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2005-03-25  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* gnuserv.c: (syslog_io_message): s/strerror/g_strerror.

2005-02-15  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* daemon.h:
	* gnuserv.c: (syslog_message), (syslog_io_message):
	* main.c: (handle_parent_connection):
	* slave.c: (handle_slave_connection), (handle_slave_command): Misc. cleanups.

2004-09-19  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* gnuserv.c: (setup_table): 'screen' is only defined when AUTH_MAGIC_COOKIE
	is defined.
	Added missing initializers for popt options.

2004-05-25  Benoît Dejean  <>

	* gnuserv.c: (permitted): Cast to size_t to remove warning.

2004-03-04  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* gnuserv.c: link explicitely to popt and use libgtop-i18n.h
	instead of libgnome

2003-10-20  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* daemon.h:
	* gnuserv.c: (main): fixed compilation

2003-10-20  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* main.c: (handle_parent_connection):
	* slave.c: (handle_slave_connection):
	replace all the xmalloc crap by glib memory management functions

2003-10-20  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* removed traces of guile, intllibs and libgnomesupport

2003-10-20  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* gnuserv.c: remove guile and libgnome-support stuff

2003-10-20  Bastien Nocera  <>

	* make it compile

2003-05-11  Andrew Sobala  <>

	* gnuserv.c: (permitted): fix buffer overflow vulnerability

2001-02-14  Martin Baulig  <>

	* (libgtop_server_LDADD): Removed @LIBSUPPORT@.

1999-11-28  Martin Baulig  <>

	* gnuserv.c (setup_table): Don't dump core when the table of
	permitted host names contains a NULL pointer.

1999-07-29  Martin Baulig  <>

	* Link the `libgtop_daemon' and the `libgtop_server'
	statically if possible.

1999-05-07  Martin Baulig  <>

	* server.c (main): There's some problem with uname () - some systems
	like Solaris or Digital Unix return a nonnegative value on success,
	some others like Linux return 0. Since all known systems seem to return
	a negative value on failure, we simply check whether the return value is
	not negative here.

1999-02-19  Martin Baulig  <>

	* (LIBGTOP_COMPILE_SYSTEM): Hardcoded system name.
	(LIBGTOP_COMPILE_RELEASE): Hardcoded system release.
	(LIBGTOP_COMPILE_MACHINE): Hardcoded machine type.

	* src/daemon/ (libgtop_server_SOURCES): Don't use
	`@INTLLIBS@' for the server.

	* server.c (main): Abort if not running on the system the server
	was compiled on.

1999-02-10  Martin Baulig  <>

	* gnuserv.c (program_invocation_*_name): Declare this as `extern'
	if necessary.

1998-12-17  Martin Baulig  <>

	* gnuserv.c: Don't include <gnome-argp.h>.
	(program_invocation_name, program_invocation_short_name): Define
	this here.

1998-12-09  Martin Baulig  <>

	Larger changes to the daemon:

	- Dropped all the unix domain socket stuff - we don't need it for
	connections on the local host, here we behave just like any normal
	- Added poptimization: use the --help parameter to get usage info
	- Made it a real daemon, fork into background and write to syslog.
	- It's now possible to invoke the daemon from inetd, you'll get
	GNU_SECURE authentication in this case.
	- Don't make this executable suid/sgid - if invoked as root it
	sets uid/gid to SERVER_UID/SERVER_GID as defined in server_config.h
	- Added missing features, so you can now really use this thing.

1998-11-11  Martin Baulig  <>

	* gnuserv.c (main): Set `server->features' directly rather than
	calling glibtop_set_parameter_l () since this function no longer
	allows to modify the features.

	* gnuserv.c, main.c: Use LIBGTOP_ENABLE_DEBUG rather than DEBUG.

1998-11-01  Marc Ewing  <>

	* Added $(GLIB_LIBS) to libs.  Not sure
	how it ever built without it.

1998-10-20  Martin Baulig  <>

	* Added a notice that this file *requires*
 	libtool 1.2. It may work with 1.1 as well, but that's untested.

1998-10-11  Martin Baulig  <>

	* (install-exec-hook): Always run `libgtop_postinstall',
	it's `:' if there's nothing to do since the empty string is no
	valid shell syntax here.

1998-10-01  Martin Baulig  <>

	* (install-exec-hook): Use `libgtop_postinstall'
	here to make the server suid root or sgid kmem if required.

1998-08-25  Martin Baulig  <>

	* daemon.h (handle_parent_connection): Added prototype.
	* write.c, io.c: Added cast to `const void *' in calls to
	`write' and `send' to avoid compiler warnings.
	* gnuserv.c (handle_signal): Declared static.
	(main): Casting return value of `getuid' to `int' in
	debugging statement.

	* ChangeLog: New file.