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Get the sources

# using git is preferred
git clone https://github.com/sass/libsass.git
# only needed for sassc and/or testsuite
git clone https://github.com/sass/sassc.git libsass/sassc
git clone https://github.com/sass/sass-spec.git libsass/sass-spec


In order to run autotools you need a few tools installed on your system.

yum install automake libtool # RedHat Linux
emerge -a automake libtool # Gentoo Linux
pkgin install automake libtool # SmartOS

Create configure script

cd libsass
autoreconf --force --install
cd ..

Create custom makefiles

cd libsass
./configure \
  --disable-tests \
  --disable-shared \
cd ..

Build the library

make -C libsass -j5

Install the library

The library will be installed to the location given as prefix to configure. This is standard behavior for autotools and not libsass specific.

make -C libsass -j5 install

Configure options

The configure script is created by autotools. To get an overview of available options you can call ./configure --help. When you execute this script, it will create specific makefiles, which you then use via the regular make command.

There are some libsass specific options:

Optional Features:
  --enable-tests              enable testing the build
  --enable-coverage           enable coverage report for test suite
  --enable-shared             build shared libraries [default=yes]
  --enable-static             build static libraries [default=yes]

Optional Packages:
  --with-sassc-dir=<dir>      specify directory of sassc sources for
                              testing (default: sassc)
  --with-sass-spec-dir=<dir>  specify directory of sass-spec for testing
                              (default: sass-spec)

Build sassc and run spec test-suite

cd libsass
autoreconf --force --install
./configure \
  --enable-tests \
  --enable-shared \
make -j5 test_build
cd ..