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2007-06-07  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* proclist.c: (glibtop_get_proclist_s):

	Fixed build.
	Patch by Damien Carbery <>.
	Closes #444815.

2006-09-19  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* procopenfiles.c: (glibtop_init_proc_open_files_s),

	Added glibtop_get_proc_open_files implementation by 
	Henry Zhang <>.
	Closes #346174.

2006-06-24  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* proctime.c: (glibtop_get_proc_time_s):
	Fixed start time.

	Patch by
	Closes #345819.
2006-06-24  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* procmap.c: (glibtop_get_proc_map_s):

	Fixed writable memory.

	Patch by
	Closes #345817.

2006-06-24  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* open.c: (glibtop_get_kstats), (glibtop_open_s):
	Can't get cpu_stat_kstat, didn't close kstat, this will make other
	program used kstat wrong.
	Patch by
	Closes #345814.

2006-06-24  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* netlist.c: (glibtop_get_netlist_s):

	Patch by
	Closes #345813.

2006-06-24  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* msg_limits.c: (glibtop_init_msg_limits_p),
	* open_suid.c: (glibtop_open_p):
	* sem_limits.c: (glibtop_init_sem_limits_p),
	* shm_limits.c: (glibtop_init_shm_limits_p),
	Don't use kvm anymore.
	Patch by
	Closes #345811.

2005-08-12  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* glibtop_server.h:
	* open.c:
	* open_suid.c:
	* procdata.c:

	Added missing includes.

2004-10-11  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* cpu.c: (glibtop_init_cpu_s), (glibtop_get_cpu_s):
	* loadavg.c: (glibtop_get_loadavg_s):
	* mem.c: (glibtop_init_mem_s), (glibtop_get_mem_s):
	* open.c: (glibtop_get_kstats), (glibtop_open_s):
	* procargs.c: (glibtop_get_proc_args_s):
	* procdata.c: (glibtop_get_proc_data_psinfo_s),
	(glibtop_get_proc_data_usage_s), (glibtop_get_proc_credentials_s),
	* proclist.c: (glibtop_get_proclist_s):
	* procmap.c: (glibtop_get_proc_map_s):
	* procmem.c: (glibtop_get_proc_mem_s):
	* procstate.c: (glibtop_get_proc_state_s):
	* safeio.c:
	* safeio.h:
	* shm_limits.c: (glibtop_init_shm_limits_p),
	* swap.c: (glibtop_get_swap_s):
	* uptime.c: (glibtop_get_uptime_s): Updated. Lots of cleanup.

2004-06-06  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* proclist.c: (glibtop_get_proclist_s): Removed useless tests.
	* procmap.c: (glibtop_get_proc_map_s): Replace g_malloc + memset
	by g_malloc0
	* procstate.c: (glibtop_get_proc_state_s): Replace strncpy by g_strlcpy.

2004-05-25  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* loadavg.c: (glibtop_get_loadavg_s):
	* msg_limits.c:
	* sem_limits.c:
	* shm_limits.c: Added missing const qualifiers.

2004-03-09  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* procargs.c: (glibtop_get_proc_args_s):
	* procmap.c: (glibtop_get_proc_map_s): fix g_malloc usage on non-Linux
        platforms (patch by Benoît Dejean <>)

2003-10-21  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* install only one library, libgtop-2.0
	Fix build-time warnings due to the redefinition of guint64

2003-10-20  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* shm_limits.c: (glibtop_get_shm_limits_p): Apply patch by and Cory Omand <> for
	Solaris support

2003-10-20  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* mem.c: (glibtop_get_mem_s):
	* swap.c: (glibtop_get_swap_s): s/u_int64_t/guint64/

2003-10-20  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* glibtop_machine.h:
	* glibtop_private.h:
	* glibtop_server.h:
	* glibtop_suid.h:
	* procargs.c:
	* proclist.c:
	* procmap.c:
	* safeio.h: fixed compilation

2003-10-20  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* procargs.c: (glibtop_get_proc_args_s):
	* proclist.c: (glibtop_get_proclist_s):
	* procmap.c: (glibtop_get_proc_map_s):
	replace all the xmalloc crap by glib memory management functions

2001-10-17  Abel Cheung <>

	* move header to $(includedir)/libgtop-1.0/glibtop.

2001-02-18  Martin Baulig  <>

	Applied a patch from Laszlo PETER <>
	for Solaris 8.

	* msg_limits.c: `struct msginfo' no longer has msgmap and msgssz.
	* sem_limits.c: `struct seminfo' no longer has a semmap field.

