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2018-05-02  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.31.
	+ commit 10a984d25048a09d1c489224bae866372e8066a1
	* Set LT version to C24/A24/R2.

2018-05-01  Werner Koch  <>

	core,w32: Avoid recursive use of npth_unprotect.
	+ commit b26a227173e8e9b91be14f06ee781c6e214e50ff
	* src/w32-estream.c (reader): Use standard free.
	(writer): Ditto.

2018-05-01  emma peel  <>

	po: new Spanish translation.
	+ commit 7e2517a29619c35257b38aa137b6772e471d7e4e

2018-04-30  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.30.
	+ commit cac048bf8454ade95a905f9d3840b1ec284fce20
	* Bump LT version to C24/A/24/R1.

	build: More release creation automation.
	+ commit d1d4c4f8eb9830bfb671054e1558342106ba9d8d
	* Add release and sign-release targets.

	core: Fix gpgrt_poll for Windows under nPth.
	+ commit 4f45f3e0bb404b4a9787cb55ca154c6f60c1437b
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_poll) [W32]: Use syscall clamp.

2018-04-13  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	doc: Fix yat2m build for cross compilation.
	+ commit 792877a08ca7bc9d1377161dc9af374602a394cc
	* doc/ Fix target of yat2m-for-build.

2018-04-12  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	build: Check -lsocket -lnsl for Solaris.
	+ commit e35749023ca68de6f1f85d3072f7b36fd6f6fe7c
	* Check inet_addr for -lnsl, and socket for -lsocket.

2018-04-11  Damien Goutte-Gattat via Gnupg-devel  <>

	build: Make sure version.texi is generated in time.
	+ commit 8ef76d9373db16f1ca176f9c87c8dac2758c8b85
	[[PGP Signed Part:Good signature from AA4373E6C82C78AD Damien Goutte-Gattat <> (trust undefined) created at 2018-04-11T17:05:27+0200 using RSA]]
	[1. text/plain]

	* doc/ (yat2m-stamp): Depend on version.texi.

2018-04-11  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.29.
	+ commit c3825327da826e434ada9abde34e6bbd7ef61737
	* Bump LT version to C24/A24/R0.

	core: Finalize the API for argparse.
	+ commit e901c9fb04f5a96ba2bd49225b396ce7857a3782
	* src/ (ARGPARSE_end): Simplify.
	* src/argparse.c (_gpgrt_argparse_internal_s): Add field opts.
	(deinitialize): Release new field.
	(initialize): Add arg opts and create a copy of the option list.  Add
	the internal options.
	(_gpgrt_argparse): Rename arg opts to opts_orig and set new local var
	opts.  Adjust all references to opts.
	(find_long_option): Adjust for chnaged type of OPTS.  Re-indent.
	(arg_parse): Remove internal option assignment.  Rename arg opts to
	opts_orig and set new local var opts.  Adjust all references to opts.
	(show_help): Adjust all references to opts.

2018-03-27  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	doc: Support cross compilation for yat2m.
	+ commit efc4769339d42a4a399c040c146cf4a29c02ea4f
	* (HAVE_YAT2M): New.
	* doc/ [CROSS_COMPILING]: Supported.

2018-03-22  Werner Koch  <>

	build: Add option --git-build to
	+ commit 1b30d21c8780f5510815d4fb2523afad9fff85dc

	yat2m: Avoid compiler warnings.
	+ commit 30621ee4c13006d08881994c32c89f60604c0188
	* doc/yat2m.c (evaluate_conditions): Mark args unused
	(proc_texi_cmd): Avoid shadowing warning.

	core: Add Base-64 encoder.
	+ commit ffc8f805165a13d16ed227051c59d732117ec9d4
	* src/b64enc.c: Change to fit into libgpg-error.
	* src/ Add b64enc.c
	* src/b64dec.c: Use xtrymalloc etc.  Always use gpg_err_code_t.
	(_gpgrt_b64dec_start): Set decoder flag
	(_gpgrt_b64dec_finish): Check for conflict.
	(_gpgrt_b64state): Move to ...
	* src/gpgrt-int.h: here.  Add new fields.
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_b64enc_start): New.
	(gpgrt_b64enc_write): New.
	(gpgrt_b64enc_finish): New.
	* src/gpg-error.vers, src/ Add new functions.
	* src/ Ditto.
	* src/visibility.h: Ditto.

	* tests/t-b64dec.c: Remove.
	* tests/t-b64.c: New.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Replace t-b64dec by t-b64.

2018-03-22  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	doc: Fix build and installation of yat2m.
	+ commit 4dc6d4d2067c726cdb13593bf151637319ff65e6
	* (YAT2M): Require it when cross compiling.
	* doc/ (bin_PROGRAMS): Add yat2m.

2018-03-21  Werner Koch  <>

	po: Merge GnuPG's strings from argparse.c.
	+ commit e492e0a0a73e1ea9c80f355a25f632af69d3a569

	tools: Use gpgrt_argparse for the gpg-error tool.
	+ commit 11ce9bc3d6fe75859e18112824ae7ec3ca0fc8df
	* src/gpg-error.c (show_usage): Remove.
	(my_strusage): New.
	(main): Change to use argparse.  Also use log_error.

	core: Add public function gpgrt_usage.
	+ commit ed78ef7f06649f85f1c94c4fb2bd3f6b16fd9a63
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_usage): New.

	core: Add the group of argparse functions.
	+ commit 13d6fbfd4360cb74588556a3a0058c4057d0bcf0
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_argparse): New.
	(gpgrt_strusage): New.
	(gpgrt_set_strusage): New.
	(gpgrt_set_usage_outfnc): New.
	(gpgrt_set_fixed_string_mapper): New.
	* src/, src/gpg-error.vers: Add new functions.
	* src/ Add ARGPARSE macros from the former argparse.h.
	(gpgrt_argparse_t): New.
	(gpgrt_opt_t): New.
	* (AH_BOTTOM): Request argparse macros.
	* src/ (libgpg_error_la_SOURCES): Add argparse.c.
	* src/argparse.h: Remove.
	* src/argparse.c: Revamp to fit into libgpg-error.
	(_gpgrt_argparse): New.
	(_gpgrt_usage): Rename from usage.
	(_gpgrt_strusage): Rename from strusage.  Define two new levels and
	templates for three common licenses.
	(_gpgrt_set_strusage): Rename from set_strusage.
	(_gpgrt_set_usage_outfnc): New.
	(_gpgrt_set_fixed_string_mapper): New.

	* tests/t-argparse.c: New.

2018-03-18  Werner Koch  <>

	core: Fix regression on arm64 due to invalid use of va_list.
	+ commit 791177de023574223eddf7288eb7c5a0721ac623
	* src/logging.c (_gpgrt_log_printhex): Provide a dummy arg instead of

2018-03-14  Werner Koch  <>

	core: Fix building on W64.
	+ commit c36a60687976d98b54dac17f699dfca4918a737c
	* src/w32-add.h: Remove hack to define pid_t.
	* src/ Eval macro to define pid_t.
	* src/mkheader.c (have_sys_types_h, sys_types_h_included): New.
	(parse_config_h): Test for sys/types.h.
	(write_special): Protect inclusion of sys/types.h.  Define new macro

2018-03-13  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.28.
	+ commit e32342397eab85fed5ef709317cc50dc7cbc41a5

2018-02-28  NIIBE Yutaka  <>
	    Karsten Merker  <>

	syscfg: Add a riscv64 architecture.
	+ commit 596c0d701edeb45e0069bb74b9343e3d5b708ef0
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.riscv64-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Add it.

2018-02-21  Werner Koch  <>
	    Todd Zullinger

	build: Document how to use git send-email.
	+ commit 70058cd9f944d620764e57c838209afae8a58c78
	* autogen.rc: Add patches_to.
	* Run git config
	* doc/HACKING: Describe use of git send-email.

2018-02-21  Thorsten Behrens  <>

	doc: clarify patch submission workflow.
	+ commit 887530733d0486ab68ff351c4855f5450c2d50e6

2017-12-11  Werner Koch  <>

	core: Avoid using estream_t in the public API.
	+ commit f9a33a7f7e44a644ff4e31f7e9f1c2c1ec1f8eee
	* src/ Always use gpgrt_stream-t.

2017-12-08  Werner Koch  <>

	core: Rename the gpgrt_log_levels enum values.
	+ commit de167fa92d009745c51dae547990845282cbb351
	* src/ (gprt_log_levels): Rename to GPGRT_LOGLVL.

2017-11-29  Werner Koch  <>

	core: Wrap blocking system calls of the spawn functions.
	+ commit 4acf116ba6d144c2cfa39ff54a23b8864b4ce895

	core: Unify syscall_clamp functions.
	+ commit adc786d034b63176b941a1ef8d996acbf8d0ea5d
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_set_syscall_clamp)
	(_gpgrt_get_syscall_clamp): Move to ...
	* src/syscall-clamp.c: new file.
	(_gpgrt_pre_syscall, _gpgrt_post_syscall): New.
	* src/ (libgpg_error_la_SOURCES): Add that file.
	* src/estream.c: Replace the syscall wrapper with the new functions.
	* src/posix-lock.c: Ditto.
	* src/w32-lock.c: Ditto.
	* src/posix-thread.c: Ditto.
	* src/w32-thread.c: Ditto.

	core: Implement the spawn functions.
	+ commit 1865c0ba1769b407a3c504f1ab0a4278704a9fc1
	* src/  (GPGRT_SPAWN_NONBLOCK): New const.
	(gpgrt_make_pipe): New function.
	(gpgrt_create_pipe): New macro.
	(gpgrt_create_inbound_pipe): New macro.
	(gpgrt_create_outbound_pipe): New macro.
	(gpgrt_spawn_process): New function.
	(gpgrt_spawn_process_fd): New function.
	(gpgrt_spawn_process_detached): New function.
	(gpgrt_wait_process): New function.
	(gpgrt_wait_processes): New function.
	(gpgrt_kill_process): New function.
	(gpgrt_release_process): New function.
	* src/, src/gpg-error.vers: Add new functions.
	* src/visibility.c, src/visibility.h: Add wrappers for new functions.
	* src/spawn-posix.c: Rework to better fit the use in gpgrt.  Rename
	all public function with a _gpgrt prefix.
	* src/spawn-w32.c: Ditto.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h: Likewise.
	* src/ (arch_sources): Add spawn-posix.c and spawn-w32.c.
	* src/w32-add.h: Add pid_t typedef as a temporary hack.
	* Check for signal.h and getrlimit.

	Import and relicense exechelp* functions from GnuPG.
	+ commit 8f41cc23b12485404203be5881aaaadb78696b4d
	* src/spawn-posix.c: New.  Taken from GnuPG's exechelp-posix.c.
	* src/spawn-w32.c: New.  Taken from GnuPG's exechelp-w32.c.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h: Include prototypes from GnuPG's exechelp.h.

2017-11-28  Werner Koch  <>

	core: Change new functions to return gpg_err_code_t.
	+ commit 513415c71781ab400ebb01f6b4cf2984ec6b1757
	* src/ (gpgrt_sentenv, gpgrt_mkdir, gpgrt_chdir): Change
	return type to gpg_err_code_t.
	* src/sysutils.c (_gpgrt_setenv): Implement that.
	(_gpgrt_mkdir): Ditto.
	(_gpgrt_chdir): Ditto.
	* gpgscm/ffi.c (do_setenv, do_mkdir): Adjust for this change.

	gpgscm: Some adjustments for use in gpgrt.
	+ commit 930d27ba6b1205395add0c79139e62355a1d5b62
	* gpgscm/ Remove cruft leftover from GnuPG.  Link to the
	just build libgpg-error.
	* gpgscm/private.h: Include gpgrt.h and provide i18n macros.
	(xfree, xtrymalloc, xtrycalloc, xtryrealloc): New macros.
	(xmalloc, xstrdup): New inline functions.
	* gpgscm/main.c: Remove inclusion of gcrypt.h and gpg-error.h.  Remove
	all other gnupg specific headers.
	(opts, parse_arguments): Temporary comment out.
	(main): Adjust for use with gpgrt.  Temporary comment out some stuff.
	* gpgscm/ffi-private.h: Include local gpgrt.h instead of gpg-error.h.
	* gpgscm/ffi.h: Ditto.
	* gpgscm/ffi.c: Remove gpg-error.h and headers from GnuPG.
	(do_getenv): Use gpgrt_getenv.
	(do_setenv): Use gpgrt_setenv.
	(do_mkdtemp): Temporary return an error.
	(unlink_recursively): Use gpgrt_bsprintf.
	(do_getcwd): Use gpgrt_getcwd.
	(do_mkdir): Use gpgrt_mkdir.
	(do_get_isotime): Temporary return an error.
	(do_get_time): Directly use time().

	core: New API functions gpgrt_mkdir, gpgrt_chdir, gpgrt_getcwd.
	+ commit 4a2538e69dd35377bce0fb584f72322c69a111b3
	* src/ (gpgrt_mkdir, gpgrt_chdir, gpgrt_getcwd): New.
	* src/visibility.c, src/visibility.h: Add wrappers.
	* src/gpg-error.vers, src/ Add them.
	* src/sysutils.c (modestr_to_mode): New.
	(_gpgrt_mkdir, _gpgrt_chdir, _gpgrt_getcwd): New.
	* m4/gnupg-misc.m4: New.
	* m4/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add new M4 file.
	(AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Add stat.

	core: Prepare to build with gpgscm.
	+ commit 241e9a73891fcd12f124aab1a299c2cf4f8eebc4
	* New option --enable-gpgscm.  Create gpgscm/Makefile.
	* (SUBDIRS): Add gpgscm
	* src/logging.c (_gpgrt_logv_clock): Do not use the log_debug macro.

	core: New API functions gpgrt_getenv and gpgrt_setenv.
	+ commit b67daca506991507cea9d383df7faf95117e58a6
	* src/ (gpgrt_getenv, gpgrt_setenv): New.
	(gpgrt_unsetenv): New macro.
	* src/gpg-error.vers, src/ Add them.
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_getenv, gpgrt_setenv): New.
	* src/visibility.h: Add them.
	* src/sysutils.c: Include string.h and on Windows windows.h.
	(_gpgrt_getenv): New.
	(_gpgrt_setenv): New.

2017-11-27  Werner Koch  <>

	core: Install new files gpgrt.m4 and gpgrt-config.
	+ commit 97b0881216af24f2a46c11650e23691cff9cb12a
	* src/gpgrt.m4: New.  Bascially a copy of libgpg-error.m4
	* src/ Decide which name to print.
	* src/ (nodist_bin_SCRIPTS): Add gpgrt-config.
	(m4data_DATA): Add gpgrt.m4
	(EXTRA_DIST): Add gpgrt.m4.
	(BUILT_SOURCES): Add gpgrt-config.
	(CLEANFILES): Add gpgrt-config.
	(gpgrt-config): Create from gpg-error-config.

	core: Avoid endless recursion if log_set_sink has not been used.
	+ commit 84ebd2f34882d29510f819a797fade0297fe9ab9
	* src/logging.c (_gpgrt_log_set_sink): Do not call gf_is_valid if the
	default sink has been requested.

	core: Add new macro log_assert to the API.
	+ commit d1e3401013f85620f3136958be079c13ca758b20
	* src/ (log_assert): New macro.

2017-11-22  Werner Koch  <>

	core: Do not use the estream_t alias in gpg-error.h.
	+ commit e0ef8126c20216f79b7ad147c103bb2cf2790c59
	* src/ Use gpgrt_stream_t in prototypes.

2017-11-17  Werner Koch  <>

	w32: Avoid unused code warning.
	+ commit a950326d20990fa33cee637d5b54d708fff585b2
	* src/w32-estream.c (_gpgrt_w32_poll) [!ENABLE_TRACING]: Do not use

	w32: Add new API fucntion gpgrt_w32_reg_query_string.
	+ commit b5c4a2721d7b4bd54705c53e6f294ab2ef66a6f7
	* src/w32-reg.c: New.
	* src/w32-add.h: Add gpgrt_w32_reg_query_string.
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_w32_reg_query_string): New wrapper.
	* src/ Add gpgrt_w32_reg_query_string.
	* (ac_check_funcs): Add stpcpy.
	* src/ (arch_sources): Add w32-reg.c
	(socklibs): New.
	(libgpg_error_la_LIBADD): Add socklibs.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h (xfree, xtrymalloc, xtrycalloc)
	(xtryrealloc): New internal macros.
	(_gpgrt_stpcpy, stpcpy): New replacement fucntion and macro.
	* src/logging.c (_gpgrt_logv_internal): Use new registry query
	function and add standard registry key.

	core: New API functions gpgrt_strdup and gpgrt_strconcat.
	+ commit 0d8d46c76a32176be440b062d2501bbb044fb99d
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_strdup): New API fucntion.
	(gpgrt_strconcat): New API fucntion.
	* src/visibility.h: Add corresponding macros.
	* src/ Add them.
	* src/gpg-error.vers: Add them.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h (DIM): New macro.
	* src/init.c (_gpgrt_strdup): New.
	(_gpgrt_strconcat_core): New.
	(_gpgrt_strconcat): New.

	core: New API functions gpgrt_malloc, gpgrt_calloc, and gpgrt_realloc.
	+ commit 80c18e1b212cc91946864db7a53da50e9f91b861
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_realloc): New API function.
	(gpgrt_malloc): New API function.
	(gpgrt_calloc): New API function.
	* src/visibility.h: Add corresponding macros.
	* src/ Add them.
	* src/gpg-error.vers: Add them.
	* src/init.c (_gpgrt_calloc): New.
	* src/ Add prototypes.

	core: Add logging API.
	+ commit 1b653e7f37e2eb2a8f590a43651eb8aecbe8756e
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_get_errorcount): New API.
	(gpgrt_inc_errorcount): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_set_sink): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_set_socket_dir_cb): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_set_pid_suffix_cb): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_set_prefix): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_get_prefix): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_test_fd): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_get_fd): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_get_stream): New API.
	(gpgrt_log): New API.
	(gpgrt_logv): New API.
	(gpgrt_logv_prefix): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_string): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_info): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_error): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_fatal): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_bug): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_debug): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_debug_string): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_printf): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_flush): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_printhex): New API.
	(gpgrt_log_clock): New API.
	(_gpgrt_log_assert): New function for the ABI.
	* src/visibility.h: Add corresponding macros.
	* src/ Add new functions.
	* src/gpg-error.vers: Add new functions.
	* src/ (GPGRT_LOG_WITH_PREFIX): New constant.
	(GPGRT_LOG_WITH_TIME): New constant.
	(GPGRT_LOG_WITH_PID): New constant.
	(GPGRT_LOG_RUN_DETACHED): New constant.
	(GPGRT_LOG_NO_REGISTRY): New constant.
	(GPGRT_LOG_BEGIN): New enum value.
	(GPGRT_LOG_CONT): New enum value.
	(GPGRT_LOG_INFO): New enum value.
	(GPGRT_LOG_WARN): New enum value.
	(GPGRT_LOG_ERROR): New enum value.
	(GPGRT_LOG_FATAL): New enum value.
	(GPGRT_LOG_BUG): New enum value.
	(GPGRT_LOG_DEBUG): New enum value.
	(log_get_errorcount, log_inc_errorcount, log_set_file, log_set_fd)
	(log_set_stream, log_set_socket_dir_cb, log_set_pid_suffix_cb)
	(log_set_prefix, log_get_prefix, log_test_fd, log_get_fd)
	(log_get_stream, log_log, log_logv, log_logv_prefix, log_string)
	(log_bug, log_fatal, log_error, log_info, log_debug, log_debug_string)
	(log_printf, log_printhex, log_clock)
	(log_flush) [GPGRT_ENABLE_LOG_MACROS]: New wrapper macros.
	(gpgrt_assert): New macro.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h: Add prototypes for logging.c.
	(gpgrt_assert): Redefine for internal use.
	* src/logging.h: Remove.
	* src/logging.c: Include gpgrt-int.h instead of the stuff from GnuPG.
	Use _gpgrt malloc funcsions and the internal versions of the estream
	functions.  Rename all public fucntions with a _gpgrt_ prefix.
	(print_prefix): Return the printed length.
	(_gpgrt_logv_internal): Ditto.
	(_gpgrt_log_printhex): Change order of args and turn into a printf
	like function.
	(_gpgrt_logv_printhex): New. Take the core of the former
	(_gpgrt_log_clock): Turn into a printf like functions.
	(_gpgrt_logv_clock): New.  Take the core of the former log_clock.

