Blob Blame History Raw
libpipeline 1.5.0 (14 November 2017)

Add `pipecmd_pre_exec' to install a pre-exec handler for a single command.

libpipeline 1.4.2 (10 July 2017)

Fix EOF detection in get_line.

libpipeline 1.4.1 (17 August 2015)

Fix test failure with Check 0.10.0.

libpipeline 1.4.0 (25 October 2014)

Various portability fixes for Solaris, mostly suggested by Peter Bray.  This
includes a PIPELINE_QUIET environment variable which suppresses the error
message normally emitted when a subprocess is terminated by a signal.

Add `pipecmd_fchdir', which is analogous to `pipecmd_chdir' but takes an
open file descriptor rather than a path.

libpipeline 1.3.1 (22 September 2014)

Fix test failures on Cygwin.

Fix build on systems with neither setenv nor clearenv, e.g. Solaris 8.

libpipeline 1.3.0 (26 March 2014)

Add `pipecmd_chdir' to run a command with a different working directory.

libpipeline 1.2.6 (18 December 2013)

Fix test_pump_tee to wait for its child processes before testing their
output, since otherwise not all their output might be flushed.

libpipeline 1.2.5 (3 December 2013)

pipeline_want_infile and pipeline_want_outfile now take copies of their file
name arguments.

Restore compatibility with Automake 1.10.

Build with large file support on systems where it is available.

libpipeline 1.2.4 (6 June 2013)

Provide a replacement clearenv function in order to support non-glibc
systems.  Now tested on FreeBSD.

libpipeline 1.2.3 (24 April 2013)

Don't read uninitialised memory when testing for the end of long lines (over
4096 bytes).

Flush stdio before starting a sequence.

libpipeline 1.2.2 (17 September 2012)

Make pipeline_start flush stdio after emitting debugging output.

Build fixes for glibc 2.16 and Automake 1.12.

libpipeline 1.2.1 (2 March 2012)

Retry reads and writes on EINTR.

Fix opening of output files requested by `pipeline_want_outfile'; these are
now created if they do not already exist, and truncated if they do.

<pipeline.h> is now wrapped in `extern "C"' when used in a C++ compilation

libpipeline 1.2.0 (18 March 2011)

Add `pipeline_get_pid' to get the process ID of a command in a started

libpipeline 1.1.0 (11 December 2010)

Add `pipecmd_exec' to execute a single command, replacing the current
process; this is analogous to `execvp'.

Add `pipecmd_clearenv' to clear a command's environment; this is analogous
to `clearenv'.

Add `pipecmd_get_nargs' to get the number of arguments to a command.

libpipeline 1.0.0 (29 October 2010)

This is a new C library for pipeline manipulation, broken out from man-db