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  Determine at compile-time the sizes of various datatypes. This uses symbols
  defined by configure (See
  jhrg 10/24/94

  This header is included by all of the DODS DAP library header files which
  make use of the dods_* typedefs. C or C++ files can either include
  config_dap.h, use their own configure script which defines SIZEOF_LONG,
  _INT, _CHAR and _DOUBLE or set these preprocessor symbols themselves in a
  Makefile, etc.

  This used to be part of the config_dap.h header, but including that in the
  DAP library headers introduced problems when the DAP was used in conjunction
  with other libraries. 8/1/2000 jhrg

#ifndef __DODS_DATATYPES__
#define __DODS_DATATYPES__

/* The typedefs are done using a preprocessor symbol so that autoconf's
   `CONFIG_HEADER' can be used. The configure script will then only modify
   the dods-datatypes.h header when its contents change. This saves on
   compilation since the header is used by many files in the dap++ library.
   The downside is that the typedefs are so ugly... 2/14/2001 jhrg */
#undef DINT32
typedef DINT32 dods_int32;

#undef DUINT32
typedef DUINT32 dods_uint32;

#undef DINT16
typedef DINT16 dods_int16;

#undef DUINT16
typedef DUINT16 dods_uint16;

#undef DBYTE
typedef DBYTE dods_byte;

#undef DFLOAT64
typedef DFLOAT64 dods_float64;

#undef DFLOAT32
typedef DFLOAT32 dods_float32;	

#undef DINT8
typedef DINT8 dods_int8;

#undef DINT64
typedef DINT64 dods_int64;

#undef DUINT64
typedef DUINT64 dods_uint64;

/* Enums in DAP4 are 64-bit signed integers */
typedef DINT64 dods_enum;

#endif /* __DODS_DATATYPES__ */