	New configure options and macros for internal use.
	+ commit 9c904765c9b2b75e73b196b381470f0fb2f3b458
	* Add option --enable-log-clock.
	* Add option --enable-werror.
	* src/sysutils.c: New.
	* src/ (libgpg_error_la_SOURCES): Add sysutils.c
	* src/gpgrt-int.h: Add internal i18n macros and hacks to make working
	with sockets easier.
	(es_stdin, es_stdout, es_stderr): New internal macros.
	(snprintf): New macro.

2017-10-05  Werner Koch  <>

	gpgscm: Add required configure checks.
	+ commit 7c48edad2c782f416854eaa5c03bcf546d68eae2
	* Add new checks.
	* m4/readline.m4: New.  Taken from gnupg.
	* m4/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add it.

2017-08-21  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough warnings.
	+ commit dda5fb3474a81047e5bd52a194640fb44e1d60ab
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (CASE): Rearrange so that the case statement
	is at the front.
	(Eval_Cycle): Improve fallthrough annotations.

2017-08-08  Werner Koch  <>

	build: New configure option --enable-all-tests.
	+ commit 3aa37d802ac10a38414a8cfe120de92a76968836
	* New option --enable-all-tests.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (ffi_init): New gloabl var *run-all-tests*.
	* tests/openpgp/all-tests.scm (all-tests): Use that var instead
	of *maintainer-mode*.
	* (AM_DISTCHECK_CONFIGURE_FLAGS): Add --enable-all-tests.

	gpgscm: Make the test summary stand out.
	+ commit c2fbc80c643db372f16aed100393cd2d4de46979
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (test-pool): Add delimiter lines.

2017-08-07  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Do not run all tests unless in maintainer mode.
	+ commit d230224c38dd4b31348f7a1ad24be9e27935dc80
	* Leak the maintainer mode flag into 'config.h'.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c: Pass it into the scheme environment.
	* tests/openpgp/all-tests.scm: Only run tests against non-default
	configurations (keyring, extended-key-format) in maintainer mode.

2017-07-18  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm,w32: Fix testing for absolute paths.
	+ commit c4230af0e62d7c8812eaedf4e6451a6288ff5769
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (path_absolute_p): New function.
	(load): Use new function.

2017-07-14  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Library improvements.
	+ commit a4dbace8c1d771bed5783aadf87a8075454e5a35
	* tests/gpgscm/repl.scm (prompt-yes-no?): New function.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (pathsep-split): Likewise.
	(pathsep-join): Likewise.
	(with-path): Use the new function.

	gpgscm: Fail early if the test setup fails.
	+ commit c67386dcd95dd6a451b861e178503b29a7b13502
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (make-environment-cache): Check status code
	of setup script.

2017-07-13  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Make loading of modules less verbose.
	+ commit 8377569cae0764fd44701d67626b4c96f0bd8804
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (load): Increase logging threshold.

	gpgscm: Make it impossible to catch '*interpreter-exit*'.
	+ commit ba3164673676468472ae37f32c3964d231e8a8f8
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (throw'): Make it impossible to catch
	'*interpreter-exit*'.  This fixes 'exit' (and with it 'fail') inside
	'catch' statements.

2017-07-05  Werner Koch  <>

	syscfg: Add lock-obj-pub file for ia64-unknown-linux-gnu.
	+ commit 0f5c3f67946fb5389df5b9963e6976b462bf5726
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.ia64-unknown-linux-gnu.h: new.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Add it.

	yat2m: Use version from libgpg-error.
	+ commit 0148ea8d5acde2ad5d0376fb7eaa2221e88f258a
	* doc/yat2m.c (VERSION): Define as PACKAGE_VERSION.
	* doc/ (yat2m): Pass PACKAGE_VERSION with -D.

	build: Install yat2m.
	+ commit d81b1379edbc6007a89c3b2fff1b51c8dfe2e868
	* doc/ (install-exec-hook): New.
	(uninstall-local): Uninstall yat2m.

	yat2m: Take care of SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH.
	+ commit 5494a5728418938d2e42158bb646b07124184e64
	* doc/yat2m.c (main): Set a default for OPT_DATE.

2017-07-05  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	doc: minor fix for @xref.
	+ commit 187e2ad24fb92210587beb779a1cc746821a169c
	* doc/yat2m.c (proc_texi_cmd): Captalize "see" for xref.

2017-07-05  Justus Winter  <>

	doc: Implement simple '@ref'erences.
	+ commit 55d560358f7ee4a8b68f98e051021a05d4c0bb1f
	* doc/yat2m.c (proc_texi_cmd): Handle '@ref'.

2017-06-19  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Limit the number of parallel jobs.
	+ commit 895ae4c6b1bd2fd9758d9c2835d9a3881e57a85a
	* ffi.c (do_wait_processes): Suppress the timeout error.
	* tests.scm (semaphore): New definition.
	(test-pool): Only run a bounded number of tests in parallel.
	(test::started?): New function.
	(run-tests-parallel): Do not report results, do not start the tests.
	(run-tests-sequential): Adapt.
	(run-tests): Parse the number of parallel jobs.

	gpgscm: Improve option parsing.
	+ commit b4628b4a23d7e8b55ef3f17d79ca86ae77cbc685
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (flag): Accept arguments of the form

	gpgscm: Improve error handling of foreign functions.
	+ commit f8934d091a274685c1b2a303ac2772adddd303c6
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.scm (ffi-fail): Do not needlessly join the error

	gpgscm: Improve error reporting.
	+ commit f57405bea31bac1e3c8e4353aea9bb3cede1b90c
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (throw'): Guard against 'args' being atomic.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (Eval_Cycle): Remove any superfluous colons in
	error messages.

2017-05-31  Justus Winter  <>

	Align 'es_poll' semantics closer with POSIX.
	+ commit 4a9857a2b6d8a8e847638416d35398508b3291fd
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_poll): Do not return early if some streams are
	found to be ready before even polling the others.

	build: Prepend the maintainer CFLAGS.
	+ commit df1d61d5c84d984fb2d2a6f1b69c57878decf13e
	* Prepend the maintainer CFLAGS making it possible to
	override e.g. the optimization level for debugging.

2017-05-30  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	Fix memory leak for estream.
	+ commit 1e7203515be0b030709109e9da621642dfa20312
	* src/estream.c (do_list_remove): Free the item.
	(do_close): Free the buffer.

2017-05-17  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fix checking for opcode arguments.
	+ commit d2747ce24d445ae7ef3ec4ed0cca2f30aa833e7c
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (Eval_Cycle): Update 'pcd' after dispatching
	an instruction.

2017-05-11  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Make it possible to run all tests using our infrastructure.
	+ commit 4bc110e219b13d551c0c6c9987b7602e44715032
	* (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): New variable.
	(check-all): New phony target to run all tests.
	* tests/gpgme/gpgme-defs.scm (have-gpgme?): New function that tests
	whether the GPGME test suite is available instead of exiting the
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (export): New macro.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (run-tests): New function.
	(load-tests): Likewise.
	* tests/gpgme/run-tests.scm: Simplify and move the parsing of the list
	of tests to 'all-tests.scm'.
	* tests/gpgsm/run-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/migrations/run-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/run-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgme/ To select the tests to run, use the
	variable 'TESTS'.  This harmonizes the interface with the automake
	test suite.
	* tests/gpgsm/ Likewise.
	* tests/migrations/ Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/ Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/README: Likewise.
	* agent/all-tests.scm: New file.
	* common/all-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* g10/all-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* g13/all-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgme/all-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgsm/all-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/migrations/all-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/all-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/run-tests.scm: Likewise.

	tests: Move the makefile parser.
	+ commit 197404aae66c688d004337c0aefe153ef6b10f87
	* tests/gpgme/gpgme-defs.scm (parse-makefile, parse-makefile-expand):
	* tests/gpgscm/makefile.scm: ... here.
	* tests/gpgscm/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add new file.

	gpgscm: Make it possible to set the logfile name.
	+ commit dd48994b0c99a4099f49ccd437a08ddff39af8a2
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (test): Only set the default log filename
	when it has not been set before.

2017-05-04  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Support tests that are expected to fail.
	+ commit 212a0febf8bbaf735ae2e65722f39a47a1c5b122
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (test-pool): Rework reporting.  Filter using
	the computed test status instead of the return value.  Also print the
	new categories 'failed expectedly' and 'passed unexpectedly'.
	(test): If a test ends with a bang (!), it is expected to fail.  Adapt
	status, status-string, and xml accordingly.

2017-05-03  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Create and re-use frame objects.
	+ commit 272b0ad65ec4c6023d4b5a4fb2f003ada432b6e5
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct scheme): New field
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (enum scheme_types): New type 'T_FRAME'.
	(type_to_string): Handle new type.
	(settype): New macro.
	(gc_disable): Make sure there is at least one frame in the free list.
	(mark): Handle frame objects.
	(finalize_cell): Likewise.
	(dump_stack_initialize): Initialize free list.
	(dump_stack_free): Simplify.
	(frame_length): New variable.
	(dump_stack_make_frame): New function.
	(frame_slots): Likewise.
	(frame_payload): New macro.
	(dump_stack_allocate_frame): New function.
	(dump_stack_deallocate_frame): Likewise.
	(dump_stack_preallocate_frame): Likewise.
	(_s_return): Unpack frame object and deallocate it.
	(s_save): Wrap state in an frame object.
	(dump_stack_mark): Mark the free list.

	gpgscm: Merge opexe_0.
	+ commit df499c6ee5edf0a560138640141a3abef360b4f5
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct scheme): Remove field 'op'.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Inline into 'Eval_Cycle'.
	(_Error_1): Return the opcode to evaluate next.
	(Error_1): Do not return, but set the opcode and goto dispatch.
	(Error_0): Likewise.
	(s_goto): Likewise.
	(s_return): Likewise.
	(s_return_enable_gc): Likewise.
	(s_thread_to): Remove superfluous cast.
	(_s_return): Return the opcode to evaluate next.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Adapt to removal of field 'op'.

2017-04-24  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Refactor cell finalization.
	+ commit 36e266a5cbb78560d32bc33f18f9041db1ff5080
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (finalize_cell): Use switch, return whether
	the cell may be freed.
	(gc): Update callsite.

	gpgscm: Tweak error message display.
	+ commit e8c896c7f9aabad6e1387f538accb54ac6b2b1cc
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (throw'): If the first argument to the error
	is a string, display it as such.

	gpgscm: Fix test.
	+ commit b67d1a3f36f2b15fb75de613942668b71cad1bd7
	* tests/gpgscm/t-child.scm: Use 'string-length' on the string.

	gpgscm: Improve syntax checking.
	+ commit 008894eff46724d60a24879d319b427606fcafd1
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Make sure closure arguments are

	gpgscm: Emit JUnit-style XML reports.
	+ commit 5dc43e579ef4340c668fa7e294f5a69fef9d622e
	* tests/gpgscm/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add new file.
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (string-translate): New function.
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (main): Load new file.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (dirname): New function.
	(test-pool): Record execution times, emit XML report.
	(test): Record execution times, record log file name, emit XML report.
	(run-tests-parallel): Write XML report.
	(run-tests-sequential): Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/xml.scm: New file.
	* tests/gpgme/ (CLEANFILES): Add 'report.xml'.
	* tests/gpgsm/ Likewise.
	* tests/migrations/ Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/ Likewise.

	gpgscm: Make logging less verbose and more useful.
	+ commit a3e51fab6b30774959dc7d4d3409000fdbe1f7b3
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (call-with-io): When being verbose, include
	the pid in the output, and avoid duplicating the command arguments.

	gpgscm: Make test framework less functional.
	+ commit aa843dbcd32c65eeac8c7c3cea4efb3ed7a94a0c
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (test-pool, tests): Previously, these methods
	updated objects by creating new updated copies of the object being
	manipulated.  This made the code awkward without any benefit,
	therefore I change it to just update the object.

	gpgscm: Move 'trace' and 'stringify'.
	+ commit 763bd518b27d4e125fa3dce64417ae2aca2101d4
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (trace, stringify): Move...
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm: ... here.

	gpgscm: Avoid fruitless garbage collection cycles.
	+ commit 8bda9387d5be9193fd0f484fd1272367a7422389
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (CELL_MINRECOVER): New macro.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (_get_cell): Move the heuristic to get more
	(gc): ... here where every caller benefits from the optimization.

2017-04-19  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	Minor clean up.
	+ commit a8d267a7220399f7acf69723fe1d31efd2160319
	* src/b64dec.c (_gpgrt_b64dec_proc): Add a comment.
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_fread, _gpgrt_fwrite): Use &&.
	* src/mkheader.c (xstrdup): Use memcpy as we know length.

2017-04-12  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	gpgscm: Fix test program.
	+ commit e71c0d39d2fb896df85949a61811e3b19fd050d7
	* tests/gpgscm/t-child.c (main): Fix for setmode.

2017-04-11  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Fix distcheck.
	+ commit b03bcee96fc4eb950c6ae38fd8b5af831b281f02
	* tests/gpgscm/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add 'gnupg.scm'.

	tests: Move common functionality.
	+ commit d9dd8135ec6e1a4b7a66bc385714b8c1beba3e96
	* tests/openpgp/defs.scm (with-home-directory,
	with-ephemeral-home-directory): Move...
	* tests/gpgscm/gnupg.scm: ... to this new file.
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (main): Load the new file.

2017-04-10  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fix opcode dispatch.
	+ commit afb7060de5c55976d08e0692fbffd0cc108914a0
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Consider 'op', not 'sc->op'.  The
	former is the opcode we are currently executing.

	gpgscm: Mmap script files.
	+ commit ef41f332cba624e9bca6100ebacd4fffe4e61679
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (load): Try to mmap the script.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (scheme_load_memory): New function, a
	generalization of 'scheme_load_string'.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.h (scheme_load_memory): New prototype.

	gpgscm: Refactor checking for opcode arguments.
	+ commit 6c9de8ff59a9c637de944706533421dc4cf20708
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (op_code_info): Fix type, add forward
	(check_arguments): New function.
	(Eval_cycle): Use the new function.

	gpgscm: Improve syntax dispatch.
	+ commit 173531921d133a007d30c32cec00546749d8cfbf
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (assign_syntax): Add opcode parameter, store
	opcode in the tag.
	(syntaxnum): Add sc parameter, retrieve opcode from tag.
	(opexe_0): Adapt callsite.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Make tags mandatory.
	+ commit d6c83fbb06abc99de696b3f9a0b1cb962fa05b26
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Make tags mandatory.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.h: Likewise.

	gpgscm: Add and use opcode for reversing a list in place.
	+ commit be78c20cdd93ed295bfee1aef1e9d2e9253b779c
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (string-split-pln): Use 'reverse!'.
	(string-rtrim): Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h (reverse!): New opcode.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Handle new opcode.

	gpgscm: Deduplicate code.
	+ commit 8a2d1706e5d4b3d33ff349838f0c51631e32a2ce
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (oblist_add_by_name): Deduplicate.
	(new_slot_spec_in_env): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Move dispatch table into rodata.
	+ commit 5aeeb5af96dce901a8b21613e33baed8b9331692
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Use 0 instead of NULL.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (op_code_info): Use char arrays instead of
	pointers, make arity parameters smaller.
	(INF_ARG): Adapt.
	(_OP_DEF): Likewise.
	(dispatch_table): Likewise.
	(procname): Likewise.
	(Eval_cycle): Likewise.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Use more threaded code.
	+ commit 49c22bd71892f47835d9e03f3bd3122a1f0b8faa
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Use 's_thread_to' instead of
	's_goto' wherever possible.

	gpgscm: Remove now obsolete dispatcher function from the opcodes.
	+ commit 6d99d2f287aa40d8add81ce892026dfe05768fd4
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Remove now obsolete dispatcher function
	from the opcodes.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (_OP_DEF): Adapt.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (dispatch_func): Remove type declaration.
	(op_code_info): Remove 'func'.
	(_OP_DEF): Adapt.
	(Eval_Cycle): Always call 'opexe_0'.

	gpgscm: Merge 'opexe_6'.
	+ commit c183d8f4c6cdf6b48265f01e4c007895f2626fc5
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_6): Merge into 'opexe_0'.
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Adapt.

	gpgscm: Merge 'opexe_5'.
	+ commit 72674f169386d68a6d0fc2ba4bc5a065435802a0
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_5): Merge into 'opexe_0'.
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Adapt.

	gpgscm: Merge 'opexe_4'.
	+ commit 5898ead4a99d3bc9e23859daf2cca9632d92f1f7
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_4): Merge into 'opexe_0'.
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Adapt.

	gpgscm: Merge 'opexe_3'.
	+ commit b13610ec7bf2bf199eb22f936bc2f2d4ac240fde
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_3): Merge into 'opexe_0'.
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Adapt.

	gpgscm: Merge 'opexe_2'.
	+ commit 7bc96831c7156fa07cfd55259f309ca4fa676c2e
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_2): Merge into 'opexe_0'.
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Adapt.

	gpgscm: Merge 'opexe_1'.
	+ commit 19a1be5ac3c9f3e26c453cf2ddc6d88af19e2d43
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_1): Merge into 'opexe_0'.
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Adapt.

