIBSASS_PATH="`pwd`/libsass"
# Invokes the sassc makefile
make -C libsass -j5 sassc

Run the spec test-suite

# needs ruby available
# also gem install minitest
make -C libsass -j5 test_build