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/** @page proxy_support Proxy support

@section libcurl Proxy connections with libcurl

libquvi uses libcurl for accessing the Internet.

See the @ref env for notes about libcurl supported proxy environment
variables. By default, libcurl will use the environment variable values
if they have been set.

@section autoproxy Autoproxy with libproxy

libquvi may use libproxy to detect the system proxy settings,
and then set them to be used with libcurl. This feature is not enabled
by default, the application must set the @ref QUVI_OPTION_AUTOPROXY to
QUVI_TRUE to enable it.

@section explicit Setting the proxy explicitly

If your application must set the proxy explicitly:
@li Query the libcurl handle from libquvi
@li Set the handle to use a new proxy address

quvi_get(q, QUVI_INFO_CURL_HANDLE, &c);
curl_easy_setopt(c, CURLOPT_PROXY, "http://foo:1234");

Refer to the libcurl curl_easy_setopt C API reference documentation for
more details about using this option.


@section notes Notes

@li Many desktop environments set the environment values (http_proxy,
https_proxy, all_proxy, etc.) for a UNIX shell automatically, so in
these cases, ideally,  your application should not have to set anything

@li Enabling @ref QUVI_OPTION_AUTOPROXY in GUI applications may be the
best option, unless your choose to set the proxy address explicitly as
decribed above (@ref explicit)