2017-04-07  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Allocate small integers in the rodata section.
	+ commit 7cee693e31fa1196161d5fbe7149a176049735ac
	* tests/gpgscm/ (gpgscm_SOURCES): Add new file.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct cell): Move number to the top
	of the union so that we can initialize it.
	(struct scheme): Remove 'integer_segment'.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (initialize_small_integers): Remove function.
	(small_integers): New variable.
	(mk_small_integer): Adapt.
	(mark): Avoid marking objects already marked.  This allows us to run
	the algorithm over objects in the rodata section if they are already
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Remove initialization.
	(scheme_deinit): Remove deallocation.
	* tests/gpgscm/small-integers.h: New file.

	gpgscm: Make global data constant when possible.
	+ commit 9fc4e6cbe6d5d3f2dd1c61ded15e2ad42f8f9460
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct scheme): Make 'vptr' const.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (num_zero): Statically initialize and turn
	into constant.
	(num_one): Likewise.
	(charnames): Change type so that it can be stored in rodata.
	(is_ascii_name): Adapt slightly.
	(assign_proc): Make argument const char *.
	(op_code_info): Make some fields const char *.
	(tests): Make const.
	(dispatch_table): Make const.  At least it can be made read-only after
	(Eval_Cycle): Adapt slightly.
	(vtbl): Make const.

	gpgscm: Remove arbitrary limit on number of cell segments.
	+ commit 961f3b3a3001384d5df1d5a9963c5f67f800cd4d
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct scheme): Remove fixed-size
	arrays for cell segments, replace them with a pointer to the new
	'struct cell_segment' instead.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (struct cell_segment): New definition.
	(_alloc_cellseg): Allocate the header within the segment, return a
	pointer to the header.
	(_dealloc_cellseg): New function.
	(alloc_cellseg): Insert the segments into a list.
	(_get_cell): Allocate a new segment if less than a quarter of
	CELL_SIGSIZE is recovered during garbage collection.
	(initialize_small_integers): Adapt callsite.
	(gc): Walk the list of segments.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Remove initialization of removed field.
	(scheme_deinit): Adapt deallocation.

	gpgscm: Fix compact vector encoding.
	+ commit a493ad44b6a67026aeae08d25575fee8c0f137b4
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct cell): Use uintptr_t for
	'_flags'.  This way, '_flags' has the size of a machine word.

2017-04-06  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Avoid mutating integer.
	+ commit 00de0fd1cebd89330765470bbb6e1e8bf5f3dfc9
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_5): Do not modify the integer in-place
	while printing an vector.  Integer objects may be shared, so they must
	not be mutated.

	gpgscm: Initialize unused slots in vectors.
	+ commit 54ea82c2e7e5700b9644c663142c2d46441a3f4e
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (get_vector_object): Initialize unused slots
	at the end of vectors.

2017-04-04  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fix copying values.
	+ commit 52d0423e48dfe4dd51dc0acbf119431701280a70
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (copy_value): New function.
	(mk_tagged_value): Use new function.
	(opexe_4): Likewise for OP_SAVE_FORCED.

	gpgscm: Simplify get-output-string operation.
	+ commit c9244b2eb43e0f06928b709ac35127966e1d24ce
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_4): Simplify 'get-output-string'.

	gpgscm: Simplify substring operation.
	+ commit 6900f118303962262923f9d103b802508d5f469f
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_2): Simplify 'substring'.

2017-04-03  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Slightly improve the procedure dispatch.
	+ commit 9a4283ed6aafc1e43d8f7a5fd9cef6118615f284
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (procnum): Procedures always have an integer
	number, so we can safely use the cheaper 'ivalue_unchecked'.

2017-03-23  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Make test cleanup more robust.
	+ commit e1780b2f981d3fd48bbf2672b35f2f33152f6c32
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (mkdtemp-autoremove): New function that
	cleans up at interpreter shutdown.
	(run-tests-parallel): Use the new function.
	(run-tests-sequential): Likewise.
	(make-environment-cache): Execute setup with an temporary working

2017-03-21  Justus Winter  <>

	tests,w32: Use GetTempPath to get the path for temporary files.
	+ commit 8835ee681f5ae92ded982b51f5808935d227b126
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_get_temp_path): New function.
	(ffi_init): Make function available.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (mkdtemp): Use the new function.

	tests: Create temporary directories in '/tmp'.
	+ commit cfc49428a427d1a140424c687cb45ba00117d443
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (mkdtemp): Create temporary directories in
	'/tmp' on UNIX, or in '%Temp' on Windows.
	* tests/migrations/common.scm (run-test): Turn error into a warning.
	* tests/openpgp/defs.scm (start-agent): Likewise.

2017-03-17  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Simplify hash tables.
	+ commit 053a3f9a61a2918131b9dec60149b93861c04a51
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (oblist_add_by_name): We now always get a
	slot.  Simplify accordingly.
	(oblist_find_by_name): Always return the slot.
	(vector_elem_slot): New function.
	(new_slot_spec_in_env): We now always get a slot.  Remove parameter
	'env'.  Simplify accordingly.
	(find_slot_spec_in_env): Always return a slot.
	(new_slot_in_env): Adapt callsite.
	(opexe_0): Likewise.
	(opexe_1): Likewise.
	(scheme_define): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Remove framework for immediate values.
	+ commit a1ed4b6ab25f28114d8ba6f704824a456d4fdc0c
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (IMMEDIATE_TAG): Remove macro.
	(is_immediate): Likewise.
	(set_immediate): Likewise.
	(clr_immediate): Likewise.
	(enum scheme_types): Set the LSB in every value.
	(fill_vector): Adapt.
	(vector_elem): Likewise.
	(set_vector_elem): Likewise.
	(mark): Likewise.
	(gc): Test for the LSB to tell typeflags apart from pointers stored in
	the same memory location.

2017-03-09  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Rework environment setup.
	+ commit 14fcdcabb25d975f0f91be86b0571694fb533e7a
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (test::scm): Add a setup argument.
	(test::binary): Likewise.
	(run-tests-parallel): Remove setup parameter.
	(run-tests-sequential): Likewise.
	(make-environment-cache): New function that handles the cache
	* tests/gpgme/run-tests.scm: Adapt accordingly.
	* tests/gpgsm/run-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/migrations/run-tests.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/run-tests.scm: Likewise.

2017-03-08  Justus Winter  <>

	build: Use macOS' compatibility macros to enable all features.
	+ commit 5e51b642f747547c737a7abbc37e65b0f630d188
	* On macOS, use the compatibility macros to expose every
	feature of the libc.  This is the equivalent of _GNU_SOURCE on GNU

2017-03-07  Michael Haubenwallner  <>

	gpgscm: Use system strlwr if available.
	+ commit ca3d31ec77612cecc16c376ac7c06ce09541b28e
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c: Define local strlwr only when HAVE_STRLWR is
	not defined in config.h.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-config.h: Remove hack.

2017-03-07  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	More change for common.
	+ commit d372378d28b2504225aae6819d056330e7ac0674
	* g10, scd, test, tools: Follow the change of removal of -Icommon.

	w32: Conditionalize ISO 2022 definitions.
	+ commit 1126c4c117a47c8ea8435ac11561d51b13f538dd
	* src/w32-iconv.c (iso2022_SI_seq, iso2022_SO_seq) [USE_MLANG_DLL]:
	Only for USE_MLANG_DLL.

2017-03-06  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Harmonize temporary and socket directory handling.
	+ commit 490c5d5afeaae66dc061295afbc254e57abd20c8
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (mkdtemp): Do not magically obey the
	environment variable 'TMP', make sure to always return an absolute
	* tests/gpgme/ (TMP): Drop variable.
	* tests/gpgme/gpgme-defs.scm (create-gpgmehome): Start the agent.  Do
	not create private key store, the agent does that for us.
	* tests/gpgsm/ (TMP): Drop variable.
	* tests/gpgme/gpgme-defs.scm (create-gpgsmhome): Start the agent.  Do
	not create private key store, the agent does that for us.
	* tests/migrations/ (TMP): Drop variable.
	* tests/migrations/common.scm (gpgconf): New variable.
	(run-test): Create and remove socket directory.
	* tests/migrations/extended-pkf.scm (src-tarball): Remove variable.
	(setup): Remove function.
	(trigger-migration): Likewise.
	Use 'run-test' to execute the test.
	* tests/migrations/from-classic.scm (src-tarball): Remove variable.
	(setup): Remove function.
	Use 'run-test' to execute the tests.
	* tests/openpgp/ (TMP): Drop variable.
	* tests/openpgp/README: Do not mention 'TMP'.
	* tests/openpgp/defs.scm (with-home-directory): New macro.
	(create-legacy-gpghome): Do not create private key store, the agent
	does that for us.
	(start-agent): Make sure to terminate the right agent with 'atexit'.

	gpgscm: Fix creation of temporary directories.
	+ commit 9e29af900544fe4210a72cae87be78186d03e231
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_mkdtemp): Use a larger buffer for the

2017-02-28  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Improve parsing.
	+ commit 9467f3c7758864f3c025c14166c9d099bea6fe62
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (port_increment_current_line): Avoid creating
	the same integer if the delta is zero.  This happens a lot during
	parsing, and puts pressure on the memory allocator.

	gpgscm: Fix calculating the line number.
	+ commit 08e1cfddc94a6aae79b21d7795accf3e100a1f2f
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_5): Only increment the line number on

2017-02-28  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.27.
	+ commit c1668f61c58ea6f0439e5193d83b4e2ac622b286
	* Bump LT version to C22/A22/R0.

	Add support for armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf.
	+ commit 8d45ec8f8f61268a74d9c40b840a8fbd6f805a07
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf.h: Remove.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.armv5-unknown-linux-musleabi.h: Remove.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.armv6-unknown-linux-musleabihf.h: Remove.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Remove them.
	* src/mkheader.c (canon_host_triplet): Add removed as aliases.  Addn
	alias for armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf.

	New public header gpgrt.h as alias for gpg-error.h.
	+ commit 012f1bdc87e9969131c72c5575af0851484a2196
	* src/ (GPGRT_H): New double include protection.
	* src/ (nodist_include_HEADERS): Add gpgrt.h.
	(gpgrt.h): New rule.

	tests: New option --debug for t-poll.
	+ commit f141fdee4015d36aec2122853ef55f3ae42197da
	* tests/t-poll.c (test_poll): Add option.

	Improve tracing of estream.
	+ commit f27e516aabd27afeddecfde197eae1fd21a11395
	* src/gpgrt-int.h (trace_errno): Add new parameter.  Adjust all users.
	* src/init.c (trace_fp, trace_with_errno, trace_missing_lf)
	(trace_prefix_done): New vars.
	(_gpgrt_internal_trace_begin): Add arg WITH_ERRNO.  Open a trace file
	on first use.  Init new vars.
	(print_internal_trace_prefix): New.
	* src/estream.c, src/w32-estream.c: Improve tracing.

2017-02-28  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Track source locations in every kind of ports.
	+ commit 9b23e71a6b41cd11b39ab1e1d18c140eaf63c3e7
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct port): Move location
	information out of the union.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (mark): All ports need marking now.
	(gc): Likewise all ports on the load stack.
	(port_clear_location): Adapt accordingly.  Also, add an empty function
	(port_increment_current_line): Likewise.
	(port_reset_current_line): Drop function in favor of...
	(port_init_location): ... this new function.
	(file_push): Simplify.
	(file_pop): Likewise.
	(port_rep_from_filename): Likewise.
	(port_rep_from_file): Likewise.
	(port_rep_from_string): Also initialize the location.
	(port_rep_from_scratch): Likewise.
	(port_close): Simplify and generalize.
	(skipspace): Likewise.
	(token): Likewise.
	(_Error_1): Generalize.
	(opexe_5): Likewise.
	(scheme_deinit): Simplify and generalize.
	(scheme_load_named_file): Likewise.
	(scheme_load_string): Also initialize the location.

2017-02-28  Werner Koch  <>

	w32: Fix gpgrt_poll for Windows.
	+ commit 07d5bd918d2185f79c7d61d56ee7f3090b6f5dcd
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_poll) [W32]: Do not call the syscall clamp.

2017-02-27  Werner Koch  <>

	Use the new tracing ramework for estream.
	+ commit 84aaa84d41f17d6f5e2bb31930e101568df554e2
	* src/estream.c: Add trace calls to some functions.
	* src/w32-estream.c: Replace existing trace calls by the new

	Add a tracing framework.
	+ commit a52f12cc1879d171ddf309b5ac461bab06c8b5e2
	* src/init.c (trace_save_errno, trace_arg_module)
	(trace_arg_file, trace_arg_line): New module vars.
	(do_internal_trace): New.
	(_gpgrt_internal_trace_printf): New.
	(_gpgrt_internal_trace): New.
	(_gpgrt_internal_trace_errno): New.
	(_gpgrt_internal_trace_end): New.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h (trace): New macro.
	(trace_errno): New macro.
	(trace_start): New macro.
	(trace_append): New macro.
	(trace_finish): New macro.

2017-02-26  Werner Koch  <>

	Rename internal functions of estream.
	+ commit be49b02a56e8b405eeb0c07c80eb24e71e841b4a
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_es_init): Rename to _gpgrt_estream_init.
	(es_fill): Rename to fill_stream.
	(es_fflush): Rename to flush_stream.
	(es_deinitialize): Rename to deinit_stream_obj.
	(es_create): Rename to create_stream
	(es_read_nbf): Rename to do_read_nbf.
	(es_read_lbf): Rename to do_read_lbf.
	(es_read_fbf): Rename to do_read_fbf.
	(es_peek): Rename to peek_stream.
	(es_skip): Rename to skip_stream.
	(es_print): Rename to do_print_stream.

2017-02-24  Werner Koch  <>

	w32: Do not use the syscall clamps in pollable mode.
	+ commit 915e1bf2ad1b23239b17843755376344e59a3110
	* src/estream.c (estream_cookie_w32): Add flag no_syscall_clamp.
	(func_w32_create): Add arg no_syscall_clamp.
	(func_w32_read): Do not call pre/post_syscall_clamp when flag is set.
	(func_w32_write): Ditto.
	(func_w32_seek): Ditto.
	(do_w32open): Set NO_SYSCALL_CLAMP in pollable mode.
	(es_create) [W32]: Make sure that pollable-mode is unly used with the
	W32 backend.

2017-02-23  Werner Koch  <>

	w32: Replace gpgrt locks in w32-streams by native critical sections.
	+ commit c9e44c92e08187626e878d826cdedf4cd4e931fe
	* src/w32-estream.c (TRACE_ERR): Also print the error number.  This is
	in particular useful on non-english systems.
	(reader_context_s, writer_context_s): Replace the gpgrt mutex by a
	native critical section.  Change all calls to gpgrt_lock_ fucntions by
	the EnterCriticalSection et al.
	(_gpgrt_w32_poll): Make CODE unsigned which is what WFMO returns.
	Remove the then useless condition.

2017-02-19  Werner Koch  <>

	New error code GPG_ERR_INV_NAME.
	+ commit 3a2ee6df5911728938a2fb56237b08f790841a0c

2017-02-17  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Guard use of tagged expressions.
	+ commit 86082852350810afa548c607241df95f9cac777a
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (vm-history-print): Check that the tag added
	to expressions when parsing source files matches the expected format.
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (assert): Likewise.

2017-02-15  Justus Winter  <>

	tests,build: Fix distcheck.
	+ commit 52748cd96c70c9da01c35de10dd1627f7897d085
	* tests/gpgscm/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add 'time.scm'.

	tests: Check expiration times of created keys.
	+ commit b2db15dfe894a27246236ed416c8e2c2fc0e73c4
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_get_time): New function.
	(ffi_init): Expose new function.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.scm (get-time): Document new function.
	* tests/gpgscm/time.scm: New file.
	* tests/openpgp/quick-key-manipulation.scm: Use the new facilities to
	check the expiration times of created keys.
	* tests/openpgp/tofu.scm: Use the new module.

2017-02-02  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	syscfg: Add a sh3 architecture.
	+ commit 67e51f9957f875ca854f25f4a9a63aeb831c55c4
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.sh3-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Add it.

2017-02-01  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	Add Base64 decoder.
	+ commit 4bfc2117b70415a5c5d3f0a0ac9086e168350d83
	* NEWS: Add interface changes.
	* src/ (libgpg_error_la_SOURCES): Add b64dec.c.
	* src/b64dec.c: New.  Taken from gpgme.  Prefix function names with
	_gpgrt_.  Change API a bit, not exposing the structure.
	* src/ Export Base64 functions.
	* src/gpg-error.vers: Likewise.
	* src/visibility.c, src/visibility.h: Likewise.
	* src/ Add Base64 struct and functions.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h: Add Base64 internal functions.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add t-b64dec.
	* tests/t-b64dec.c: New.

2017-01-31  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Tune the hash tables.
	+ commit 1c99db04ed62d395c1c88171ef147a580e0bb4ab
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (oblist_initial_value): Increase the size of
	the hash table based on the number of symbols used after initializing
	the interpreter.
	(new_frame_in_env): Increase the size of the hash table based on the
	number of variables in the global environement.

	gpgscm: Optimize environment lookups and insertions.
	+ commit fa2363d9d903dfc9885f7d2f290fb4d7738bb737
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (pointercmp): New function.
	(new_slot_spec_in_env): Add and use slot for insertions.
	(find_slot_spec_in_env): New variant of 'find_slot_in_env' that
	returns the slot on failures.
	(find_slot_in_env): Express using the new function.
	(new_slot_in_env): Update callsite.
	(opexe_0): Optimize lookup-or-insert.
	(opexe_1): Likewise.
	(scheme_define): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Fix build with list environments.
	+ commit e982432ba66652bc9bc16e334e1d4d184e1b68bd
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (new_slot_spec_in_env): Provide preallocation
	inforomation if USE_ALIST_ENV.

	gpgscm: Optimize symbol lookups and insertions.
	+ commit d374a1271326e503bd7cabe11cf5fd10a970d9fc
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (oblist_find_by_name): Keep the list of
	symbols sorted, return the slot where a new symbol must be inserted on
	lookup failures.
	(oblist_add_by_name): Add the new symbol at the given slot.
	(mk_symbol): Adjust callsite.
	(gensym): Likewise.
	(assign_syntax): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Fix build with object list.
	+ commit 85f6f60197fe56c90b663fb34db4cddf62c28c1b
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (oblist_add_by_name): Provide preallocation
	information if USE_OBJECT_LIST.

	gpgscm: Remove unused functions.
	+ commit 92e929d4b91cbb5e36d6cb89aabf2211a7185a65
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (check_cell_alloced): Remove function.
	(check_range_alloced): Likewise.

2017-01-30  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Use a compact vector representation.
	+ commit 5809edef40acf1f8f0e71b69dcb10e1d5464f2a5
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct cell): Add a compact vector
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (vector_length): Use new representation.
	(vector_size): New macro.
	(get_vector_object): Use the new representation.
	(fill_vector): Likewise.
	(vector_elem): Likewise.
	(set_vector_elem): Likewise.
	(mark): Likewise.
	(gc): Likewise.  Be careful not to confuse immediate values for type
	(finalize_cell): Vectors now require finalization.

	gpgscm: Provide framework for immediate values.
	+ commit e1dc204ac465498436f463d419b9583011026807
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (IMMEDIATE_TAG): New macro.
	({is,set,clr}_immediate): Likewise.
	(enum scheme_types): Make type tags disjoint from immediate values.
	(TYPE_BITS): We need one more bit now.
	(ADJ,T_MASKTYPE): Compute values.

	gpgscm: Fix setting the line of the first gc reservation.
	+ commit c587e6a038fc532df064eec7bea2ad1db31238ad
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (_gc_disable): Negate guard.

	gpgscm: Introduce macro for the vector length.
	+ commit e2caaa957b56f20cfe09bc6ca5a595b37a860b51
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (vector_length): New macro.
	(get_vector_object): Use the new macro.
	(oblist_add_by_name): Likewise.
	(oblist_find_by_name): Likewise.
	(oblist_all_symbols): Likewise.
	(mk_vector): Likewise.
	(mark): Likewise.
	(new_slot_spec_in_env): Likewise.
	(find_slot_spec_in_env): Likewise.
	(opexe_2): Likewise.
	(opexe_5): Likewise.

