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libgdither: a library for applying dithering to PCM audio sources.

This code is (c) Steve Harris 2001-2004 and released under the GNU Public
Licence. Details may be found in the file COPYING.

Libgdither is a GPL'd library library for performing audio dithering on 
PCM samples. The dithering process should be carried out before reducing 
the bit width of PCM audio data (eg. float to 16 bit int conversions) to 
preserve audio quality.

It can do conversions between any combination of:

in                              out (optionally interleaved)
normalised mono float           8bit unsigned ints
normalised mono double          16bit signed ints
                                32bit signed ints
                                normalised float
                                normalised double

At any bitdepth supported by the input and output formats