1999-10-17  Martin Baulig  <>

	* (libgtop_sysdeps_la_LIBADD): Added `@DL_LIB@'.

1999-09-28  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* proclist.c (glibtop_get_proclist_s): Bugfix. It wasn't
	excluding system, non-tty or idle processes if that was

1999-07-29  Martin Baulig  <>

	* proctime.c (glibtop_get_proc_time_p): Fix bug reported by
	Takis Psarogiannakopoulos: `start_time' are seconds since the
 	epoch as it is stated in the manual.

1999-07-16  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* proclist.c: Bug fix. All Solaris versions have RUID and
	RGID in /proc.

1999-06-07  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* glibtop_machine.h, open.c, procargs.c, proclist.c, procmap.c:
	  Solaris 2.5 & 2.5.1 portability fixes, based on patches
	  from Steve Murphy <>.

1999-05-30  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* procargs.c: Fixed bug in calculation of process argument list.

1999-05-27  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* glibtop_machine.h, open.c, procmap.c: Get the file name
	from inode number.

1999-05-17  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* procargs.c: Implemented what Solaris has to offer cheaply.
	It sucks, but digging in process address space would be
	too slow.

1999-05-11  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* proctime.c: Return 0 usage times for scheaduler (PID 0).

1999-05-10  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* proclist.c: Added process selection mechanism. It's not
	included in Solaris 2.5 build, since we first have to decide
	what will be dispatched to daemon.

1999-05-10  Drazen Kacar  <>

	There be some useful documentation now. Syncing...

	* mem.c: Output values in bytes, as the documentation requires.
	It was a bit odd when gtop reported 256K of total memory.

1999-05-09  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* glibtop_machine.h, procdata.c, proclist.c, procmap.c, procmem.c,
	procsignal.c, procstate.c, procuid.c, open.c, mem.c: Initial
	Solaris 2.5 port. It's far from being complete and hasn't been
	tested properly. We'll need setuid root daemon, which is
	currently not implemented. #ifdef symbols to check are
	HAVE_PROCFS_H and KSTAT_DATA_UINT32. These will be defined on
	Solaris 2.6 and later, but not on earlier releases.

1999-05-08  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* safeio.c, safeio.h: Added s_open(), s_close() etc. with EINTR

	* procdata.c, procmap.c, proclist.c: Use them.

1999-05-08  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* procmem.c: Use bytes as units for memory consumption.

1999-05-08  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* procuid.c: Fixed nice value.

1999-05-08  Martin Baulig  <>

	Use the setgid server for IPC Limits.

	* shm_limits.c, msg_limits.c, sem_limits.c: Moved them into the
	setgid server since they need to access kvm data.

	* open_suid.c, close_suid.c: New file. We do the initialization and cleanup
	for the setgid server here.

	* glibtop_suid.h: New file. We include this in the setgid files.

	* open.c: Moved kvm opening code into open_suid.c.

1999-05-07  Drazen Kacar <>

	* glibtop_machine.h, open.c, mem.c, procmem.c: machine.pagesize
	is now number of bits we need for shifting, ie. 2^pagesize
	will give pagesize in Kb.

1999-05-07  Drazen Kacar <>

	* procmem.c: Implemented size, vsize, resident and rss.

1999-05-06  Drazen Kacar <>

	* siglist.c: Fixed, valid for Solaris 2.6 & 7.

1999-05-06  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* glibtop_private.h, procuid.c, procdata.c: List of supplementary
	groups was not correct. Fixed.

1999-05-04  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* glibtop_machine.h: Changed boot time to unsigned long long.

	* open.c: Added proper type checking for boot value. There's
	no point in saving a few nanoseconds in init function. And
	one day it will become 64-bit value.

	In glibtop_get_kstats(): Don't reread vminfo_snaptime when
	reinitializing kstats.

1999-05-03  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* glibtop_private.h: Fixed typoo.

	* procmap.c (glibtop_get_proc_map_s): Implemented start, end,
	offset and perm for mapped segments. File name and inode
	should be accessible from bunyip kstat data. The only
	obstacle is that the data format is undocumented and
	possibly not the same accross releases.

1999-05-03  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* glibtop_private.h, procdata.c (glibtop_get_proc_status_s):
	Read pstatus info from /proc

	* procsignal.c (glibtop_get_proc_signal_s): Implemented
	set of pending and blocked signals. The rest should probably
	be read from /proc/<pid>/sigact, but I'm not sure it's
	worth implementing before thread API comes into place.