2017-01-19  Werner Koch  <>

	estream: Correctly set ERRNO to EOPNOTSUPP.
	+ commit 55c497904dd0794ca5cfcafe369943736b0d4e62
	* src/estream.c (es_flush, es_write_nbf): Fix setting of ERRNO to

2017-01-17  Werner Koch  <>

	build: Modernize
	+ commit 66275ac5b8db9d83a72b5497eec4e6d9ac3b4e65
	* Update from GnuPG.
	* autogen.rc (version_parts): New.
	* Change to use --find-version helper.
	* (dist-hook): Do not create VERSION

2017-01-10  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	doc,configure: Be consistent about preferring --with-libgpg-error-prefix
	+ commit 19de4cef279272d3969e36dd8cd2fa05a7bf5276
	* doc/gpgrt.texi: Say "--with-libgpg-error-prefix" instead of
	* src/gpg-error.m4: When warning about library locations, warn with
	  the preferred "--with-libgpg-error-prefix" name.

2017-01-03  Werner Koch  <>

	+ commit 704c31992e8716bbe61e6d5751e125a64badeef0
	* src/ (GPGRT_GCC_VERSION): Fix.

2017-01-02  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fail if too many arguments are given.
	+ commit 56787d898a6911e62b35c3054a22df1a913c26cf
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Enable check.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (test::report): Remove superfluous argument.

	gpgscm: Add 'finally', rework all macros.
	+ commit 7d95db002aac773e596c551b8fcba2d983244495
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (finally): New macro.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (letfd): Rewrite.
	(with-working-directory): Likewise.
	(with-temporary-working-directory): Likewise.
	(lettmp): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Use boxed values for source locations.
	+ commit 4165c9303d894179c0da3a1b12316d3df8d4ce82
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct port): Use boxed values for
	filename and current line.  This allows us to use the same Scheme
	object for labeling all expressions in a file.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (file_push): Use boxed type for filename.
	(mark): Mark location objects of port objects.
	(gc): Mark location objects in the load stack.
	(port_clear_location): New function.
	(port_reset_current_line): Likewise.
	(port_increment_current_line): Likewise.
	(file_pop): Adapt accordingly.
	(port_rep_from_filename): Likewise.
	(port_rep_from_file): Likewise.
	(port_close): Likewise.
	(skipspace): Likewise.
	(token): Likewise.
	(_Error_1): Likewise.
	(opexe_0): Likewise.
	(opexe_5): Likewise.
	(scheme_deinit): Likewise.
	(scheme_load_file): Likewise.
	(scheme_load_named_file): Likewise.

2016-12-21  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Guard use of union member.
	+ commit aa6b3449bf1b42703b4c6466d87f91620743a5d2
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_5): Check that we have a file port
	before accessing filename.  Fixes a crash on 32-bit architectures.

2016-12-21  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.26.
	+ commit 82266defa39901ec9f97533623af5638a35e5a77
	* Bump LT version to C21/A21/R0.

2016-12-20  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Move argument parser.
	+ commit 5f16dec938ac6e337c6ff72981285385d75ec455
	* tests/gpgme/gpgme-defs.scm (flag): Move...
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm: ... over here.

2016-12-19  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Change associativity of ::.
	+ commit 3ae0b5d9af063e7af03558be2bf8f32e5bb4e5cd
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (mk_atom): Change associativity of the ::
	infix-operator.  This makes it possible to naturally express accessing
	nested structures (e.g. a::b::c).

	gpgscm: Display location when assertions fail.
	+ commit b852ac097f3dfe4e62c3d27e18a22f1b9f704530
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (assert): Use location information if

	gpgscm: Make exception handling more robust.
	+ commit 5221e0b2a3bd2dbb4f997e3c2118b176e10e116e
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (throw'): Check that args is a list.

2016-12-13  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Print failed and skipped tests.
	+ commit e8c5871609dd3ff3b2aa3d21ab5c3651ba683ed7
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (test-pool::report): Print failed and skipped
	tests at the end.

	gpgscm: Generalize the test runner.
	+ commit b1e67a725d17ff1605ba79d8bb61f37c4a48f0a5
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (test::scm) Add explicit name argument.
	(test::binary): Likewise.  Also, add missing unquote.
	* tests/openpgp/run-tests.scm: Adapt accordingly.

	gpgscm: Move the test runner to the Scheme library.
	+ commit 0031a4d4d8a1851f0c32ad1af2f42f59bd016001
	* tests/openpgp/run-tests.scm: Move most of the code...
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm: ... here.

	gpgscm: Improve library functions.
	+ commit f745dcab2b1789c8f64c2be4b5dcc7322212e1d2
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (absolute-path?): New function.
	(canonical-path): Use the new function.
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (string-split-pln): New function.
	(string-indexp, string-splitp): Likewise.
	(string-splitn): Express using the above function.
	(string-ltrim, string-rtrim): Fix corner case.
	(list->string-reversed): New function.
	(read-line): Fix performance.

2016-12-13  Werner Koch  <>

	New error code GPG_ERR_TRY_LATER.
	+ commit f02a657f0129b30700b2f36956ee37b40cc2da82

2016-12-12  Werner Koch  <>

	New error code GPG_ERR_DNS_TIMEOUT.
	+ commit 90b4dfad438900c7808b8c2995ba984fa3587bb2

	New error codes to support libdns.
	+ commit 56ab574c28586fccd95a08acdc9ee4962ab0db50

2016-12-08  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Better error reporting.
	+ commit 735c66bd2d5672de8cc7573fe9d6af4615b86fe2
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.scm: Move the customized exception handling and
	atexit logic...
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm: ... here.
	(throw): Record the current history.
	(throw'): New function that is history-aware.
	(rethrow): New function.
	(*error-hook*): Use the new throw'.
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (load): Fix error handling.
	(main): Save and use the 'sc->retcode' as exit code.
	* tests/gpgscm/repl.scm (repl): Print call history.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (_Error_1): Make a snapshot of the history,
	use it to provide a accurate location of the expression causing the
	error at runtime, and hand the history trace to the '*error-hook*'.
	(opexe_5): Tag all lists at parse time with the current location.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm: Update calls to 'throw', use 'rethrow'.

	gpgscm: Keep a history of calls for error messages.
	+ commit 81c95b26e769a1ed4933fdf598a3df42d0416928
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (vm-history-print): New function.
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: New opcodes 'CALLSTACK_POP', 'APPLY_CODE',
	and 'VM_HISTORY'.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct history): New definition.
	(struct scheme): New field 'history'.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (gc): Mark objects in the history.
	(history_free): New function.
	(history_init): Likewise.
	(history_mark): Likewise.
	(add_mod): New macro.
	(sub_mod): Likewise.
	(tailstack_clear): New function.
	(callstack_pop): Likewise.
	(callstack_push): Likewise.
	(tailstack_push): Likewise.
	(tailstack_flatten): Likewise.
	(callstack_flatten): Likewise.
	(history_flatten): Likewise.
	(opexe_0): New variable 'callsite', keep track of the expression if it
	is a call, implement the new opcodes, record function applications in
	the history.
	(opexe_6): Implement new opcode.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Initialize history.
	(scheme_deinit): Free history.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.h (USE_HISTORY): New macro.

	gpgscm: Add flag TAIL_CONTEXT.
	+ commit 83175b317dccceb149906cda721aa33178797f3e
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (S_FLAG_TAIL_CONTEXT): New macro.  This flag
	indicates that the interpreter is evaluating an expression in a tail
	context (see R5RS, section 3.5).
	(opexe_0): Clear and set the flag according to the rules layed out in
	R5RS, section 3.5.
	(opexe_1): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Add flags to the interpreter.
	+ commit 14d9ea4bd43e077fab4c756b513557cad76aacd2
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct scheme): Add field 'flags'.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (S_OP_MASK): New macro.
	(S_FLAG_MASK, s_set_flag, s_clear_flag, s_get_flag): Likewise.
	(_s_return): Unpack the encoded opcode and flags.
	(s_save): Encode the flags along with the opcode.  Use normal
	integers to encode the result.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Initialize 'op' and 'flags'.

	gpgscm: Implement tags.
	+ commit 88753eea0d9b1ea40a46f3b3969d418ba75cccf9
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Add opcodes to create and retrieve tags.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (T_TAGGED): New macro.
	(mk_tagged_value): New function.
	(has_tag): Likewise.
	(get_tag): Likewise.
	(mark): Mark tag.
	(opexe_4): Implement new opcodes.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.h (USE_TAGS): New macro.

	gpgscm: Generalize 'for-each-p'.
	+ commit 94e8811cb2fd0cb56b330a811d13075d54681e38
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (for-each-p): Generalize to N lists like
	(for-each-p'): Likewise.

2016-12-06  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Rename 'error' to 'fail'.
	+ commit 85613efd8d49b39c1310d84484cb1647db83b4d5
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (error): Rename to 'fail'.  'error' is a
	primitive function (an opcode) of the TinySCHEME vm, and 'error' is
	also defined by R6RS.  Better avoid redefining that.  Fix all call
	* tests/openpgp/4gb-packet.scm: Adapt.
	* tests/openpgp/decrypt-multifile.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/ecc.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/export.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/gpgtar.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/gpgv-forged-keyring.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/import.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/issue2015.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/issue2346.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/issue2419.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/key-selection.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/mds.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/multisig.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/setup.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/signencrypt.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/ssh-import.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/tofu.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/verify.scm: Likewise.

2016-12-06  Neal H. Walfield  <>

	tests: Change (interactive-shell) to start an interactive shell.
	+ commit 0d27b63f35c1e3a36631874fd111d3df2a1d51db
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (interactive-shell): Start an interactive

2016-12-02  Werner Koch  <>

	Fix NULL segv in new option --desc.
	+ commit 140a19617c78d5f0e2ac8d7e2c8e7092862ec2fb
	* src/gpg-error.c (print_desc): Shortcur for unknown symbols.

	New error code GPG_ERR_INV_FLAG.
	+ commit c761c981b38741421d13bb7102b1ea7625d2d639

	New option --desc for gpg-error.
	+ commit b462d603f5110842489edce9e01e4ea40ac05cba
	* doc/errorref.txt: Remove all tabs.
	* doc/ (install-data-local): New to install errorref.txt.
	(uninstall-local): New.
	(errorref.txt.x): New.
	* src/ (gpg_error_CPPFLAGS): Define PKGDATADIR
	* src/gpg-error.c (print_desc): New.
	(show_usage): New.
	(main): Improve option parser.  Add new option --desc.  Call

2016-11-29  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Avoid truncating pointers.
	+ commit 941c0efdf826717aae88ea448ec60801f74bb476
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (_alloc_cellseg): Avoid truncating pointers on
	systems where sizeof(unsigned long) < sizeof(void *).

2016-11-23  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Make 'reverse' compatible with 'reverse_in_place'.
	+ commit 7f7869357cae0f75c5976ece12a1d94a659b904a
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (reverse): Update prototype, add terminator
	(opexe_4): Update callsite.

	gpgscm: Clean sweeped cells.
	+ commit a078d448415c74ee5169d548a901d27380d933f3
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (gc): Zero typeflag and car of free cells.

	gpgscm: Fix initialization of 'sink'.
	+ commit 95db0d64ac0ccab6cf0e6d6ec25251ccb0fab9d3
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (scheme_init_custom_alloc): Also initialize

2016-11-22  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Refactor.
	+ commit b18458f3dfd53627994783d0f2ad835ae70a05af
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Reduce code duplication.

	gpgscm: Fix property lists.
	+ commit 08f16887de9d6f6dcb0b7a377407dbd4f541fe13
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h (put, get): Check arguments.  Also rename
	to 'set-symbol-property' and 'symbol-property', the names used by
	Guile, because put and get are too unspecific.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (hasprop): Only symbols have property lists.
	(get_property): New function.
	(set_property): Likewise.
	(opexe_4): Use the new functions.

	gpgscm: Fix installation of error handler.
	+ commit 185ba177abeaf2f8ad66529a42966362107a2d8b
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.scm: Set '*error-hook*' again so that the
	interpreter will use our function.

	gpgscm: Use a static pool of cells for small integers.
	+ commit eca7b9bbee2986157ec6c078c998bd8a25becd8f
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct scheme): New fields for the
	static integer cells.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (_alloc_cellseg): New function.
	(alloc_cellseg): Use the new function.
	(MAX_SMALL_INTEGER): New macro.
	(initialize_small_integers): New function.
	(mk_small_integer): Likewise.
	(mk_integer): Return a small integer if possible.
	(_s_return): Do not free 'op' if it is a small integer.
	(s_save): Use a small integer to box the opcode.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Initialize small integers.
	(scheme_deinit): Free chunk of small integers.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.h (USE_SMALL_INTEGERS): New macro.

2016-11-17  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Re-enable the garbage collector in case of errors.
	+ commit d2a75dc5ae2b172a232dad88639b15b4930b9151
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Enable gc before calling 'Error_1'.

	gpgscm: Fix string.
	+ commit 63cad2c16fdd343be89b576901c8f34de7cb74bf
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (type_to_string): Fix string.

2016-11-17  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	Fix EXEEXT for lock obj creation.
	+ commit eeef6b8724b43e105ae2beef022fc957eb228bcf
	* src/ (lock-obj-pub.native.h): Add EXEEXT for
	the executable gen-posix-lock-obj.

2016-11-15  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Mark cells requiring finalization.
	+ commit ad10069af6b0d247f27b7dbf891029eb34d264e0
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (T_FINALIZE): New macro.
	(mk_port): Use the new macro.
	(mk_foreign_object): Likewise.
	(mk_counted_string): Likewise.
	(mk_empty_string): Likewise.
	(gc): Only call 'finalize_cell' for cells with the new flag.

	gpgscm: Recover more cells.
	+ commit dd6bd1bf2a767e22bb7c1bd470ce94527a9fae3d
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (_s_return): Recover the cell holding the

2016-11-14  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.25.
	+ commit 6d834f817fdb741ec64dcfbd2166ea044e4e0c3d
	* Set LT version to C20/A20/R0.

	po: Update German translation.
	+ commit 9cecc8ccded0759d94b08c9859e7ea843430dd97

	Fix typo in two new error descriptions.
	+ commit 80350f97e9e811b9e77b59b8fc4172043f072f42

2016-11-14  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Avoid cell allocation overhead.
	+ commit dc1d3a79fa3e7944ea6ef02bc968446f9aa6d648
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct scheme): New fields
	'inhibit_gc', 'reserved_cells', and 'reserved_lineno'.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (GC_ENABLED): New macro.
	(USE_GC_LOCKING): Likewise.
	(gc_reservations): Likewise.
	(gc_reservation_failure): New function.
	(_gc_disable): Likewise.
	(gc_disable): New macro.
	(gc_enable): Likewise.
	(gc_enabled): Likewise.
	(gc_consume): Likewise.
	(get_cell_x): Consume reserved cell if garbage collection is disabled.
	(_get_cell): Assert that gc is enabled.
	(get_cell): Only record cell in the list of recently allocated cells
	if gc is enabled.
	(get_vector_object): Likewise.
	(gc): Assert that gc is enabled.
	(s_return): Add comment, adjust call to '_s_return'.
	(s_return_enable_gc): New macro.
	(_s_return): Add flag 'enable_gc' and re-enable gc if set.
	(oblist_add_by_name): Use the new facilities to protect the
	(new_frame_in_env): Likewise.
	(new_slot_spec_in_env): Likewise.
	(s_save): Likewise.
	(opexe_0): Likewise.
	(opexe_1): Likewise.
	(opexe_2): Likewise.
	(opexe_5): Likewise.
	(opexe_6): Likewise.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Initialize the new fields.

2016-11-12  Justus Winter  <>

	estream: Support 'es_poll' on Windows.
	+ commit 40e5ff0a0084c0d9521b401db4f38885bfdae233
	* src/ (arch_sources): Add new file.
	* src/estream.c (O_NONBLOCK): Move to 'gpgrt-int.h'.
	(struct notify_list_s, notify_list_t): Likewise.
	(struct _gpgrt_stream_internal, estream_internal_t): Likewise.
	(X_POLLABLE): New macro.
	(parse_mode): Parse keyword 'pollable', emulate O_NONBLOCK using the
	same mechanism on Windows.
	(_gpgrt_poll): Use the new '_gpgrt_w32_poll' on Windows.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h (_gpgrt_functions_w32_pollable): New declaration.
	(_gpgrt_w32_pollable_create): New prototype.
	(_gpgrt_w32_poll): Likewise.
	* src/w32-estream.c: New file.  This code is adapted from GPGME.
	* tests/t-poll.c (create_pipe): Create pollable streams.

	estream: Track the kind of backend used.
	+ commit e15416d3668ea9dcc6a64cbb98140a99be8a7865
	* src/estream.c (struct _gpgrt_stream_internal): Add 'kind'.
	(init_stream_obj): New parameter 'kind', initialize field.
	(es_create): New parameter 'kind'.  Update all callers.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h (gpgrt_stream_backend_kind_t): New type.

	estream: Rework how the cookie functions are handled.
	+ commit a0651e910f962a49b0b7f7942512f17a5fe39a7d
	* src/estream.c (cookie_ioctl_function_t): Move to 'gpgrt-int.h',
	along with the macros for the IOCTL numbers.
	(estream_functions_mem): Use the new type and add the ioctl function.
	(estream_functions_fd): Likewise.
	(estream_functions_w32): Likewise.
	(estream_functions_fp): Likewise.
	(init_stream_object): Use the new type, and also initialize
	(es_create): Use the new type.
	(_gpgrt_fopen): Adapt.
	(_gpgrt_mopen): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_fopenmem): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_fopencookie): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_fdopen): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_fpopen): Likewise.
	(do_w32open): Likewise.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h (struct cookie_io_functions_s): New type.

	estream: Rework modestring handling.
	+ commit 135319b5d1f9a88187687646c762759cfa05a7ec
	* src/estream.c (X_SAMETHREAD, X_SYSOPEN): New macros.
	(parse_mode): Rework how information flows from here to 'es_create'.
	Instead of using an integer flag per mode, use flags.
	(init_stream_obj): Adapt accordingly.
	(es_create): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_fopen): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_mopen): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_fopenmem): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_fopencookie): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_fdopen): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_fpopen): Likewise.
	(do_w32open): Likewise.
	(_gpgrt_freopen): Likewise.

2016-11-12  Werner Koch  <>

	Add new interface gpgrt_get_syscall_clamp.
	+ commit b7972767513c8748096ebed78d1e1621bd2bd459
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_get_syscall_clamp): New.
	* src/gpg-error.vers, src/ Add function.
	* src/ Ditto.
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_get_syscall_clamp): New.

