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# This document lists the authors that have given voice to
# their decision regarding relicensing the GPL'd code from
# git.git to the GPL + gcc-exception license used by libgit2.
# Note that the permission is given for libgit2 use only. For
# other uses, you must ask each of the contributors yourself.
# To show the owners of a file in git.git, one can run the
# following command:
#  git blame -C -C -M -- file | \
#    sed -e 's/[^(]*(\([^0-9]*\).*/\1/' -e 's/[\t ]*$//' | \
#      sort | uniq -c | sort -nr
# If everyone on the list that produces are on the list in
# the recently added file "git.git-authors", it *should* be
# safe to include that code in libgit2, but make sure to
# read the file to ensure the code doesn't originate from
# somewhere else.
# The format of this list is
# "ok/no/ask/???"<tab>"Author"<space>"<email>"
# "ok" means the author consents to relicensing all their
#   contributed code (possibly with some exceptions)
# "no" means the author does not consent
# "ask" means that the contributor wants to give/withhold
#   his/her consent on a patch-by-patch basis.
# "???" means the person is a prominent contributor who has
#   not yet made his/her standpoint clear.
# Please try to keep the list alphabetically ordered. It will
# help in case we get all 600-ish git.git authors on it.
# (Paul Kocher is the author of the mozilla-sha1 implementation
#  but has otherwise not contributed to git.)
ok	Adam Simpkins <> (http transport)
ok	Adrian Johnson <>
ok	Alexey Shumkin <>
ok	Andreas Ericsson <>
ok	Antoine Pelisse <>
ok	Boyd Lynn Gerber <>
ok	Brandon Casey <>
ok	Brian Downing <>
ok	Brian Gernhardt <>
ok	Christian Couder <>
ok	Daniel Barkalow <>
ok	Florian Forster <>
ok	Gustaf Hendeby <>
ok	Holger Weiss <>
ok	Jeff King <>
ok	Johannes Schindelin <>
ok	Johannes Sixt <>
ask	Jonathan Nieder <>
ok	Junio C Hamano <>
ok	Kristian Høgsberg <>
ok	Linus Torvalds <>
ok	Lukas Sandström <>
ok	Matthieu Moy <>
ok	Michael Haggerty <>
ok	Nicolas Pitre <> <>
ok	Paolo Bonzini <>
ok	Paul Kocher <>
ok	Peter Hagervall <>
ok	Petr Onderka <>
ok	Pierre Habouzit <>
ok	Pieter de Bie <>
ok	René Scharfe <>
ok	Sebastian Schuberth <>
ok	Shawn O. Pearce <>
ok	Steffen Prohaska <>
ok	Sven Verdoolaege <>
ask	Thomas Rast <> (ok before 6-Oct-2013)
ok	Torsten Bögershausen <>