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2011-12-01  Werner Koch  <>

	NB: ChangeLog files are no longer manually maintained.  Starting
	on December 1st, 2011 we put change information only in the GIT
	commit log, and generate a top-level ChangeLog file from logs at
	"make dist".  See doc/HACKING for details.

2010-11-15  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

	* conf-w32ce-msc/stdint.h: New file.
	* conf-w32ce-msc/ (conf_sources): Add stdint.h.

2010-11-15  Werner Koch  <>

	* conf-w32ce-msc/ (clean): New.

2010-11-02  Werner Koch  <>

	* conf-w32ce-msc/ Change directory layout.  Provide
	install target.

2010-10-28  Werner Koch  <>

	* contrib/conf-w32ce-msc/ New.
	* contrib/conf-w32ce-msc/config.h: New.