2016-11-11  Werner Koch  <>

	Use the syscall clamp functions also for lock functions.
	+ commit 25d463c67821901c8fd6736c815f11e85bbae66f
	* src/posix-lock.c (pre_lock_func, post_lock_func): New.
	(_gpgrt_lock_set_lock_clamp): New.
	(_gpgrt_lock_lock): Use clamp functions.
	* src/w32-lock.c (pre_lock_func, post_lock_func): New.
	(_gpgrt_lock_set_lock_clamp): New.
	(_gpgrt_lock_lock): Use clamp functions.
	* src/posix-lock.c (pre_syscall_func, post_syscall_func): New.
	(_gpgrt_thread_set_syscall_clamp): New.
	(_gpgrt_yield): Use clamp functions.
	* src/w32-lock.c (pre_syscall_func, post_syscall_func): New.
	(_gpgrt_thread_set_syscall_clamp): New.
	(_gpgrt_yield): Use clamp functions.
	* src/estream.c: Include lock.h and thread.h.
	(do_deinit): Call _gpgrt_lock_set_lock_clamp.
	(_gpgrt_set_syscall_clamp): Ditto.

2016-11-11  Andre Heinecke  <>

	w32: Fix lock c++ narrowing conversion warning.
	+ commit b1ccab5bf8e1206aae1307ad5d23890be4251c8f
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.mingw32.h (gpgrt_lock_t): Declare priv as
	unsigned char.

2016-11-10  Werner Koch  <>

	Change description of GPG_ERR_OPEN_KEYRING.
	+ commit bae57a21cfab25ad11c82dc6e69d82d1f2f7a415

2016-11-10  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Recover cells from the list of recently allocated cells.
	+ commit 1659878b827d0a4e041921e0c3a3555d39a742df
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (ok_to_freely_gc): Recover cells.

	gpgscm: Recover cells used to maintain interpreter state.
	+ commit 85388f1ef82bd0a92e94a463acfa157e6f9356f8
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (free_cell): New function.
	(free_cons): Likewise.
	(_s_return): Use the new function to recover cells used to save the
	state of the interpreter in 's_save'.  This reduces the need to do a
	garbage collection considerably.

	gpgscm: Reduce opcode dispatch overhead.
	+ commit f65fb16724712b3d6072f27b47e2658f27398dd4
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (s_thread_to): New macro.
	(CASE): Likewise.
	(opexe_[0-6]): Use 'CASE' instead of 'case' statements, replace
	's_goto' with 's_thread_to' where applicable.

	gpgscm: Make the compile-hook configurable.
	+ commit a678b9fdf7d48409a32afab5b487322a7fc11e16
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct scheme): Make field
	'COMPILE_HOOK' optional.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Fix guard.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Conditionally initialize 'COMPILE_HOOK'.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.h (USE_COMPILE_HOOK): Define to 1 by default.

	gpgscm: Drop obsolete commented-out code.
	+ commit f69a754515f43037da8ac8535967cd825b220be4
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_5): Drop obsolete code.

	gpgscm: Remove dubious stack implementation.
	+ commit a6ce303f0c69542999c607309128afd6293e2e1b
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct scheme): Remove related fields.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c: Drop all !USE_SCHEME_STACK code.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.h (USE_SCHEME_STACK): Remove macro.

2016-11-08  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Expose seek and associated constants.
	+ commit 13831e9cd6839e44a8e32c640589edb8bf17ef51
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_seek): New function.
	(ffi_init): Expose 'seek' and 'SEEK_{SET,CUR,END}'.
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm: Document the new function.

	gpgscm: Fix error message.
	+ commit d5458258299889af97e714c15e6a9b859e1a0545
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_wait_processes): Fix and improve error

2016-11-07  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Generalize splice to write to multiple sinks.
	+ commit 1edacbc5a4a0f4dee3ab82c1fda7c7b1c5874761
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (ordinal_suffix): New function.
	(do_splice): Generalize splice to write to multiple sinks.
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (splice): Document this fact.

	gpgscm: Drop 'len' argument from splice.
	+ commit 598aeda60bc3e6d49d935927b5ec33145f7af9db
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_splice): Drop 'len' argument, no-one uses it.
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (splice): Document foreign function.

	tests: Move environment creation and teardown into each test.
	+ commit 1564fc3b2ff52e7e5ad9b01a24e1f399934775b8
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (log): New function.
	* tests/openpgp/run-tests.scm (run-tests-parallel): Do not run the
	startup and teardown scripts.
	(run-tests-sequential): Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/setup.scm: Move all functions...
	* tests/openpgp/defs.scm: ... here and make them less verbose.
	(setup-environment): New function.
	(setup-legacy-environment): Likewise.
	(start-agent): Make less verbose, run 'stop-agent' at interpreter
	(stop-agent): Make less verbose.
	* tests/openpgp/finish.scm: Drop file.
	* tests/openpgp/ (EXTRA_DIST): Drop removed file.
	* tests/openpgp/4gb-packet.scm: Use 'setup-environment' or
	'setup-legacy-environment' as appropriate.
	* tests/openpgp/armdetach.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/armdetachm.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/armencrypt.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/armencryptp.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/armor.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/armsignencrypt.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/armsigs.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/clearsig.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/conventional-mdc.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/conventional.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/decrypt-dsa.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/decrypt.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/default-key.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/detach.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/detachm.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/ecc.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/encrypt-dsa.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/encrypt.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/encryptp.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/export.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/finish.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/genkey1024.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/gpgtar.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/gpgv-forged-keyring.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/import.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/issue2015.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/issue2417.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/issue2419.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/key-selection.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/mds.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/multisig.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/quick-key-manipulation.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/seat.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/shell.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/signencrypt-dsa.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/signencrypt.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/sigs-dsa.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/sigs.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/ssh.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/tofu.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/use-exact-key.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/verify.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/version.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/issue2346.scm: Likewise and simplify.

	gpgscm,w32: Provide schemish file handling for binary files.
	+ commit fa82512020f8cd91c68bbf1d24a4f6bffe5385ba
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (call-with-binary-input-file): New function.
	(call-with-binary-output-file): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Add support for pseudo-random numbers.
	+ commit 70c5f30074ec996f60f62cd09e67167da78c6d8a
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_getpid): New function.
	(do_srandom): Likewise.
	(random_scaled): Likewise.
	(do_random): Likewise.
	(do_make_random_string): Likewise.
	(ffi_init): Expose the new functions.
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm: Document the new functions.

2016-11-04  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fix printing strings containing zero bytes.
	+ commit fa221a1d5272eb231393a2cc0173635a5098bb89
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (atom2str): Fix computing the length of Scheme
	strings.  Scheme strings can contain zero bytes.

	gpgscm: Implement 'atexit'.
	+ commit 97024a0cd0e1f5262ee60bf40a91f169bcc45a23
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.scm (throw): Run *run-atexit-handlers* when
	terminating the interpreter.
	(*atexit-handlers*): New variable.
	(*run-atexit-handlers*): New function.
	(atexit): Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (main): Run *run-atexit-handlers* at normal
	interpreter shutdown.

2016-11-03  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm,tests: Add new functions to the test environment.
	+ commit e4a694eb48a098c3a3983767099dcce4e9157d16
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (first, last, powerset): New functions.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (interactive-shell): New function.
	* tests/openpgp/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add new file.
	* tests/openpgp/README: Document 'interactive-shell'.
	* tests/openpgp/shell.scm: New file.

2016-11-02  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fix inclusion of readline header.
	+ commit 0ccc6f5ffccec23587d06e32da88fb0acd80f2c6
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c: Define magic macro to prevent the completion
	function from redefined.

2016-11-02  Werner Koch  <>

	Add error codes GPG_ERR_TOO_YOUNG and GPG_ERR_TOO_OLD.
	+ commit 49e32eed4550869644d706352d683ddba5696d4e

2016-10-20  Justus Winter  <>

	common,w32: Fix setting environment variables on Windows.
	+ commit e7ba35f207cb06f6d0e085ab3faf68d118606655
	* common/sysutils.c (gnupg_setenv): Also update the environment block
	maintained by the C runtime.
	(gnupg_unsetenv): Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_setenv): Fix error handling.

2016-10-18  Justus Winter  <>

	estream: Fix modestring parsing.
	+ commit 0734f4863859257d18ca96f4b9be62be75fcffe1
	* src/estream.c (parse_mode): Fix parsing the 'sysopen' flag.

2016-10-17  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Initialize nesting stack.
	+ commit 7a262df038f495d27e2d8ec806ea0d47c925c88b
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (scheme_init_custom_alloc): Initialize nesting

2016-10-07  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Improve handling of Windows newlines.
	+ commit e8db2ea9542eef0bc7b51c9f69109a056269c048
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (string-split-newlines): New function.
	* tests/openpgp/default-key.scm: Use new function.
	* tests/openpgp/defs.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/export.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/import.scm: Likewise.

	gpgscm: Improve test of low-level functions.
	+ commit 2e47dcf432bc26cbaa1a6ba6716ab74facd06353
	* tests/gpgscm/t-child.c: Print large amounts of data.
	* tests/gpgscm/t-child.scm: Test that this works.

	gpgscm: Improve path handling.
	+ commit ff00a2d792091f35380c9541ee88fbd9c0d76c43
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (ffi_init): New Scheme variable '*win32*'.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (canonical-path): Correctly handle paths with
	drive letter on Windows.  Use 'path-join'.
	(path-expand): Use 'path-join'.

2016-10-07  Werner Koch  <>

	+ commit 0c837a82207d0b19f9dabc8870ffb23d6a4ade64

2016-10-06  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Update callsite of 'gnupg_spawn_process'.
	+ commit bbd3be18ca9feac21963cc7d682f5a7d89fd9aba
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_spawn_process): Adapt to the changes to

2016-10-04  Justus Winter  <>

	tests,w32: Do not expose 'glob' to gpgscm.
	+ commit 7359d7acb687d572dd0a4e40fd979566efbf4e21
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_glob): Remove function.
	(ffi_init): Likewise.

2016-09-19  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Refine the repl function.
	+ commit a3b6b7643d906264b56d6fa041bcb95e96eb1898
	* tests/gpgscm/repl.scm (repl): Add an argument 'environment'.
	(interactive-repl): Add an optional argument 'environment'.

	tests: Implement interpreter shutdown using exceptions.
	+ commit ea399aaaf4c9de92d24ab59cdc3586608bf35698
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (ffi_init): Rename 'exit' to '_exit'.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.scm (*interpreter-exit*): New variable.
	(throw): New function.
	(exit): New function.

	tests: Correctly handle exceptions in resource handling macros.
	+ commit ec34346129c77a7011872812567689aa09d99caa
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (letfd): Correctly release resources when an
	exception is thrown.
	(with-working-directory): Likewise.
	(with-temporary-working-directory): Likewise.
	(lettmp): Likewise.

	tests: Refine exception handling.
	+ commit 3fd08ed018f837399564896462f64af8ae389eec
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (catch): Bind all arguments to '*error*' in
	the error handler, update and fix comment.
	(*error-hook*): Revert to original definition.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (tr:do): Adapt accordingly.
	* tests/openpgp/issue2419.scm: Likewise.

	tests: Use descriptive temporary file names.
	+ commit 86f421b7de364138d2d066b267b0f08a62c42a42
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_get_isotime): New function.
	(ffi_init): Add parameter 'scriptname', bind new function and
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.h (ffi_init): Update prototype.
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (main): Hand in the script name.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (mkdtemp): Use current time and script name
	for the names of temporary directories.

2016-09-19  Werner Koch  <>

	gpgscm: Fix gcrypt version check.
	+ commit a3cdf6ba9987ec2f4b951c3b2519f6beea147126
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (main): Check against required and not installed

2016-09-17  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	Fix more spelling.
	+ commit 42b61e8469179292814fea267ecd7d911396b965
	* NEWS, acinclude.m4, agent/command-ssh.c, agent/command.c,
	  agent/gpg-agent.c, agent/keyformat.txt, agent/protect-tool.c,
	  common/asshelp.c, common/b64enc.c, common/recsel.c, doc/DETAILS,
	  doc/HACKING, doc/Notes, doc/TRANSLATE, doc/dirmngr.texi,
	  doc/, doc/gpg-agent.texi, doc/gpg.texi, doc/gpgsm.texi,
	  doc/instguide.texi, g10/armor.c, g10/gpg.c, g10/keyedit.c,
	  g10/mainproc.c, g10/pkclist.c, g10/tofu.c, g13/sh-cmd.c,
	  g13/sh-dmcrypt.c, kbx/keybox-init.c, m4/pkg.m4, sm/call-dirmngr.c,
	  sm/gpgsm.c, tests/, tests/gpgscm/Manual.txt,
	  tests/gpgscm/scheme.c, tests/openpgp/gpgv-forged-keyring.scm,
	  tests/openpgp/multisig.test, tests/openpgp/verify.scm,
	  tests/pkits/README, tools/applygnupgdefaults,
	  tools/gpg-connect-agent.c, tools/mime-maker.c, tools/mime-parser.c:
	  minor spelling cleanup.

2016-09-15  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	tests/gpgscm: Fix use of pointer.
	+ commit 95f7320a37d3870330a2b1f3493025b4820fa767
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct scheme): Use (void *) for
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (alloc_cellseg): Use (void *) for cp.  Use
	(void *) for coercion of address calculation.

2016-09-06  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fix detection of unbalanced parenthesis.
	+ commit 36405b2d208e5ec4c2c289d99ba4e7e1a29b8321
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (load): Print error message.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Correctly report nesting level when
	loading files.

2016-09-01  Werner Koch  <>

	Check the size of the time_t.
	+ commit bf7eb978597ba07906f0a7490e626c071af1987f
	(AC_CHECK_SIZEOF): Check size of time_t.

	+ commit bc3e817bd7e671975f94bae20cbbf9a91fe3353b

2016-08-16  Werner Koch  <>

	New error code GPG_ERR_ENGINE_TOO_OLD.
	+ commit b2640cb1f7b3b056ea4f8fe4b79d58fcd10ef93b

2016-08-12  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	Call log_set_prefix() with human-readable labels.
	+ commit b912b371ffc56b0e657d58e2a891f6bb1affab4b
	* agent/preset-passphrase.c, agent/protect-tool.c, dirmngr/dirmngr.c
	* dirmngr/t-http.c, g10/gpg.c, g10/gpgv.c, g13/g13-syshelp.c
	* g13/g13.c, kbx/kbxutil.c, scd/scdaemon.c, sm/gpgsm.c
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c, tools/gpg-check-pattern.c
	* tools/gpg-connect-agent.c, tools/gpgconf.c, tools/gpgtar.c
	* tools/symcryptrun.c: Invoke log_set_prefix() with
	human-readable labels.

2016-08-10  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Improve temporary directory handling.
	+ commit 0b5146376ba4e6ef129ed4a0641591bafa5902f9
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (ffi_init): Rename 'mkdtemp'.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (mkdtemp): New function that uses a sensible
	location and template if no arguments are given.
	(with-temporary-working-directory): Simplify accordingly.
	(make-temporary-file): Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/run-tests.scm (run-tests-parallel-isolated): Likewise.
	(run-tests-sequential-isolated): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Make the name of foreign functions more unique.
	+ commit c609b6e6b08719b86a64fb186f6eee03d0b01b16
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi-private.h (ffi_define_function_name): Add another

2016-07-26  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Do not shadow common function name in catch macro.
	+ commit d764c08a9215ab1c90a97fb019aa99ccf3721e02
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (catch): Do not shadow 'exit'.

	gpgscm: Make the verbose setting more useful.
	+ commit bd958b94ea3cdafa2457fdf0dcf436458fa755f6
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_get_verbose): New function.
	(do_set_verbose): Likewise.
	(ffi_init): Turn *verbose* into a function, add *set-verbose!*.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (call): Adapt accordingly.
	(call-with-io): Dump output if *verbose* is high.
	(pipe-do): Adapt accordingly.
	* tests/openpgp/defs.scm: Set verbosity according to environment.
	* tests/openpgp/run-tests.scm (test): Adapt accordingly.

2016-07-22  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Make function more general.
	+ commit 593c5ac8553922a7cf8055c6f3d4d3ea6d0f8cb6
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (in-srcdir): Accept more path fragments.

2016-07-21  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Make assert macro more accurate.
	+ commit 4f5e0f510d72935ed6bc37f38261efd0ca45e04b
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (assert): Print the representation of the
	failed expression.

	gpgscm: Make error message more useful.
	+ commit bc5199d51c45e11c5d9cba828b31ced9381bd27c
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Include names of missing function
	parameters in the error message.

2016-07-19  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Add test for ssh support.
	+ commit 5851aec15309e9137603bf0e564fd5028ff742c1
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (path-expand): New function.
	* tests/openpgp/ (TESTS): Add new test.
	(sample_keys): Add new keys.
	(CLEANFILES): Clean ssh socket and control file.
	* tests/openpgp/fake-pinentry.c (main): Add a default passphrase.
	* tests/openpgp/gpg-agent.conf.tmpl: Enable ssh support.
	* tests/openpgp/samplekeys/ssh-dsa.key: New file.
	* tests/openpgp/samplekeys/ssh-ecdsa.key: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/samplekeys/ssh-ed25519.key: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/samplekeys/ssh-rsa.key: Likewise.
	* tests/openpgp/ssh.scm: Likewise.

2016-07-15  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fix linking.
	+ commit 4932ef5277957153f4d066f17feb47a4db2b923b
	* tests/gpgscm/ Add -lintl.

2016-07-14  Werner Koch  <>

	gpgscm: Use kludge to avoid improper use of ffi_schemify_name.
	+ commit 95c04eca273fe9bacbbd9666fd6806e0748792ed
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (ffi_schemify_name): Use xstrdup instead of
	strdup for now.

	Release 1.24.
	+ commit bb1269c85bb41dbb6391756a65e8bc357d82d6b6

2016-07-13  Werner Koch  <>

	build: Update config.{guess,sub} to {2016-05-15,2016-06-20}.
	+ commit 387eeb5d5b57e4390c4eaf101bb5cf9cf3cbd4ba
	* build-aux/config.guess: Update.
	* build-aux/config.sub: Update.

2016-07-12  Yann E. MORIN  <>

	Add an option to disable tests.
	+ commit d57a16c3779eca84dedcf2423b26e41172cd5a96
	* add an option to enable/disable building tests
	* conditionally build tests

	Fix build without threads.
	+ commit abcdfa7964da62b92984516608faf8941038b71d
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c: properly guard inclusioin of pthread.h
	* tests/t-lock.c: likewise
	* tests/t-poll.c: likewise

2016-07-07  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Capture output of spawned processes.
	+ commit 912977e668d59baf39464fab7e93b9a617f9706f
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (call-check): Capture stdout and stderr, and
	return stdout if the child exited successfully, or include stderr in
	the error.
	* tests/openpgp/version.scm: Demonstrate this by checking the stdout.

2016-07-05  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Honor environment variable 'TMP'.
	+ commit 228b225c412573d73901e3e79b7cab64a05bb26e
	This fixes problems with long socket names, e.g. when doing distcheck.

