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/* Copyright (C) 2017 Robert Roth
   This file is part of LibGTop.

   Contributed by Robert Roth <>, February 2017.

   LibGTop is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
   under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License,
   or (at your option) any later version.

   LibGTop is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
   ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
   FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.  See the GNU General Public License
   for more details.

   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
   along with LibGTop; see the file COPYING. If not, write to the
   Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor,
   Boston, MA 02110-1301, USA.

#ifndef __GLIBTOP_PROCIO_H__
#define __GLIBTOP_PROCIO_H__

#include <glibtop.h>
#include <glibtop/global.h>




typedef struct _glibtop_proc_io	glibtop_proc_io;

/* Time section */

 * glibtop_proc_io:
 * @disk_rchar: The number of bytes which this task has caused to be read from storage. This
 * is simply the sum of bytes which this process passed to read() and pread(), also including tty IO,
 * and it is unaffected by whether or not actual physical disk IO was required.
 * @disk_wchar: The number of bytes which this task has caused, or shall cause to be written
 * to disk. Similar caveats apply here as with rchar.
 * @disk_rbytes: Attempt to count the number of bytes which this process really did cause to
 * be fetched from the storage layer. Done at the submit_bio() level, so it is
 * accurate for block-backed filesystems.
 * @disk_wbytes: Attempt to count the number of bytes which this process caused to be sent to
 * the storage layer. This is done at page-dirtying time.
 * Process disk io data filled by glibtop_get_proc_io().
struct _glibtop_proc_io
	guint64	flags;
	guint64 disk_rchar;
	guint64 disk_wchar;
	guint64 disk_rbytes;
	guint64 disk_wbytes;

    /* reserved for future extensions, e.g. per-process netio */
    guint64 reserved[10];

void glibtop_get_proc_io (glibtop_proc_io *buf, pid_t pid);

#define glibtop_get_proc_io_r	glibtop_get_proc_io_p
#define glibtop_get_proc_io_r	glibtop_get_proc_io_s

void glibtop_get_proc_io_l (glibtop *server, glibtop_proc_io *buf, pid_t pid);

void _glibtop_init_proc_io_p (glibtop *server);
void glibtop_get_proc_io_p (glibtop *server, glibtop_proc_io *buf, pid_t pid);
void _glibtop_init_proc_io_s (glibtop *server);
void glibtop_get_proc_io_s (glibtop *server, glibtop_proc_io *buf, pid_t pid);