	* siglist.c: Added Solaris 7 signals. Someone will gettextize
	it eventually. Besides, signal list should become a pointer
	instead of being fixed field. We need some run time initializations.
	The code is written, but commented out.

1999-05-03  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* glibtop_private.h: Ups, forgot to put prototypes in.

1999-05-02  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* open.c (glibtop_get_kstats): Yet another kstat_chain_update
	check. Added machine.cpu_stat_kstat[x] = NULL when processor
	x is not configured.

	* procdata.c (glibtop_get_proc_credentials_s): Read prcred
	structure from /proc.

	* procstate.c (glibtop_get_proc_state_s): Added ruid, rgid,
	has_cpu, processor and last_processor.

	* procuid.c (glibtop_get_proc_uid_s): Added priority, nice,
	suid, sgid, ngroups and groups. The last four will be
	filled only if our process has the authority to read prcred
	structure of another process.

1999-05-02  Drazen Kacar  <>

	procdata.c: Use pread() instead of read().

1999-05-02  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* glibtop_machine.h: added fields for page size, clock ticks and
	boot time. These are constants. Also added three new kstats.

	* open.c (glibtop_get_kstats): Initialize kstats in *server.
	We need to call this at init time (obviously) and each time
	kstat_chain_update() says that kstat chain has changed. In this
	case all kstat pointers and data are invalid, so we need to
	reinitialize everything.

	(glibtop_open_s): Made it call glibtop_get_kstats(). Added
	initialization for run time constants in struct machine.

	* cpu.c (glibtop_get_cpu_s): Call kstat_chain_update().
	See if processor is on-line and set bits in xcpu_flags.
	Added frequency (bad name, should have been ticks).

	* swap.c (glibtop_get_swap_s): Call kstat_chain_update().
	I probably broke vminfo_snaptime consistency. Fix later.

	* uptime.c (glibtop_get_uptime_s): Implemented uptime and boot_time.
	Still looking for a sane way to get idletime.

	* mem.c (glibtop_get_mem_s): Implemented. Will use bunyip
	module if it's loaded. Or when it gets loaded. kstat_chain_update()
   	is our friend. And with a friends like that...

	* loadavg.c (glibtop_get_loadavg_s): Solaris 2.6 code brought
	into sync with everything else.

	* msg_limits.c (glibtop_init_msg_limits_s): Implemented.

	* sem_limits.c (glibtop_get_sem_limits_s): Implemented.

	Solaris takes kernel modularity too seriously. We can't get
	IPC configuration data if the kernel module is not loaded and
	it won't be loaded until some process actually asks for a
	particular IPC resource. There's no way to tell our applications
	about this. Possible API additions?

	All three IPC functions should go into daemon, but I'm keeping
	them in the normal library because I can't build daemon yet. All
	praise 64 bits!

1999-04-29  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* glibtop_machine.h: added field for kvm descriptor.

	* open.c: added code for opening kernel name space.

	* shm_limits.c: implemented.

1999-03-31  Drazen Kacar  <>

	* loadavg.c: make it work with Solaris 2.6 and older. A part
	of it should be moved to open.c.

1999-03-19  Martin Baulig  <>

	Added first kstat based implementation for Solaris 7.

	* open.c (glibtop_open_s): Walk kstat list and save interesting
	kstats in the `server->machine'.

	* cpu.c: This can already provide `idle', `user' and `sys' with
	full SMP support.

	* swap.c: This can already provide `total', `used' and `free'.

1999-03-17  Martin Baulig  <>

	Initial import of my Solaris 7 port.

	* loadavg.c: We use getloadavg () to get the `loadavg' field.

	* procdata.c: This file will handle all interaction with the
 	/proc filesystem.
	(glibtop_get_proc_data_psinfo_s): Read `/proc/<pid>/psinfo' and
	return the resulting `struct psinfo'.
	(glibtop_get_proc_data_usage_s): Read `/proc/<pid>/usage' and
 	return the resulting `struct prusage'.

	* proclist.c: We use readdir () on /proc to get the list of
	all pids.

	* procstate.c: Read `uid' and `gid' from the `struct psinfo'.

	* proctime.c: Read `start_time', `rtime', `utime' and `stime'
	from the `struct prusage'.

	* procuid.c: Read `euid', `uid', `egid', `gid', `pid', `ppid',
	`pgrp', `session' and `tty' from the `struct psinfo'.