	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (path-join): New function.
	(with-temporary-working-directory): Honor 'TMP'.
	(make-temporary-file): Likewise.
	* tests/migrations/ (TMP): Default to '/tmp'.
	* tests/openpgp/ (TMP): Default to '/tmp'.

	gpgscm: Improve robustness and compatibility.
	+ commit 1406aa0fdf349b370cc2a5b87ada557455203dd2
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_getenv): Avoid gccism.
	(do_mkdtemp): Handle errors.

2016-07-05  Andre Heinecke  <>

	Define EWOULDBLOCK in case it is not defined.
	+ commit 65e967627b3d60f550c7d302227dcf9f797e437f
	* src/estream.c (EWOULDBLOCK): Define fallback.

2016-07-02  Werner Koch  <>

	yat2m: Fix table formatting.
	+ commit 1a53a0ac4cc241a5c6d360d6259dd04afc09264c
	* doc/yat2m.c (proc_texi_cmd): Use .TQ for @itemx.  Print a .P at the
	end of a level 0 table.

2016-06-30  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fix reallocating string ports.
	+ commit 27d423b785afa3458e102fa3d7c1220ec50a47fe
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (realloc_port_string): Use memcpy because
	Scheme strings may contain 0s.

	gpgscm: Free memory backing string ports.
	+ commit f103dd1d9dd69eb0a32cf2d91e3a595082f3f41c
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (finalize_cell): Free memory backing string

	gpgscm: Use the allocator from libgcrypt.
	+ commit 9af66b27499646f6386ab902e75056b961192f50
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (main): Use the allocator from libgcrypt.

2016-06-28  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Fix memory leaks.
	+ commit b4e31c551b9205684e812e941bd974cc594cf97f
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi-private.h (ffi_schemify_name): Fix prototype.
	(ffi_define_function_name): Free schemified name.
	(ffi_define_function): Likewise.
	(ffi_define_constant): Likewise.
	(ffi_define_variable_pointer): Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_wait_processes): Free arrays.
	(ffi_schemify_name): Fix type.
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c (main): Free 'sc'.

	gpgscm: Free file names.
	+ commit 9368fd55602a1d36f6bf6bc3797a4f2d7a782ded
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (scheme_load_named_file): Free file name.

	gpgscm: Fix buffer overflow.
	+ commit 73b24ed0cb0ba3271e887d1044a497e53ca90b62
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (store_string): Avoid writing past allocated

2016-06-27  Werner Koch  <>

	estream: Fix bug es_fclose_snatch if a seek has been used.
	+ commit 467ccbb6062439eda9dce7cd991934d1a5491713
	* src/estream.c (func_mem_ioctl): Set LEN from DATA_LEN.

2016-06-25  Werner Koch  <>

	w32: Silence compiler warnings about redefined macros.
	+ commit 7213299fdb2293b974fc436686626ae0a29290b8
	* src/estream.c (S_IRGRP) [W32]: Protect against redefinition.

	doc: Update yat2m.c.
	+ commit 9b5e3d1608922f4aaf9958e022431849d5a58501
	* doc/yat2m.c: Update from gnupg.

2016-06-24  Werner Koch  <>

	estream: Remove two compiler warning.
	+ commit 0982a72ecc8e7738ec968b3a6710bdacb0f2da4e
	* src/estream.c (func_file_create): Remove dead assignment.
	(doreadline): Do not decrement SPACE_LEFT before breaking the loop.
	Add an extra block to limit the scope of that variable.

2016-06-23  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Handle exceptions in the transformation monad.
	+ commit 7b6728b7ecf7b0646db2de35625aba3b0cd0bf02
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (pipe:do): Raise errors.
	(tr:spawn): Catch and return errors.
	(tr:call-with-content): Likewise.

	gpgscm: Add types for special objects.
	+ commit 24df932e5fdda891760b34b7e5fccd5aba62fde8
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (enum scheme_types): Add types for boolean,
	nil, eof, and the sink object.
	(type_to_string): Handle new types.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Give special objects a type.

	gpgscm: Fix Scheme initialization.
	+ commit 64ab51521f1a5fabee292554d7403113898f1b28
	This potentially causes a crash if the garbage collector marks an eof

	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (scheme_init_custom_alloc): Initialize

2016-06-21  Justus Winter  <>

	gpgscm: Add more file handling functions.
	+ commit 5fee932e0ad2b2f5e876a70bdeef77c38e248a2e
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_glob): New function.
	(ffi_init): Define new function.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (basename-suffix): New function.x

	gpgscm: Improve test framework.
	+ commit d7df61081ec228db17e2bfe2e05820da8cc2d264
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (echo): Move...
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm (echo): ... here.
	(info, error, skip): And use echo here.
	(file-exists?): New function.
	(tr:spawn): Check that source exists and if the sink has been created.
	(tr:call-with-content): Hand in optional arguments.

	gpgscm: Use native string searching functions.
	+ commit f4a23bc0fae621ac4b0978de4ea8f976ec6b650f
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi-private.h: Handle character arguments.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c (do_string_index): New function.
	(do_string_rindex): Likewise.
	(do_string_contains): Likewise.
	(ffi_init): Define new functions.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.scm (ffi-define): New macro.
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm (string-index): Use native function,
	demonstrate behavior.
	(string-rindex): Likewise.
	(string-contains?): Likewise.
	Demonstrate behavior of various other functions.
	(read-all): Rework so that it can handle large files.

	gpgscm: Improve error reporting.
	+ commit 2bc2f95ac823f0a6449bd68dee4fc094db52f2e5
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (type_to_string): New function.
	(Eval_Cycle): Include actual type in error message.

	gpgscm: Make memory allocation failures fatal.
	+ commit 224c171c856c662d22ba236eaa2128323bde1d08
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (Eval_Cycle): Exit if we run out of memory.

2016-06-17  Werner Koch  <>

	tests: Make make distcheck work again.
	+ commit cdd09e054a6bc4716c7847fd0779a091cbca0e8f
	* (tests): Remove test code which would led to doubling
	calls to for e.g. "make distclean".
	* tests/ Typo fixes.
	* tests/gpgscm/ (EXTRA_DIST): Fix name of License file.
	Add repl.scm.
	(check): Replace by check-local because check is a standard automake
	* tests/openpgp/ (TESTS_ENVIRONMENT): Replace gmake0sim by
	automake generated macro.
	(EXTRA_DIST): Add defs.scm

	gpgscm: Silence compiler warnings.
	+ commit d230bf3ee80cac2fe721afccab9e98b3a9be2e9a
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (mk_integer): Rename arg NUM to N.
	(fill_vector): Ditto.
	(mark): Rename var NUM to N.
	(set_slot_in_env): Mark SC as unused.
	(is_any): Mark P as unused.

	Add license notices for TinySCHEME.
	+ commit 8b1798f10c2641f79f4d770e88712be8b13dc22f
	* tests/gpgscm/COPYING: Rename to ...
	* tests/gpgscm/LICENSE.TinySCHEME: this.
	* AUTHORS: Add a note about TinySCHEME.
	* build-aux/speedo/w32/pkg-copyright.txt: Add TinySCHEME notice.

2016-06-17  Justus Winter  <>

	tests/gpgscm: Add a TinySCHEME-based test driver.
	+ commit 5b417d262de048ef221ed77b2f9d2c1a843096bb
	* Add new component.
	* tests/ Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/ New file.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi-private.h: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.c: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.h: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/ffi.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/lib.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/main.c: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/private.h: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/repl.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-config.h: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/t-child.c: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/t-child.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/tests.scm: Likewise.

	tests/gpgscm: Foreign objects support for TinySCHEME.
	+ commit 9fecd60c32aca6b32008310237d0ed524eede3d5
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h (struct cell): Add 'foreign_object'.
	(is_foreign_object): New prototype.
	(get_foreign_object_{vtable,data}): Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (enum scheme_types): New type.
	(is_foreign_object): New function.
	(get_foreign_object_{vtable,data}): Likewise.
	(mk_foreign_object): Likewise.
	(finalize_cell): Free foreign objects.
	(atom2str): Pretty-print foreign objects.
	(vtbl): Add new functions.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.h (struct foreign_object_vtable): New type.
	(mk_foreign_object): New prototype.
	(struct scheme_interface): Add new functions.

	Patch from Thomas Munro,

	tests/gpgscm: Dynamically allocate string buffer.
	+ commit ef65b7bb2232343f72d03a0e0521de4ada3dc63b
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-config.h (strbuff{,_size}): Make buffer dynamic.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (expand_strbuff): New function.
	(putcharacter): Adapt length test.
	(readstrexp): Expand buffer if necessary.
	(scheme_init_custom_alloc): Initialize buffer.
	(scheme_deinit): Free buffer.

	Patch from Thomas Munro,

	tests/gpgscm: Make exception value available.
	+ commit c0cf52627d8d68d23bcac60571455ffd1b052106
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (throw): Hand exception value to the handler.
	(catch): And bind it to *error*.

	tests/gpgscm: Add package macro.
	+ commit f6c0f9a420c4401d8d358049f8814799161185fa
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm: Add package macro from manual.

	tests/gpgscm: Expose function to open streams as Scheme ports.
	+ commit 2717b9c172f0a25094ad2e654459dbe9d7180e38
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (vtbl): Add 'port_from_file' to the vtable.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.h (struct scheme_interface): New field

	tests/gpgscm: Nicer error message.
	+ commit 0c601ae085e95745a950a9d75ffdc8be42b3e1b2
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_0): Include the value that we tried to
	evaluate as function-like in the error message.

	tests/gpgscm: Fix error hook.
	+ commit 16e4898a735e8f85c4ca6b44adf5a92b1a42d1af
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm (*error-hook*): Fix error hook so that the
	whole error message is displayed.

	tests/gpgscm: Handle unhandled enumeration values.
	+ commit fe1c0866bc1b2c685136ea19521ffab2deb25ec3
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c (opexe_{3,4}): Handle unhandled enumeration
	values in the opcode dispatching code.

	tests/gpgscm: Verbatim import of latest TinySCHEME.
	+ commit 864992fdf695996dbac9bb344b1fdd879f735473
	Revision 110 from svn://

	* tests/gpgscm/COPYING: New file.
	* tests/gpgscm/Manual.txt: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/init.scm: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/opdefines.h: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme-private.h: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.c: Likewise.
	* tests/gpgscm/scheme.h: Likewise.

2016-06-15  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.23.
	+ commit e444cacc74c488063336c196f0c01e98f67cf999

	po: Update German translation.
	+ commit d878afa4b884149dca587131bdf5b6d8f96227fa

2016-06-15  Jakub Bogusz  <>

	po: Update Polish translation.
	+ commit b908104846a71cf8ae3d3323be6bbc6edcef6ee0

2016-06-15  Werner Koch  <>

	tests: Fix rare deadlock condition in t-poll.
	+ commit 7ed150201cc5058650cf9673a4e53720a37841c8
	* tests/t-poll.c (launch_thread): Use es_fileno before starting the

2016-06-15  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	estream: Fix assertion failure due to es_flush.
	+ commit 28fd0ab40739e8cb73f208e30f78d8aa7a0a6d19
	* src/estream.c (es_writen): Set writing flag even if no data was

2016-06-15  Werner Koch  <>

	Adjust memory limit of es_fopenmem to the block size.
	+ commit baf4bcc0973c8b04bd760aaab0f4232c9354e203
	* src/estream.c (func_mem_create): Round up memory limit.

2016-05-17  Werner Koch  <>

	+ commit 1ee822f9ff73a9a302ad0eb298640797d735e62b

2016-05-07  Werner Koch  <>

	syscfg: Add a powerpc and a tilgegx architecture.
	+ commit dfcd58fd3f58e548062b91bd6e20e27cbf4da18d
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.powerpc-unknown-linux-gnuspe.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.tilegx-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Add them.

2016-04-25  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.22.
	+ commit 9a05076e90eef504cbc3ef614982f856b9b60540
	* Set LT version to C18/A18/R0.

	build: Update config.{guess,sub} to 2016-04-02 and 2016-03-30.
	+ commit 8ae3af15caaaaffaa9dbeab5fd767076891200bb
	* build-aux/config.guess: Update.
	* build-aux/config.sub: Update.

2016-04-25  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	Fix for HPPA.
	+ commit f1104b92249005a31961d1a32c38ba65a0b3ff3a
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c (USE_16BYTE_ALIGNMENT): Revert.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.hppa-unknown-linux-gnu.h: Revert.

2016-04-21  Werner Koch  <>

	w32: Add iconv functions.
	+ commit 1cd1ddb4ac2c13223a073f6d77696bcd6253e2ff
	* src/w32-add.h (gpgrt_w32_iconv_t): New.
	(gpgrt_w32_iconv_open, gpgrt_w32_iconv_close, gpgrt_w32_iconv): New.
	* src/w32-iconv.c: Change license to LGPLv2.1+.  Dispable mlang
	feature.  Remove external DLL loading.  Simplify iconv functions.  Use
	cleaner context struct pattern.  Use gpgrt namespace.
	* src/ Add new functions.

2016-04-05  Werner Koch  <>

	estream,w32: Temporary fix for gpgrt_poll.
	+ commit 4354720ab3631dfd2811d881566b10a72c8f2165
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_poll) [W32]: Do not use FD_ISSET.

2016-03-29  Werner Koch  <>

	estream: Prepare for new mode flag "sysopen".
	+ commit 5d1adaa5fd12f65f49abeb99e5ae7226ec27ba0e
	* src/estream.c (parse_mode): Add arg "sysopen".  Adjust all callers.

	estream: Use simpler names for static functions.
	+ commit de0618d5c64e02b9b3a568fc859d9edcb4ab35ba
	* src/estream.c: Replace all es_func_* to just func_*.

	estream: Remove strange macro for better readability.
	+ commit 217a451d54186283f09af5b3c03933f214ddf1c0
	* src/estream.c (SET_UNLESS_NONZERO): Remove macro.
	(es_deinitialize): Replace that macro by direct code.

2016-03-24  Peter Wu  <>

	Add function gpgrt_annotate_leaked_object.
	+ commit 52c3606b2384f33ef30ea5ada3f187829de9dcf7
	* src/ add gpgrt_annotate_leaked_object to support
	  marking memory as non-leaked for Clang and GCC.

2016-03-14  Kylie McClain  <>

	syscfg: Add lock-obj-pub files for {armv5, armv6, x86_64}-musl targets.
	+ commit 140cfd51cee738a55caf9d347981f6f81e1990a4
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.armv5-unknown-linux-musleabi.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.armv6-unknown-linux-musleabihf.h New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.x86_64-pc-linux-musl.h: New.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Add files.

2016-03-04  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	Fix detecting Solaris operating system.
	+ commit f7a77c5c236ecec846de9be46703026f9b01008f
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c (USE_DOUBLE_FOR_ALIGNMENT): Check for
	the macro __sun.

	For Solaris, add -lrt correctly.
	+ commit f9fc565129293f47cbfe4da48fcd6099e9ce5508
	* (LIB_SCHED_YIELD): Not avoiding defining LIB.

2016-03-01  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	Fix for Solaris.
	+ commit 34b07146bbb0863436fc9381a84314b18bdfb807
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c (USE_DOUBLE_FOR_ALIGNMENT): Check LP64.

2016-02-26  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	po: Update Japanese translation.
	+ commit 49655fb6ef39b307787e1b6e00c996f9c7db64f7

	Add support for Solaris, fixing HPPA.
	+ commit 5168b97fb5e2eebdc99b40f96f9b6289647e87d2
	(LIB_SCHED_YIELD): New. Check sched_yield in -lrt.
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c (USE_16BYTE_ALIGNMENT): Remove.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.hppa-unknown-linux-gnu.h: Update.

2016-02-08  Werner Koch  <>

	build: Create an SWDB file during "make distcheck"
	+ commit 1e6c5a70b3b51f81d2fc1289129f6c3e1920ebcc
	* (distcheck-hook): New.

2016-01-19  Werner Koch  <>

	+ commit b3bb6e2cc31208a198e74b42ca495c08ebb00fc4

2016-01-13  Marek Vasut  <>

	Add new lock-obj-pub for NIOS2.
	+ commit 71370060aae7a83f4d6c3b9c924f204a57cc2538
	src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.nios2-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.

2015-12-14  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	po: Update Japanese translation.
	+ commit 1814a9bdc15f00bcf6b13ad16857a4f4922fa1d7

2015-12-12  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.21.
	+ commit 425b7687b4f74a22b0aa760262cb8f13ae40dc26
	* Set LT version to C17/A17/Ro.

2015-12-07  Andre Heinecke  <>

	Fix windows 8bit encoding conversion.
	+ commit 823e858cdf5eb6b9945a46478f9876819c16bcd3
	* src/w32-gettext.c (wchar_to_native): Convert to ConsoleOutputCP.

2015-12-03  Justus Winter  <>

	tests: Fix read past buffer.
	+ commit 68827cbba2083db40df92de1bc449a3d2d0e81ed
	* tests/t-poll.c (test_poll): Fix read past buffer.

2015-11-19  Justus Winter  <>

	Avoid 'malloc' corner case.
	+ commit 06af687beaa1f8e72a05bd3a057b73fecb158c3d
	* src/init.c (_gpgrt_realloc): Avoid calling 'malloc(0)'.

2015-10-21  Werner Koch  <>

	Add error codes NO_NAME, NO_KEY, and SERVER_FAILURE.
	+ commit a144fa8863846dc3f6d34731741cd63251620837

2015-10-18  Werner Koch  <>

	estream: Avoid calling write(fd,NULL,n).
	+ commit 75172adc3b103bd7ef75575a0c0c9c3b63fa4023
	* src/estream.c (es_func_fd_write): Take care of a flush requests.
	(es_func_w32_write): Ditto.
	(es_func_fp_write): Ditto.

2015-09-28  Werner Koch  <>

	estream: Keep track of EPIPE.
	+ commit c09997bc50f3fffaf76d60d2e571b1d85536571e
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_stream_internal): Add indicators.hup.
	(init_stream_obj): Init it.
	(es_fill, es_flush, es_seek): Set that.
	(_gpgrt_poll): Set event.

	Add GPG_ERR_FALSE and GPG_ERR_TRUE error codes.
	+ commit d3e9514ff82ff767fc78ce485aef71ba56f3c0d5

2015-09-25  Werner Koch  <>

	estream: Add gpgrt_set_nonblock and gpgrt_poll.
	+ commit 071c2170479869f4c6694ae85d2b113e84482a01
	* (AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Add sys/select.h and sys/time.h.
	* src/estream.c: Include both header if available.
	(struct estream_cookie_fd): Add field nonblock.
	(func_fd_create): Set nonblock from MODEFLAGS.
	(es_func_fd_ioctl): New.
	(parse_mode): Add modeflag "nonblock".
	(es_fill): Map EWOULDBLOCK to EAGAIN.  Do not set error indicator for
	(es_flush, es_seek, es_write_nbf): Map EWOULDBLOCK to EAGAIN.
	(do_fdopen): Call COOKIE_IOCTL_NONBLOCK.
	(_gpgrt_set_nonblock): New.
	(_gpgrt_get_nonblock): New.
	(_gpgrt_poll): New.

	* src/ (struct _gpgrt_poll_s): New.
	(gpgrt_poll_t, es_poll_t): New.
	(es_set_nonblock, es_get_nonblock, es_poll): New.

