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Authors of and contributors to libpsl.
Thank you very much for spending your time !

Also many thanks for anyone who contributed ideas,
took part in discussions or 'just' asked questions.

Please drop me a note if you feel you should have
been mentioned here.

Tim Ruehsen (Implementation of libpsl)
Daniel Kahn Gillmor (Discussion, Ideas, Organization, Code)
Daniel Stenberg (Discussion, Ideas)
Darshit Shah (Patching Wget to work with libpsl)
Dagobert Michelsen (Fixed Solaris building)
Christopher Meng (Fedora building)
Jakub ńĆajka
Giuseppe Scrivano
Ryan Sleevi (Discussion, Requested DAFSA format and ICANN/PRIVATE support)
Daurnimator (Code review, discussion, reports)
Olle Liljenzin (Original DAFSA implementation and UTF-8 patch)