	* src/gpg-error.vers, src/ Add gpgrt_set_nonblock,
	gpgrt_get_nonblock, and gpgrt_poll.
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_set_nonblock, gpgrt_get_nonblock): New.
	(gpgrt_poll): New.

	* tests/t-common.h (DIM): New.
	* tests/t-poll.c: New.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add t-poll.
	(t_poll_LDADD): New.

2015-09-24  Werner Koch  <>

	estream: Replace indicator help functions to ease code reading.
	+ commit 61d832c53b7db5367a5542347e3454c882d0bf28
	* src/estream.c (es_set_indicators, es_get_indicator): Remove and
	change callers to set/get indicators directly.

2015-09-17  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	Support i[456]86-pc{,-linux,-kfreebsd}-gnu.h.
	+ commit 9decdd7bd105ff6a0973cc1f6652e0eb0625d640
	* src/mkheader (canon_host_triplet): Add new entries.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.i486-pc-gnu.h: Rename to ...
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.i686-pc-gnu.h: this.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.i486-pc-kfreebsd-gnu.h: Rename to ...
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.i686-pc-kfreebsd-gnu.h: this.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.i486-pc-linux-gnu.h: Remove.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Update.

2015-08-26  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.20.
	+ commit 44caed05ec146654f1ce40bba4b25def83c369db
	* Set LT version to C16/A16/R0.

	Add new version macros.
	+ commit 030ee30c4ae85f2f41ca77651e4a7d7c9993e284
	* src/ (GPGRT_VERSION): New.

	Add macro GPGRT_INLINE and avoid -Wundef warnings.
	+ commit 9cd3f002addf2acae4a7b0f52f8941e517e83d73
	* src/ (GPG_ERR_INLINE): Use #if defined for possible
	undefined macros to avoid warnign with GCC's -Wundef option.

2015-08-26  Yuri Chornoivan  <>

	Update Ukrainian translation.
	+ commit 17e4f727d9bd8e406bf977af445ef57201d23249

2015-08-25  Werner Koch  <>

	Make configure option --disable-build-timestamp the default.
	+ commit d328c4d72fa6d224117d7332082509c240a4f2fc
	* (BUILD_TIMESTAMP): Set to "<none>" by default.

	w32: Make sure the setmode is called.
	+ commit 1e8d00260a97e0213559c74f687e478e7479a0ea
	* src/estream.c (HAVE_DOSISH_SYSTEM): Define if needed.

2015-07-27  Werner Koch  <>

	Add option --lib-version to the gpg-error tool.
	+ commit d2e4bb4c77167a1ed10f1017a7d06a822bbd5135
	* src/gpg-error.c (main): Add new option.

2015-07-24  Werner Koch  <>

	Add new public macros for GCC attributes.
	+ commit 4e790613f66efcfc62d73722d5f1730a37cb8324
	* src/ (GPGRT_GCC_VERSION): New.

2015-06-15  Werner Koch  <>

	Allow building with --disable-threads.
	+ commit 13918d05a333255d22aa6718dd467fcb8eaf80c8
	* src/posix-lock-obj.h (LOCK_ABI_NOT_AVAILABLE): New.
	(_gpgrt_lock_t) [!USE_POSIX_THREADS]: Do not define the union.
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c: Take care of USE_POSIX_THREADS.
	* src/posix-lock.c (_gpgrt_lock_init, _gpgrt_lock_lock)
	(_gpgrt_lock_trylock, _gpgrt_lock_unlock)
	(_gpgrt_lock_destroy): Return success for a no-threads version.
	* tests/t-lock.c: Disable tests if threads are not available.
	* src/mkheader.c (main): Add NO-THREADS to the printed comment.
	* Show NO-TRHEADS in the final summary.

2015-04-14  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	po: Update Japanese translation.
	+ commit 4171d61a97d9628532db84b590a9c135f360fa90

2015-04-10  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.19.
	+ commit d77c33ae608d67086ea057cca5ddee99a7202f8b

	po: Update German translation.
	+ commit e43045fe63aed0aba6522ebfd6e336b03f250069

	w32: Remove compiler warnings.
	+ commit eaec10f48803ee2232d1c1515fbe8f485c1e84b0
	* src/ (pre_mkheader_cmds): Avoid make diagnostic about
	failed but ignored command.  This confuses Emacs' compiler job parser.
	* tests/t-lock.c [W32]: Include time.h.
	* src/init.c: Reorganize Windows only code.
	(wchar_to_utf8, utf8_to_wchar): Remove unused functions.
	(_gpg_err_set_errno): Use only one copy for all platforms.

2015-03-24  Werner Koch  <>

	Use assert to print diagnosicts before calling abort.
	+ commit 56feff58d4fab92701ae77a1004af820b85e7f6c
	* src/posix-lock.c: Add assert calls.

2015-03-24  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	Avoid breakage with gcc 5.
	+ commit c01c8f0c4f55d76b037c7f6aa44ad25ede18d38a
	* src/ Add -P to the C preprocessor when building
	mkerrcodes.h, to avoid a noisy intermediate pipeline.

2015-03-19  Werner Koch  <>

	Add option --defines to gpg-error.
	+ commit 528ee704f8f9d881ba370dcbfa9194d6704f9a2f
	* src/gpg-error.c (main): Add option --help and --defines.

	Add GPG_ERR_LDAP_* error codes.
	+ commit dc95f1ea1ab902b9f49de651084f514535e4a3fc
	* src/ Add error codes.
	* doc/ldap2gpgerr.c: New.

2015-03-16  Werner Koch  <>

	Remove useless conditions.
	+ commit b5cb32f979a80904ea58fc7531e43e2be2270573
	* src/estream.c (fname_set_internal): Remove useless condition.
	* src/mkheader.c (main): Ditto.

2015-03-06  Werner Koch  <>

	Add host-triplet aliasing feature to mkheader.
	+ commit 4441e96801fdc4c900abae8c0aa0b53e2e26e079
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Rename i586-pc-linux-gnu to
	i686-pc-linux-gnu.  Remove i486-pc-linux-gnu.
	* src/mkheader.c (canon_host_triplet): New.
	(main): Use it.

	w32: Add a manifest to libgpg-error.
	+ commit 0f814d4c4a285573eef2391c70e21cf8126cafcb
	* src/ New.
	* src/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add it.
	(versioninfo.lo): Depend on it.
	* src/ Add it.
	* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add it.

2015-02-18  Neal H. Walfield  <>

	Correct URL.
	+ commit b400d7c65daaf44f227073ddde7d06986afde786

2015-01-30  Werner Koch  <>

	w32: Use -static-libgcc to avoid linking to libgcc_s_sjlj-1.dll.
	+ commit 8487ec25e1c8f73ca7dc31e5d648cb05eede0f14
	* src/ (extra_ltoptions): New.
	(libgpg_error_la_LDFLAGS): Use it.

2015-01-26  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.18.
	+ commit f79688532f100599b1e24dde1429a229524601c9
	* Set LT version to C14/A14/R0.

	po: Update German translation.
	+ commit 83c0bd462b45ddb75da8c2778ba1fb0c210b53ff

2015-01-22  Werner Koch  <>

	+ commit 524d5bdee2954337e748428469972957663d497d

2015-01-05  Werner Koch  <>

	Avoid false warning about uninitialized var.
	+ commit 46aaffbe852e334fd1a72affc4a918ceb7dc457b
	* src/gpg-error.c (get_err_from_str): Init SAVED_CHAR.

	build: Update to gettext 0.19.
	+ commit abe43b5cbf066086deb735bba37178b34f12a4cb
	* po/ (MSGMERGE): Remove --previous.
	* po/Makevars (MSGMERGE_OPTIONS): Add --previous.

	build: Require automake 1.14.
	+ commit 3d32de205211ca91d21941273db306a759ccc3ba
	* (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): Add serial-tests.
	* tests/ (INCLUDES): Replace by AM_CPPFLAGS.

2014-12-28  Werner Koch  <>

	+ commit a672a1510456f3f12769938ab95c50ec6904e42e

2014-12-15  Werner Koch  <>

	Fix commit 754a987.
	+ commit bcd9295d5b9c9f46478bff0680f57bd71b4061f8
	(AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS): Move options to ...
	* (AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE): .. here.
	(BUILD_DOC): Fix commit 754a987.

	Add configure option --disable-doc.
	+ commit 754a987f6df59e2ba0e69aada65ae4aaf593c148
	* (doc) [!BUILD_DOC]: Do not recurse into doc/.
	* (BUILD_DOC): New am_conditional and new option.

	+ commit 923c4b174520c401a827d8198ebd2dc83666000f

2014-12-03  Werner Koch  <>

	+ commit 149fe98e1279b065edb06958d9a73a0c013c2db9

2014-11-26  Мирослав Николић  <>

	po: Add Serbian translation.
	+ commit 210126d38096e764dd3a82da45f8b5f66309ecd5

2014-10-25  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	Add new lock-obj-pub for mips64el-unknown-linux-gnuabi64.
	+ commit a186f35d05575d6d653e5bebb2dd169d9444af18
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.mips64el-unknown-linux-gnuabi64.h: New.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Add.

2014-10-23  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	add lock-obj header for or1k-unknown-linux-gnu.
	+ commit c143fa81462584ad39ea780908266bce3fb9a49e
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.or1k-unknown-linux-gnu.h: new

	add lock-obj for new arch triplet for x86.
	+ commit d85af2fbac956eb2a8630d1c17b53a7a8760d7a4
	* src/sysconfig/lock-obj-pub.i586-pc-linux-gnu.h: New.

2014-10-15  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.17.
	+ commit 1d9e4c29fc23da64f964ed3337cd18429e1a2964
	* Set LT version to C13/A13/R0.

	doc: Add a man page for gpg-error-config.
	+ commit 9d9c25f6d76f1287f193f170ae5534f1ac346db0
	* doc/gpgrt.texi: New.  Just a start for now.
	* doc/gpl.texi, doc/lgpl.texi: New.  Take from Libgcrypt.
	* doc/yat2m.c: New.  Take from GnuPG master.
	* doc/ New.
	* (AC_CONFIG_FILES): Add doc/Makefile.
	* (SUBDIRS): Add doc/.
	* build-aux/mdate-sh, build-aux/texinfo.tex: New.

	Fix to help building native on Windows.
	+ commit 7285a27a7985c10f6778c67b31dd501e6594cb44
	* (FORCE_USE_SYSCFG): New am_conditional.
	* src/ Use new conditional to decide whether to build the
	native lock object header.

2014-10-03  Werner Koch  <>

	Change gpgrt_pending{,_unlocked} to macros.
	+ commit 12b5188bd495e45775c34c8e6263e6be177c03da
	* src/ (gpgrt_pending): Change to a macro.
	(gpgrt_pending_unlocked): Change to a macro.
	(_gpgrt_pending, _gpgrt_pending_unlocked): New private functions.
	* src/visibility.c, src/visibility.h: Change accordingly.
	* src/gpg-error.vers, src/ Ditto.
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_pending_unlocked): Rename to
	(_gpgrt_pending): Rename to _gpgrt__pending.

2014-10-02  Werner Koch  <>

	w32: Make it build again.
	+ commit e8b04bed1093a9f1d87c150326e79adfeb02e2b4
	* src/estream.c (es_func_w32_read): Fix var name.

	build: Support SYSROOT based config script finding.
	+ commit 3ecdcb6ac814e3b63aebbf66729ae6cb67c9f6d2
	* src/gpg-error.m4: Add support for SYSROOT and set
	gpg_config_script_warn.  Use AC_PATH_PROG instead of AC_PATH_TOOL
	because the config script is not expected to be installed with a
	prefix for its name.

	Add GPG_ERR_BOGUS_STRING and an experimental gpgrt_pending.
	+ commit 74abfcf0c3ba7cd6ce36540c70699fc1719248b3
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_pending, gpgrt_pending_unlocked): New.
	* src/estream.c (_gpgrt_pending, _gpgrt_pending_unlocked): New.
	(check_pending): new.
	(check_pending_fbf, check_pending_nbf): New.
	(es_func_mem_read, es_func_fd_read, es_func_w32_read)
	(es_func_fp_read, es_fill): Take care of the special 0 value for SIZE.

2014-09-29  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	GNU calls little-endian powerpc64 powerpc64le, not powerpc64el.
	+ commit d2757001c5719ca8c8bd6aa2e2e2d9a299fb76c6
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): fix powerpc64el to powerpc64le
	* src/sysconfig/lock-obj-pub.powerpc64el-unknown-linux-gnu.h : move to

2014-09-29  Werner Koch  <>

	Add error codes for use by a TLS library.
	+ commit d58fa35e89feddb71feeba8e39a016cd37c4be29

2014-09-24  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	Allow ./configure to explicitly set libgpg-error's build timestamp.
	+ commit d620005fd1a655d591fccb44639e22ea445e4554
	* add --enable-build-timestamp

2014-09-24  Werner Koch  <>

	Add new error source GPG_ERR_SOURCE_TLS.
	+ commit efb2442458c8dd8d5af5a533dc09370b54f5f86f

2014-09-23  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	Add new lock-obj-pub for sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu.
	+ commit f227618e9e0d01e9dd1afbd91f9a509a532717eb
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Add.

	Add new lock-obj-pub for powerpc64el-unknown-linux-gnu.
	+ commit 33e5504fbb5e5e2ff44023c0a22dfb668ff8b10f
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.powerpc64el-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Add.

2014-09-18  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.16.
	+ commit 8f3187fe56cb8e535e3ceff75fdd4e128070af57
	* Set LT version to C12/A12/R2.

	Add new lock-obj-pub for Apple iOS.
	+ commit cc4b0caa57a595a3727e51e061c519232f7bdb05
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.aarch64-apple-darwin.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.arm-apple-darwin.h: New.

2014-09-12  Werner Koch  <>

	Fix es_fclose for streams opened with "samethread".
	+ commit c307e1f801cd9a25c4a5b9a90073362219d52ee6
	* src/estream.c (destroy_stream_lock): New.
	(es_create, do_close): Use new wrapper function.

	Fix a prototype.
	+ commit e1882ee8c541020ec590bf096508ca5b6d2ab944
	* src/gpgrt-int.h: s/off_t/gpgrt_off_t/.

2014-09-11  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.15.
	+ commit 6ebcd696fdbc0485099fba987c0c302cb46dd116
	* Set LT version to C12/A12/R1.

	Fix build problems with non-gmake (ie. AIX).
	+ commit 316171204d9a995f8b85431830bbc225ea144b48
	* src/ Do not distribute gpg-error.h.
	(lock-obj-pub.native.h): Prepend a "./" to match the dependency.

	Fix problems with ssize_t and off_t.
	+ commit 5a4684f3b0db4cd5c13f94b1319c245ef96ce91d
	(AC_CHECK_HEADERS): Check for stdint.h.
	(AC_CHECK_SIZEOF): Add for int, long and long long.
	(REPLACEMENT_FOR_OFF_T): New ac_define.
	* src/mkheader.c (have_stdint_h, have_w32_system, have_w64_system)
	(replacement_for_off_type, stdint_h_included): New.
	(xfree, xstrdup): New.
	(parse_config_h): New.
	(write_special): Support "define:gpgrt_off_t", "define:gpgrt_ssize_t",
	"api_ssize_t" tags.
	(main): Add config.h arg.  Call parse_config_h.  Fix substitute code.
	* src/ (gpg-error.h): Pass config.h to mkheader.

	* src/ Include definitions for gpgrt_ssize_t and
	gpgrt_off_t.  Let mkheader insert ssize_t keywords.  Chnage all off_t
	to gpgrt_off_t.
	* src/estream.c: Change all off_t to gpgrt_off_t.  Chnage all ssize_t
	to gpgrt_ssize_t.
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_fseeko): Use gpgrt_off_t.
	(gpgrt_ftello): Ditto.
	(gpgrt_getline): Use gpgrt_ssize_t.
	(gpgrt_read_line): Ditto.

	Fix compiler warning for w32.
	+ commit 4138644d74f127c1f4abf7455fe1e21f56d6e07e
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.mingw32.h (GPGRT_LOCK_INITIALIZER): Add
	mssing braces.

2014-09-08  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.14.
	+ commit 25f312dbb82722d23ad9faed8341923af6d3663c
	* Set LT version to C12/A12/R0.

	po: Update de.po.
	+ commit 2ff05feae6c5090081612a7d9a787298f37d46a2

2014-08-26  Werner Koch  <>

	Add gpgrt_set_alloc_func.
	+ commit 7fdca61bcf60e730177889fbbd2f935ba33ae0c3
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_set_alloc_func): New.
	* src/estream.c (mem_alloc, mem_realloc, mem_free): Simplify.
	(_gpgrt_free): Remove.
	* src/init.c (custom_realloc): New var.
	(_gpgrt_set_alloc_func): New.
	(_gpgrt_realloc, _gpgrt_malloc, _gpgrt_free): New.

	* src/visibility.h (gpg_err_deinit): Mark as visible.

	Export missing init functions.
	+ commit d9d5b61a9f70556e8fc0775f1501380f65ce9502
	* src/ (gpgrt_init): New macro.
	(gpgrt_check_version): New prototype.
	* src/init.c (_gpg_err_init): Rename from gpg_err_init.
	(_gpg_err_deinit): Rename from gpg_err_deinit.
	* src/visibility.c (gpg_err_init): New.
	(gpg_err_deinit): New.
	(gpgrt_check_version): New.
	* src/gpg-error.vers (gpg_err_init, gpg_err_deinit): Add missing
	(gpgrt_check_version): New.
	* src/ (gpg_err_init, gpg_err_deinit): Add missing
	(gpgrt_check_version): New.
	* src/gpg-error.c (main): Use gpgrt_init macro.

	Include required headers into gpg-error.h.
	+ commit 320f1b864553f105217ad6b0c70598f9a48c6aaa
	* src/ Include stdarg.h.

2014-08-25  Werner Koch  <>

	Replace locking code in estream functions.
	+ commit fc651665010056e6184e8514e5c5436427d7052d
	* src/posix-lock.c: Add weak program for pthread_mutex_trylock.
	(_gpgrt_lock_trylock): New.
	* src/w32-lock.c (_gpgrt_lock_init): Add missing return statement.
	(_gpgrt_lock_trylock): New.
	* src/visibility.c (gpgrt_set_syscall_clamp): New.
	(gpgrt_lock_trylock): New.
	(gpgrt_vsnprintf): Fix symbol name.
	* src/init.c (DllMain): Mark unused arg.
	* src/estream.c: Replace npth mutexes by our own locks.  Replace yeild
	macro by _gpgrt_yield.
	(pre_syscall_func, post_syscall_func): New.
	(do_deinit): Clear both new vars.
	(es_func_fd_read, es_func_fd_write): Call pre and post syscall
	functions instead of the former SYSCALL macros.
	(es_func_w32_read, es_func_w32_write): Ditto.
	(es_func_fd_seek, es_func_w32_seek, es_func_fp_read)
	(es_func_fp_write, es_func_fp_seek, es_func_fp_destroy): Bracket
	syscalls with the pre- and post-syscall fucntions.
	(do_npth_read, do_npth_write): Remove.
	(_gpgrt_es_init): Remove call to mutex init.  It is now statically
	(_gpgrt_set_syscall_clamp): New.
	(es_create): Destroy stream lock on error.
	(do_close): Destroy stream lock.

	Remove GnuPG specific code.
	+ commit 98781deb0b1787fd7eaabee27ef6a06d37195267
	* src/estream.c (es_write_sanitized_utf8_buffer): Remove.

	Add test for the estream printf functions.
	+ commit ce31fe792b5f8adf81710c1bf5986cd10636e16b
	* tests/t-printf.c: New.
	* Check for vasprintf.

	Add gpgrt_snprintf and gpgrt_vsnprintf.
	+ commit 8a5f2680daa5ea0280ef195efe3050df7bb06e78

	Finish inclusion of estream into the API.
	+ commit e5304d2c8aaaf1682707caa5694316640a18de57

	Implement symbol visibility.
	+ commit 216e7def2118a1774fa7ebeb45b8635b9fe6ba42
	* New option --enable-ld-version-script.
	(GPGRT_USE_VISIBILITY): New ac_define.
	(HAVE_LD_VERSION_SCRIPT): New am_conditional.
	* src/gpg-error.vers: New.
	* src/gpgrt-int.h: New.
	* src/visibility.c, src/visibility.h: New.  Lot of changes to symbold

	First set of changes to include estream into the API.
	+ commit 6714d41af5b3f4d447eb0caea0ede38b753397f8
	* src/ include stdio.h.  Include most of the estream
	functions and rename structures and types.
	* src/estream.h: Rewrite. Include only gpg-error.h and local
	* src/estream.c: Rename types and macros.
	* src/estream-printf.c (_gpgrt_estream_snprintf): Prefix public
	functions with _gpgrt_.

	Fix some minor estream things.
	+ commit 8d57ce619aa49862caeee30181fbbd9c76846554
	* m4/estream.m4: Check for memrchr.
	* src/estream.c (memrchr) [!HAVE_MEMRCHR]: New.
	* src/init.c: Include estream.h
	(real_init): Init estream.

	Add missing redefine macros to cleanup the external symbols.
	+ commit b84c1ee0d637108a74066e0da50cb132273020e9

	Add estream code from GnuPG.
	+ commit 2b74237d19e44f7173bb052677f0ec35e6ff51b0
	* src/estream-printf.c, src/estream-printf.h: New.
	* src/estream.c, src/estream.h: New.
	* m4/estream.m4: New.
	* src/ (libgpg_error_la_SOURCES): Add new files.
	* (AH_BOTTOM): Define estream prefix.
	<gcc>: Add useful gcc warning options.
	(estream_INIT): Call.

2014-08-12  Joe Hansen  <>

	Update Danish translation.
	+ commit 1be556e5bb1fb7262a1b5630ac939cfcaadc7100
	* po/da.po: Update.

2014-08-10  Werner Koch  <>

	tests: Fix compiler warning.
	+ commit ab5eff46116a9a246ffb2c083bec637d0321d0cb
	* tests/t-lock.c: Include header vor getpid.
	(revision_thread): Init "i" to avoid compiler warning.

2014-08-06  NIIBE Yutaka  <>

	Update ja.po.
	+ commit 7b7e08e6f3561724006b63679c2500a62fc73837

2014-08-05  Werner Koch  <>

	Use 16 byte alignment for hppa-unknown-linux-gnu.
	+ commit 3325403c0dd2949bf52efa1b9a5b5cf3191110f9
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c (USE_16BYTE_ALIGNMENT): Set for HPPA-Linux.
	(main): Enforce alignment if needed.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.hppa-unknown-linux-gnu.h: Use 16 byte

2014-07-27  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	Add new lock-obj-pub.*.h from debian buildds.
	+ commit 8338a4ba93367974758dc5e195f67e9d171d4086
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.alpha-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.arm-unknown-linux-gnueabi.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.arm-unknown-linux-gnueabihf.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.hppa-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.i486-pc-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.i486-pc-kfreebsd-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.i486-pc-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.m68k-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.mips-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.mipsel-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.s390x-ibm-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.sh4-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.sparc-unknown-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.x86_64-pc-kfreebsd-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.h: New.
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.x86_64-pc-linux-gnux32.h: New.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Add new files.

2014-06-30  Daniel Kahn Gillmor  <>

	Improve logging in a test module.
	+ commit c7c41582574304974feac8bbd89b1460fbf6c92c
	* tests/t-version.c (main): Print program name.

2014-06-25  Werner Koch  <>

	Add missing prototype for build tool.
	+ commit 51f9a8180ecbc24ed092bef5f2aa920a76769dcb
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c: Include string.h.

2014-06-10  Werner Koch  <>

	New error code GPG_ERR_KEY_DISABLED.
	+ commit 3fada688c0df6e3140e4fcaf59b9bcfcc7a70bf4

2014-04-15  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.13.
	+ commit 1900266b743cabdb39a0d6f8dd00d187a2ad2c97
	* Set LT version to C11/A11/R0.

	Update pl.po.
	+ commit db6e26cad81957729adc9549e4c6afe28bc55d76

	+ commit d4b83dbad235973e521eb12b680ee43cfb5cbc9a

2014-01-29  Werner Koch  <>

	Fix a syscfg/ file name.
	+ commit bb5318aa5536fa48ec240c2ff48b9e2e1d9916ef
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj.arm-unknown-linux-androideabi.h: Rename to ...
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.arm-unknown-linux-androideabi.h: this.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Fix file name.

2014-01-28  Werner Koch  <>

	Fix the name of the file in the comment of the output.
	+ commit 6245bf65fc2554c7c103324d451036de08869458
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c (main): Chnage comment in created file.

2014-01-25  Werner Koch  <>

	Add lock info for arm-unknown-linux-androideabi.
	+ commit e1aa030d7655743f0c3cdd5f7b26ae1b4665fbc6
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj.arm-unknown-linux-androideabi.h: New.  Provided
	by Hans-Christoph Steiner.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): Add file.

2014-01-24  Werner Koch  <>

	tests: Call srand for each thread under Windows.
	+ commit 8e352780fd0e2fbc8f4c4971aae188d62df24d0a
	* tests/t-lock.c (accountant_thread) [W32]: Call srand.

	Do not use the threadlib macros for Windows.
	+ commit 2e4c5963119dc02cac7b8f0dfb46572c43d1ebe7
	* Move platform detection before gl_THREADLIB_EARLY.  Do
	not use gl_THREADLIB for Windows.

	Make multi-threading flags available via gpg-error-config.
	+ commit f209d163a8167caa6910cd367aba923f703ac69e
	* m4/threadlib.m4: Set THREADLIB_CPPFLAGS.
	* src/ Add option --mt.
	* Add support for the --mt option.
	* src/gpg-error.m4: Add ac_subst GPG_ERROR_MT_CFLAGS and

	Allow using gpgrt_lock_init on an unitialized variable.
	+ commit 4e8a88e7632b1f1d2b31ae738a159802549882c3
	* src/posix-lock.c (gpgrt_lock_init): Detect unitialized lock var.
	* src/w32-lock.c (gpgrt_lock_init): Ditto.

2014-01-17  Werner Koch  <>

	Move version number first in the Posix lock-obj.
	+ commit e07538c0ed3c5cb3d870a490a4c12bef4375278a
	* src/posix-lock-obj.h (_gpgrt_lock_t): Swap VERS and MTX and put MTX
	into a union.
	* src/posix-lock.c (gpgrt_lock_lock): Adjust for this change.
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c (main): Change output accordingly.

	Extend the platform dependent build rules.
	+ commit d83b12213231443b93de39863b916ada6232035a
	* src/mkheader.c (mk_include_name): New.
	(include_file): Implement '&' substitution.
	(try_include_file): New.
	(write_special): Use try_include_file and syscfg/.
	(main): Add a new arg.
	* (CROSS_COMPILING): New am_conditional.
	(HOST_TRIPLET_STRING): New ac_define.
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c (main): Print the host triplet.
	* src/ Move to ...
	* src/syscfg/lock-obj-pub.mingw32.h: here.
	* src/ (lock_obj_pub): New.
	(pre_mkheader_cmds): New.
	(gpg-error.h): Run pre_mkheader_cmds.
	(parts_of_gpg_error_h, lock-obj-pub.native.h): Do not use when

2014-01-16  Werner Koch  <>

	Fix linking for last change on non-ELF platforms.
	+ commit 4f9b13e99bdfed886dadfd1b70a69af3747ebc98
	* src/ (libgpg_error_la_LIBADD): Add LIBTHREAD.

	Add gpgrt_lock_ functions.
	+ commit ff937c39febe63d52c55590d8e3bd3a460f26651
	* src/ (GPGRT_LOCK_DEFINE): New.
	(gpgrt_lock_init): New.
	(gpgrt_lock_lock): New.
	(gpgrt_lock_unlock): New.
	(gpgrt_lock_destroy): New.
	(gpgrt_yield): New.
	* src/ Add new functions.
	* m4/lock.m4, m4/threadlib.m4: New. Taken from current gnulib.
	* Call gl_LOCK.  Check size of pthread_mutex_t. Add
	* src/ (GPG_ERR_INV_LOCK_OBJ): New.
	* src/gen-posix-lock-obj.c: New.
	* src/gen-w32-lock-obj.c: New.
	* src/lock.h, src/thread.h: New.
	* src/posix-lock-obj.h, src/w32-lock-obj.h: New.
	* src/posix-lock.c, src/w32-lock.c: New.
	* src/posix-thread.c, src/w32-thread.c:
	* src/ New.
	* src/mkheader.c (include_file): Support build time include files.
	(write_special): Add keyword "include:lock-obj".
	* src/
	( New rule.
	(noinst_PROGRAMS): Add gen-*-lock-obj helpers.

	* tests/t-common.h: New.
	* tests/t-lock.c: New.
	* tests/ (t_lock_LDADD): Add new test.

2014-01-14  Werner Koch  <>

	Improve maintainability by rewriting the mkheader helper.
	+ commit 78a06348fb07f2dce861615cc6d19964818f7334
	* src/mkheader.c: New.  Based on the mkheader from Libassuan.
	* src/mkheader.awk: Remove.
	* src/ Add trailing linefeed.
	* src/ Change meta include directives for use with
	* src/ (EXTRA_DIST): Replace mkheader.awk by mkheader.c
	(CLEANFILES): Remove  Add mkheader.c.
	(parts_of_gpg_error_h): New.
	( Remove rule.
	(mkheader): Add rule.
	(gpg-error.h): Change rule to use mkheader.

2014-01-10  Werner Koch  <>

	po: Update de.po.
	+ commit c1871fddf85cdddc33c1b35d5f1c8bae76388ee5

	Use the generic script.
	+ commit e3ff40a78e9e95e1296b66f9c0d3df905c8af0d3
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Add autogen.rc remove config.rpath.
	* autogen.rc: New.
	* Update from current GnuPG.

	Move helper scripts to build-aux.
	+ commit 69c15393d1dac28e08c3b84b1aea286f12327847
	* compile, config.guess, config.rpath, config.sub
	* depcomp, install-sh,, missing: Move to build-aux/.

2013-12-09  Werner Koch  <>

	Add build support for ppc64le.
	+ commit 0b192cff772bd416dc85b8140b9eb0d52e4175dd
	* config.guess, config.sub: Update to latest version (2013-11-29).
	* m4/libtool.m4: Add patches for ppc64le.

2013-12-09  David 'Digit' Turner  <>

	Update libtool to support Android.
	+ commit bf0d67dbfa4161e529781d6dfbfcce7126c3bf22
	* m4/libtool.m4: Add "linux*android*" case.  Taken from the libtool

2013-11-17  Werner Koch  <>

	+ commit b70a430d020e8541f66cca38c00355bab7bb1017

2013-07-15  Werner Koch  <>

	w32: Fix corrupted string output.
	+ commit 52e1f2e131b422fdb66abeaf4a8f084689b39bf7
	* src/w32-gettext.c (get_string): Pass the nul of the utf-8 string to
	the conversion function but keep TRANSLEN without the nul.

2013-06-24  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.12.
	+ commit 12243cebd558dcadf8e85eea39b6db5f0b314667
	* Set LT version to C10/A10/R0.

	Update German translation.
	+ commit f85ef07dca7c931d63b202d94bfaccba0a30f7f6

2013-06-17  Werner Koch  <>

	Add hack to have different names for 64 bit Windows DLLs.
	+ commit ca46b9a7bccb2eab085fc45722ffca1210f48223
	* Prefix the SO number for W64 with a "6".

	Support building for w64.
	+ commit 1ca9b0dec0bfee560ce43d9dac6a26557ebe67a1

2013-05-23  Werner Koch  <>

	w32: Fix installing of .def file.
	+ commit db438148df9623528aa7305b6d56edd23db8cbbe
	* src/ (install-def-file): Create libdir first.

	Fix libtool 2.4.2 to correctly detect .def files.
	+ commit dd05f3790e536dec6ed56087780a1065ca66371e
	* (sed_uncomment_deffile): New.
	(orig_export_symbols): Uncomment def file before testing for EXPORTS.
	* m4/libtool.m4: Do the same for the generated code.

2013-04-11  Werner Koch  <>

	+ commit d2e6d96dfd2acc855b244a972269adfcf477cd10
	* src/ (GPG_ERR_NO_CRYPT_CTX): New.

2013-02-25  Werner Koch  <>

	Release 1.11.
	+ commit 3367ff0aa51b6685e37b749b3179643b82d23064
	* Set LT version to C9/A9/R0.

	(gen-ChangeLog): Use --tear-off.
	* build-aux/gitlog-to-changelog: Remove.

	Update helper scripts.
	+ commit b0ce47b730452bb28d5f46db3857c9efa5f9f51e
	* compile, config.guess, config.rpath, config.sub, depcomp,
	* install-sh, mkinstalldirs: Update to current versions from gnulib.

2013-02-23  Werner Koch  <>

	Add translation to Ukrainian.
	+ commit 47ff6a21c6d84acebef3ff20d982a6c255a6d282
	* po/uk.po: New.
	* po/LINGUAS: Add uk.po

	Add translation to Esperanto.
	+ commit 95c63baa0516592ec1a1c045565d6f992cc807eb
	* po/eo.po: New.
	* po/LINGUAS: Add eo.po.

	Add version macros and check function.
	+ commit e6943de88627c6662fba3fe905c8761dbf0ccfa1
	* (VERSION_NUMBER): New ac_subst.
	(BUILD_FILEVERSION): Build on all platforms
	(BUILD_TIMESTAMP): Try to use an ISO string.
	* src/ ( Add new version numbers.
	* src/ Update copyright year.
	* src/version.c: New.
	(gpg_error_check_version): New API.
	* src/ Add gpg_error_check_version prototype.
	* src/ Add gpg_error_check_version
	* tests/t-version.c: New.
	* tests/ (TESTS): Add t-version.c


2013-02-22  Werner Koch  <>

	Fix the alias mechanism for --with-libgpg-error-prefix.
	+ commit 056cc2d0dfef023fda47ce377d3ee544612526a3
	* src/gpg-error.m4: Do not use the no-action branch in AC_ARG_WITH.

2012-11-16  Werner Koch  <>

	Switch to the new automagic beta numbering scheme.
	+ commit 3977201d2a82fcbe0341660e07a3b0d5c790f927
	* Change to a git only revision id setup.
	(BUILD_FILEVERSION): Use revision id for this.
	* src/ (FileVersion): Use LT version.

	Update to libtool 2.4.2.
	+ commit 6971fe55fb76f3c93058ebdef37dc179dff5d651

	Add new source id for Libassuan.
	+ commit d447a2150c235878e2c80afcc99e207755cfd2f9

	Improve parsing of the GIT revision number.
	+ commit b2e4d03c88823151aa30f8a878ad1a30618d1340
	* (git_revision): Use git rev-parse.

	Fix non-portable use of chmod in
	+ commit 17c8c16ee2dcb33abb7fdf50c40015f1b9d13689
	* Remove option -c from chmod.

2012-08-09  Werner Koch  <>

	Update Italian translation.
	+ commit 3034b80debc15e6372fbc36a1814b2d273d9e4a7

2012-08-09  Jordy Provost  <>

	Typo fix.
	+ commit 9216a742c75432fb2ea0ee1e1818459014e051c5
	* src/ Unify uppercase.

2012-08-09  Freek de Kruijf  <>

	Update Dutch translation.
	+ commit 10373c0d9f4a557ee9af5f1569749b9697a7ae33
	* po/nl.po: Update.

2012-08-09  Petr Pisar  <>

	Update Czech translation.
	+ commit f95162ecc92f338bf244ffdb402ade617d207d7a
	* po/cs.po: Update.

2012-08-09  Joe Hansen  <>

	Add Danish translation.
	+ commit 7adbeeb806d7cd373a159b0acfc9b733a3295356
	* po/da.po: New.
	* po/LINGUAS: Add da.po.

2012-08-09  David Prévot  <>

	Update French translation.
	+ commit 42471f9cbd59d427c9e1a8bf0267835f1395c6b4
	* po/fr.po: Update, proofread by Jordy Provost

	Keep previous msgids of translated messages.
	+ commit f7db2dceb8d1da2606d039c04bc84f331f9cfe89
	* po/ Add --previous option to msgmerge.

2012-08-07  Werner Koch  <>

	Add Japanese translation.
	+ commit 4fef48a0868ca1379d016f41c9d810857c00655f
	* po/ja.po: New.
	* po/LINGUAS: Add ja.po.

	Update German translation.
	+ commit 2ed3e70f0aeec41ece79d96a8ea6d114addf954d
	* po/de.po: Update.

2012-06-20  Rafaël Carré  <>

	Use CPPFLAGS when generating mkerrcodes.h.
	+ commit c35dbfdaa2e30e08185e4a468278a29e2c48b500
	 * src/ (mkerrcodes.h): Use CPPFLAGS.

2011-12-01  Werner Koch  <>

	Remove non-source file from the repo.
	+ commit a7eb1bec2b76318bd17d4413d7f44197a241e3bc
	* po/remove-potcdate.sed: Remove.

	Fix for newer autoconf version.
	+ commit 5a0d2a5abc0a707c20449b6afd37daa9fd373a18
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Fix filename.
	* (my_full_version): New.
	(AC_INIT):  Use new macro.  Change bug address to the bug tracker URL.

	Generate the ChangeLog from commit logs.
	+ commit 9d75d671d66386ad862db0466c4dd67a246dfe72
	* build-aux/gitlog-to-changelog: New script.  Taken from gnulib.
	* build-aux/git-log-fix: New file.
	* build-aux/git-log-footer: New file.
	* doc/HACKING: New file.
	* ChangeLog: New file.
	* (EXTRA_DIST): Add new files.
	(gen-ChangeLog): New.
	(dist-hook): Run gen-ChangeLog.

	Rename all ChangeLog files to ChangeLog-2011.

2011-12-01  Werner Koch  <>

	NB: Changes done before December 1st, 2011 are described in
	per directory files named ChangeLog-2011.  See doc/HACKING for

	Copyright (C) 2011 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

	Copying and distribution of this file and/or the original GIT
	commit log messages, with or without modification, are
	permitted provided the copyright notice and this notice are